Soon to be a Yily doll January 2016 Dominican Republic

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Hello everyone, I've been researching for awhile...

Hello everyone, I've been researching for awhile and finally decided to choose Dr Aslani ,
So first I wanted a BBL I always preferred how they looked and compared to implants, but after sending my pictures weight height etc I received this email (I'll enclose below) saying my BMI is too low, and I would have to have implants and fat grafting , now at first I was a lil sad as I didn't want implants, but after looking at Dr Aslani's patients before & after pics I'm very impressed, I did more research and have now decided I would like to go ahead with the treatment ,
I've now just messaged the surgery asking for information on how to book, dates, the next step etc, I'll keep you all posted xx
MY REPLY Dear Kiesha,

I am sorry to let you know that Dr. Aslani not accepts cases for fat transfer only with a BMI under 23.
Your BMI is 22,5 which is too low, I am sorry.

The only thing you can do is to have a liposculpture and get the fat injected into the buttocks, it would not be considered a Brazilian butt lift, nor would you be able to claim the buttock size afterwards.
It’s a costy surgery which will not give you a very big change.

Dr. Aslani would recommend you to get implants and fat in combination.

I am sorry, there is not more I can offer you.
Please let me know what you think.

Changed my mind im not implants

So after more & more and more researching I've decide to change my surgeon I've now decided on Dr Cabral in the Dominican Republic ,

The reason I change from dr aslani in Spain is because I've read on slot of posts that aslani won't do a big butt and has actually said if you want a bubble butt he won't do it , and I want a bubble butt
So started looking else where
I came across Dr yily and Dr Cabral , after much consideration I think I'm going to go with dr Cabral
I've sent an email today to ask for price ect, I've already searched flights , and I'm about to look up recovery houses
I'll post again once I've had a reply from dr Cabral

P.s I plan to go January 2016 if I can get a date after 12th of Jan, it's my boyfriends birthday on the 10th
We plan to go Amsterdam x

I've put on hells weight , ugh I feel disgusting ,

But it'll all go to my ass , so I've decided on dr Cabral , although I did email dr yily who got back to me the same day, I'm still waiting for a reply from dr Cabral , I'm posting new pics I've put on so much weight I deffo think my bmi will be fine

I'm Amemic , Wat will happen :(

I forgot to mention I have thallasemeia , a iron issue with my blood,
I'm always very low, but that's how it's been all my life , it's not an issue for me
But I'm worried the ps won't do the surgery if my hemo isn't 12, and mine has never been 12 lol
Sometimes I'm as low as 5 , smh

Also posting miracle watts , my wish pic chick

Ugh Yily has sent me a package offer, Cabral nothing , oh god

Yily sent a package deal all inclusive $4600

Included everything , there are additional costs , I've posted bits out of the email

It's seems as I've chosen Cabral , I'm going to have to all the work myself , if I'd have gone with yily is just go with the all inclusive package

I'm going to ask. Cabral if he does any packages

Yily Doll January 2016 bbl, Ba with implant

Ok so where do I start , after deciding on Cabral , I received an all inclusive quote from dra Yily, $4650 for bbl , lipo, meds, RH, transfers ect,
I then asked how much it would be on top to change my breast implants and an Areola reduction
She then quoted me a new all inclusive price of
I've decided to go with that, and get both surgeries at once ,
I'm now booked to have my surgery 26th January 2015
I will be arriving into santo Domingo on the 24th evening, have my tests on 25th and if all is well surgery on 26th

SX Buddy Yily 26th Jan 16

Hi Dolls, so basically a lot has happened today , I was able to send my deposit via PayPal , I was having a drama trying to use that chase account business .
Anyway I paid deposit , Booked flights, Sasha who I think is Yilys assistant or receptionist is really good at replying , I'm getting replys in like 5 minutes , I can't complain
Now it's getting exciting , my meds are including in the package , I'm not sure if I should still take pain killers ?? But now it's time to get all the supplies I'm going to need , I'll be taking pictures of all supplies, being from England uk , a lot of the stuff other users have listed are either not available in the uk or have a different name, so this is going to be s challenge , first stop Arnica gel ,

Luxury recovery house

Hi folks
So I was going bank and forth over kindness RH and luxury RH , I decided to go with Luxury RH, I'll be arriving on the 24th jAnuary , surgery on 26th
And I'll be leaving 3rd February, , also here's a few more wish pics , Miracle watts had a gorgeous body ( it'll be me soon )

Flight booked 12 hr journey 10 days post

I've booked my flight with a third party company , tripsta, it was £550 , I'll have to do a 3hr flight from London to Madrid , I have a 3 hour layover then a 9 hr flight to santo Domingo , and it's the same coming back , I've checked seats on the plane coming back , but as of now the plane is completely empty ,
I'm going to wait until closer to the date and try to book a seat on an empty row, that way I can lay on my stomach the whole way, except to take walks to the toilet obviously , wish there was a direct flight to santo Domingo , but unfortunately there isn't , I could get a flight direct to punta Cana but then it would be a 2 hr drive to santo Domingo , seems pointless I might aswell do the 3 he flight to Madrid , plus the transport included in Yilys quote is only from santo Domingo ,


I'm booked at the luxury recovery house , but I'm worried I can't find any reviews, and there face book posts look as if they barely speak English , I picked it out of 4 choices that were included in dra Yily's all inclusive price

How to sleep with BBL & BA

So girlies I've been uber worried about how I'm going to sleep with both procedures, with a BBL you have to lay on your stomach ,with a BA you have to lay on your back , well I e found the perfect cushion , my only issue is its only sold in the USA , it's called COMFY BREASTS, so I've decided I'm going to make my own , I'll post pics once I've made it , spk soon Lovlies xx

UK supplies list wat I bought so far

All item purchased in UK on EBay & Amazon ONLY

I fly to Santo Domingo in the morning eeeek

Ok so right now I'm anxious Annie, I don't think I'm nervous . It's more I just want to hurry and start my recovery, I don't know , I could just be telling nyself that Lol, well. Leave in the morning , I'm all packed and ready to go , I'm staying at luxury recovery house , so will take as many pics and post as much as possible , I haven't received a email from Yily or her team to check if all is ok if I'm still coming which is terrible wish me luck guys and a speedy recovery, xx

Just taken blue pill

It knocked me out, 2hrs later I wake up still sitting In same damn room with no nurses , no surgery no nothing , slightly unorganised this place

First pics so far

So guys I had no fat for a bbl , all that bulge I had at the front was all muscle I am still having a full tummy tuck with muscle repair breast augmentation with implants the much smaller than my last ones and here are the pictures so far bear with me because I'm not actually writing this I'm using the voice thing that like types what I say which is making life really fucking easy oh and by the way those massages feel great everyone is is that it is so much pain is killing them they must have a very low pain threshold because the mass Sarge the best part of this whole recovery

Just to remind ya'll I had a cute lol butt before

My main concern was getting this stomach and waist snatched ,

My TT scar so far

Ok so I just had a massage and asked the nurse to change my bandages / dressing , she said I have to wait for the doctor , me being me I decided to do it myself I had alcohol wipes and I had the same type of surgical tape so I did it myself because it was just looking to dirty
Here are a few pictures that I took of my scar sorry then not very clear but I will take more as soon as I can
I will also be changing my own breast dressing because it just is too dirty as well
If this reads weird it's because I'm using the voice thing again my lazy ass can't be bothered to type lol
Who knew iPhone had this I love it I'll be posting more during the day and tomorrow I seeing you today I get my drain taken out on Wednesday can't wait this voice thing doesn't do it any.'s or anythin Who knew iPhone had this I love it I'll be posting more gym in the day and tomorrow I seeing you today I get my drain taken out on Wednesday can't wait x. Pics are upside down I don't know how to rotate

Tt scar 6 days post op

Changed dressing myself ,
Will change breast dressing too, x

You CAN sit with a Bbl done by Yily

People say you can't sit with fat transfer to bum or hips, Yily told me herself this morning , she injects the fat into the muscle and she recommends sitting straight away , it won't cause you to loose fat , I heard her tell multiple girls the same thing, the only reason to Not sit on your new ass , is if it's painful , and then a Boppy pillow will help ease the discomfort ,

Boobs pic-

Hiya dolls , I've been home 2days , super happy to be back , flight was fabulous I fell asleep straight away woke up when I had 24 minutes to land. So I have no trouble with my flights. I'm posting pictures of my boobs one is bigger than the other ,
They are super swollen but I've had breast implants before so I know that it's normal and they will drop they just need to fucking hurry up. Not much is changed with my tummy tuck I get my bandages changed on Tuesday and I will start my lymphatic drainage massages this week , I have a large pocket of fluid on my stomach but my auntie is a nurse and she is going to come and drain it for me with a syringe. I will post an update of my tummy tucks scar when I'm changing my bandages this week Tuesday,
I will also be started my YouTube review on the full experience of surgery with Dr yily in the Dominican Republic, I will post the link soon , until next time dolls , happy snatching xx

Boob pics didn't upload

So annoying SMFH

Try again


New boobs pic

Starting to drop

Bum pic , 4days post op

Forgot to post

My aunt drained me with syringe oh I'm also itching like mad

Ok so my aunt who is a nurse drained my stomach again today , it's the 2nd time , she did it 4 days ago , it didn't hurt but I wouldn't have been able to do it myself , I've watched someone do it in YouTube , but even with my stomach being numb I couldn't physically stick s needle into my own stomach ouch
I'm also itching like crazy ,all over but especially my back , I can't deal , I've read itching means I'm healing , but fuck me it's horrible I could deffo do without it X

How do I know if my faja needs taking in

My waist is now at 26inches my faja is all the way closed, I have the stage 2 that I bought at Cipla , it's a XXS , I'm not sure if I should get it taken in, or buy s new one, but do they even do a XXXS, , I just feel like this one is not tight enough , ugh

Still so swollen & stiff ugh

Can't wait till I'm healed

More pics

Still worried about breast lift

Ok so everyday the swelling goes down a little bit more but it still seems one breast is a lot bigger than the other , hopefully they'll even out like Yily said :(


Still swollen and mad itchy

More pics

My lower back is still super bruised and swollen

New boob pic

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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