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I visited with two other doctors before I chose Dr...

I visited with two other doctors before I chose Dr. Kasden. I selected my doctors from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), site. I met a seemingly arrogant doctor who sped through my consultation and had this, "It will be faaahbulous dahling" approach. He tact on extra procedures, tried to scam my insurance and by the time I was done...I felt like I left a car lot. Another doctor came off with little to no vitality in his consultation, had a monotone voice, spent 10 minutes with me and left me to his nurse...and I was suppose to trust this man with not just my body but my life...oh and it was $1500 to reserve a surgery date. Dr. Kasden was a last minute decision in which I almost canceled my consultation. Well going was the best decision I ever made.

At consultation...I came ready with questions which were answered by Dr. Kasden in a polite and patient manner. He also asked his own questions, several. I was not ready for that...none of the other doctors did this. A few general questions but not in detail the way Dr. Kasden did. I felt like he asked questions that established a relationship and he actually took down notes regarding my answers. He also explain the procedure in a way I understood. He didn't rush things. His nurse Michelle is nice and is also patient and upfront about answering my questions. He also had an entertaining humor that made things easier. He has a liveliness in his voice, in his movements, and great charisma. (At the time, I found this important because I needed to believe I wasn't going to be treated like a person going through the barbie doll factory and spit out to packaging if you know what I mean...also I found it important that the doctor operating on me would be alert and have steady hands). I walked away from the consultation feeling like I found my doctor. I didn't feel like he was trying to "land the sale"... and the price was reasonable, NOT outrageous.

There were some hiccups with finance and appointments...but if you stay on top, confirm appointments, keep receipts, check back, etc....those wrinkles can easily be smoothed out. Beth was great about that...also Beth handles the finance side of things and Dr. Kasden, the other things. Anytime I had questions, I e-mailed them and got responses back within 24 hours in most cases.

Preop at Dr. Kasdens...signed and received paperwork, took photos, discussed what to expect at the hospital, procedures, surgeon fee, receive prescriptions to take to fill, etc. I took my husband to this appointment...we both asked questions and Dr. Kasden was great about answering them. He easily joked with my husband. He stressed that safety of the patient is always first.

Preop at the Plaza...the people were nice, they talked well about Dr. Kasden...being there was kind of like checking off a to do list, going to different stations to get ready for surgery. I had to pay the hospital fees at that time. NOTE: You can save time while you are there by pre-registering online at the hospital website before the visit.

Day of surgery...I met the Anesthesia Team at the hospital and got my "margarita IV"...Dr. Kasden came in and said hello, chatted up for a second. Then he told me he wanted to review my file one more time before the procedure, so he went into a room and sat down to do so...I was SO HAPPY about that. I was impressed. Like I said before...I want to feel like a person going through this, not a woman going through a barbie factory. So he made his marks on me...and then I woke up. The procedure was done. I don't remember being wheeled in to the OR or anything. I woke up groggy and just not liking how I was feeling but that was day 1, almost regretting my decision. I was scheduled to go home the same day, however, I stood up while the nurses fixed the dressings, getting me ready to go. I WAS SOOOO NAUSEOUS...I almost wanted to stay at the hospital because that meant I didn't need to move. Dr. Kasden recommended I stay but that was an extra $1000 if I chose the overnight stay. So instead I breathed deep, toughed it up, got some pain meds and geared myself up to go...I was also determined to be home where I had my stuff, the things that comforted me. The nurses were very supportive of whatever I decided. I decided going home was best. The ride home wasn't so bad. So every day gets better and I am LOVING my results.

Things different from what I've read online and my other consultations...I didn't get the binder until 5 days post surgery. I got it today and I am getting use to it still. I have 3 drains instead of the typical 2 I've read most patients I get. And the drains stay in for longer than what I typically read. I can only hope I am one of the lucky ones who do not have to go that distance, LOL. I went home with a Foley catheter which at first I thought was weird but was very grateful for when I went home feeling the way I did. It was only in for 24hrs. It was taken out when I saw Dr. Kasden the next day.

Dr. Kasden has a great team. The team at the Plaza Hospital was pretty good to. The nurses Becky and Johanna were so patient with me while I was freaking out when I woke up from anesthesia. Oh and Becky called me the next day to see how I was doing. Dr. Kasden will give you that look where he looks above the glasses like you need to trust what he is saying. He does it with humor and discipline. Trust him when he says follow his instructions. It's for a good reason. Anyway...more than pleased. I am feeling better every day and loving my results more every day. The scar went longer then I thought it would, but it is a nice thin size and low. Need some more time to check out my belly button. The pics I post aren't that great but it is what I have for now. If anyone wants to see updated photos, please just let me know.



I forgot to say about the scar being longer than I thought...while it is did wonders for my back fat roll, lol, and my rear! Dr. Kasden told me he wouldn't "half-do" anything and I get it because it all looks great. I felt the need for such a detailed and lengthy review because I know the search for a surgeon is a difficult one. Hopefully, I can help others seeking a trustworthy doctor. Besides, I believe Dr. Kasden has done a well enough job to be voiced in such a manner.

1-Yr Anniversary Po Tummy Tuck

Read my initial review again and couldn't believe where I was at then. To be brief but helpful. Still very happy with my decision and results. I am suppose to be visiting Dr. Kasden monthly but have slacked. When I do go he doesn't give me a hard time, still a great guy. A year down the road and I have been able to do everything, it's like I never had surgery. I can wrestle around, go to the trampoline Park, play with kids, plank, etc. It's only when I'm like oh yeah, my surgery. Let me chill for a moment but that's mental. Still some numbness but not a lot.
As far as maintenance :
Ugh, I started my old eating habits and felt crappy for jeopardizing a surgery and money I risked my life for. A fat bubble Dr. Kasden called it was on one side and looked uneven in comparison to the other. He offered to Lipo it but then I got real with myself. It's your habits coming back again. You're eating and acting like it won't affect you negatively. Knew I needed to change my lifestyle... this then followed. 2 months ago, I found clean eating and paleo/whole 30 and went back my precious Zumba. Minimized the junk and bread and Alcohol. I did not cut it completely out but cut it down. I increased exercise. Either with treadmill intervals or Zumba. Didn't count calories, can't stand it.

Fat bubble gone, no surgery . Stomach looks excellent. 14 lbs down from surgery. So pre surgery was 178, post 173, about a year later 180. Now 166. I can't imagine what more weight loss will look like! Excited. I feel like less carbs, less high sodium(eating out) , and less sugar with increase in water 64 - 99 (3 ozarka bottles) ounces a day has helped tremendously!

Advice : after surgery... It's your quick fix, but not your long term fix. You have to be your long term fix. You don't have to kill it in the gym but be nurturing to your body with good food most of the time. Get moving, make sure the factory isn't rusting to pieces. Very simple recipe to your best post op results! You can do it. Don't forget to love yourself.


Of course it is not fair to post an update without pictures. I'll get those within the next day or so and post them here.


I found out after surgery that Dr. Kasden likes to staple the dressing/drapes to keep them out of the way during surgery. That's what the marks on my thighs are. I'd talk to him about it before hand if this is a problem for you. I found out after but I wasn't bothered. But I figured some might be so heads up! Also, l'll post recent pics soon. The post op ones here are days or months after.


See pics... Delivered as promised.


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