5'2 105lbs 325 or 350cc?

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Really debated writing a post but like many of you...

really debated writing a post but like many of you these posts have helped me somewhat in making my decision.
My surgery is scheduled for 3/6/15 so only 3 weeks away now.
i am very nervous/excited. Just really hoping for a great result ( not too big, not too small) and hoping for not too large of a Gap between my breasts . I am 5'2 about 105lbs and i have struggled a bit finding girls w/ my stats . I am really struggling with size ; I know it sounds silly but I am going back and forth constantly between 325-350ccs. My biggest fear is looking too fake for my body. Idk why 25ccs messes with your head so much .The consult at the office is pushing me towards 350ccs. i am going smooth round silicone HP under the muscle , under crease incision

sizers from first consult

2 weeks away

So i went back and tried on the sizers. i think i have decided on 350ccs . i am still nervous they may be a bit too large but the office manager told me if I like the look of the 325 ccs then I should go w/ 350 . so i am kind of trusting her on that . 25 ccs is only 5 teaspoons of liquid so they are barely different but I still worry about having the very augmented look since I wear a swimsuit most of the summer . here are a few pics of the sizers( wish i could take them home with me!)

Less than 2 weeks

Getting very anxious /nervous! It will be one week away on Friday. even after trying on sizers again i am STILL freaking out about size and going back and forth between 325/350cc . still worried 350 may be too large for my small frame . i really don't want to look super fake in a swim suit . Everyone says that 350 isn't big at all . And the office is even telling me to go w/350 if i want the 325 look. Just don't want to make the wrong decision and look crazy. Scared of ending up in D cup

All done

Surgery is complete , went with 350cc. Not gonna lie , pain waking up was extreme. I was in tears . Took 2 pain pills and finally muscle relaxer when i got home. Feeling much better still very tight but more comfortable now. We will see how they turn out. Nurse and hubs sneaked quick slight peak and said size was good choice

post op day 1

I am happy with the size but really hoping the gap between my breasts fills in a bit more. Does anyone know if that is possible to fill in over time or is it just my anatomy?

Post op day 2

So day 2 not in much pain but feel the most swollen today. is this normal? they feel huge today.. The gap between the breasts seems to be wider today than yesterday. could this be possibly because they are more swollen today? My biggest worry now is that dumb gap :( . they are super hard. I know its only day 2 idk why i am freaking out already. Just so scared to have a big gap . I think there are some massages I can do to help but cant start those until day 5

2 weeks

So its been two weeks exactly since the surgery. Feeling much better. Started feeling like a normal person again at day 6/7. Still sleeping on my back & wearing sports bra 24/7. Stopped pain meds on day 6. They are still a little sore sometimes and the worst part of all of it is the nerve damage. My breasts are still mostly numb around the nipple and on the nipple. The tops of my breasts feel like they are sunburnt. I have heard this is supposed to get better over next month or so. Honestly first week I was worried I may have made a mistake. I understand what the "boobie blues" are now but they look better each week & still have a lot of dropping to do , oh and sometimes the scars itch like crazy! I am glad I went w/350cc right now they look fake in a swim suit but totally natural under clothes. I am guessing I am a C cup bra now

before pic

Help w/ rash

Developed some small itchy bumps near incision site on right breast two days ago... seems to be getting worse. Now I notice a couple of bumps on left breast to? Could this be allergic reaction to surgical glue that is starting to peel off? wouldnt this have happened from the beginning? should I use benedryl cream ?


Rash is getting worse on both breasts. Ready for the surgical glue to be gone because i think its the culprit .. calling dr back tomorrow because its starting to drive me crazy . They told me to avoid using cream prob going to buy some tomorrow so i don't itch my skin off!

Week 3

Finally went to the mall and tried on Bras and some swim suits! You would think with the new boobs i would've had a blast but i seemed to be lost in the stores; like Id never been to the mall before... maybe i just didn't see anything i liked idk & I cannot wear underwire for awhile so It was mostly just for fun. I was sized at VS at 32 DDD !? Um what I was like NO not happening. i never even tried on the DDD because I refuse lol. The DD did fit and yes when I go back I will probably try on the DDD just to make sure. i was went to Dillards and was a DD/D in the bras I tried on there. Just seems weird to me maybe its something about the implants because they defin don't look that big and honestly Id say Im probably a C cup in real life. I texted my mom and even she was like what thats crazy DD? they don't look that big. Anyways long post is over.. still have rash hope it goes away by next week

week 3

not best photo but they are looking more natural every week... I always think they look better in person than in the photos ... This was taken last friday at 3 weeks post op
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