36 Year Old Extended Tummy Tuck. Southport, CT

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Excited and nervous about my extended tummy tuck...

Excited and nervous about my extended tummy tuck and lipo of the flanks. my PS does the drainless tummy tuck but isn't sure if he's going to be able to do it because of it being extended. Mostly concerned I will not be as flat as I would like but my Dr has had a very good outcome with someone similar to my shapea and says that though there is some fat under there it's not enough to talk me out of doing the surgery right now. Also I'm concerned with the healing time, I am a mother of a teenager and a very active toddler and will be going back to work 10 days after the surgery, luckily it's a sit down office job. Fingers crossed I will have a flat tummy and a defined waist.

Compression garment

Any suggestions on compression garments for after TT with lipo? I want to purchase one b4 surgery but don't know whether to get the expensive medical grade ones or spanx. also anyone know the difference between stage 1 or 2 garments and which to get?

1 month away

So I'm just about a month away and I don't think its really hitting me yet that I will no longer struggle with the embarrassing flap of skin and fat. I can't wait to regain my confidence and start feeling more comfortable in my own skin.


going for my pre-op tomorrow, its getting real now. Any major things i should expect at the pre-op and things i should make sure i ask?

Getting sick

2 more weeks to go..whoohoo. Problem though, my daughter has a stomach bug and my son has a bad cold. Ugh I think I'm catching the cold also. Anyone take anything that got rid of a cold asap???

2 more days

Ok now I'm nervous, 2 more days before the big day. I lowered my bed got my wedge pillow and extra pillows I re-upped on my shakes, I'm good to go...I think lol.

Here goes nothing

Today is the day! It's 5:30am and I'm waiting to get picked up to be at the hospital by 6:30am. I didn't sleep much yesterday (should've taken the dr advice and taken a Valium). I Can't lie, I'm really nervous, my hands are shaking as I type. Well wish me luck!!

Holy gas

ok so I'm 1 day post up and I'm can handle everything except the gas pains. Wtf this is horrible, did anyone else have horrible gas pains?

Attempting a shower

So I had my surgery done on Friday and it is drainless which means I can shower whenever I want, but for some reason I am so scared to take my binder off and see what's underneath. I am going to attempt it today and see what happens. Wish me luck!!!!

Took my shower and it was great

post op 3 days...I'm so happy I haven't had a belly button in 14 yrs. I'm so emotional right now

1week post op appt

so went to my one week post op and everything went really well. Thought there might be some fluid build up put when he stuck that big ass needle nothing came out so its just lots of swelling. I am so thankful that I have no drains I really thank that made this process so much easier. I'm not really taking pain Meds much since its been bare able just tightness that makes me hunch every once in a while. I can stand pretty straight up but again the tightness will eventually make me hunch. I am so grateful for the work my ps has done, I get emotional because I don't think he understands that he's given me a huge part of my life back. So with that said I look forward to seeing the changes in my body as the swelling subsides.

Omg what a difference

first week and lots of swelling but holy crap what a difference.

No bm

stool softness, a box of prunes and 2 laxatives and I still can't get a bm. Wth I'm miserable

9 days post op

so I'm feeling good about how everything is turning out. Swelling is still really bad especially around my hips where there was a hell of a lot of lipo. Overall I'm very pleased.

Ordered my 2nd stage compression garment

so I've been shopping around and I know a lot of people are going for some spanx but I want serious compression. I'm puertorican so we are ok with wearing fajas(girdles) we just like the hour glass shape typically. I've heard about a Colombian brand called fajate, almost went and got it but did some research and found another one recommended by surgeons called design Veronique. Ok ladies the compression garments aren't cheap as the are post surgical garments but I found a coupon code for design Veronique for being a realselfer 20% off with promocode real20. Can't wait to get mine in and look smooth and not bulking from the binder.

2 weeks post op

finally a little less swollen...there's hope! My hips where they did liposuction is still very puffy, my waist is finally getting smaller and since surgery I've lost 10lbs. Feeling better today about the outlook but know I have a long wY to go

Trying to not get down

so I figure I'll post a pic of me since I was in good spirits but I must say I've had an emotional set back. Feeling down, I was actually talking to a guy for about a month and he just told me I'm not his type cause apparently I'm not skinny enough. Boy what that does to your self esteem. Sometimes no matter how hard u try there is no pleasing people. I've always said a pretty body trumps a pretty face and it seems to be true :(


ok ladies so when have you felt comfortable enough to have sex? Not like scared safe sex lmao but like unrestricted sex? Idk if the tightness stays or if your incision could rip. Was it uncomfortable?

1 month pre op

so still getting very swollen you can tell by how easily my stomach gets indentation mark as soon as I put my undies on. I started working full time this week and it was very uncomfortable sitting for 8 hrs even though I try to get up and move around. I thought having a sit down job makes it easier, guess not. I went from a 41 waist to. 34.5 waist. Day of surgery I weighed 184 and today I weigh 165. Went from a size 16 pant to a 12. I think I got a couple new stretch marks on my stomach :( oh well I will cover that when I get clearance to get tattooed. All in all my incision is already getting lighter, I feel better and even with the discomfort and swelling and new stretch marks... It's the best decision I've ever made!

Pics didn't load

Feeling sexy

thought I looked pretty good. There's definitely still swelling as it's the end of the day and just got home from working, but I'm so happy with how everything is coming along

feeling sexy

pics didn't load

6 weeks post op

so I had a post op visit and everything went well. He says I'm still pretty swollen and I can start massaging my abdomen with cocoa butter and my scar. I am cleared to do light workouts without anything that works the core. I was concerned with a foul odor coming out of my belly button but he said its normal and to clean it with a q-tip and peroxide because yeast can build up in your be. My scar is the worst it's ever going to look he said at 6 weeks the scar is usually the darkest and that's good because my scar doesn't seem to dark to me so I know it's going to heal nicely. I was concerned that my left side has a different shape then my right side but my surgeon said its probably just the swelling and they way I sleep. He says to make sure I keep wearing my compression harmony goes your body will take the shape of your garment so I'm making sure I continue to wear it. Other than that everything is on track. I have my moments where I see all my other flaws or feel that things could look better but in reality I'm not a small girl, I could still afford to lose 15lbs but at the end of the day I look 100x better than b4 and I'm so happy with what he has done.

7 weeks and concerned

so I'm about 7 weeks and I have some concerns. When I'm standing straight everything looks pretty good I'm healing great I'm still swelling. The problem is when I sit, when I sit I have a huge roll. I'm scared that my skin is to lax maybe enough wasn't taken off. When I last saw my PS he said I'm still pretty swollen so I don't know if that's it or if it's normal to have a roll when you sit but I feel like it's a lot. Anyone else have this problem? I've seen pics of other people and they same to look really tight and I don't feel like my skin is that tight.

7 weeks concern

pics didn't load for my 7 weeks post op concern

side by side

sometimes I have to do side by side comparison just so I can truly see the difference. I really think my mind has not processed it and I see myself bigger than I really am.

3 months and uncomfortably putting o a swimsuit

so I'm 3 months post up and I'm still swelling so so so so much it's still uncomfortable. I haven't had time to go to the beach and I've probably just been avoiding the swim suit thing. I thought I would be more excited about a swimsuit but I'm not I'm very uncomfortable. I'll feel better when I tattoo my stomach because I am just so severely covered with stretch marks. I'm 50lbs lighter than I was in January and I just wish I was happier with my look and not so hard on myself cause of all the stretch marks and the dreaded cellulite ugh :(

4 months post op

well I'm a little over 4 months post op and most of my swelling has subsided I do swell along my hips by the end of the day and along my incision. Overall I am very pleased my PS really did an amazing job! The only issue I have is my huge amount of stretch marks left over all up my sides and the front of my stomach, but I'm actually starting a huge stomach tattoo that will cover all of that (almost feel bad cover the amazing job my PS did lol). The other thing that bugs me is my skin isn't very tight it's actually jiggly but again I think that has a lot to die with the poor quality of my skin I will try some ab workouts and see if that helps. I've continued to work out and eat right and I've lost 52lbs since January. I'm focused to not mess up what I've paid so much for. So other than that all his been well and I still believe it's the best thing I've ever done!

1st session of my tattoo

Five months post op

So I'm 5 months post op and finished my tattoo to cover up my scar and all the left over stretch marks. I'm really happy with the outcome of everything. I have a pretty good shape. I do wish my stomach was tighter and not so soft but at the end of the day I shouldn't complain. I do feel like I have some fat around my hips that buldge up with certain underwear or pants so I don't know if there's anything that could be done but overall I'm extremely happy!
Southport Plastic Surgeon

I just want to start off saying how extremely nervous I was to make such a life changing decision. I was referred to Dr Vasquez from a friend of mine and from the first phone call that I made and had the pleasure of speaking to Lisa, I knew that this was going to be a great experience. Dr Vasquez is very kind and very knowledgeable. Any questions I have were answered immediately. He was very accommodating with my work schedule and just has an overall kind demeanor. His office coordinator Lisa is an absolute pleasure to speak with, I can talk to her all day :-). As far as the surgery he has accomplished something that I didn't think was possible. It's been just 3 days since the surgery and I can't believe what a difference he has made. He has truly changed my life and the way I look at myself. I could never truly repay him for what he has done for me. I prayed God would bless his hands as he performed his work on me and he did just that. I pray for many more years of success for him and what he does in giving women like me their lives back. Thank you so very much Dr Vasquez

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