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Okay-after reading a lot of reviews around the Web...

Okay-after reading a lot of reviews around the Web prior to undergoing my surgery I was totally freaked out. DO NOT DO THIS TO YOUR SELF. I found a doctor that I really liked, was very straight forward with him about what I wanted to change and scheduled my procedure for Friday the 13th....eeekk.

Needless to say all of the horror stories floating around the Web made me concerned about what to expect mainly post surgery - pain, when can I go back to work, am I going to be a zombie?


DAY 1- SURGERY - NPO after midnight and then I didn't get started until 1130am that next day. Make sure that you talk with your hospital and ensure you do not have to reserve a private room....I did. The last thing I wanted would to be stuck in a room with obnoxious people directly following surgery.

I also had a catheter put in post anesthesia (which is pretty common) so be prepared.

My dr. Made me stay overnight at the hospital and honestly this reduced the stress and made my experience more comfortable.

DAY 2- okay- the pain is comparable to taking a hard spill off of a bicycle. Your sore and places have that naggy burning sensation but it's not life shattering!
after you have your catheter removed and successfully go to the bathroom you can be discharged.

It takes a patient, but you'll still be getting all the anesthesia out of your system so just take it easy.

Day 3- I took one pain pill on this day. The rest of the day and all subsequent days my pain was manageable with 400-600mg of motrin. Yes....the plain Jane over the counter motrin.

I was tired and the drains took some time to get used to as far as juggling everything, but it's not horrible.

The boobs are sore, the stomach feels like you just did the most intense an work out of your life coupled with the nagging sting similar to a scrape. My back is what hurts the most from having to be in a flexed position, but I'm planning on going back to work tomorrow. .
I sit in my own office and have a very low key job, so I was able to stock my office with comfy things before I left.

If you are planning on doing this I would say go for it! It's worth it. All my stretch marks are gone. ..below the belly button, my breasts look great, and my.doc did lipo on my sides....overall great expierence but get mentally prepared prior to undergoing anything.

Good luck to all ;)

post op pic

48 hours post op....looking pretty breast required removal of tissue due to more "sag" but overall very pleased!

day 4 post op

week 1 post op

It has been officially one week and I feel great with my results so far. Some advice...

1) prepare mentally just as much physically. I knew that there would be some "wth" was I thinking emotions post op and because I had read that this was a normal part of recovery I identified them quickly had my "cry" and was over it within a few hours. I can't stress this enough .....focus on something that you have overcome in the past that was emotionally taxing and use this as a benchmark....for me I went into this surgery thinking I survived basic training and rocked it. I can do this. Sounds dorky but it definitely helps!

2) You will probably have this annoying cough with sore throat. ...thanks anesthesia. This was something that my anesthesiologist enlightened me on just hours before my surgery. You have a tube placed down your throat during surgery and this wreaks havoc on your throat.....for me (I'm not a MD) it made an annoying cough with sore throat. About day 4 I had had enough and may have (definitely had) a cry baby moment. It gets better. Just hang in there.

3) Prepare your wardrobe prior to surgery. I did not....I bought surgery clothes....I.e. hideous pj's that buttoned down the front but I would not step foot out of my house in that. It's been a week and I have yet to be comfortable in anything remotely close to a waste band....between the swelling from the tt and the overall tenderness stock up on tunic type shirts with leggings thay have high wasted options. My yoga pants are tolerable but not great. ....I did have an augmentation and have no need for a bra as of yet.....which bring me to my next suggestion. ....

4) buy a good quality spandex (got mine at Macy's it's Bali brand in the intimate section) because it's going to be better quality than what you'll leave the hospital with. The one that I have is similar to a control tank top....nooooooo padding. My MD even asked me where I got this at as he said it's perfect for post op compared to what he gives out....which is a girdle type thing... (but check with your MD maybe they feel differently)

5) drains......duh duh dunnnnn......
The drains that's they put in are called JP drains in the medical field, they work on suction created by a bulb and tubing which is completely painless, but makes up for it in its annoying-ness. You'll have to write down how much blood-like fluid is pooled in these bulbs over a 24 hours period. My MD took mine out once the fluid was less than 20ml in 24hours (took me 6 days). The removal of the drain did not hurt at all and once you reach that point you will be literally willing to give up your firstborn (JUST KIDDING) to have them removed.

6) so surgery was Friday ....I went back to work Tuesday. Now, I have a desk job, had been totally off my pain medication since Saturday, and have my own office space that I could.modify to make me comfortable without wierding anyone out. I will be honest with you and tell you that I wasn't feeling amazing....but it's definitely doable. I was definitely walking hunched over and had warned the people in my immediate area what was going on. So....this is just my experience. I saw soooo many people say they took 2-3 weeks off work, and while I can only speak from my personal experience this would have been wayyyy too long.

7) so at 1 week post op would I do it again- Yep, sure would. I have struggled with less than desirable breast since high school (before kids) and then after kids my abdominal area was shot. I like my realistic with pain and prepared to look like frakenstien for a bit and feel like an 80 year old lady, but keep your attitude positive. You'll get through this.
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