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After years of stalking real self and following...

After years of stalking real self and following gorgeous Barbie dolls.
Ive finally booked it, I toyed with the idea of travelling afar to the DR or Columbia for my procedure I've been nagged and bullied into making the sensible choice of staying close to home and going with Dr Simon Lee based at bristol Spire.
He is a great guy we instantly clicked on the first meet.
I told him my goals and he has said it is a realistic possibility.
Im hoping for a smaller tummy/waist with emphasis on my curves.
Having had 3 c sections plus an additional cut to my stomach due to wound infection my muscles are completely exhausted.
Pre ops are tomorrow and surgery is next Wednesday,
A consult fee of £120 was also required, my total is in UK pounds.
I do not agree with the attitude of his secretary and will be having a word with Mr Lee about her once Surgery has been completed.
Any hints or tips on preparation and recovery would be great.
Brought clothes, pillows, vitamins, arnica etc.
Bristol Plastic Surgeon

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