Breast Reduction from 36J - Spokane, WA

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Hi, this is a bit awkward, but I have to start...

Hi, this is a bit awkward, but I have to start somewhere... I am 29 years old, 5'5, and how shall I say this? Voluptuous. Rubenesque. Curvy. Currently my breasts enjoy the comfort of 36 J brassieres. I, however, am not too comfy, dealing with chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain. I have two wonderful boys, ages 8 and 2.5, so I am apprehensive about how they will deal if all goes as planned and I get approval from my insurance company to proceed with the breast reduction surgery. I am meeting with the PS today, initial consult, so I felt the need to start my BR journey here, officially, instead of lurking and reading everyone else's profiles and becoming more and more convinced that I need this... I have a letter from my physical therapist, recommending the surgery, as well as a year's worth of massage therapy appointment receipts, not sure how much they will help, but can't hurt to show that I am actively trying to find relief. I also drafted a letter, begging my insurance to pre-authorize me for a bilateral mammoplasty. no pride here, ladies. :-)
I was a DD cup in high school and my breasts have always been disproportionate to my body, and as my weight fluctuated within the past 10 years with two pregnancies and breastfeeding, hormones, etc, my cup size did not decrease, not even with a 50 lb weight loss between pregnancies. I read how some women hate their breasts and cannot understand why. Labor was incredibly painful and traumatizing for me, but I do not hate my children or resent them, I think our experiences make us into better informed, more experienced human beings. Anyways, I have been dealing with upper neck congestion (Thoracic Outlet Syndrome) and shoulder pain for as long as I can remember and always figured that is how I would always feel, but then my doctor brought up breast reduction surgery and I was a bit appalled that someone else saw my breasts as enormous. They are large and cumbersome, but they are a part of me, I did not even want to consider losing my boobies... but as I considered my position and the potential of becoming pain free, I truly warmed up to the idea and I will gladly surrender them. :-) Feeling anxious about the first consult with my PS, about insurance coverage (I cannot afford to pay for this procedure entirely out of pocket at this time, my second cesarean section 2.5 years ago cost a little over $23K), about my family's reaction, particularly not being allowed to lift and carry my toddler, a lot of factors, really, but I suppose I should get to bed now, as it it almost 4:30AM and I was up drafting letters and putting together paperwork all night.

Consult recap

Had a lovely chat with my PS and am starting to feel hope and trepidation. She recommended taking me down to a C cup as she said that is the smallest she can safely do without a free nipple graft, which both she and I would like to avoid. It makes me feel relieved that she doesn't just slice and dice, but puts in effort to not only reduce my size but to also keep them pretty and to achieve a nice shape post-surgery. She has been doing reductions and reconstructions for 17 years and seems almost cocky, which in my book is A-ok, because I would prefer not to hear "oopsies" from a surgeon or a hairdresser while I am in their care. I had read that with my size, 3-5 hrs is a standard average of time for the procedure, she said barring any unforeseen circumstances, it usually takes her 3.5 hrs max and she had a huge binder with before and after photos that are similar to my before size and shape. Lipo on the lateral axilla (sideboob) and she plans to use the anchor incision but will extend the wings that are in the crease and smooth out any fat or tissue on my sides even though technically it is not all breast tissue. So far I am thrilled that she will be my doc. The patient coordinator in my PS office will be submitting my request for authorization to my insurance company on Jan 2, and I am told it takes them 2-4 weeks to make a decision, then, if all goes well, surgery will be set for mid-February- early March. I can't believe that there is a faint glimmer of light at the end of my tunnel! Attaching a few pics, please be kind, I'm no model, clearly, and it's hard to take selfies with a huge camera in the bathroom. lol. Forgot to ask the one thing that is nagging me: I am a pianist and would like to know how soon I can get back to playing (I play for my church) as I will need to make arrangements while I recover. -deep sigh-
Dr. Derby will be using interior stitches and does not foresee any healing issues, my skin is very fair and I bruise and scar easily, so we shall see. EEEEEEEEK! I'm so excited!
My deepest gratitude to all the lovely ladies who are taking the time to read my review and to post encouragements and best wishes. I appreciate every single one of you!

Holidays, Love handles, Liposuction, & Doubts

The title is associated with stress and anxiety. I am trying to lose weight before my BR, but with my underactive thyroid and two children who require regular meals and a husband who eats later in the evening, it is very difficult to reduce my caloric intake even more than it is now. With my stupid sluggish thyroid, I have to exercise like mad and basically starve myself to keep from gaining weight, so losing weight is incredibly difficult. Add holiday dinners and baked goods (which I do NOT gorge on) that I occasionally partake in, and suddenly the scale jumped up a couple pounds. My PS did not say anything about my weight and I am very healthy, but I'm self-conscious about my midsection, I am an apple shape but at least I have excellent legs! lol.
Have been pondering the Lipo aspect of the BR, my surgeon plans to contour the lateral axilla (side boob wing into armpit) with tumescent liposuction, it is a pretty violent procedure if you are into researching via youtube videos. Lame as it sounds, I am having some anxiety about the pain (some say it hurts worse than the actual surgical part of BR!), swelling, and shaving my armpits. I know, I know, kind of petty, but even if I have them waxed a few days prior to surgery, the hair will start growing back soon and if I'm all swollen and hurting, feeling prickly like a cactus is going to be the cherry atop my post-op agony sundae. Am I overreacting? Most likely, but it's a big commitment and I'm having one of those days. I know I definitely want this and need it, I even put in my notice at work already, which was hard, but playing a piano vigorously for hours and hours on a daily basis might be counter-indicated post surgery for a few months. I feel kinda guilty for leaving them in a lurch, but at least it's between Christmas and Easter... decided against telling my director the details, she is a chatty gal who does not keep secrets and since I work for a church, it's not as if the same rules are enforced as in a mega-corporation re: human resources etiquette. Just told her I'm having surgery to release a pinched nerve and relieve back pain, which is true.
Without my humongous boobies to camouflage my post C-section x 2 tummy, I worry I will look fat(ter), but console myself that it will be easier to exercise and clothes-shopping will not be the futile effort it is now. My mom has been on board for years, but I told my dad last week, just casually mentioned that I am going to have BR surgery and he did not act too surprised, just asked about worst-case scenarios, cost, etc, but was very supportive, which is nice. My dear husband, who has never before questioned my judgement on big decisions, suddenly has cold feet and has become prickly and cold. He gets this way when he is worried, until coming to terms with things, but it hurts my feelings and when I tell him, he is incredulous that I am acting hyper-sensitive. For example: we were at his parents' house for Christmas dinner after church yesterday and as I sat on an overstuffed couch with a plethora of pillows everywhere (seriously people!), I couldn't get comfortable. Between pulling up my dress to contain the cleavage that would spill out of turtleneck sweaters, not just conservative and tasteful wrap dresses and those ridiculous pillows, as I tried to sit next to him, I felt awkward and uncomfortable so I quietly said to him, "I can't wait til they are smaller, then I can comfortably sit down and climb out of this couch without ending up with breasts under my armpits". He, rather loudly said something like, "no one is making you do anything, if you are uncomfortable here, go sit elsewhere, you never mentioned being in pain before, now you suddenly have back pain because of your breasts?" Seriously? Where has he been for the past 9+ years of our married life??? So I whispered back that he is fortunate dinner is being cooked by his mom, otherwise I might be tempted to slip some rat poison in his plate. he didn't find my attempt at humor amusing and this morning did not take the lunch I packed for him to take to work. c'mon, tell me I'm hyper-sensitive!

Bad news

My mom (53 years old) just got the news that she will surgery to remove a cyst/tumor on her ovary, her doctor said he suspects it is almost definitely cancerous and I'm scared. Not just that she wont be able to help with the kiddos while I recuperate after my BR, but that she will be going to through surgery and possibly chemo and radiation and I will not be able to do anything for her physically for a while! She is having an endometrial biopsy done Jan 3rd, then, depending on the findings, a hysterectomy will be scheduled. Do I postpone my surgery? I am an only child and there is no sibling who I can share this with. :-/

Long-awaited news!

Hello ladies! Thank you all for your kind posts regarding my mom's cancer surgery. I have not been able to bring myself to reply, procrastinating is my way of coping, because I'm dreading the results of the biopsy performed today. I am thankful for each and every one of you for taking the time to jot down words of encouragement, what a wonderful community you are! I don't know what the results will be, but I know that we will get through this with God's help.

I decided to call the surgeon's office today to remind them to submit a request to my insurance company. Turns out they did so yesterday and this morning received an APPROVAL!!! This means surgery would be towards the end of February -beginning of March, so I can help out my mama after her hysterectomy, if needed and she will be well enough by the time it's my turn. My heart is full, I am overwhelmed with thankfulness. Bless you all in your journey, whether you are healing or just getting started.

Preparations under way

Stocked up on homeopathic supplements today. In case anyone is interested, here is my list. I have used these post surgically before and know how much better I feel with them. There are no counter-indications and they do not interact with prescription meds, so very safe.

~Arnicare Arnica Cream and Blue tube of 30c tablets that dissolve under your tongue (for pain/stiffness, swelling from injuries and bruising)
~Bromelain (natural anti-inflammatory and helps improve digestion)
~Nux Vomica 30c (for nausea, indigestion, upset stomach, heartburn, even hangovers!)
~Triphala (detoxification and digestion aid, excellent non-stimulant laxative that produces painless results within an hour or two)
~Colloidal Silver (immune support fine mist spray that is usually used inside mouth and nose during cold / flu season but silver is a wonderful natural disinfectant and promotes healing of burns and cuts, I used it on my c/section incisions and they healed much quicker than normal)
and..... drumroll please...
~Emu Oil (this has naturally occurring vitamin E, btw, a deep-penetrating moisturizer that is a natural trans-dermal carrier and anti-inflammatory, very effective on scars and incisions) I used this on the tiger stripe pregnancy scars on my tummy that were raised and red 2.5 years post-partum and within a couple weeks they faded to a silvery white. Pretty amazing.
I am a strawberry blonde naturally and redheads tend to scar the most, so I'm being proactive :-) I hope this can help someone.

I feel the temptation to shop for new bras, especially with all the clearances going on this time of year, but alas, I must wait. Wanting to lose 15-ish lbs before surgery. Technically, I have two months, so it is doable, but I have such a hard time losing weight with my underactive thyroid. I eat clean, high protein and load up on veggies and fruit, low carbs, no refined/processed foods, no sodapop, alcohol, (ok, a glass of port on occasion), or excessive sugars and exercise 4 days a week 2-3 hrs at a time. In a fair world I would be 50 lbs lighter but taking care of the body I have and thankful that I don't have any other medical issues.

Does anyone know whether it is safe to use a wood-stove heated dry sauna post-op? My husband built an enormous Russian/Finnish sauna in our backyard and it's like a large guest house, has everything, a kitchenette, shower with dousing bucket, full bathroom, dining nook with a great view, the sauna itself, and even cable tv. lol. We spend most evenings relaxing and detoxing in it. I just wonder if I can continue my daily sweats/tea/detox sessions post-op. will have to ask PS, but I don't see her until a week pre-op.

Knowledge is POWER

I stumbled across a site that is very informative, perhaps it can help answer questions some of you may have.

My PS' scheduler called today, not ready to schedule surgery yet because my surgeon wants to coordinate with another doctor to assist her in the operating room to complete my reduction quicker. My kidneys failed after each of my 2 cesareans, I had edema quite badly until they slowly started functioning again, and after discussing my weird reaction to anesthesia, we decided to play it safe. Dr. Derby will do the actual shaping and suturing so I don't end up lopsided or with mismatched nipples. (this is hugely important to me). If all goes well, the BR should be sometime towards the end of February.

Adjusting to post-op life will be challenging, my toddler still needs to be held and carried, not to mention being lifted frequently, even grocery shopping entails him sitting in the cart... My husband cannot fry an egg, I do all food prep, always, so I will be making some meals to freeze. Our 8yr old can turn on the oven and assist with removing baking dishes/casserole trays , etc. milk will be bought in quarts instead of gallons, I will stock up on Jello and pudding cups, Ginger Ale, popcicles, teas and yogurts.

The website I mentioned has an excellent tip to stave off swelling: Lemon tea. the juice of a whole lemon, a large cup of boiled water, plus sweetener (I prefer organic raw honey). This is particularly helpful in flushing toxins, meds, and fat lumps (actually proven in reducing risk of fat necrosis), and body fluids from your system. Drinking it cold is ok too, but there is something comforting about hot tea, isn't there? I eat a lot of lemon so we buy big bags at Costco and since it is impossible for 2 adults plus 2 children to consume 5-8 lbs of fresh lemons before they dry up or rot, I peel, quarter, and seed half the bag, put the lemons into blender with a bit of sugar, and chop them coarsely, then pour the mixture into ice cube trays and freeze, then pop the cubes out into a ziplock bag and whenever I am making tea, I add a lemony ice cube, which cools it down to a drinkable temp and offers a burst of vitamin C.

As far as meal plans go, I am still looking for ideas, but for freeze ahead meals I am going to stock up on foil trays at the Dollar store so food does not get freezer burned and also no casserole dishes to scrub.
-chicken/white sauce/spinach/ricotta/artichoke lasagna
-rice pilaf with coriander, carrots, cumin, onion, garlic, and steak cubes. Can be frozen in bag, then dumped into rice steamer to cook for 40-60 min. absolutely divine!!!
-crepes with creamy cheese filling, rolled up and frozen with tiny slivers of butter and sprinkled with sugar. bake and enjoy!
-crepes with chicken Florentine (sans Hollondaise sauce, it does not freeze well), basically chicken breast with sautéed mushrooms, onions, collard or spinach greens, and swiss cheese.
-pot roast in a bag, to be poured into crockpot and cooked. Rump roast seasoned and dredged in flour, seared in butter/coconut oil, then sauté celery, carrot, onion, garlic, add 2 cans of golden mushroom cream soup and a bottle of beer, simmer. add peeled and quartered potatoes to the pan, let cool and add to the meat in ziplock bag. this one is a winner, the house smells amazing!!
-zuppa Toscana (olive garden restaurant soup). must be thawed completely before bringing to boil on stove, but it is so delicious! I'd be happy to share recipe if anyone is interested.
-mashed potato casserole, simply seasoned ground beef, browned with steak spices, add canned green beans and sautéed onions, layer in casserole dish or pie plate, cover with thick layer of mashed potatoes, sprinkle with cheddar cheese. Freeze and bake. My family loves this one.

It is important to eat leafy green veggies and more protein that you usually consume in order to heal quicker after surgery, dieting will hinder healing. For fresh meals I am thinking brown rice in rice steamer, chicken breasts marinated in balsamic vinegar and herbs cooked on grill (or the little Lean Mean Grilling Machine), and a leafy salad with cherry tomatoes sounds good and effortless.

Considering also baking a couple cheesecakes and eclairs to freeze in individual serving size baggies, so that deserts can be readily accessible as well. :-)

Hubby can be relied on to buy bread, fruit and veggies, so if I plan ahead, we will be good. I anticipate going out to eat also, but I will feel better knowing that the freezer is stocked with ready-to-heat-and-eat meals.

Also going to stock up on Naked Juice smoothies and Green Machine and frozen waffles, the kiddos like those and if all else fails while I am home alone with them, I can make them grilled cheese sandwiches. Right? I homeschool our third grader, he only attend school once/twice a week for enrichment classes, and if I don't feel up to teaching for a week or two, it's alright to give him a break. Even if they spend a few days watching cartoons and eating chicken nuggets and cereal while I nap, they will survive. My husband will not be able to take much time off work but surgery will almost definitely be on a Wednesday, he can take Thursday and Friday off, Saturday home with me, Sunday he will take the boys to church if I feel ok being alone, and then he has to return to work on Monday, but it's a 15 minute drive home in the event of an emergency, so I know we will manage, with God's help. I ordered 3 Bali Seamless Comfort bras from Macy's, in a size Large. They are supposedly very comfy for post-op and the cups expand to accommodate swelling but offer enough compression and support to be helpful. They were on clearance, marked down to $19 from $34 each. not bad. Bought myself some sexy underroos too. lol. I find that my panty drawer is a sad assortment of maternity bikinis and black seamless thongs (I don't like panty-lines). ordered 8 pairs of Jockey seamless invisible edge high cut bikini panties that actually cover my bottom and look decent with my squishy belly. Also ordered a purple modal bath robe. That ought to cheer me up. I can still look presentable if/when friends and family stop by. Going to get my hair colored before surgery and get body hair waxed so I will not need to worry about maintenance for a while. :-) my hair is naturally curly so I can wash and go and my wonderful hairdresser said he can come over to my house to wash and style my hair at least once while I recuperate. how nice is that? He is straight and gorgeous, too. I'm a happily married woman and he has a family too, but it gives me an emotional boost to have a handsome man compliment me without strings attached. Besides, it would be nice to look good when I can't lift my arms.

A friend commented on how I will need all new clothes afterwards. I don't think that is realistic and I hate shopping, probably because nothing fits right and I end up buying several sizes larger than I need and then tailoring the entire garment. Perhaps that will change, but I am not very materialistic and don't remember the last time I bought myself clothes. I assume all my clothes will just fit better, but I doubt that removing 5-6 lbs off my bust will require new sizes. Swimming is off limits for at least 4-6 months, so I wonder how I will exercise...

I tend to digress; my apologies if you are annoyed, but writing here is cathartic for me, a way of processing my emotions and concerns, even if no one reads this, I am thankful for this outlet.

Cancer sucks!

So, my mom's biopsy came back with cancer cells present. Waiting to hear from the oncologist her GYN is referring us to. Probably some further testing to determine whether the lymph nodes are affected and then a hysterectomy (praying they get it all and she will not have to suffer through radiation and chemotherapy). I am having difficulty processing my emotions and my husband is emotionally crippled when it comes to communication and support. At this time I am not interested in helping him grow because frankly, I am pissed off at him. My mom's dr called me around 8 in the evening with the results and hubby was napping in front of tv, I woke him up crying after hanging up, and he seemed more upset at being woken up than with the news. I cried for 2 days, then hiked up my big-girl underroos and started researching and planning. So far I have all the logistics in place, for both mine and mom's surgeries, she will have to stay in the hospital for about a week afterwards, then 6 weeks at home to heal before starting chemo (if deemed necessary), so if my BR is done sometime 4-5 weeks after hers, we will manage. I will be well enough to boss everyone around to make up for my physical restrictions and I already bought her a lovely cotton velvet robe in a gorgeous coral color so she has something to wear over the hideous hospital gown. The food prep is already underway, crepes were made today to be eaten now and frozen for later, it feels good to know that I can make enough for my family and my parents. Prepared several pot roast meals in freezer bags that can just be dumped into crockpot and cooked. If I continue at this rate, we will need another freezer by February! lol...

Bought 3 of those Bali seamless bras I have read so much about on here. (navy, electric blue, violet) They are very comfortable and I am excited about buying colorful bras instead of practical black and beige.

Hubby is very booby-oriented these days, he knows it will be time to say "goodbye" soon. Sex has been fantastic, I think we both put more effort into it. PS said to let my body heal for at least 6 weeks before resuming Hanky Panky activities. Does that seem like an unreasonable period? I'm worried he will find the Frankenboobies unappealing and lose interest, although he laughs and says I'm paranoid, but I've brought it up only once because I don't want to put the idea in his head. lol. Can any of you relate or offer some words of wisdom?

Bad haircut and the plague.

You are slightly curious about the plague in my title, aren't you? It's actually only the flu but feels like the plague! I have not desecrated any old burial sites or pissed off Egyptian mummies, so I am hoping my misery will eventually end... Stuffy nose, sore throat, and I even got a gloriously obvious cold sore on my bottom lip. Where is the justice in this world? I have cleaned out my children's closets and donated all clothing they have outgrown to a women&children shelter we volunteer at. I have been dieting and only minimally cheating by eating one chocolate truffle a day... Went to get my hair trimmed and colored and I was very happy with my long curly bob, but my hair dresser had a moment of temporary insanity and cut my hair into layers! Now I will have to grow it out for another 6 months. Not happy! First world problems, eh?
my PS wants me to get more blood drawn for an allergy test because I get itchy and rashy from latex. Will do that on Monday. Is anyone else allergic to this or adhesives? Wondering how it will affect my scars/sutures/dressing...
Cooked up a delicious dinner and froze half. Feeling productive. Beef teriyaki with bok Choy and tofu. They say proteins and leafy green veggies are great for healing post-op.

Kombucha- the elixir of health

Does anyone on here drink kombucha? I do, it really does wonders for the digestive system, gives me clear skin, detoxes my system after indulging in food or drink, and raises my immunity to common colds. For example: we drink kombucha on a daily basis, my toddler, Lucas, drinks about 5-6 glasses of it daily and that is more than the rest of us but he really loves it and it is so much healthier than juice or carbonated beverages that corrode tooth enamel. anyways, we were all down with the flu, and this is the flu that has half our city laying in bed for weeks, but we are already over it after a few days and Lucas barely had a stuffy nose and a light cough! My naturopath friend says it's because we drink kombucha. Idk if it's true, but it certainly makes sense when you experience the results for yourself! It is also supposed to help regenerate tissue and heal injuries so I will be the lab rat and report my findings for those who are interested. :-)


I need your opinions: should I shoot for a D or C cup final result?

Haircut fixed and other trivial nonsense

I know, you have all been missing sleep because you worried about my butchered haircut so I am going to allay your anxiety: I emailed my hairdresser and told her that I am disappointed and upset. She volunteered to add more lowlights and to attempt to fix the cut. It took her two hours but I love my new cut. She also gave me lowlights so that as my dark blonde roots grow out, it will be not obvious and will not class with my light blonde hair. It's not a very important thing but suddenly brightens up one's mood.

38 days until my surgery!!! It's shocking, seeing the date looming on the horizon. I am antsy and yet filled with trepidation. There is nothing left to buy or do, other than cleaning the house, etc, but cleaning a house with children in it is like shoveling the driveway in a snowstorm. Not complaining, it's pretty clean and organized but I think on some level I worry that I may never wake up from anesthesia and I don't want someone trudging through messy, disorganized rooms.
Can't find the motivation to start the heavy cleaning though. can someone send me a swift kick to the rear?

I baked lemon bread today, it was like a lemony pound cake. Super yummy but Andrew (the husband) said he didn't want to eat it. What the heck? since when does he not eat my food? It turned out moist and perfectly dense yet light. He had a meeting at work and then lunch with a friend from college, turns out they ate at my fave sushi restaurant and he ordered a sushi roll to bring home to me and the chef mentioned that there is only one other person who orders it that way, found out it was me, and sent hubby home with a couple boxes filled with a bunch of other yummies compliments of the chef. Little things, but so pleasant.

My best friend delivered her baby daughter yesterday, and I was there with her, no matter how many times you witness the miracle of childbirth, it is touching every time. I have worked as a medical interpreter (it's good to be trilingual) for 17 years and this was baby number 53 that I helped welcome into the world. Pretty nifty feeling.

Lucas (2.5) has a weird fascination with shopping carts at supermarkets, he always want to bring it home, lol, so today I saw a toy shopping cart with plastic groceries in it and bought it for him even though it is pink with lilac purple wheels. He has not relinquished his grip on it all night. He even managed to lure Zen, the cat to ride in it. I spent the evening watching TOP GEAR UK with hubby while Lucas wheeled the pink monstrosity with a very suspicious furry cat inside around the living room. Leon (8) is spending the night at my parents' house while Grandma is still well enough to play with him, so it is oddly quiet here. Of course it is 2:33am and Zen and I are the only ones awake. He is casually biting my toes and purring. Life is good.

Back Pain. take me to the back pasture and shoot me.

It snowed. A lot. My husband has succumbed to the plague that is a viral flu. Laying in bed with a fever of 102*. Since he still needs to get to work, and I need to be able to get out of the garage, I have been shoveling snow these last 3 days and my back and shoulders are in so much pain! I have been taking it easy lately bcs i am no longer going to physical therapy for my back pain and have been weaning myself off pain meds. I have been eating Bromelain and Advil like candy today and i just hurt so much. If it weren't for these stupid boobs, i would be able to function like a normal human being. March 5th cannot come quickly enough. My mom's cancer surgery is finally set for 2/6, so a week from today. I met her oncologist and feel that she seems competent enough. If it is uterine cancer, it is probably in the early stages, if it is ovarian cancer that has migrated to the uterus, then it is in the later stages and things would be looking very grim. So any positive thoughts and prayers would be sincerely appreciated by me on the morning of the 6th. Thank you ladies, I don't think I could cope without you all!

a little over a month left

House still a mess, back still hurting, still or again down with the flu. 103* fever and chest congested and hurting. Polished off a bottle of wine and ate a handful of meds. Children coming down with it too, hubby feels better so giving Lucas horsey rides (on his 4's on the floor). Every daddy should do this. ???? There is 6-8inches of snow on the ground and u feel depressed bcs I can barely zip up my jacket in the bust to go to the store for cold medicine. Last year my husband had an older Jaguar XJR come through his shop and he surprised me with it. It's gorgeous but I cannot drive the sleek shiny beast in this weather, it just would not do well in the deep snow drifts and I want summer sunshine on my shoulders and wind through my hair instead of frigid gales stealing my breath. I'm a Debby Downer tonight.

Pneumonia, Mom's Surgery, & Snowplows

Turns out my flu and bronchitits was actually pneumonia, so I have been enjoying antibiotics this last week. My mom's radical hysterectomy went well, the cancer appears to have spread so she will need chemotherapy or radiation in a few weeks, but at least the nasty stuff is gone now. I went to visit her post-surgically with a 103 degree fever and a hacking cough. Not sure which one of us looked worse. lol. There is finally a snowplow on our street, means I will have to dig out out of the driveway to take my 3rd grader to school in the morning but at least the roads will be clear, so many car accidents here lately. It feels like Christmas all over again, maybe I should put up the tree again? less than a month until my BR, I'm starting to feel excited!!! Yippee!! There is a light at the end of this big-boobed tunnel.

OMG! Less than a month left??

Yikes! I'm starting to get freaked out! Feeling like a chipmunk, doing a bit of stress-eating and have not lost any weight but that is ok, at least I have not gained any. Took my 8 yr old to the mall today, did a bit of shopping at my favorite bookstore, had bubble tea, came home to my toddler waving to me through the window, ate lunch, took a nap, and procrastinated some more when it came to cleaning up more to make the house show-worthy.
My husband surprised me with a gorgeous arrangement of impossibly-long fuchsia pink roses with hydrangeas and enormous lilies for Valentine's Day, and he is not one for grand gestures but this arrangement was humongous!! he then came back with another bouquet for my mama, which was so thoughtful and sweet, I love that man! It's lovely to be loved and appreciated. I hope every single one of you had a delightful Valentine's Day, I love you all!

Organizing tips?

I love doing laundry and vacuuming, along with all things food. everything else not so much. Does anyone have any special tips or secrets to quickly bringing a house to showroom condition? Mine is clean but not too organized, although compared to others it is pristine, but it is not as organized as I would prefer. Since I will be out of commission for months, I better do it all now. All of our snow melted finally, I think Mademoiselle Spring is on her way, just fashionably late this year. Last time I put away my boots, it snowed, so I might leave them out until June. My surgeon wants to have a pre-op appointment on the 24th, surgery on the 5th of March, does it seem like a long time between appointments? I fed my stash of homeopathic supplements to my mom as she recovers, so now I need to buy all of them again. I keep stocking up on 7-up and ginger ale for post-of but keep drinking it all. Did you know that if you bite off the ends of a red licorice stick, you can use it as a straw and it turns 7-up pink? My kids have turned me on to this. Two weeks until my new boobies, is it normal to feel apprehensive and slightly cold-feet-ish about something I have wanted for so long? One more trivial question: I read a few of you mentioned removing nail polish prior to surgery. My PS did not say anything about this and none of the paperwork has anything about this. I planned on getting mani/pedi the day before but if they will demand I remove the polish, there is no need to waste money. I feel more human when my nails are pretty and I have mascara on. :-)


You know those bra commercials for Ahh Bras? like a woman puts on a bra and sighs contentedly ? yeah right! I sigh when I take OFF my bra! Today my favorite bra gave up the ghost and I glared at the exposed underwire furiously, not voicing the words that were echoing inside my skull. Those are words that no one should ever utter. Two weeks left and the bastard could not wait? I have other bras, of course, but none of them supported the girls at the perkiest yet most comfortable height like this one. It's going to drive me crazy.

5 days left! Where has the time gone?

I have been absent from here lately, life is hectic right now. Nobody is sick this time, thank God, well, except Mom, who is starting chemo next week, a day before my surgery, then radiation next month (I think). Spirits are high though and I am not feeling anxious or scared. Not bored or apprehensive. feeling slightly numb, anesthetized, yet hustling to clean up the entire house (spring cleaning and furniture rearranging like a maniac) and doing load after load of laundry.
Met with my PS a few days ago, she set my mind at ease about having a second surgeon assisting during tissue removal. PS will be making all 3D cuts and excising tissue, the general surgeon will be suctioning blood, applying internal stitches, etc. All structural work will be done by the PS, as well as the stitching, I mean, she IS the Plastic Surgeon, if anyone will be stitching me up, it should be her! She informed me that I am cleared to go swimming at 3-4 weeks post op, gym at 4-5 weeks.Drains will be in for 7 days but it's ok to shower with them from day one, just no soaking in the tub. As she put it, "it is impossible to keep an armpit sterile and it is safer for clean shower water to get in the incision sites than sweat." I am not a very sweaty person, but it will be nice to shower regularly without restrictions. Just a reminder to hand your drains around your neck, not on the shower caddy, because apparently some women forget about them and exit the shower and leave the drains hanging there. That sounds very painful.
On a cheerier note: I found a swimsuit that I like, it's called Scandale "Mirage" Shaping one-piece swimsuit. sells it, it is absolutely darling, I cannot wait to know which size I will end up so I can wear it this summer!!! planning to hit the gym asap post-op so all my flabbiness can tone up around the midsection and in a few years maybe a tummy tuck? or not, let's see what oodles of exercise can do once I am unencumbered by these massive mammories. (Maz, thinking of you, lol). Tight squeezy hugs to all while I still can.

no scaredy cats here!

Why am I not scared or nervous? I should be, shouldn't I? No cold feet or anxiety, no delirious joy or eagerness. Just an understanding of the practical aspect of the breast reduction. Getting ready for church this morning, I yet again made a mental note of how nice it would be to not have to camouflage my chest. Especially when it is -6 and I'm wearing multiple layers while frantically chasing a toddler who refuses to put on clothing as I am sweating through my spanx, bra, pantyhose, camisole, long sleeved blouse, sweater, scarf, wool overcoat, and leather boots. I feel like a cabbage. We got 10 inches of snow last night and it is still falling nonstop, we managed to go our for sushi this evening, a double date. It was quite nice, I look forward to hibernating after my surgery. I still need to buy pajamas and ingredients for my last meal. I mean the last meal I plan to cook, heehee. I'm thinking a chicken and dumplings kind of stew. Comfort food for afterwards. The older kiddo is counting down days, he can't wait to be responsible and in charge of things I usually handle. ???? It's really cold here, I am savoring the warmth of my wax pot as it heats up so I can wax my Brezhnev-like eyebrows (it's so hard to grow them out) and dye my eyelashes. Going to brew some tea and call it a night. Sweet dreams

Packing my figurative bags

I wish I needed to pack, I enjoy it, all the planning and rolling for best use of space in a suitcase... alas, I will be discharged Wednesday evening. Not that I'm complaining. Got a pedicure today: lovely French white tips and delicate flowery nail art. Organized all meds, vitamins, homeopathic supplements, gauze/bandaging stuff, surgical tape, cough drops, etc. Washed all linens, to be put on all beds Wednesday morning, made a shopping list of foods to buy, decided that I will take over the library first few days (I suspect first week, at least until my drains are taken out) because I am afraid to sleep in bed with hubby and toddler, who likes to make nighttime visits into our bed. The library has a huge couch with reclining seats on the sides and while it is leather (cold and clammy/sweaty/sticky feeling if I sit on it too long with bare thighs) and not the best surface for sleeping, I put a king size fitted sheet on it, which is cozy flannel, and it's a very comfy little nest for me to recuperate in. there is plenty of room for anyone who wishes to visit me, so if Lucas has difficulty falling asleep without me, he can always snuggle next to me.
here is an odd question: did anybody have difficulty or irritation shaving their armpits post op that had lipo on the axilla of the breast close to armpit? I hate feeling prickly and have the go-ahead for showers next day, not to use deodorant, and I intended to wax the area so as not to worry about hair removal for weeks, but I can never grow it out long enough, keep shaving it off because it annoys me. too late for waxing now. Not very important in the grand scheme of things, but little annoyances like that drive me crazy, just thinking about it drives me crazy. lol

I hired a teenage girl from my church to come over Tuesday morning (it's after 1 am now, she will be here in 8 hrs) to help me with final house cleaning. Bathtubs, floors mopped, etc just because it will bother me if I don't have enough time to do it all myself, and I have better things to do. Going to clean my kitchen counters and floors tonight before showering and sleeping, so there is very little left, but I am a procrastinator and an optimistic over-planner! bought the boys new toys for after I return home, so that they can focus on something other than their mama being in pain and napping all the time. Hubby took Thursday and Friday off from work, which should suffice, because with him taking care of me over the weekend, I hope to be feeling well enough to manage the kids on my own come Monday.
I must be getting nervous subconsciously because I have been eating my emotions today, and I'm not a nervous eater, but find myself stuffing my face with chocolate, caramel, bananas, and toasted and buttered bagels. No bueno.
On blessingsafterall's advice, I had moved some glasses and plates to the counter from the high cupboards, as well as towels in bathrooms, extra toilet paper, etc. Planning to need that t.p. because I will be drinking kombucha and taking Triphala and Nux Vomica supplements so constipation should not be a problem. heheee. what am I missing?

Forgot one important topic: Fat Necrosis

It's a scary phrase, isn't it? In reality, if you are not a smoker, it's not a big deal. Very seldom, and I do mean VERY SELDOM does fat necrosis create deep gouges and holes. It is very common in large reductions, anything over 3 cups sizes is considered large. Not a big deal, just keep the site clean and let your body heal itself.

Clean house, outfit ready, beds made, children prepared.

Today was a very productive day, a girl from my church came over to clean house with me, best $60 I have ever spent. She will be coming over for a few hrs every week to do things around the house while I recline in my robes and point with my scepter at the areas that need touchups. Lol. My kids like her too, and she comes with great references from families she babysat for, so a tremendous weight of concern is lifted off me now that I have someone who can be available at an hour's notice.
. Still no pajamas, but that is ok, I spent the evening with my family, we had dinner at a tiny Italian restaurant that serves scrumptious food. I ate my weight in breadsticks and salad, finished off with a slice of chocolate torte with mousse and berries. Can't even look at food now. My dad will come to take my thirdgrader to school tomorrow morning, then come back for me, drop me off at the hospital, and will take the toddler home to play, nap, eat, and wait for evening, when my husband will stop by the hospital after work, take me home, and then pick up the kiddos. It's a good plan, I am so fortunate to have my family for support. I was watching my boys at dinner tonight and they make my heart so full, I really am blessed. Still no fear or anxiety, I am expecting a tinge of nervousness but my steel nerves are holding strong, for now... Don't be surprised if you find a weepy, blithering update in a few hours. Haha. My hair is naturally curly, I can't decide whether to style it straightened and glossy or natural and wild. See? I'm feeling pretty good, considering...

The morning of surgery

Couldn't sleep much, so went shopping at 2am, the only place open was WalMart, so I loaded up on veggies, jello, snacks for kids,etc. Came home, wandered around the house like a misplaced ghost, showered, did a load of laundry, and finally conked out after packing lunches for today (kids, hubby), put a pillow in hub's car for the ride home, I love that idea, thank you to whomever came up with it. Still no anxiety, but yesterday I had a few moments when I got scared: what if pain meds wont work? What if surgeon screws up? What if I die? You know, perfectly normal mini freak out, then I prayed and felt myself again. This morning woke up to get kiddo ready for school, made tea out of habit but remembered that I can't drink it, boiled a dozen eggs, just in case I will feel like eating this evening, they have protein, which is necessary for muscle /surgical wound repair. There is plenty of food in the house, but I like feeling proactive. Fed the cat, played with him so he doesn't feel abandoned, yes, he has feelings too. Hehee. My stomach is growling. Leaving the house in 50 min, I have a minibar station in the library: wish I had a rolling tea cart for the flat and sparkling water, lemon juice ice cubes, cranberry juice, coconut water with aloe juice, crackers, arnica, staphysagria, graphites, nux vomica, triphala, bromelain ( although I will hold off on taking it fir a few days, inflammation is needed to trigger faster healing immediately after surgery. Pain meds will be picked up after surgery. My nest on the couch looks very comfy, the house is spotless and all I need is for dryer to finish drying my clothes for today and for the baby (2.5 yrs is still a baby) to wake up so I can put fresh sheets on the bed and a cheerful duvet cover. Will write more once in checked in and waiting. Much love to you all for wishing me luck and thinking of me, you warm my heart.

I have joined the itty-bitty committee!

Finally feeling well enough to update. An enormous, heartfelt "thank you" to all of you lovely ladies who wishes me well and thought of me today and prayed for healing. My days went as expected, there is a quick recap: Parents dropped me off at the surgery center, as I waited to be called into the back, a nice little old lady patted me on the arm and said not to worry, that whomever I was waiting for will be alright, assuming that I am there with someone, not actually having surgery myself. I don't know why, but that just opened the floodgates to my tears. As I sat there, sobbing and discreetly attempting to blow my nose, a nurse called me back and within minutes I was donned in a nauseating minty green hospital gown and mousey grey slipper socks. As I was alone, there was no one to take my picture, which is fine, I wasn't looking particularly glamorous. Another nurse came in with a cup, demanding a urine sample to check for pregnancy, I assured her I cannot be pregnant because I had a tubal ligation during my second C-section two years ago and an endometrial ablation 7 months ago, she kept hovering anyways so I managed to squeeze out a bit to satisfy her curiosity; another $20 added to my bill. My PS and the general surgeon assisting her came in, marked me up, and from then on I don't remember anything except the nurse anesthetist leaning over me, smiling, assuring me he will keep my post-anesthesia nausea at bay. I professed my eternal love and devotion for him and slipped off into la-la land which was beckoning me through my IV drip.
I came to in recovery with someone telling me to breathe and cough but it hurt to do both. I croaked out that I need ice or water and she told me it was too early and that it might make me vomit. I kept asking so she caved and brought me a spoonful of crushed ice which tasted so heavenly on my scratched throat (I was intubated) and parched lips. I was informed that PS came in to speak with me but I do not remember anything before the ice, so I must have been wandering in and out of consciousness throughout those couple hours. My husband arrived on scene around 5pm, the nurse that initially made me change into hospital gown showed him how to strip the tubing and empty out my drains and wished me luck. Drove home, clutching my pillow while my husband carefully navigated the ice and slush on the roads, dropped off my pain med prescription (the pharmacist filled it within a few minutes because I had told him before and he is a nice person even though they were closing at 7pm and it was 6:58), whimpered through several speed bumps on our way out of the parking lot and hobbled to our library/study room and into the reclining couch. My parents brought the boys, hubby put Lucas to bed for a nap and Leon was afraid to touch me, poor boy. I showed my mom and dad the result (just unbuttoned my shirt and showed the bra, which was slowly absorbing blood at the T junctions. It hurts too much to change the dressing, so I will wait until tomorrow. I'm draining quite a bit, 50 (idk if it's cc's, grams, etc) from each side every 5 hrs. The drains don't bother me too much yet, mostly because I feel so sleepy and weak. I was in awful pain when we got home, the nurse forgot to dose me with pain meds upon discharge like she was supposed to. We got home and she called, apologizing, and the anesthesia was wearing off by then. couldn't even cry because even breathing hurt, it was more like a stabbing and burning pain. Took arnica, staphysagria, nux vomica, triphala, and hydrocodone prescription and fell asleep. Drinking coconut water with cranberry juice, water, kombucha, and warm lemony tea. ate some soup and a piece of toast. My parents were so shocked by how small my chest looks now, I joked that now my stomach is more prominent and I better start saving up for a tummy tuck and my dad said he will chip in $2,000, which was very unexpected and generous, he even insisted I get it done asap and with the same surgeon, because she clearly did a great job here. before I forget: I was not prescribed antibiotics and the doctor was surprised I asked about them, told me I don't need them, the reason I'm mentioning this is because I had read that most of you were taking them post-op.
My chest looks so small and delicate now, no longer matronly and heavy. Speaking of heavy... I had 7 lbs removed! 1584 gm from the right breast and 1591 from the left breast. I find this odd, because my right breast was slightly bigger, but I doubt it will be noticeable. I am feeling very itchy as the Fetanyl (iv pain medicine) is working it's way out of my system. Itchy all over and all at the same time. hehee have already taken an allergy pill with antihistamine but it must have worn off. My hair looks lovely, why does it always look terrific when I have nowhere to go and no one to see but refuses to cooperate when I have an important function to go to? Leon has been so sweet, bringing me glasses of juice and tea, reminding me to take arnica and meds, unloading dishwasher, and caring for his little brother. My husband will be home from work Thursday and Friday, which is splendid! He did a great job with my drains even though I figured he would be grossed out but if he was, he did not show it. The hospital put me in a really nice bra, it has Velcro pockets for the drains, idk what brand it is yet because I have not taken it off today. planning to shower tomorrow or the next day. I hurt. My collarbone and the tissue directly under it hurt very badly, I guess the chest wall tissue is very irritated. I can feel my nipples a little bit through the bra, seems like I did not lose any feeling in them. My PS used a central mound pedicle technique and even though I have not peeked inside my bra yet, I have a feeling that all looks good there. one of the nurses told me that Dr. Derby is very competent and professional and insists on constantly sterile environments. She wants to see me in a week to remove drains, I plan to send her a bouquet of flowers a day or two before my appointment. Partially in gratitude, partially as a bribe for future care. lol. This itching scratchiness is getting out of control, I feel like a flea-infested monkey.

Post op. so many emotions and sensations

Last night was alright, I slept in the recliner and felt rested. My husband was home with us today and it felt like a lazy Saturday at our house. I'm pretty confident that arnica, staphysagria, bromelain and pain pills are keeping me upright and semi-comfortable. My breasts look so tiny, I mean really, look at the pictures and tell me that I will be between a C or a D! It's is probably too early to tell because of the massive swelling, but it doesn't look like I would even fill out a C cup! Lipo on the sides was pretty aggressive but I have minimal bruising for now. The compression bra they put on me is super tight. My husband has been helping me empty the drains because it is very painful to reach over each breast with my arm. My mother came over and helped me put my hair up so I could shower and she washed my blood-stained bra, it was the first time I had a good look at my results and the area between my collar bone and breasts is very puffy and hurts like I overdid it at the gym. I cannot even reach over to apply deodorant to my armpits. I look like a boy and having mixed feelings about it. Please tell me they will look better soon. Throat still hurts, whoever intubated me was in a hurry and jammed it in on one side, it's all scratched up but I am eating today and not feeling sick at all. Looks like a tummy tuck is in my near future, I scheduled a consult for march 26 with the same surgeon that did my BR. Not sure how I will afford it, but I resemble a kangaroo now that my breasts are small and I did not even realize how much bigger they made me look. I put on the Bali bra while my surgical bra was drying and it is very large on me. Having mixed feelings but no regrets, just trying to accept my new image. One good thing is that I showed my husband, not fully naked, just flashed him with bra on and he said he likes what he sees. :-) This makes me happy, because he was very fond of my "before" and I worried he would no longer be attracted to my "after". Maybe he is just being supportive but he does not lie. Ever. I feel so different, still can't process my feelings.

bloated belly

Ugh, I feel like a manatee. Especially since my top portion is so slim and delicate now, my drains are not draining much but PS will not take them out until the 12th, so a full 7 days after surgery. I tried using maxi pads with wings instead of gauze or ABD pads and ended up with a sticky mess. I still had some breast pads that are meant to be put into bra cups when you are breastfeeding, and I tucked those in but they felt uncomfortable too. Maybe I am hypersensitive. My husband went outside ti prune our fruit trees and Lucas was in the tub, suddenly he wanted out and I couldn't lift him, of course, so I pushed a chair up to the bath and he got out safely and really seemed to like this method. My eyes are closing on their own, I am so sleepy, surgery really sapped my strength. I still have not gone #2 potty, but I haven't been eating much of anything, so I am not uncomfortable but I know I should be going soon. Still don't know what to make of my breasts. I feel rather ambivalent about them, I don't like them but I don't hate them, they just hang out there, in the compression bra and cause me discomfort, not much shape to speak of yet so I have not been able to formulate an opinion. Someone: please tell me that they look as they should.

husband refuses to look, but i am starting to accept them

He says he will look after all the blood has washed off, stitches are removed (mine won't need to be, self dissolving), and I am fully healed. Seriously? He rubbed in some arnica cream into the tops, but insisted I cover up at nipple level beforehand. I asked if I,grossed him out and he said he just does not want to see something he cannot unsee later. Forgive my lack of discretion but did anyone else have difficulty wiping after going to the bathroom? My sides are so sore and the drains are pulling so much, if I wasn't constipated, I don't think I would be able to reach behind me to wipe. Truly, very sorry to bring this up. I unhooked the bra for 30 minutes to let the girls breathe and it felt sooo good! I want to wear sundresses without a bra, even if my mama kangaroo pouch flaps when I run. Haha. My sadness is evaporating, I cannot even begin to express the magnitude of my gratitude to you all for private messages and posts on here. When I first saw my itty bitties, I was sure I had a full mastectomy, today they are looking less smooshed and there is a hint if shape. PS agresdively lipo'ed my axilla and the tail of Spense, looks like I'm a body builder with excellent muscle tone instead of squishy side boob. About the tummy, the first c-section was done on an emergency basis and there was so much damage to the nerves and muscles that the surgeon sliced through, instead of just separating them like curtains, that I will never achieve tightened midsection through exercise, it was hidden by my huge knockers up until now. My abdominal muscles are well developed, but the flappy apron ruins everything. At least I am no longer fixating on my breasts! Right? I have been taking triphala (homeopathic stool softener) and nux vomica, drinking gallons of lemon water, kombucha and some black coffee and still nothing. Leon is spending the night at his grandparents' house, so Lucas is entertaining me, he knows mommy has an owie and keeps stroking my hair and hugging my head. I feel loved and it is keeping depression at bay. Drains are not giving much output, PS ' nurse tells me that they can come out after they have been yielding less than 30 whatever units of measure they use, for 2 days. Looks like I will have them in the entire week. I get some sort of perverse satisfaction from stripping the tubes and pouring blood/liquid into the sink from the little grenades. Last time hubby stripped them, a huge clot came out, it looked like a piece of vein. About 4 inches long, smooth and tubular. I poked it with a q tip until hubby made me wash it down the drain. What can I say? I'm bored and curious. Haha. Tomorrow is March 8th, International Women's Day!. Do you celebrate it wherever you live? Rather, are YOU being celebrated? I hope so, you certainly deserve to be celebrated! You are all amazing, contagious women with souls even more beautiful than your bodies!!

Grumpy people are just constipated

Having a healthy bowel movement does wonders for one's disposition! haha. btw, on my last post auto correct changed gorgeous to "contagious". Anyways, IT happened, IT finally happened, I feel so much better! too much information, I know, but you have either already been in my shoes or will be stepping in them soon.
Has anyone else wondered whether there is a link between thyroid disorders and macromastia? Surely, someone, somewhere has noticed the hormonal link?

I can see a semblence of feminine curves!

Hurray! already looking better today than last night. Started taking bromelain and it is helping bring swelling down. My drains are no longer draining pure blood, but clear fatty liquid that floats on top of the blood now and getting occasional clots in the drains. I'm starting to feel like my usual chipper self again.

bubbly personality?

That's what everyone used to say about me before, two things were certainly bubbly. Lol. Actually, they may no longer be fluffy, but I'm feeling bubbles inside. Has anyone else felt effervescent tingling in the upper pole of your breasts the first week post op? I feel almost a squelching sound when I gently rub in arnica cream. I kinda like it but it's so odd, it is a rewarding feeling like popping bubble wrap, hahaha. My lower incisions are hurting more, and leaking yellowish clear fluid. I just want to be normal for a day

Eating, Driving, Pooping, Sleeping. Not in that order

Hello all!!! I spent the last couple days taking care of ME, and loving ME, getting to know MY new and improved boobies, and having rediscovered Myself, I am a better woman, wife, mother, and human being. I have been off my Hydrocodone prescription meds since day 2 post-op, switched to IBU as soon as danger of bleeding and bruising passed. Have been eating without nausea, pooping without tears, sleeping in a semi-relaxed position, and driving without cringing and if this was an Oscar award acceptance speech, I would say, "I owe my success to homeopathy. Without Arnica, Staphysagria, Graphites, Nux Vomica, Triphala, and Bromelain, I would still be a sniveling, writhing mass of inflamed and swelling tissue. My PS sent me home with discharge papers that had instructions on how to strip drain tubes, med dosage, etc, and I just realized that she wrote, "you may wear your compression bra or any other bra you prefer, or no bra at all. Dressing is not necessary after 24 hrs. please shower daily but do not saturate/immerse drain sites." The drain sites actually have been the most irritating and painful part of this healing process, I must confess. I end up walking like a thug with my arms bowed out at my sides because it really hurts for them to touch any skin adjacent to the drains, which are far enough to the back that I cannot lie supine comfortably, lounge over a pillow sideways, or find any sort of decent position. Wearing a bra applies pressure, making the tubes either go into my flesh deeper or pulling at them, and the stitches attaching the drains to my skin really hurt, so there is no happy medium. without a bra I feel pretty naked and vulnerable, nipples are very sensitive. The compression bra's band is much lower, so it hits the drains at a different level, basically blocking the tubes. So I have been wearing my Bali bras and they have been the kindest to me. btw, the drains are what interferes with wiping from behind, I end up twisting and hyperextending which hurts like hell. Good news is that I will get them taken out on Wednesday, the 12th. yay!!! I do find it strange that my PS gave me her blessing to go braless. It might have something to do with her method, she said I will have at least 10 years of skydiving and bungie-jumping before worrying about them sagging. (insert sheepish smile here) I took a few pickies for y'all, I think I see a little bit of change, they are starting to look like adolescent breasts, have almost a budding look to them, I think in a few weeks I will have a perfectly healthy-sized cleavage. I'm sorry for not following up on everyone else's reviews, I have been catching up on sleep and yelling at the television. :-)

uploading difficulties

Does anyone besides me see a decent shape emerging? My mom asked me today if I am regretting the BR. No, I do not.

Drains pulled out, range of motion returned,

Saw my PS today, she snipped the stitches and removed drains, those suckers were very long, and the holes were plugged up with a bloody svabby mucous. Most disgraceful feeling ever. I brought a bouquet if gorgeous flowers for the doc, she was very pleased and,surprised. Reiterated that no bra is fine, instructed me to remove steri strips in shower, and told me she will throw in lipo for free if i decide to proceed with tummy tuck. I'm going in for a consult on the 26th. Oh, and she also mentioned that I'm healing very quickly and agreed it's most likely from the homeopathic supplements and kombucha. With the drains out i can comfortably move my arms and twist my torso, feeling very thankful. Went out to dinner with the kids and husband, ate some delicious salmon and steelhead with oysters, now home exhausted and ready to crash. Good night

Uncomfy during the night. How did YOU sleep?

This sleeping on my back business is quite uncomfortable and getting old. I put pillows on the sides so I can move a little more in each direction without pain but I have so many sore muscles in my back that i am losing sleep and being very cranky all day.

Emu oil and sovereign silver. Steri strips off, going braless

Hello dear friends, good time of day/night to you all. I am feeling better with each passing day, although tonight I was experiencing some cutting pain along my horizontal incision and ending with the drain hole. Nothing unexpected but nasty. I'm off pain meds of any kind, even IBU, although I'm keeping up on my homeopathic supplements, they are contributing to my speedy recovery and excellent scarring. I use a colloidal silver spray on my incisions a few times throughout the day and emu oil as a moisturizer/healing massage oil. I used Bio Oil with my last pregnancy and hated the smell, and if I hate the smell, I will not use it. Stubborn little lady that I am. Uploading a couple pic-ies for you, notice the crepe -like skin ruffling in the middle of my cleavage. I do hope that will fade and smooth out with time. It looks disturbing as it is now. My nipples are not symmetrical or even round, which saddens me tremendously, but this, too, might pass, as my sweet new boobies are not done changing. My skin gets irritated easily, as you can see some bumpy redness where the steri strips used to be, I took the pics after a shower, during which I removed the strips, so pardon the irritated skin. Per my PS's suggestion I am going braless (or attempting to) for the night, we'll see what's going on inside my cotton nightie in the morning. Letting the emu oil work it's wonders, it has naturally occurring vitamin E and is often used by chemo patients to restore veins and injection sites in between treatments. It is completely odorless but my cat senses something and keeps trying to lick any exposed skin so I make a beeline out of the shower into the master bedroom, or else he keeps licking my legs and goes crazy, trying to "hunt" my legs. This phenomenon does not occur when I do not apply emu oil, I find it hilarious. Emu are like giant ostriches, brave though he is, Zen wouldn't stand a chance against one of those massive birds. haha. I will not lie, I am rather disappointed with my nipples from where I can see, I hope they even out eventually. :-/ but, I am very happy with the emerging shape, PS said that she purposely leaves the top very full so that when they drop, I will have upper pole firmness and perfect nipple positioning and I am glad we removed the sideboob tissue. All in all, nothing horrible to report, just very sleepy these days. Hope you are all fairing better than I. Much love.
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