Flat AA Cup getting 400cc natrelle style 20 unders :)

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Hi everyone! I decided to start a blog to...

Hi everyone! I decided to start a blog to document my experience with breast augmentation surgery. I can't believe this is really going to happen!! I've always been unhappy with my small chest, but its gotten so much worse after having 3 kids. Its very frustrating that I now have a post-pregnancy mommy pouch, bigger hips and butt, but still no boobs. My belly actually sticks out further than my so-called boobs. They have somehow gotten smaller after each child. They filled out to a wonderful C cup during pregnancy, and probably a D cup after birth with nursing, then of course deflated once all was said and done. These days I don't even fill out an A cup, I am more like an AA. My body image has become something that really depresses me, and I just don't like what I see in the mirror. My husband has been extremely loving and supporting all along, but he could tell it was really weighing on me. Since we are pretty sure we are done having children AND in a good spot financially, he has agreed that now is the perfect time to go for the boobs. We've gone to the consultation and pre-op appointments, and now he is just as excited as I am! Okay, I'm probably WAY more excited. I've become obsessive with browsing the forums for before and after pictures, trying to imagine what I may look like after surgery. Which is why I'm reaching out to you all!

I decided to post a few before pictures, even though I find them super embarrassing. I'd like to hear some input on what kind of results you ladies feel I may have with my chosen implants. I am going with: Natrelle style 20 (high profile) silicone implants in 400cc placed under the muscle. I have a fairly small BWD at 13 - so I was told the style 20 would be the best width and projection for my frame. Style 15 would have been too wide, and I felt that style 45 might have looked too fake. I feel that style 20 is right in the middle of the two, and a safe choice. I'm completely indecisive and a worry-wart -- so having my husband involved in these choices really helps -- but there a few things weighing on my mind that he can't seem to talk me out of:

1. Will the chosen implant create a large gap between my breasts? I don't think I have a large gap to begin with, so this should stay similar with the implant placed, right? (maybe this is a question for my surgeon -- I just feel like it's not worth the hassle to ask since the style 20 was the best option for my size!)
2. Since I am an A/AA cup before, what size should I expect to be afterward? Again, could be another one for the surgeon, but seems like they won't commit to sizing promises since all brands size differently. I'd like to be at least a C cup.
3. Given that I have very little breast tissue to begin with, I was told I may experience some rippling at some point. Have any other small chested ladies had this issue with a similar implant size?
4. I don't want it to be very obvious that I've had a boob job. I always wear very padded bras to give the illusion of a B or C cup and never wear anything very tight or low cut, so I am hoping to be able to play down the boobs in situations where I don't want to draw attention to their size. Could 400 cc allow for this?

WOW, didn't realize I had so many questions! I really appreciate anyone who has taken the time to read this and could provide any input. 2 more weeks!!!


I can't believe I'm almost coming up on one week until the big day!!! It is slowly starting to feel more real to me. As I get closer (and of course I read more and more reviews) I am starting to worry about my childcare situation post surgery. I have 3 wonderful kiddos, age 5 (in half day kindergarten), and ages 3 and 1. I work from home, and have a nanny that watches my 3 and 1 year old while I work, and I transport my 5 year old to and from kindergarten myself and then she hangs out at home after school while I continue to work. My husband could only take the day of surgery and day after off, so by day 3 post-op I will be on my own. But, the nanny will watch the kids while I'm recovering at home. (I took days 1-3 off work, "returning" on day 4 since I work from home, I figured I could make it work since I'm not physically going into an office.) I'm just worried about driving my oldest child to and from kindergarten, as well as the others to the nanny all on my own on day 3. I don't want my oldest to have to miss too many days of school over this. Has anyone been in a similar situation and made it work?? My nanny cannot do the driving for me because she has 3 young children of her own so she is confined to the house while nannying. Anyone who can give me advice on this matter would be super appreciated!!!!

One more thing

Unrelated to boobs, but could potentially complicate the surgery. I am having a LOT of abdominal/lower back pain for the past week. Today I have developed a slight fever of 100.4. I have an IUD device for birth control, and I believe all of this pain started after my husband and I had intercourse about a week ago. I have also been very constipated, which happens to me quite often, but does not bring on all this other pain. I am worried that I have developed some sort of complication from the IUD and might have developed something like PID? I wasn't that concerned until I developed a fever, which lets me know my body is fighting off some sort of infection. If I am not better by Monday, I will schedule an emergency visit with my OB GYN that inserted the IUD (almost a year ago). I am just super worried if I will need some sort of antibiotic treatment that I will have to delay the surgery.... which could be a while until my husband can get more time off work. He works in surgeries for a small company and it is RARE that he can get one, let alone multiple days off. Ugh, that would just be my luck. I'll keep you posted...

Pic from the pre op sizing

Posting a pic from my pre op appt when I tried some sizers on. My BWD (13) could only support up to around 300cc of the widest implant, the natrelle style 15. I felt this looked too small and pancake like. So we switched to the next style, natrelle style 20, which they call high profile... BUT it is right in the middle.... the style 45 is the ultra high profile which is not what I wanted. So I am very confident in my choice with the style 20. Since I was unhappy with the 300 range, I moved up to 350cc and thought it looked good. Then I tried the 375 and really liked that too, couldn't tell a major difference from the 350 though. So the asst recommended going up to the 400cc if I liked the look of 375cc since you lose some volume by placing the implant under the muscle... and to cancel out any possible regrets of not going larger lol. I have been reading other reviews and having a hard time deciding if perhaps I chose too big. I really don't want to be noticeably fake, but do want to have a womanly figure. I really want to be proportional with my bottom half. I am posting a picture with my 400cc sizers from the pre op. I thought they fit me well given the fact I have a bit of a pouch in my belly and somewhat curvy hips. What do you ladies think? Do they appear to fit my body well, or do they look too unnatural? Any feedback is appreciated!!!

Prescriptions are filled!

Finally got all my prescriptions filled today :-) 5 more days!!

Today's the day!!!

I can't believe my day is here!! I am so incredibly nervous and most of all just going to miss my kiddos and hoping all goes well with their nanny. I feel selfish for going through with this but I know it'll be worth it for my self confidence and inner peace. 3-4 hours to go. Wish me luck!

Easy peasy!

I did it!! Everything went wonderful and I am back at home propped up and relaxing. Here's a rundown of how it went:

1. Got to surgery center at 8:45 and was greeted by the nurse, very nice girl.
2. Took my pee test, vitals, and before photos. Also started my IV.
3. Dr came in and marked my chest, explained what it all meant and if I had any questions
4. Anesthesia came by and got my medical history, then he and the nurse walked me over to the OR.
5. Got me all ready to go in the OR. I felt very awake talking to them and then it all must have hit me at once, because the next thing I remember is waking up and walking over to the recovery room.
5. Besides the feeling of tightness and pressure, I felt fine, no nausea. Nurse said I was very coherent so I didn't need to stick around for long. Gave me and my hubby some info to follow and that was it!

I can't really tell their size just yet because I've got the surgical bra with big gause pads sticking out and covering my nipples so I don't want to remove any of that while I'm so newly healing. If I had to guess I'd say they seem about a C cup right now, but that's completely a shot in the dark. I'm so glad I didn't change my mind and ask for a smaller implant! Everything works out in the end :-)

I'm in love!!!!

I got my first look at them at my post op appt yesterday and fell in love... I think they turned out perfect!! Even the dr was like wow, these look really great! I was so worried 400cc would be too big but theyre the perfect size! Day 1 and day 2 were pretty sore and tight and I did a lot of resting and napping. My husband went back to work today so I've been up and around playing with the kids and my soreness level is still down from yesterday. Still not comfortable to try driving so I kept my oldest home from kindergarten today. I think the tightness will subside a little bit everyday, and I'm so looking forward to dropping and fluffing so I can do some beautiful bra and lingerie shopping!
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