Mom of 3, Post-babies Boob Fix, 5'3, 125 Lb 34A

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After having our three children, gaining...

After having our three children, gaining significant weight with each pregnancy, and breast-feeding for extended time with each child my poor boobs have been put through a lot and look a bit sad, lol. I'm going in next week for my augmentation and couldn't be more excited! I don't want them to be huge, just proportionate to my body, so I'm getting 350cc silicone under the muscle. I've been reading so many reviews and trying to get tips on recovery from those of you who have had this done, and I'm grateful for this resource! Any advice for me before I get them done?

Night before surgery

So tomorrow is the big day! I'm going in at 8:30 and will have my surgery about an hour later. I need to remember to take some before pics so I can compare it with the afters! I'm excited, but a bit nervous too. I'm guessing that's normal. :-)

Before pics

A few pics, morning of my surgery. Currently in the surgery center waiting to get markd up!

Home from surgery

I'm back home and feeling pretty sore & tired. Took my meds so hopefully they'll kick in quickly!

1 day post-op. Mentor 350cc under the muscle.

Yesterday & last night I was extremely sore, but after getting on a good pain med schedule I'm feeling much better today. I had my post-op visit and my doctor was very happy with the results so far. No bruising, incisions look great. Some swelling, but nothing out of the ordinary. I'm taking it easy today & have my mom here to help with my kids. I'm very happy with my new look!

Couldn't have asked for a better surgeon!!

Dr. Rumalla and staff are amazing. He was great at explaining the process to me, helping with sizing and ultimately supporting my decision to go 350cc on my right side & 325cc on the left to even out some asymmetry. My surgery was a breeze and I'm just now 2 days post and feeling great. I would highly recommend him, and couldn't have asked for a better surgeon. He is kind and does great work, and makes you feel right as ease during the consultation & subsequent visits.

3 days post op, feeling great!

I'm three days past my surgery and feeling pretty good! The swelling is decreasing, and the pain is minimal. It mostly feels like just a tightness on my chest, but not actual pain. I haven't experienced any bruising and my incisions (still covered with the steri-strips) look nice and dry. Overall I am extremely happy with how things are progressing so far. The hardest part is sleeping upright, and not being allowed to move my arms very high. My family has been very helpful though, my mom stayed with me the first couple of days, and my hubby and kids have been a big help too. I can't wait to sleep on my back flat and to be able to wash my hair myself, lol!

1 week post op, Mentor 350cc

I'm one week past my surgery and feeling fine overall. I do have some heaviness/tightness over my sternum, but called my surgeon and was told that it's normal considering what was done during surgery. Most of the swelling is gone, and I don't have much if any pain in my actual breasts. If anything they just feel heavier than they used to, duh!, and I'm just adjusting to them! I think once they've dropped and fluffed I will have the look I was after, which was a natural "C cup" sized chest. I've seen my surgeon twice since surgery for checkups, and love the care he gives his patients. I'm adding a few pics to track my progress!

8 weeks post BA, 350 Mentor Unders

I'm way behind with my progress updates, but that's because it's been such a simple recovery. I'm almost at 8 weeks post-surgery, and my breasts are dropping and softening up quite a bit. My right side is dropping faster, but I'm pretty sure it's normal for them to drop at different rates. They almost feel 100% mine, but occasionally will still give me a strange twinge or will be a bit sore. "Morning boob" is almost gone, and aside from still having some lifting restrictions I feel pretty much back to normal!

8 weeks after pics, 350 cc silicone Mentor implants

I'll be 8 weeks post-surgery this week. I wanted a very natural result, and I think my doctor did an excellent job!
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

I'm so happy with his bedside manner if you will, and I'm confident in his abilities! Can't wait!

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