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I was originally looking into an abdominoplasty to...

I was originally looking into an abdominoplasty to help with my constant battle with lower back pain. After my daughter was born, 4yrs ago, I have struggeled with back pain. It kept getting worse and I've tried PT, Massage and regular adjustments. I have no core muscles and therefore that leaves my back completely supporting my body.

1 week until pre-op

Well I figured it's time to post a couple pics. I'm also getting a little nervous. I feel bad getting ready to spend a lot of money on myself but I know it'll be worth it in the long run. I appreciate all the stories and support on here. I've done lots of research and I found that youtube is also awesome. Well to pass the time I'll be making plenty to do lists and making sure I update my account.

Pre-op was today!

Well only two short, highly anticipated weeks until the flat side! My pre-op was quick and not too bad. I had a couple of questions, such as do I need to shave? That was a no. I don't need to use Hibicleans before surgery either, and every youtube video I watched everyone did, but that's ok. Less for me to worry about. I know I'll probably have my drain in for two weeks, yuck. And surgery should only take about 2 1/2 hours. I go in on June 5th at 7:15. It's right around the corner. No turning back, surgery is scheduled and paid for!!!

going in

Well we're heading to the surgery center now. Kids are situated, husband is situated and my bestie will be with me also. I had been on a liquid diet ask day yesterday and I can't wait to eat! Fingers crossed, for you ladies too. Hoping all goes well. Will update later.

home and recovering

well everything went very well this morning. The nurse was super nice, the doctor answered my extra questions and I was completely at ease. Once I got the taste of anesthesia in my mouth I was out. Woke up and had my husband and my girlfriend and nurse surrounding me going over post op information. I will tell you one thing that local anesthetic did not last long and the pain is very uncomfortable. The muscle relaxer, Soma, is helping me sleep which I'm very thankful for and I stressed about anti nausea meds and I'm so happy I did it because I am NOT having a problem right now at all. Pain medication on the clock and rotating ice is also very helpful. My husband has been super nurse and I couldn't be any luckier. I am prepared for the ups and downs coming up but I'm telling you, I couldn't of done this without all my support. Not only friends and family but work too. I really hope all goes well for you ladies. I look forward to the insight you bring me and the helpful info you all provide. Thank you


update with pics.

Well right now I'm trying to decide if I should take less pain meds. It burns a lot when I get up and move, but getting up has gotten easier. No regrets thus far. I did try taking a shower yesterday and man was that a task. I had gotten very nauseous and super light headed. Still have a good appetite and it's easy to snack. Ice is my best friend and plenty of fluids.


Well it has officially caught up with me. I woke up this morning with discomfort in my right foot, it was a little sore. Looked down and I almost didn't recognize my own foot. The swelling is so intense. I expected some swelling but not to this extent on my feet. I'm getting extremely restless and it's very difficult to sleep in the same spot. My husband called it cabin fever. I'm looking forward to a refreshing shower and getting out for a little bit today even if its just to the library. The swelling is definitely a wake up call, I will be getting up and moving around much more. My husband goes back to work in 2 days so I'll be on my own and then after that kids will be out of school. So getting up and walking around now is perfect exercise to be ready for kiddos at home. This is still only the beginning and I'm done.

It's officially been a week

Well I'm certainly counting down the days until this drain is out. My post op app is about 1 1/2 weeks after surgery. The discomfort is decreasing and allowing me to feel more human. My husband is back to work today and I was sad to be home alone. So I sleep. Sleeping at night is still uncomfortable. I did notice the emotions coming on a bit and it's funny how this surgery can be soo consuming. It really helps to not only be physically prepared but there is some definite mental preparation. Well my pics are comparing me from before sugery to today's. More to come.


Going to work tomorrow

Well it's almost been three weeks. I've learned to listen to my body. Swelling hasn't been that bad but I do have some cramping in my muscles. Now that I'm going to work we'll see some serious swelling I bet. I am still very happy with my results. If I had to pick one thing I'm not overly happy about it would be how high my scar sits on my hips. I think I have high hips. I would have to pull my swimming suit up higher then normal to cover my scar. That'll have to be the new norm. I can't lift anything over 10lbs and I helped my 4 yr old out of the shopping cart the other day. I'm wondering if the muscle cramping is part of that. I've been pretty good other then that. I wonder when I can start putting stuff on my scar? I would really like to try the silicone scaraway strips. Any suggestions?

Almost 4 weeks

Work is going well. Not to sore afterwards. I find my swelling is the same all day. I try not to get discouraged from the swelling. I really hope my belly button goes in. My scar is super thin. I'm really happy about that. I'll be putting lotion on soon, my skin is so dry. I was informed to wait until my scabs are gone. I keep thinking it's up hill from here.
Spokane Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Lynn Derby was very informative. I was so nervous going into the consultation but she was able to get to buisness addressing my stomach realistically. I've come across two others that I know that have seen her as well and I am happy with their outcome, so I can't wait for mine.

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