Salama April 2016 Leggo!!

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I have always had a flat-ish bum. I have been...

I have always had a flat-ish bum. I have been researching for a while now and feel ready to be pumped. I'm pregnant at the mo, so will have to wait for the birth and my nursing regime to stop first.

Looked at US, great results but the total travel and accommodation cost for me as a Brit is too much. Looked at Dom Rep, exceptional results but the relentless media focus on death tolls but me off. Dr Khan in London does bbl's but I was not impressed with a past Lipo procedure he carried out on me and I'm not in a rush to waste more money.

So, my attention has been drawn to Europe, (close to home and reasonably priced) namely Dr Aslani or Dr Oelbrandt. I like the results I've seen for both, so it will probably come down to cost, pre surgery interaction and general understanding of what results I am trying to achieve.

Florida or Spain??

Aslani in Spain closer to home? Hasan or Fisher in Florida who seem to have better fat retention? I don't want to pay a fortune for a behind that disappears in 6 months!

Any UK dolls made the trip to the states? How did you survive the flight?? And arrange your stay, surgery, blood work etc etc?

UK to US - any London girls flying to Miami to get that bootay?

I'm definitely doing this, why wait? I've shortlisted Fisher and Hasan... Still not sure. I am sure that I'm booking for mid April, so does anyone want to join me? This is a secret so far, no one knows. Apart from y'all obviously. But it would be good to share the experience with someone who is ready to get their dream body for summer. You only live once, and I want to live with the booty I want :D

THEIF in the night - WISH PICS

I've been screen grabbing booty pics for so long, I don't know whose backside is whose! Sorry if your bum is one of these, but it a compliment really.

More donkadonks n' hips

More wish pics. Need to store them here so I can delete them off my phone! Again, I've left the screen names in the shots so you can check those dolls out

And a few more...

Vanity urghhhhh!

So I emailed Margaret @ Vanity 2 days ago with a list of questions I needed answers to before I put a deposit down, and nothing. No answer at all. Not even a holding email. It's bloody frustrating and doesn't bode well for our dealings moving forward. Yisel (sp?) was helpful last week though.

I had a much better response from Salama's office, comprehensive and useful email. I might postpone my procedure so I can save and go to him instead. I love his results, it's just I would like my baddonk before summer for birthdays and festivals I have booked and I can't raise Salama type funds in time for April. Doh

Before and plastic surgery app

I tried using the plastic surgery app. They didn't come out great, but you get the idea!

Vanity are loooonnnnggg!

So haven't heard jack from Vanity so I'm going to cough up the extra for Salama. It means I have to wait longer but I can't be arsed (pardon the pun) to be waiting around for Vanity to answer simple health advice questions in regard to my medical history. Doesn't fill me with a ton of confidence considering they are PERFORMING SURGERY on me. Smh. No circus acts with the clowns at Vanity for me then lol.

So I've been dealing with Cynthia who is super efficient, helpful and polite. She makes you wanna part with cash (all $3000 more of it). I'm happy with the choice I've made, I feel less anxious about getting my dates swapped, being bummed to some random doctor, or having to start arms house to get my money back. And I've always loved his results. Salama-me-up-baby-yea!

Miami recovery houses

So after some real self stalking and research I've shortlisted to these 3. I can't be exact with my reasoning, suffice to say they seemed to have more good feedback than not, and nothing super negative screamed out to me. The final decision will probably come down to price. I do want my own room though! Diva :)!our-services/cee5

I'm still aiming to be out there from the 11th-20th

More wishing

new body recover doesn't service Dr Salama's patients?

Just saw on their website. That's unfortunate, I was hoping to stay there. Not sure about Elite or Assistance for life, they haven't got back to me. I'm thinking I may just solider it at a hotel and try to be strong lol

Need to shift some pounds!

Salama said I am a good candidate for bbl and I really liked his vision for my body as he described in his email after seeing my pics. However, for best results I need to shed 15 pounds. It's doable, yes. When you really want something you have to get of your arse and make it happen. Salamame!

BOOKED!! Are you in Miami in April?

Deposit paid for bbl and serenity recovery house and flights booked and paid for!!! I'm soooo excited I can barely contain myself.

Anyone who is going to be around from the 12th April onwards let me know!

Separate from the post surgery pics, availability of information and the good reviews, the staff at Elite are on point. Cynthia is super helpful and patient, answering every single one of my questions fully and promptly. Zuny who has been handling my paperwork has been extremely helpful also. These guys were the deciding factor for why I picked Elite and Dr Salama. I felt like my experience mattered.

Still waiting for a response from those jokers at Vanity kmt smh

Feeling good :D

Hello! Is anybody out there??!

Where's the love... After 10 posts and no comments, I really feel like I'm out here on my tod :/ If I wanted to talk to myself I'd buy a diary *tumbleweed


Here's a list of the stuff I'll be getting. I don't want to take too much, so if there is anything here I really don't need (also anything I've forgotten) please let me know! Cheers

First Aid
Multiple vits - iron, vit c, folic acid £4
Iron £4
Stool softener/laxative $10
Mederma $28
Benerdril gel $8
Tylenol (pain/fever relief) x24 $6
Antibacterial wipes $10
Waterproof bandages $4
medical tape £1
Medical Gauze pads (2x2 or 3x4) £6
Chux pads $13
Sleep pills?
Asprin (for flight home)?

Cetaphil antibacterial soap £3
Arnica tabs, gel or cream? $6
Selicone scar healer *£25
Neosporin/triple antibiotic cream $17
Baby wipes
maxi pads £3
toothpaste £1
Toothbrush £2
deodorant £2
Facewash £2
Face cream £2
Wash cloth £1
Bio oil £8
Coco butter £4

Bobby Pillow
Booty buddy pillow $70
Compression garment x1(
Powernet- is it a material?
squeem $60
Compression socks
ab board (tabla abdominal)
2 Lipo form sheets
Lower back triangle $15 (
Ez urinal
Hot and cold roll on for neck(are they like heat packs?)
Heat padlht
Hooks for drips in shower $2
and person
Pregnancy pillow@
Neck pillow@
Face down pillow?

Tuck box
Snacks - granola bars, prune and pineapple juice, rasins £10
Water $5
Gatorade $10 OR
Juven Therapeutic Nutrition Drink $22

Maxi/wrap dresses x3 (x2@) £30
Loose nightgowns £15
Thin tank tops cotton (for under garment) £7.50
Loose pants £7
Loose sweats and t-shirts £15
Slip on Slippers £6
Flip flops - inside and out@

2 weeks to go!

So much has been happening in my personal life that I haven't even had a chance to think about the procedure, but that has all settled now and it's back to booty.

So blood tests done and got the all clear. Yay! And clearance sent to elite, just waiting for Zuny to confirm I'm good to go and I'll make my last payment. been taking my vitamins but it has been hard to land the right dose of iron. I've had to take 3 different types of iron tablet to hit the 325mg. I went to Boots pharmacy for the arnica, gauze, tape, scar gel, antibacterial wipes, waterproof plasters, the antibacterial soap and stool softener. The guys and the checkout looked at me like damn lmao. I picked up some cheap dresses, nightwear, big boy short pants, vest tops and trackie from Primark and H&M. I got some compression socks, and a neck support scarf thing for the plane journey back. I've sorted wheelchair assistance with the airline for my return leg back home. Just need to purchase my booty buddy (they just look comfortable), slip on sandals (slidders) and my back triangle and should be ready for my jeddy.

I still haven't told a soul, but my family want the address of where I'm staying. How did you vets deals with that??

Dr Salama @Elite F*CKED ME OVER!!

So I have l bought EVERYTHING for my procedure including $1000 flights from the UK to Miami, my tests, all my supplies, $80 on a fucking butt pillow, for Noime at Elite to call me less then 2 WEEKS BEFORE MY SURGERY to say THEY WON'T DO THE PROCEDURE because I've had DVT in the past. WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU SAY??? You mean Dr Salama has only NOW decided not to DO surgery based on information I supplied BACK IN JANUARY!! Could you not have TOLD ME THIS BEFORE I booked flights, paid for childcare, paid for transfers, hired a replacement to cover my leave at work, bought a stack of pills, paid hundreds on shit I don't need. My doctor even provided the clearance letter and everything they asked for. My doctor is like, the DVT was 15 years ago I'm not sure why this surgeon is cancelling the procedure, maybe he is inexperienced. Shit Doctor, I don't know, you tell me.

The dodgy and shady part about the whole thing is that Jesenia @ Elite had been chasing me for a week to make a $4000 payment which I made yesterday. AS SOON AS I MADE PAYMENT THEY CANCELLED THE SURGERY!! Literally, like an hour later. I swear to God, God be my witness that I am not lying. They took payment and sharfed me. F*ckers

I went to Dr Salama/Elite to avoid the type of VANITY BULLSHIT you read so much about, and they did EXACTLY THE SAME shit. It just makes you think how many of the reviews you read on here are GENUINE REVIEWS??

I am heartbroken. They could never get away with incompetency like this in the UK, people would sue for their expenses back. I might actually look into that.

It's not the fact they cancelled, it how and when they cancelled. They had all the information at the start. If they were concerned they could have booked a consultation to discuss my history in more detail. Any decent doctor would have.

To this day I have not spoken to Dr Salama, all of this has come through his admin staff. He couldn't even picked up the phone to cancel my surgery himself.

They really took the piss.

Sorry about all the swearing!

I don't normally curse like that, honest! I was just really really upset. It won't happen again

Whoop! All sorted now -Happy Days

So, I sent Elite an email that put my past DVT into context, and they said they would get back to me once Dr Salama and the anesthesiologist had a chance to discuss my case. They called back the following day to say they are happy to proceed with a few minor adjustments I.e. doing surgery 3 days after I arrive to let the blood settle and administering anti coagulant during the proceedure. I may have to stay longer than planned as well. It was the new anesthesiologist who was most concerned, but they talked it out and we're good to go! Tbh, I'm glad they are thorough and take my care seriously, but jeeze they made me nervous with all that cancellation talk. I'm happy with the precautions they are taking, and feel even more at ease.

Happy days!

They told me to make sure I have insurance btw, so it's not included like one reviewer mentioned in the past.

Vanity got back to me yesterday


Results and Recovery House

So I've lost 7 inches on my waist and gained 1inch on my hips. Dr Salama is cool, really nice guy. Nomie is cool too.

The ladies at the recovery house are nice, Grace and Lordes, they worked hard. The week I was there things were manic, full house and not enough staff. There was no internet first 2 nights which was hard as I was from abroad and need the internet to Skype and connect with home. Then before I left there was no cable due to a garden fire. Meals were sometimes served late so I bought take out a couple times so I could take my meds. The staff can be on their phones a lot, even when they are attending to you which can be awkward. I didn't get as much attention as I would have liked the first couple nights post op and wet myself because I couldn't get out of bed and I felt it wasn't as easy as it should have been to call for assistance in the night when the staff were asleep. They don't moniter your medication either so you have to be on top of what to take and when, which can be difficult in a post op haze. The meals are average and do the job, I didn't experience much variety while I was there but I guess it not needed. The house is nice, clean and comfortable although my roommates had to kill a cockroach on my 4th night there! Also, 3 of my tops went missing a 2 were returned with bleach marks so we're no use to me. I do want to stress that the women who work there are lovely though and I believe they mean well and do what they can in a demanding and sometimes under staffed environment. Also, this was MY experience, other girls who have been there before and the office staff at Elite swear that it was a coincidence that all these events happened at the same time during my visit and the service is usually top class. Anyhow, I did recover quickly during my stay there and was able to fly home day 6 post op with my drains out. Also, I met some really nice girls in the house who made my stay comfortable.

The massage ladies are cool, but those massages will destroy you hahaha. You will feel much better afterwards though. Just take as much drugs as you can beforehand.

Did I mention Dr Salama is cool? He is really easy to talk too, made me feel at ease and gave me exactly what I asked for.

I bought a booty buddy pillow from Dr Miami which has been my life saver! At work and on the plane, it really makes not sitting on your butt a lot easier.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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