Mom of 3, 5'3" / 147lbs, Runner andHeavy Weight Lifter - TT, BA (No Lift), Lipo to Hips

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Hi, Ladies! Like many, I have been stalking the...

Hi, Ladies! Like many, I have been stalking the site and reading everyone's stories/reviews as they move through the mommy makeover process and finally decided that I should contribute as well! I have had three children and gained WAY too much weight with each pregnancy. Before I had kids, I was in extremely good shape and weighed about 130. After closing the baby factory a few years ago, I finally lost almost all of the weight (about 65lbs so far) and can't seem to get rid of this last 15 or so. I have been hitting it extra hard for the last year, training for marathon and half marathon races plus lifting weight (I lift heavy!), but the weight and loose belly skin stay. I discussed it with my husband as I have always wanted to get rid of the skin and decided I might as well upgrade the top half too, so mommy makeover it is! I can either wait to lose this last little bit (which may or may not happen) or just love my new upgraded self now, so I decided to do it this summer and my surgery is in 5 days. I flip between excited and nervous, but am mostly nervous. I am hoping it goes smoothly.

Getting Excited!

Since I only have a few days left until the procedure, I decided to get a mani/pedi. The entire time I sat there, I just kept thinking about how nice it will be for my belly to not flop over onto my legs. I don't even remember what it feels like to have a flat stomach. I am really looking forward to it!

On another note, I have almost all of my supplies and am just waiting on a few more to arrive Monday. I don't have much as I didn't want to buy more than what I actually need, but I will post some pics and a list soon.

Tomorrow is the Day!!!

I just finished my last workout for the next 6-8 or however many weeks! It's so crazy to think I won't be doing my favorite thing for months. Gym time is my "me time", so I am bummed I'll be missing out on it. But, I know it will be worth it all in the end!

Pre-op is today and I have a few questions ready for my surgeon and all of my supplies are ready to go. Here's the list (I'll post pics soon):

- Big wedge pillow (I don't have a recliner)
- Thigh-high TED socks
- Bed tray that fits my laptop (so I can work while recovering)
- Stool softener
- Metamucil
- Flexible ice packs
- Pajamas with a button down shirt
- A "grandma" housedress that snaps down the front (I laughed so hard as I was buying this as it is EXACTLY what my grandma wears!)
- Small basket (to keep next to me for items like my iPad, small notebook & pen, etc.)

I think that's it! My surgeon recommends arnica, but he is providing that. He also doesn't use compression garments, so I don't need one. He said I could get some spanx and a second bra (they provide the first one), but I'm waiting on those as I'm not sure what size I'll need. I am not sure if I'm more excited or nervous!

So Much to Update and Now I'm on the Flat Side!

Pre-op went really well and I was marked up that evening. The next morning (yesterday), I showered with Hibicleanse, packed my bag, and headed to the surgery center.

At the surgery center, I was given a gown and compression socks to change into and locked my belongings up in a locker. There was a heated bed waiting for me, so I hopped right in and they started my IV. My doctor came in to say hello and write over any marks that had faded when I showered, then it was back in the warm bed for about an hour.

The last thing I remember is being wheeled into the OR and having the oxygen mask on my face. I was OUT! I had some really strange dreams and then I was in recovery waking up. I was pretty achy, but the nurses took great care of me. I had meds and my drains (I have 4!) cleared every two hours.

Day 1 Post-Op

My husband picked me up from the surgery center early this morning and got me set up on the couch with my wedge pillow under by back/head and several pillows under my legs. The pain is manageable as long as I stay on top of my pain meds. It really feels like I've done 1,000 crunches! My husband has been helping me with my drains and anything else I may need and my kids are behaving too! All in all, I feel okay today considering what I put my body through.

Days 2-4 Post Op

Nothing too exciting to update. I've just been resting, taking my meds, and eating healthy. I have found that my stomach is full faster and I'm not able to eat as much. I am sure it is due to the Percocet that I'm on.

I had my first post-op appointment on Day 2 and was told I could shower on Day 3 even though I have my drains in still. The shower was rough and awkward, but it felt so good to be clean! I am able to get up from the couch without any help, which I am super happy about. I wish I could do more, but it's all about baby steps, right?

Today on Day 4, I experienced some nausea this morning and I think it may be from taking my meds on an empty stomach. My boobs are super tight and slightly itchy and my flanks are numb from the lipo. From what I can see so far, I'm really happy with the results. I just need to press on and make it through these next few weeks.

Happy healing to all of my July Mommy Makeover ladies!

I Have been M.I.A!!

My mom came to help all of last week, so I did nothing but rest. Two of my drains came out last week, but I still have two more in. They should come out this Friday, if I can manage to stay put and rest. My nurse said the more active I am, the more I'll drain. I was up all weekend helping with my kids and was draining too much. Lesson learned - I really want these out, so I'll park by butt on the couch until Friday!

I'm walking straight for the most part, but am hunched again by the evening. Who knew walking straight was SO tiring?!? My bandages were removed yesterday and my belly button won't look weird. I was so worried about it. I have a pic to post, but just ignore the sticky black adhesive. I am still trying to get all of that off. I get to start Spanx after my drains are off and I think the extra support will be really nice!

Woke up today feeling FLAT!

First off, let me say that I swore up and down that I wouldn't have a "boo-hoo, why did I do this" moment during recovery and I almost did last night! I was bummed that my implants haven't dropped yet, worried that my stomach and swelling won't fully go down, so I won't be 100% happy in the end. Thank goodness my husband reassured me that I will super happy once it's all over and he pulled me out of my mini-funk.

I woke up this morning and am looking pretty flat! I know this won't last all day, but it's nice to see after how I felt yesterday. My drains were really low this morning and for the past couple days, so I am very optimistic that they will pull them today. I have a picture from this morning, but I still have the sticky stuff on me. I tried some different things at home, but this stuff is stubborn! My ps said they have something to take it off, so I'll get that from him today when I see him. Fingers crossed they take these damn drains out! I know it will hurt because my other ones did, but at this point, I don't even care. Kind of similar to going into labor - at one point, you just want the kid out, pain be damned! Haha

Happy healing ladies and I will update later today after my appt!

2 1/2 weeks post-op!

I got my last 2 drains out yesterday - FINALLY! Of course I'm the person who has to keep their drains in for what seems like an eternity! I got all of that sticky stuff off of my body too and I love my results even more now. I got excited and tried on one of my swimsuits that I purchased specifically for after I had my procedure. I haven't worn a bikini in over 11 years! I am happy with what I see now and I think I will really love everything once I am able to get back into the gym. I added some updated pics. My scar looks a little dark, but that's due to the lighting in the bathroom. It's more of a darkish pink color as of right now.
Spokane Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Oliva is amazing! He is very matter-of-fact and doesn't sugar coat anything. I'm the same way, so we get along perfectly! His staff is wonderful and answers any and all questions I may have.

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