40th birthday present from husband, 148 lbs lost, no kids - Spokane, WA

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I've always had what I considered to be small...

I've always had what I considered to be small breasts for my body type. After losing 148 lbs I have even less. This was a gift from my husband for my 40th birthday. I had my augmentation and lift on August 3rd 2015. I had a lollipop lift and 600 CC's in both sides. I'm anxious for the swelling to go down.

First shower

Just took my first shower. I removed the bandages and am bra free until I can get the surgical bra through the washer and dryer.

Bandages off, sterie strips still on

Wore a tank top while washing my surgical bra after my shower. Then a couple bare photos. Lot's of swelling and bruising and they are very high right now. I'm not in any pain either.


All of the sudden having
Marital issues. Feeling like I shouldn't have gotten this procedure. They are so big, so swollen, achy, bruised. Why did I do this to myself?

A little better today I suppose

I have been off the pain meds for a couple days. They made me itch like CRAZY. I don't sleep much because I'm a side sleeper and it's difficult to get comfortable on my back. My chest is still tight, swollen & HUGE. My left breast is larger than the other. I see what looks like rippling at the bottom of my breast. Also when I move my right arm a certain way I hear a strange noise come from my right breast. I called the surgeon's office and they said all of these things are normal.

Little by little

I can finally get a good nights rest. I do wake up half way through the night uncomfortable. I have to force myself to go back to sleep. It's difficult sleeping on my back when I'm a side sleeper. My left breast is still really swollen but it has been larger all along. The bruising is so weird. It's migrating South onto my stomach. It looks terrible but it doesn't hurt whatsoever. The bruising on my breasts is fading to yellow. I bruise easily so I knew the bruising would probably be bad. My one week post op appointment is tomorrow. I find my self hunching over and I need to stop that!

Still hanging in there

My left breast is still very swollen and tight. I still have the crazy bruising on my stomach. I'm getting a little bounce out of my right breast now. I've asked a few people if they can tell the difference and they can't. I look the same in clothes as when I wore those crazy Victoria's Secret bras that add two sizes. So, this makes me feel better. I can't figure out how to get my left underarm shaved completely. I always miss some hair! I tried to have my husband help me but it was pretty comical. He can't see up close without reading glasses and they kept getting fogged up and then he was getting all wet from the shower. It was kinda funny really. I received flowers from my surgeon. I thought that was very thoughtful. I go back to work on Monday. My next followup is Friday and she's going to take the sterie strips off and start me on some scar prevention gel or something like that. I'm still having serious marital problems. I'm doing everything I possibly can to save my marriage. Please send good thoughts my way... I can use every single one of them.

Two weeks today

I'm back to work today. I'm still not sleeping very well. I can't get my arms comfortable and my hands go numb at night. This morning was the first time using the alarm and reaching over to turn it off didn't feel so good. Now I think I'm paying for it as my left breast is really tight and that makes it more difficult to do anything with my left arm. I don't feel like I get that "morning boob" discomfort anymore though. I also don't get the discomfort from going from laying down to an upright position that I used to. It's a slow process. We start marriage counseling tomorrow. I'm very anxious for that.


It's a divorce on the way

Just finished counseling and it's ending in divorce.

Another surgery scheduled

I had another follow up appointment today. They took off my sterie strips and started me on scar gel. She said I have a hematoma on my left breast that needs to be drained. I'm scheduled for Tuesday the 25th. Just what I needed in my life right now. I guess this too shall pass.

Mix up

No food or water after midnight. Took two days off work. Struggled to find someone to take me to surgery. Had a couple back out last minute. Finally had it worked out and I get there only for them to tell me I'm scheduled for Thursday not Tuesday like my appointment card said. So I went home, put on my face and deodorant and went to work. What next? Seems like when it rains it pours.

Hematoma is gone!

I had my surgery yesterday morning to clean out the left breast which had a hematoma. They used twilight sedation which was much easier to recover from. I can take the bandage off tomorrow and shower. I haven't had to use any pain medication, just used some Tylenol. I'm hoping now this breast can catch up to the other one.

As far as the rest of me... I decided to change my hair color back to what it was two years ago... dark blonde. My husband is still out of town in Okanogan helping with the fire situation and won't be back until Sept 4th (tentatively anyway). I had a difficult time finding someone to take me to my surgery (everyone works) and staying with me afterwards. No more news on the marriage since he's been gone. I'm still going to counseling and working on myself. This time apart is good either way... either he'll miss me and change his mind... or it's just helping me get a jump start on being independent.

On a good note... I looked at myself naked in the mirror the other day and thought I didn't look too bad. It's hard getting that ugly 333 lb image of myself out of my head... especially now with marital issues. All the loose skin and sagging... But, I know I look good and am worthy of love.

3 days VS 25 days

Just a photo comparison.
Helps me see how far I've come.

YAY for a shower and new dress!

It's a new day. The left breast has already decreased in size and I can already move my left arm better than I have since the 3rd. I bought a couple new dresses. Feeling pretty and sexy and I'm determined to have a great day. Thanks to everyone for your support. It's not like I can talk about these things with just anyone. It really has helped me. So, thank you again.

Yes, it's really happening.

I am really getting a divorce. I will be moving October 1st back into my house. Gave my renters notice yesterday. As far as the boobs I'm feeling much better. The left is finally going down in swelling. I have another follow up on the 10th and imagine I'll have the strip removed and resume the scar gel and silicone patches. I just hope I can physically move by then.

Bra time

I had another follow up from the hematoma clean out. She took the sterie strips off. I now have to be fitted for an underwire bra to keep the right breast where it's at but then remove the underwire from the left side so it can still drop and catch up to the right breast. I'm curious what size I am. I have massages that I'm supposed to do twice per day on the left breast to help it relax. I should be healed up enough for moving in October. I don't see the doctor again for another month. I just want September OVER!

36 DDD

Wow.... I'm a DDD!!!

Another follow up

I had another follow up last week. My left breast is still behind in dropping. The surgeon has me on 1000 mg Vitamin E and Singulair (asthma med) for three months for it. Weird! Anyhow, I'm all moved back into my own house and settled in. Divorce paperwork has been filed and will be final around Christmas. I have to say... being single with new boobs is quite fun! Hee hee! I hot tubbed last night for the first time in forever. I haven't purchased a bathing suit though so I used my old bikini bottoms and a tank top.

Still a work in progress

I am still taking the Singular and 1000 mg of Vitamin E and using the scar gel. My left breast has still not dropped. It's still firm. Last night, while doing my twice daily massage, I noticed what seems like an internal air pocket in that breast. It's very freaky! I'm going to call the dr today to see if I should be worried or not.

Nothing new really

Still taking the 1000 mg of vitamin EEand the singular for the naughty boob. Photos still show the left boob is still high.


Here are the photos from today... wouldn't upload earlier.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well I have a lot to be thankful for and that's what I'm focusing on right now! I just got out of the hospital on Tuesday from a staph infection. Started out as a papercut that got infected and it went into my right breast. There are three spots that are healing very nicely. It was a LONG weekend with the strongest antibiotic they have to fight it. I had a fever of up to 103.7. That's the worst I've ever felt in my life. Anyhow, they think my right breast will be fine but my left breast has still not dropped as it should. I have to see the doctor next week.

Update from 12/03/15

I saw the doctor yesterday to follow up after my staph infection. My right breast (affected by the staph infection) is now firming up and really sore. It may resolve or it may be capsular contracture. My left has capsular contracture. The button/pump like bubble on the left breast is just a fold in the implant... doesn't hurt and it's not an issue... just weird for me is all. The odd coloration under where the scars are is where my areolas were and they just stretched out... yuck. All can be fixed but we're waiting two more months to see if anything resolves itself.

Whole new set

I had my six month check up yesterday. I have capsular contracture in both breasts and need to have the entire procedure done over. My left breast actually hurts sometimes from the contracting. This time because of removing the scar tissue I'll have to have drains. I'm not looking forward to it! I am ready to be done with this!

I'm Scheduled for March 14th

I am going to go ahead and get the girls fixed. I'm all scheduled for March 14th. I'm not looking forward to not being able to sleep well for awhile. The pain before wasn't bad but I just had difficultly sleeping.

Had my pre-op last week

I had my pre-op appointment last Thursday. I learned more about what what going to happen and what to expect. I've got a friend who will take me to surgery and will stay the night with me the first evening. I have several others willing to stay the night after that and then my ex mother in law (since she's retired) can help me during the day time. I'll need about 5 days of help. I asked for a different pain medication since the last one made me itch like crazy and I couldn't take it. The dr is going to have me start taking an antibiotic one week prior to surgery just to be sure everything is cleared up in my body. Then I'll continue that two weeks after surgery as well. She's not sure but she may be making an incision under the breast this time instead of the lollipop lift as before. She's fixing the pigmentation where my areolas used to be, removing the scar tissue formed around the implants and replacing the implants. I'll be left with drain tubes this time. I'm not looking forward to not being able to sleep well. I remember how I used to have to sleep sitting up because laying down hurt... and I'm a side sleeper so even laying down is not ideal for a good night's rest. I'm hoping for the best outcome! Just under two weeks before my surgery (March 14th.)

Surgery was today

I had my capsular contracture surgery this morning. She replaced the implants with 650 cc implants because she said it looked better (was 600). She did an anchor lift and I have drain tubes this time around. Everything went well... Just keeping up on my pain meds to stay comfortable. First post-op tomorrow morning.

First shower

Got my first shower done! Feels good! Keeping up in my pain killers and stripping my drain tubes regularly and draining at 25cc. I forgot how weird the boobs look at this point.

Very very happy!

Almost a month since my surgery. I think they are perfect! So pleased thus far!

Quick update - all is well!

Had a follow up awhile back and all is well. I won't need to see the surgeon until my year mark. I still don't have full sensation in the left breast. Where my "fold" in the implant was last time is still somewhat odd feeling but everything is WAY better than before! At this point I'm very happy!
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