My Kybella Recovery So Far - Spring House, PA

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I had the treatment done yesterday (Thurs) after...

I had the treatment done yesterday (Thurs) after work. My doctor numbed the area with a lydocaine cream (rx strength) which took about 10 minutes to kick in. When she started the injections, I didn't feel pain on my skin but I could start to feel a mild burn from the acid now in my skin. I received 2 vials ($600 per vial) and it took about 10 minutes. Then I was given an ice pack and drove home. Yes there is a lot of swelling and I used ice last night to calm the burning sensation. Not bad at all. I am taking Tylenol since it doesn't thin blood like other pain relievers. Also started taking Arnica orally a week ago and I applied Arnica gel to the treated area. I bruise very easily yet I only have a couple small purple marks on my chin. Drinking tons of water and high fiber foods and smoothies to get that fat moving on out! I'll post some photos.

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24 hours later

There are small bruises on my neck that will be easy to cover up. I am also attaching my photo of swelling 2 hours after treatment


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The week after Kybella treatment

I forgot to mention that I am eating a lot of papaya and pineapple and taking Super Bromelain. On Sunday, I went to a mall. Not a mall where I would see people I know but I didn't feel like a freak show. I took Monday off work as a precaution and I think that was a good idea as it isn't turtleneck season. Returned on Tuesday with concealer on my light bruises still left and wore a scarf. Today there is barely any bruise at all. If I look straight in the mirror you can't tell. When I turn to my profile, you can see the jiggly area. No one has noticed and if they did I would just say "I guess I should lay off the bbq" ;) The skin right under my chin has some numbness but it doesn't bother me at all. Just mentioning so you know it's normal if that happens and it goes away in weeks to a few months. "They" say. The doctors on this site were really helpful in prepping me for this. The recommendations about Bromelain, Arnica, stopping blood thinning meds and supps, etc. The photos were all taken on Sunday evening. So about 72 hours after treatment.

sore throat

I forgot to mention that I had a sore throat kick in on Tuesday. So that started on day 5. It's gotten better today, day 7. Lots of tea.

4 weeks in

4 weeks ago I had kybella. havent seen a real difference yet. I am hoping I will by week 6.

After 8 weeks went in for 2nd treatment

I wasn't lucky enought to have 1 and done. So second treatment on Oct 20 (Thurs) and took Fri off. Yes the jiggly ball is back. About the same size as after the first treatment. Drinking pineapple and papaya juices. I used ice on it day of this treatment just in car on way home to soothe burning sensation but that's it. Very little pain or discomfort. Some other posters report some wild pain symptoms in my opinion. I went grocery shopping after my 2nd treatment. I'm avoiding using ice for 2 reasons. Some people on this forum say it extends the swelling duration and makes treatment less effective. Not sure if this is true. Arnica orally and topically have kept bruising away for most part. I am someone who bruises quite easily so that's big help. Treatment 2 better work because I don't want to shell out another $1200 for a 3rd. Fingers crossed for FINAL treatment 2!

So disappointed

I have had 2 treatments on my double chin. costing $1200 each. There has been zero change. I was very optimistic. It doesn't work.

no results

$2400 later and I still have same double chin.
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