35 year old replacing lost volume after breastfeeding. 280cc dual plane allergen soft touch anatomical implants

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Hi everyone, have decided to write this review...

Hi everyone, have decided to write this review after really appreciating reading those of others! I have always felt self conscious of my small breasts and loved the fullness of them when i breast fed! Of course after breast feeding they were left pretty deflated and with more nipple than boob!! A close friend had this procedure last year and seeing the impact on her confidence and happiness with the results really inspired me to take the plunge ???? i have been very up and down since making that decision -sometimes dreading things going wrong, guilty about spending the money etc but other times feeling really excited! So i actually went ahead and did it and am typing this on my hospital bed! I am sore and tired but very happy with the care ive recieved and from what i can tell the results too! I had the anatomical 410 soft touch MM (medium profile and width i think!) Anatomical implant 12cm bwd to fit in my 13cm bwd breast - it was placed dual plane due to thin skin on my chest. The tape i have on is disoting them a little but my surgeon feels it hepls hold them in place whilst they settle. He said he was very pleased with how the operation went and the look and size of the implant. Apparently the next size up wouldnt have fit and the smaller size would have not filled the space as well. One of the nicest things is my nipples look much more like my pre breastfeeding days ???? obviously it is very early days (in fact day two!) So i know to expect lots of changes. I'll try to keep updating if other women seem to be finding my story helpful. Feeling quite sore but drains are out and pain meds are helping. Hope this review is useful and good luck to everyone else out there going through the same!

Filling a bra!!

Just a quick one of the girls in a sports bra - this one is a 34D which i got to allow for swelling and it fits snuggly.
Just am update on recovery im finding the pain meds of paracetomol and codine good at taking the edge off - always a background feeling of discomfort and tenderness but very manageable. Sleeping a lot and drinking lots of water -just trying to take it easy and let my body heal.

Day of surgery

Before photo 36a/small b

Day 5 update

Hi there, laying on the sofa actually getting a bit bored of all this relaxing!! Stupid i know, spend my whole life racing about working and looking after the kids and finally have an excuse to stop and rest and i don't know what to do with myself!! Will find a good movie after writing this and relax and enjoy the break! So...ferling pretty good didn't wake up needing painkillers for the first time since surgery and ive got a date to have my dressings changed and this big sticker/strap thing taken off (can't wait for this -one, its really tight and itchy and two will finally get to see my new boobs fully!) Thought i'd post some more photos as i know seeing other women's journey through pictures has really hrlped me. Ease excuse the colour editting around the photos just trying to keep them as anonymous as possible. I'm so pleased with the results so far by the way - makes me smile everytime i look at them...can't really believe they're mine and here to stay!! ????

Side view day 5

One week update -dressings off!

Quick update. Had dressings off today -incisions look a bit grizzly but nurse assured me that the bumpiness will go when the stitches dissolve and she was happy with my progress. One boob definately softer and 'dropped' more than the other -as the nurse said its two operations and each heals differently. Very pleased with how they are looking -just full and pretty and modest which was what i wanted :) very happy!!! Hope everyone else is doing well too especially all us october ladies!
Mr Christopher Fenn

Very professional and knowledgable. Spoke extensively about risks and possible complications. I felt very well informed to make my decision. His before and after photos showed great natural looking results and i felt he had a good understanding of what i was looking for and what would suit my frame. Decided on this clinic after a recommendation from a friend who had a great experience.

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