Liposuction on Abdomen and Flanks. Southport, CT

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I am getting liposuction on my abdomen and flanks....

I am getting liposuction on my abdomen and flanks. I am 5 5" and weigh 235. I know I am pretty large but I am in love with my hips and thighs... All I want is a smaller waist and a flatter stomach. I hope I get this results. I will post some before pictures. Also I am going through body cosmetica

Where I want to be

Wish pic

More wish

Some more with wish... I want to remain plus size but with a flatter stomach and more hips ????


Another before pic of me laying down

Before pic

More before pic

Almost There

I have 12 more days before my surgery. I can't wait!!! On the day of my procedure I will take another set of before pictures to show you guys.


I guess email you plastic surgeon questions makes the nervous???? I got a call today from body cosmetica saying that they were worry that I was nervous because I been in contact with the Doctor asking multiple questions. I can't think of questions on the spot and when a question comes up I do email my doctor. But that's only because I want to make sure I'm doing everything right. My first question was about the amount of liters he can remove. The next was if I can use Lipo foams after that I asked where the incisions will be. Then I asked if I can take Arnica the I asked if I should remove my Acrylic nails my last question I asked was if it was too late to get my chin Lipo but then I thought about it and would rather get it done during the winter (my chin). But the questions I'm asking doesn't seem bad?? And he didn't even answer one of two of the questions... I'm not bashing my doctor but I found it funny how they called body cosmetica to basically tell them I'm asking to many questions (basically I'm annoying) I am nervous because this is my body!!!!!!! And I want to make sure I'm doing everything right so I'm not nervous.... But body cosmetica told me to ask all my questions the day of the procedure......this just left me somewhat pissed off and somewhat annoyed. And they made me seem like a annoying person and now I feel uncomfortable with this whole thing!!!!

I'm happy it's over

I'm so happy it's over. The nurses and the anesthesiologist was soooo nice. I had my procedure done at Norwalk Hospital. My doctor came in when I was doing my pre op he was sooo nice. I really do like this doctor and can't wait to see my finally results. My next thing to do is get cool sculpting mini done on my chin .

Pre op pictures

Pictures were taken about 3hr before surgery

How I'm looking now

How I look now a few hours after my procedure. I'm going to take off the compression garment tomorrow to put on my Lipo foams just so I don't get any creases... I also will order another garment soon. The one I have one was provided by my doctor. Which is nice!!!!

1 day after surgery

1 day after my procedure. Even though I feel swollen I'm loving it!!!!! I'm very sore but I expected that! My pain level from 1 being awesome and 10 bring unbearable, I am a 6.

My garments

I want to show you guys how I put back on my compression garment. First I put on my Lipo foam pads I brought. I have three of those on, one for each side and one on my abdomen so I don't get any creases. Then I put on this black compression garment I got when I did my smart Lipo. After that I put back on my white velcro compression garment I got from dr tito vasquez. =]. I order a compression garment from DivaCurves but for now I will be wearing all three of these things
Southport Plastic Surgeon

He explains everything so well. I am happy to find him through bodycosmetica.

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