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*Treatment results may vary

Just to avoid any confusion i was previously...

just to avoid any confusion i was previously posting under the username UK_BACK as I was originally planning to go to DR to the talented Dra Duran, however, I finally realised I am not that brave and want the best facilities and service incase of complications, hence my final decision to go to Aslani.

5 months too loose almost 2 stone????? :-/

so i really want that tiny Duran/Yilly waist and big old aslani ass - but i dont think thats going to happen as Alsani will not remove as much during one lipo sx as they will in Dominican Rep :-( So i am going to have to do some of the hard work myself by shifting a few pounds before my OP in Feb.

My current weight and measurement are:

13STONE 172LBS (for all the US sisters)
waist 35" (f**kin hell)
hips/butt 44"(ok if only it was all in proportion
chest 38" (back fat yuck)

I am aiming for 11st or 154lbs in time for sx but I am going to have to be mega disciplined to do it in this house, full of food!

Any ladies that want to come along on a weight loss journey with me and check in every week or for support - please do :-)

I have booked my flights already through Norweigan Air - really cheap, new planes with WIFi and front seats whooo hooo, one less thing to worry about.

I am also looking at Barcelo Malaga for my Hotel, Tesco Club card are doing 3 x amount for exchanging club card vouchers so Im hoping to save a couple hundred euros on hotel at least.

Will put pre op pictures up soon as soon as I have an empty house which is not often.

Have also ordered an Ann chery latex vest to start wearing throughout my diet and to get me into Faja mode prior to the op.

Waiting for this waist trainer to arrive

I know its a bit premature but I figured I would get my waist prepared to be cinched once I'm in that faja 24 hours a day. I believe DR aslani is now giving patients a stage 1 garment, so will wait till after SX to see what my true measurements are before I buy that.

Will be purchasing the front and back lipo boards hopefully if inthepinkroom ship to uk (waiting for them to let me know) I want that flat stomach and cute upside down triangle to enhance my sumptuous new buttocks (ok I'm getting carried away lol)

-1lb shocked as I have not tried at all to be honest :-)

OK so my first week of trying to loose weight has gone exceptionally well considering I haven't even tried, have done no exercise and basically eating just about everything im trying to avoid. Have found a London buddy on realself who is weighing in each week online with me - thanks Jessie for giving me that structure I need to stay focused.

I have not heard back anything from inthepinkroom regarding UK shipping so i pressume either they dont ship or they just dont answer their emails, either way im looking elsewhere but is very difficult to find. If any of you guys know of anywhere that sells and ships to Uk PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

Also still no reply from Jennine at cirumed regarding pics of larger ladies that have had bbl, so I will email her again to remind her.

So this week I am going to try and get more active ie power walking for half hour a day, lets see if i can stick to something for once in my life. FEB 14 Still seems so far away and whilst i need the extra time to loose some weight I wish it would just pass quickly so I can get this surgery over and done with. I want my fat ass and I want it now lol

I have also made a pack with myself to stop looking on a duran pics because i start questioning my decision. I know i have made the right choice to go with Aslani and I am sure that he will do the best he can to give me the results that i need in terms of liposuction.

how far up the torso will Dr Aslani Lipo?????

Any post op ladies out there that can answer this i will be very greatful. I want to have liposuction from the pubic bone right up to beneath breasts and on the back i want bra roll and under armpits done too. I think i will have to contact Cirumed to clarify this and possible ask for a 2nd consult with Dra Aslani.

couple of wish picks.... probably unrealistic but a girl can dream.

Barcelo malaga

Yes I'm loving the slide in the lobby but while have to go down on my front I guess lol!

Ok don't laugh but.....

I'm seriously considering one of these for the week. It's so cheap and With a boppy pillow to raise my butt off the seat - I could be wizzing round the shopping mall a few days after the op :-/ mmmmm maybe

Before pics 12st 13lb OMG Disgrace

So as promised my before pictures. I hope your sitting down as they are quite offensive :-@

Square shape, belly flab and backfat Dr Aslani PKEEEEEEASE HELP ME!

I'm hoping that weightless can get rid of some if the belly fat as I know I need MORE than 5000cc lipo :-(


Firstly I am so pissed off right now to be honest. I have removed my personal before pictures from this website as peoples personal pictures are being used in a dishonest manner particularly linked to Dr Aslani. Which is a shame as genuine people like myself and a few others on here really benefit and base major decisisions based on geniune before and after pictures.

Now to the profiles. This is definitely the same person updating a number of the profiles. If you closely analyze the gramer, punctuation, eg space after exclamation mark and manner of reponses to compliments you will see that this is very obviously the same person.

What frightens me is that they know way too much about the Cirumed procedures, set ups etc to be somebody that is day dreaming and making up a profile for fun. Whoever is doing this is clearly attempting to promote Dr Aslani as a wonderful Dr that everyone should go to, particularly ladies like myself who are looking for Dominican Rep style results within Europe. Cirumed were told by myself that this is the style myself and alot of other girls in Europe like but cant find.

What is also coming across very strange to me is that I specifically emailed Jeannine Aslani a few weeks ago asking for pictures of larger ladies who had good results with Aslani, she said she would be never did. Since then all these amazing results and profiles have popped up on Realself - which we now know are totally FAKE. This may be a coincidence but who knows. Now I am also in the predicament where I have paid a 500 euro deposit and paid for flights etc and to be honest I do not feel totally confident that I have seen any REAL before and after results that are what I would like myself. see my Review of Doctor regarding photos below - this was written a good few weeks ago :-/

what pisses me off even more is that myself and a few girls on here have been totally deceived in asking advise from these fake profiles and we never will know exactly who we were taking advise from. To be honest I will update with my correspondance to Cirumed and their response but after that I am not bothering to update my own personal experience because as of now, I don't even know if I am willing to put my life in this clinics hands. Any genuine ladies (you know who you are and so do i) please do continue to inbox me with any questions or info, because I will respond. Other than that good luck to you ALL. X

Fake Profiles Update

So Dr Aslani has responded to realself users below. To be fair to him I am going to stick to facts and continue to update regarding my final decision as to if I will continue my surgery with him or not. At this point I am unsure and will be requesting to speak to him in person. I found him through Realself, I based my decision on Realself profiles and pictures that are now known to be fake, So i need to see real pictures of patients that have my desired results. Yes this has left a nasty taste in my mouth and I am no longer 100% sure about going through surgery with Cirumed,

I am going to keep my reviews factual as possible which is the fairest way I can be towards Dr Aslani at this stage. I am not going to stop updating this review as he has requested below as I think it is important for ladies like myself, who are scheduled for surgery to know what is happening so we can make an informed decision on whether to proceed or not.

There are at least 8 profiles that I have concerns about, some of which have already be proved as fake. It doesn't take much guessing if you look into the grammar.

Some of these fake profiles have been active for along time. The fact of the matter is whoever done this is very committed to promoting Dr Aslani. If it was somebody who wanted to damage his reputation, they would have gone about it in a much more time efficient, malicious manner. There are at least 8 fake profiles that do not have a bad word to say about the doc, and when they do have an issue with sx results, the problem seems to miraculously fix itself over time.

We have realself ladies in tears about this situation and it is so sad. We all feel deceived and whilst Dr Aslani has excluded all his staff being involved - we are still not 100% sure and surgery is stressful enough without these profiles casting doubt on our decision.

Sorry for the delay ladies!!!!

Ok ladies, its been a loooong time. I have been through the motions with all this situation.
So shortly after my last review I contacted Dr Aslani and he emailed me back assuring me that he is taking this situtation very seriously and that his reputation is also at stake here due to what has happened. I did explain thoroughly that Realself to us ladies is somtimes the only resourse we have to get (what we thought) where real life reviews of surgeons and that also many girls dreams had been shattered leaving them in tears. Dr Aslani has now stated that he is going to financially guarantee my results and if I am not happy with them, I can reclaim the medical expenses I have paid out. This sounds like a very good deal, however, I am waiting further clarification regarding this agreement and more importantly how the deal with implemented.

Last week I was adamant that I am not going to spain and started reverting my plans back to Duran in Dominican republic. The more i pondered on the thought of travelling there, the more anxious I became about the emergency medical facilities in Dominican Rep and the recent deaths at Cipla. I know Duran can 100% give me what I want in terms of results, however, there is a compromise and that is the long distance travel - unorganized and over busy CIPLA - and transportation through Santo Domingo to the General hospital in case of emergency during surgery.

I have looked again at Cirumed website and their BBL pictures are not as drastic as that of Duran/Yilly/Cabral in terms of the lipo, but Aslanis butts looks good in general. I have brought up this issue with him regarding the Lipo or lack of it and he has stated that removing too much fat from the abdominal area may lead to skin irregularities due to the retraction. I am going to speak to him further on this subject as I do want a totally flat stomach and If it mean doing Tummy tuck in the future then I am not ruling this out. Ideally I would like to do a breast lift/ reduction some time in the future as well - so will discuss this too.

As of today I have not made a decision about whether I will go ahead in February. I have a realself buddy that I have been talking too and she is due to go in a few weeks, so may see how things pan out with her first - She has been very helpful and said she will let me know the ins and outs of her experience truthfully.

So after the intial anger of discovering fake profiles have worn off, i am now back to dealing with the pros and cons of Spain, Dominican and America.

thanks for all the ladies inboxing me - we are all in the same boat I guess we just all need to decide what is important to us and what compromises we are willing to take. :-)

I will at some point put up my before pics again for all you new visitors to my review x

my latest shopping spree :-0

I have ordered my flattening boards front and rear, they wernt that expesive but the shipping to the UK WAS :-0 I hope it does the job! I want to go on a Faja spree too but i know there is not point until i know my after surgery measurements (somebody hide the credit cards)

Weight Gain

Oh and I forgot to add earlier, since my surgery has been on hold I have been shoving cakes, chocolate and anything else non-diet down my throat and have managed to put on 4lbs - so depressing. My get back on the wagon now surgery is going to happen 2014 sometime. I have also been wearing the ann cherry latex corset but also given up recently. I got a lot of compliments of how i looked as if i had lost weight, but once you take the thing off every just seems to flop back down where it was - not fair. It really is one of those things that you have to persist with - which as you can see from my diet, is something that I am not that great at and get bored very easily.

Love this before and after on Cirumed website

This would be my perfect results if I have surgery with Aslani, in my opinion one of the best yet.

To follow - a PROS AND CONS list for surgery in Spain and Dominican Rep

Over the next few days I am going to compile a PROS and CONS list. I think that this might help myself make my final decision, please ladies say your piece and let me know if there is anything that I have not thought of. This might also help other ladies from the UK or Europe make this big decision.

Pros and Cons


Dr Aslani - Malaga
High end medical facilities with ICU in case of emergency during surgery
money back guarantee (waiting for clarification regarding terms and conditions)
2 hour flight to Malaga from UK - no need to purchase first class seats
Communication so far from both Dr Aslani, Jeannine and other staff excellent
One week stay - Less stressful to my children/Partner
Familiar with the area of Malaga/Costa del Sol
Post surgery Photos on Website that i would be happy with
No drains/massage

may not get the style of result that Dr Duran can offer.
Recent Fake Profiles has left me with a sense of insecurity around Cirumed.
No real Profiles on realself of BBL patients that are 100% happy with results 1st time.
May need to travel to DR if I am not happy with results.

Dr Duran - Santo Domingo
Would almost certainly gain the body shape im longing for and amount of lipo needed.
Many realself users recommendations, photos and experiences
Durans twitter updated with new examples weekly

small percentage of bad experiences and even deaths(None Duran) at CIPLA
Very basic medical resources and no ICU at CIPLA
15hrs total flight time with connecting flight (First class needed to lay down)
2 Weeks needed in DR for follow - longer time away from partner/kids
drain removal / massage

dra duran communication

Another con is lack of communication between patients and Dr Duran many ladies waiting weeks for a response (although we know its worth the wait) .... We all know she is really busy and in demand for obvious reasons but no consultation and lack of communication is frustrating at times! And I am quite an organised person that gets irritated having to wait. I am aware that Bella vita is know acting as agent to secure dates, quotes, accommodation etc for a fee $150 I think - however there is a lack of personal communication regarding surgery.

skype consultation with Dr Aslani

Right, so I was on the phone/video with Dr Aslani for over an hour yesterday and Im not sure where to start with this update as we spoke about so much.

Firstly the topic most of you may be interested in is the Fake Profile business. He stressed over and over that he would not use realself as a platform to promote his business as only around 10% of his patients come via forums. I did explain that whoever was running the profiles had a totally thorough understanding of his practice and procedures. He stated that he was now having more of an understanding of how much information on realself is valued by ladies like myself and is very concerned about the negative feedback and is investigating the situation.

We discussed in depth the type of procedure that I would like done and I explained that I looking for a more excessive look simlilar to that of the last bbl example on his website. He agreed that this would be possible and also mentioned that to obtain enough re usable fat he may have to take from my inner thighs if required - which I agreed is an option, although I do not want the outer thighs touched. We also talked a lot about the type of shape that I am trying to achieve and that fact that I would like maximum hips and butt. He explained that it depended on how much my skin would physically take and that Its difficult to assess prior to sx. I also explained that I would want the widest point of by profile to be a bit lower down to create more of a heart shape effect. I have seen one example on his website showing a nice heart shape too.

The we got on to the all important guarantee. He explained that this would only be offered to 10 selected patients whos confidence has been tested by the fake profiles. He agreed its a risky proposal but is willing to take the risk if it can regain patient relations. He said that the Guarantee would work as follows:

1. I would chose a picture from his current website as my wish pic and he will decide if this result is realistically achievable and I would automatically have the right to demand that my pictures are placed on his website good/bad results
2. At 6 weeks i would need to send in pictures to him and post on realself for public view. Should I not be happy with the results then I am eligible to claim back my full surgical fees.

3. Continue to post a full and truthful review on realself including all positives and negatives including pictures (which I intend to do anyway) after my experience of reading false info for many months - I want to make a point of doing a comprehensive REAL review for all to read.

By doing this Dr Aslani is hoping to offer me the reassurance that he will work hard to give me the results we agree and I will be compensated if I am not happy - also that all readers of real self and the website can look at pictures and make their own mind up about my results and Dr Aslani's work.

We also talked about my concerns about the amount of liposuction he is able to do compared to others. He explained that if he completely removes all fat from large areas it is more likely that I will experience skin irregularities and problems with skin retraction. We know that this is the case even with US and Domincan patients who often have excellent results but complain of loose skin and bumps months after surgery. I explained to Dr Aslani that I havent ruled out a TT in the future and that I would like maximum removed and to monitor my skin after surgery. I will also wear Faja compression for at least 12 weeks after. If I am left with saggy skin then TT it is maybe later in 2014 or early 2015 but my main aim is to significantly reduce fatty areas around lower upper stomach, back, flanks and upto armpit.

We briefly talked about TT and BBL together and he is not prepared to do this procedure for ladies travelling to spain for the week. He would want to make sure that adequate post op reviews are carried out and a week is not long enough, which i agree. I am considering a tummy tuck and breast reduction/lift in the future in any case.

So after 24hrs sleeping on it - I have made the decision to go ahead with Dr Aslani on the 24th Feb and hope that he will make a good example of me and match me to my wish pic, and if he cant, I will have to reclaim money and look at options further a field late 2014. I feel nervous about this decision but feel that he will try his best to restore confidence.

whilst writing last update just noticed soonBbl review :-0

This is just what I do not want to read right now after making my decision to go with Dr Aslani. We are all dubious about real profiles or not but I do not have any reason to disbelieve her at this stage at all and will also ask her to upload recent pics.

Cancelling Still an option

Just to add Dr Aslani said that if any time i feel that I am not wanting to go ahead with surgery that Deposit will regretfully be returned no problems at all.


Today I have emailed Dr Aslani asking him to clarifty what percentage are surgical fees, after all Quiron costs could be a major proportion of the total cost of the bbl 4900euro, I would be fuming if I was not happy with the results and only offered a minimal amount back consisting of surgical fees. So I am expecting to get info about this sometime in the future. If i do not get desired results in need, round 2 in US or Dr is going to be impossible as I am not going to be in the position financially next year to do this again due to business commitments.

Hoping that SoonBbl can inlighten us all soon (real on not real) - as Dr Aslani does really push the fact that his fat grafting technique is superior in the way fat is retained with a loss of only around 10% - compared to surgery further a field that graft too excessive amounts that are later lost.

Another possible Aslani to be patient also advised me of a fake profile on I have to agree that I did see a couple of dodgy ones a few weeks ago too.

I am very disappointed in a way, as I do rate Dr Aslani highly as a Doctor and has not left any questions unanswered at all. I would really hope that he can deliver results to that of his website pics, however, I do not know anybody personally that has been to him and I really do feel that I need to hear and see somebodys results similar to my desires. TBC ................

Waiting for real outcomes and details of surgical fees

Dr Aslani has requested a further skype call on the 19th November to discuss terms of the guarantee ie, cost of surgical fees etc - So i am looking forward to that. And also meeting up with one of his recent patients to get a REAL idea of what kind of results I can expect...............


So some of you will already know. Dr Aslani decided that he was not in a position to operate on me due to trust issues. My money has been refunded. I am not at all happy about the situation, however, I would not be prepared to say I 100% trust him based on the Fake reviews and a number of real bloggers that are not happy with their results. I think it was very unprofessional of them to offer a gaurantee and then retract it after I followed Drs advise of not basing my decision on Realself alone.

Anyway the point of the matter is that No he was never going to give me Duran results that I wanted but I was happy to settle for the safety and convenience of Cirumed. I have spent the past week trying to convince myself that I should just accept myself with all my faults and forget about BBL, but is so difficult knowing that it would really boost my self confidence and the way I feel about my body. So I have now decided after the awful experience with Aslani to look elsewhere as they suggested.




Any ladies considering dominican Rep please get in touch :-)


I will be following my heart and go to Duran May 14 with another London girl. I know deep down that she has an excellent track record and is giving the best results out there at present. I have spent along time comparing Duran v Salama work and it is my opinion that Duran is consistantly producing amazing results, particularly with Girls of my pre op shape. So will book next week and start making all the necessary preparations.

28th May 14

Well it's done! Deposit down, confirmed dates for both me and my realself buddy tahila .... Now let's get organised and focus on loosing some weight so Duran can go wild on me ;-)

Recovery House Booked

So yesterday I booked Real Recovery Aromonia for the duration of our stay. I contacted them via facebook and gave them my pesronal and surgery details and was told to confirm again with flight times once booked, so that they can arrange for us to be collected from airport.

I have also been trying to get a list of essentials together as here in the UK it is not easy to come across epifoam etc so will start hunting from now.


Yes i have not updated for a while, simply because i have joined a few of the Facebook groups for DR and Duran and let me tell you..... i thought that the pictures of Durans work on Realself are amazing but honestly when i see some of the post op ladies posting pics in the groups I am truly amazed and and so glad that I made the choice to go with Duran shes a magician.

I have also been in contact with a 2 post op girls who went to Aslani .... One is happy with her results and the other is not happy at all and is not considering DR or the US for a round 2. So after all the stress i experienced with Aslani I have come to the conclusion that it was the best thing that could ever happen as i have not seen any results from Aslani on par with Duran.

So i have now booked to stay in silhouette recovery house with my buddy and Angie and been great at giving us pre travel information about the procedures in the DR and I am confidnent that we are in good hands. She has worked with DR Doctors for many years and knows the ins and the outs of surgery.

I am meeting with my sx buddy today to start making a list of essential supplies. Alot of ladies complain that they get carried away buying and carrying way to much stuff that they never actually used so I am trying to avoid this and stick to the essentials. It is not a holiday as such so wont need to carry an outfit for every day of beach wear etc. So far I have been advised that chux, pads, wipes and under vests are the most crucial must haves.

I am also concerned about my hemo levels, i have no idea what they are at the moment but plan to start working on that in Jan and gradually build up or maintain levels depending on what my results are. I also have to admit that I have been totally crap on my diet and January that is all gonna change. xmas has caused my healhty eating regime to go out of the window. Plus i have seen so many larger ladies (like myself) come out of sx with Duran with amazing waist after lipo tummy tuck and bbl and this has made me kind of complacent to be honest but i really do want to drop a stone at least for health and overall results.

Duran popularity blowing up

just to advise any ladies wanting to get a quote or book with Duran. She is receiving hundreds of emails a day and does sometimes take weeks to respond. I would suggest that if you do want a quote that you should contact elizabeth Belen her PA buy phone to get the ball rolling. she is also now booked until June 2014 and due to demand her prices are rising so you really need to move fast if you want to go to her in 2014 at a good price. CANT WAIT TO BE A DURAN DOLL :-)

started with supply list!

Now that xmas is out of the way £££££££££££££££££££ i have started on the supplies. I have started by purchasing the things that I am going to need now and a few of the cheaper bits along the way.

Ordered vitamedica for optimal pre and post vitamins
blood builder as it says on the can to improve and raise hemoglobin count
home hemo tester so i don't have to keep running to the GP asking for tests
These items are coming from abroad so I have plenty of time to wait for their arrival. I will start taking the blood builder once i know exactly what my current hemo levels are. I believe Duran will not allow SX if you are under 12 so I am hoping that I am not extremely low.

In contact with another UK Duran Doll now 14 days post op Folokane ...... Love the support and she looks damn good.

My Buddy and I have now found the flight that we intend to book through Delta Heathrow to Santo Domingo with and hour and half lay over :-0 praying for no delays or thorough searches. We have also had official confirmation of our stay at Angies Silhouette recovery house $65 dollars per night for our own rooms with queen bed and 24hr care.


I have received a number of questions regarding booking dates, paying deposits etc so below is how I went about arranging things from here in the UK

1. Email Duran 3 full naked body pics front, rear and side view ( editing out face and tattoos etc for privacy) her current email is ask for a quote for the procedures you wish to have ie. BBL or BBL/TT/BA use google translate to translate into spanish if possible. You will not receive an instant response some wait months ... so immediately follow instructions below

2. Call Elizabeth Belen ( specifically ask for her as she speaks good English) on 001-809-565-5348 ask her the following
a. what dates are available (currently booked upto June 14 and moving fast)
b. Give your name and ask her to pull up your email to ask Dra Duran for quote ASAP
c. Explain that you will pay deposit immediately as soon as you receive your quote


3. As soon as you have received your quote go the bank and pay $250 dollars into the following account. UK bank staff will act very dumb like they havent got a clue what all the details below are explain to them the the SUIS number is the SWIFT and the ABA is the IBAN ......CANT STRESS ENOUGH GET A RECEIPT AND HOLD ON TO IT YOU WILL NEED TO PRODUCE THIS TO DURAN AS PROOF OF YOUR DEPOSIT WHEN YOU REACH CIPLA.

Banco de reservas República Dominicana.
200 02 092 000588 4
Agustina Hilario Duran
ABA 021000089
Bank address: Calle Maria Trinidad Samchez, Cotui provincia Sanchez Ramirez
Dra Duran’s Bank Address: 137 Avenida Pedro Henriquez Urena, 2nd. Floor Suite 212, Sector La Esperilla, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

4. Once you have paid the deposit above call back Elizabeth to confirm your exact date she will put you into the diary.


I totally understand how frustrating and time consuming this arranging is, so if you follow the steps above this in my opinion will be the quickest way of making things happen :-)


Choose your recovery house based on real experiences. I had initally picked Real recovey Armonia based on beautiful pictures and good references, however, there does seem to be some issues with communication especially if you dont speak spanish like myself. On this basis I chose Angies at Silouette recovery house as when i feel like dying and pain is getting to me, the last thing i will want to do is to get my iphone translation app out to explain what is wrong.

Real Recovery Aromonia - Book through Facebook and confirm nearer the time no dep required
Angies Silhouette - Book through $100 dep paid via western union online .... very easy to do.


I forgot to mention about all UK banks will charge a £20 - £30 charge to make this transaction on top of the $250 deposit so make sure you include this when going to make your payment.


my home hemo tester arrived and I'm 14.4 at today ..... So relieved but will still get a proper one done at the GP. Yes Duran you can lipo me dry lol!


I uploaded my pre op photos in one of the FB and one of the ladies run them through the plastic surgery app for me and look at the monster she produced ....... OMFG this can not be me. Another lady in the group said that she went into surgery with very similar shape to me and Duran done the magic on her and she came out looking not far off my pic. Im so excited i want SX tonight.



Over the next week or so i will compile a full list of supplies needed for surgery in DR with info on where to buy and prices for UK dolls x










UK Version of Dermaplast spray



UK version of CHUX








I will be adding to this supply list as I go along. The list above is just off the top of my head and I am sure i will remember and discover plenty more :-) ££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££


Dra Durans pictures can be views on the following
FACEBOOK DRA Agustina Hilario Duran
INSTAGRAM drhilarioduran
TWITTER drahilariod
Her Surgery Website

Supplies list thanks to my lovely photoshop queen in the FB groups :-)

Iron pills
Sleeping Aid
Pain pills
Muscle relaxers
Shea Butter/Lotion
Hair Clip/Hair tie
Hair Scarf
Razor/hair remover
Baby wipes
Pads & Pantyliners
Antibacterial soap body
Antibacterial spray (wounds)
Antibacterial wipes
Band aids
Safety Pins (for drains)
Lanyard (for drains)
Drain pouch (fanny pack)
*Ice Packs hot/cold pack
*Gatorade packs
*Protien powder
*Granola Bars/Light snacks (jello, applesauce)
*Emergen C
*Dish detergent
*Laundry detergent
*Eating utensils/tupperware
*Water bottle/shake mixer

Cute Comfy Clothes (your choice)
Open front Pjs/duster/robe
Arm sleeves
Compression Garment
Compression stockings
Foam cut into a triangle
Socks (2)
Shower shoes
Boppy pillow
*Body pillows


No pee pee faja please lol


We have booked our flights today, Air France London - Paris - Santo Domingo ..... with extra leg room all for £686. We intend to request Wheel chair assistance through the terminal only just for the return flight once we arrive .... just to avoid any confusion with the exits seats or wheel chairs waiting for us for the outbound flight.

For potential Dolls thinking about doing the UK - DR trip there are various routes depending on your indivdual location .....although we focused on duration of flight as a priority - want to get home ASAP.

Heathrow - Miami - S. Domingo
Heathrow - Madrid - S. Domingo
Heathrow - Paris - S. Domingo
Gatwick - Madrid - Santo Domingo
Gatwick - Punta Cana
Heathrow - Punta Cana
Birmingham - Madrid - Santo Domingo
Gatwick/Heathrow - Orlando International - Santo Domingo
Gatwick/Heathrow - JFK - Santo Domingo


So it was great to meet a real Duran Doll in person and she looks FAB. it was difficult to measure the total transformation as I had never met her post OP but when she showed me pictures of her pre op body ........ WOW she has gone from SQUARE to HOURGLAAAAAASSSS WITH AN AAAAASSSS LOL.
Thanks Hun for all the support and info xxxxxx


So once Duran has transformed me into a curvy monster I am going to be left with a pair of horrendous saggy breasts that have had the life sucked out of them by my babies. I would love to do the BBL/TT plus BR UPLIFT in one go but honestly think it will be too much for me to handle in the one shot. I do not cope with pain well and think that adding the BR will add to the discomfort and limited mobility plus we have those long ass flights to deal with.

I have found a great hosptital in Madrid that do amazing breast work for an EXTREEMLY reasonable price. 2 Hour flight from London and great facilties WWW.LOWCOSTMETIC.COM they have great reviews of whichclinic too. They charge around £1826 for a breast lift which is less than half and on top of that IF Duran says i might not need a TT (which i think she will) I may combined the BR/TT together in the future. Its all other options. They you start considering ears, nose cheeks, lol its awful................ I dont want to turn into a surgery freak honestly lol!

Healthy New life for me!

Well i know that if i want this surgery I am going to have to be as fit and possible. I am not going to lie, I am definitely not and angle, I eat what I want, I lay down all day if I want and worst of all I smoke of i want. I realize that it is going to be a struggle as I do tend to have a carefree attitude at times and have burnt the bridges for many years. I so badly want this sx, that I am determined over the next few months to loose a few pounds, loose the cigarettes and gain a healthy new life style.

I will be blogging on this review everyweek for progress on all aspects of this lifestyle change, please feel free to join me along the way. I am sure there are also a few you ladies that need to make the changes in order to be as healthy as possible when it comes to the day.

Interestingly i read to day in the one of the groups about a lady who arrived in DR today and was refused surgery due to dehydration. So there another lesson for us to learn, especially UK dolls that are dealing with that long old flight/flights. DRINK WATER REGULARLY! particularly the week prior to surgery and during the journey.

Abdominal boards

A few ladies have asked for details of abdominal boards uk. I actually got one of mine from eBay but there are currently none listed - they do reappear every so oft on but might be named tabla adminales, or tablita plantilla!

Now there are a few US options like
Please be aware shipping cost can be ALOT!

Then here in the UK you can buy compression inserts from

There's different types and makes but they will work out expensive if you order them from the US

TIP! if you have any friends or family in the US that can order from inthepinkroom ask them to get them and send or even better bring!


Hey dolls
Just to let you know that my vitamedica arrived with an £18 customs charge. So these better be dam good lol!

Quick update

Yes I have been on a weightloss crusade and managed to loose 6lb last week which is good ... But still far to go (crunching an apple as I type)


We have recently started up a group for uk ladies as the whole procedure and journey is different for us due to distance etc.
If you are interested in joining the group to gather more info, ideas and support inbox me :-)


Sorry i have not updated in a long while. I have been diagnosed with bradycardia which is a low heart rate and I am currently waiting to undertake a lot of tests for causes. I have been told that no sx can happen unless i am a min of 60bmp which i am nowhere near. So will be back soon with more news in the near future uuuurgghhhhhh

Post op Almonte doll

ALOT has happened but I'm please to say im post op had TT lipo bbl inner thighs will Almonte at cecip and happy with results.

Stayed at healing haven ... Not impressed would not recommend.

Thanks for your messages inbox with any questions as I don't get online much at all these days.

Side view natural ass did not want huge

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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