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I hoping to get a really nice round shaped butt...

I hoping to get a really nice round shaped butt like a had before my kids but Bigger!! I'm really nervous. But so far I have had all my questions answered. I already paid my deposit and secured the date. I've paid for the RH for 8 days (since I live in a townhouse), but unfortunately I'm having a hard time finding a Massage therapist. Looking for someone Mobile since the RH doesn't include transportation to massages....... HELP!!


So I have had to change my ex date from June 2016 to July 2016... My Hemo levels were low so I had to do an high iron regimen and redo my labs..... My Hemo levels went up and Unfortunately for me it still wasn't good enough for Dr Ortega, But it was good enough for Dr Sergio Alvarez!!!!! So this will me my new Dr!! My surgery is NEXT WEEK. I'm a little nervous but I'm More EXCITED then anything!!

Getting Close!!!!

All week long I've been like this week needs to Hurry up!...... But I just realized that today is FRIDAY!!! 3 more days left until the BIG DAY!!!!! I'm a little nervous but I'm more excited then anything....... I'm ready to get my body back. As much as I love my kids I would've appreciated if they could have left things the way they found it, lol!! But Thank God for cosmetic surgery.

Surgery check list

So I did EVERYTHING I needed to do to get prepared for my sx day... I have all the things on my check list and I lost 32lbs.... I'll be posting my before pics soon
I am 5'9" and I was 242 but now I'm down to 210 (my husband didnt want me to lose any weight) but I feel great and ready for my day!!!!
I've gotten everything on my list besides a pillow I decided to start out with the yoga mat. But my bags are all packed and I'm ready for the phone call with my sx time and it's all set...........
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