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44 JJ looking to decrease. I'm overweight, but it...

44 JJ looking to decrease. I'm overweight, but it is difficult to exercise with supersize breasts in the way.
Insurance approved surgery with documentation of back pain, physical therapy not working, deep groves in shoulders, etc.
I'm excited and scared author same time. I've been quite large since Jr high. In fact, my 14 year old daughter will be larger than me after the surgery!
Dr says I will be going down to between a C-DD, depending on required removal. Tomorrow is my pre-op. Hoping I remember everything I need to. Please- remind me that "the end justifies the means" in this case!!

One hour until surgery.

Headed to town for a 6 am checkin. Trying to not be nervous, but not sure if that is possible. My mom is taking me and bringing me home, then will stay a couple of days. So helpful.
I took a few last minute pictures so I can compare later. Scary stuff!
I woke up super thirsty, had three swallows of water. Hope that doesn't mess stuff up. Ok- prayers appreciated. I'm off!

Surgery today

I'm home. Sore. Surgery was expected to be 1.5 hours, took 5. Ten pounds removed. (A lot!) expected final result DD.
More later. Meds important!

Two days post surgery

I came home after surgery, been on hydros for pain. Trying to sits on top of it, but slept through Dose in the night. I guess I keep trying to get it under control. Drains doing ok, dark bruising. Will report in a few days.

Post Op appointment today.

So today is day 6, and I got my tubes taken out. I've been reading about others with surgery the same day or a day earlier, who didn't have tubes. Mine were pretty valuable, as there was a lot of drainage. The doctor said all is healing well, I have one blister, but that is to be expected with this big of a reduction.
I had to get my meds refilled, without them I just sit and cry. Am down to one hydrocodone and one Tylenol every 5 hours or so. Hopefully the sting and tightness will get easier. Dr said everything looks good, and I am free to do whatever I feel up to. She warned that I will be tired and sore, but things are healing very well. She would write me a note for school if I want one, but I think I should be fine. I am super stiff. Rather than make me have boobs, they push the tissue high up in my chest, almost to my collar bone. Then it falls into place and will form correctly. So right now I feel like a football player with huge pads on my shoulders/chest. Don't know how long this takes, but it is super tight.
I'm also having a lot of neck, jaw, and shoulder pain. My mom says its from the anesthesia, but the dr said more likely it is the skeletal system trying to get used to carrying ten pounds less up front.
When the doctor asked if I'm pleased with the appearance, I have to laugh. I'm not sure what I was expecting. I'll decide if I like it in a month or so. ???? I think she did a good job. I just see the chest of a ten year old girl currently. Lol.

One week after surgery.

A week to the day. After showering, the tape came off. I am still needing pain relievers every 4 hours. There is yellow fluid dripping, the doctor said it is nothing to be worried about.
The doctor said to keep the scabs soft, so I am using some essential oils. I look like FrankenBoobstein. None of the other reviews I have seen on here or other sites look anything like this.
At this point, I'm really hoping to feel/see some change soon. I don't know if I would do this again. The doctor said they would fall into place- but after being a JJ and now being a Scary A...And It hurts! So now I'm done whining. Grrr... ????????

16 days post surgery

It's been an interesting ride. I have had terrible depression, but I think that is finally over. The last few days I'm finally feeling a bit more human, able to drive and start to get ready to go back to school.
I've been worried about the left side, and today I am convinced that the sutures are infected. I put hydrogen peroxide on it, but it still looks gross. I have a follow-up appointment on Tuesday. The infected area is quite itchy, and the stitches (which look like they are made out of white string...?) are all disgusting.
My skin is also still so sore. Even my clothes touching my skin hurts. I'm still fairly swollen, but the surgeon said that the swelling will go town soon.
Hopefully I will feel better soon, and the stitches will clear up. Grrr...

4 weeks post

Well. I'm a month past surgery. I'm feeling fairly well. School started today, and I've been working on my classroom for about two weeks, just being careful about not lifting or reaching too much.
My right side has been healing fairly well. The left side, not so much. I have "fat necrosis." It seems to be getting worse, but I can't find out much about it online. Mine is an open sore. The doctor told me to keep it moist, so I have been putting antibiotic ointment or bag balm on it constantly. Is there nothing else I can do?
Anyone have any ideas other than wait?
I do have an appointment with my surgeon again on Friday. But ... In the meantime, it makes me crazy!!!

One month and two days after surgery...

Doctor appointment today went well. Dr said that the wound (fat necrosis) is still doing fine, not infected. She did clean out the deeper hole with q-tips, that hurt.
I had been using frankincense oil on it, but have switched to melaleuca (tea tree) oil. I have seen it work magic, so I'm hoping it speeds up healing.
All I'm supposed to do is was it in the shower, then put Vaseline or something similar on to protect it. Fat necrosis heals from the inside out, so ... It's a waiting game and test of patience.
Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. The first week of school went pretty well. My immune system is weak right now, so I'm fighting sinus and UTI stuff. But it's a weekend! Time for rest! PTL!

So far, Dr. Derby has been great!

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