Update - 4 weeks - 2 weeks ago a hematoma - 500HP silicone..Ladies - ! Boobies Are HERE! - Southlake, TX

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I am so excited about my upcoming surgery! I had...

I am so excited about my upcoming surgery! I had my final Preop with my doctor and it is just so awesome. I really, really like him. He takes time to listen and explain everything...plus, I got his name from RealSelf!

I am 5'5", 140 pounds. I have an active life being in the school system and with three boys. I am doing this surgery on my spring break and hoping to be able to attend school back that next week.

We decided to go with 500cc moderate silicone implants. I currently wear a 36B. I am hoping to fill out a D size, closer to a DD. (I had a size D when I was breast feeding and it was very nice.)

I am going to head to Walmart for my sports bras (foam, zip front) and make sure I have frozen peas and miralax! My 6 prescriptions have been sent to the pharmacy. (Still don't know why I need so many).

Anyway - I am SO EXCITED and hoping for a very full look. I will update more as I get closer! Thanks for all your support!

T-3 DAYS!!!! I am so excited! Its all I been...

T-3 DAYS!!!!

I am so excited! Its all I been thinking about and I just keep reading about the different stories and experiences posted on this site. I just love it!

I went to Walgreens to pick up my meds today. Here is what I have:
Transderm-Scop patch

Starting to feel a little overwhelmed with it all. Some bottles have 1 pill in them and a couple others have 10, 15, or 40. I am hoping to not need all the pain meds. I had all three of my boys with natural labor so I do have a higher tolerance for pain, but different types of pain have different effects on me. I see some people talking about Arnica. Is that something I can get at Walgreens? Is it a pill?

I got two sports bras from Walmart, two different sizes. Not sure what I will need. Dr. just said get a large, but they didn't come in those sizes. I got a D and a DD. (hoping for a DD!)

Here are my stats again:
140 pounds (Lots of muscle in thigh and butt)
Getting 500cc silicone, under the muscle, under the breast incision

Surgery is set for Tuesday morning at 11:15, I have to be there at 10:15. I have reading materials for after and a cozy button down shirt.

I can't wait! Will update more with post op pics!!! Thank goodness for Daylight Savings...puts me 1 hour closer! :-)

The nesting has begun. I've cleaned the entire...

The nesting has begun. I've cleaned the entire upstairs and made some cozy spots for after surgery for myself. I am just looking for things to keep myself busy.
Question: what type of bottoms did everyone wear to the surgery center? I am thinking sweat pants (ugh), but at least I will be comfy. :-) drinking water, water, and more water. I also made a few light meals for after... Not sure if I'll have much if an appetite.
T-2 days and I will be joining the ranks with most of you!!!!! So excited my boobie friends!

I have been busy all day...well trying to stay...

I have been busy all day...well trying to stay busy all day to keep from thinking about my new boobies! I tried on some sports bras today and took some before pics...will post with the boobies after. I can't wait. Will post more in the morning...already fasting until surgery tomorrow! Think good thoughts and can't wait to show everyone the results!

Loopy And resting, but surgery was great. Done in...

Loopy And resting, but surgery was great. Done in about 45 minutes and been home resting. From what I can see, they look awesome. Will post more later when pain is more manageable. Thanks so much for the kids works and thought.

A little about what happened yesterday. Got to the...

A little about what happened yesterday. Got to the surgery center about 9:40, appointment was at 10:15. They got me in early. Changes clothes, got an IV - terrible, nurse could not find my vein. But finally did after 5 or 6 tries. Doctor came in and drew on me. Talked a little but about what I wanted again. He is super nice. Then I got to see my husband one more time.

Then headed back to surgery. They put these things on my legs to circulate blood and patches on my back to monitor monitor heart rate and my breathing. They said when I went to sleep, they put a breathing tube down my throat. Glad to be sleep for that part. The last thing I remember was the doctor holding my hand, rubbing my hand. I was so nervous.

Woke up in recovery. Surgery took about 50 minutes my husband said. I was drowsy an it did feel like a medium size child was sitting on my chest. Nurse mixed my pills with applesauce cuz I can't the larger ones. She fed it to me. She was just so nice.

Came home and rested the rest of the day. Took all my meds on time. Was still taking all my pain meds all day. I was able to eat pretty well an start on the miralax.

Now I'm up, day 2, haven't even been 24 hours yet. I'm feeling sore, but really good. Need to ice some this morning and have my follow up with the doctor this morning at 10:45. I have taken pics and will post shortly!

OverAll, I love my boobs from what I can see!!! I get the ACE bandage off today!

Went to a follow up yesterday (Wednesday) and got...

Went to a follow up yesterday (Wednesday) and got my ACE bandage removed. Got to see the girls for the first time. Put on a real sports bra. (Added a pic of me in it).

Post op day 2/3. Feeling a lot better. My husband is keeping me ahead on my meds. Still can't lift my arms over my head, but I get a larger range of motion more and more everyday. They seem still swollen and high up. Still feel that pull from under my arm pits.

I am going to try to shower today or at least get in a small bath. I will post naked boobie pics then.

I STILL LOVE THEM!!! I feel so much better with them even tho they aren't perfect right now. It was so worth it. I am in minimum pain, but wouldn't change it at all. Love these girls!!!

Day 3/4: still trying to pull myself off the meds....

Day 3/4: still trying to pull myself off the meds. My doctor said I would have pain since I went so large. I'm not taking the pain killers just the muscle relaxers and those seem to help a lot. They are still high and tight, wondering when they are going to start dropping. They good. Nipples are numb and bottom of my breasts are numb. Been wearing a sports bra at all times. I go back to the doctor on Wednesday. Hopefully I get the okay to start massaging them.

Two weeks today and I have a hematoma. I will be...

Two weeks today and I have a hematoma. I will be going back under surgery this morning for the doctor to clean it out and make sure the bleeding has stopped. Ugh. I hate this, but I want to the through and make sure that it heals well. The swelling has gone down some since yesterday. It was so painful I couldn't lift my arm yesterday. Surgery is at 11am. I will post more after.

Out of surgery. Dr said all went well a s should...

Out of surgery. Dr said all went well a s should not happen again. He was able to stop the bleeding and get the implant back inside. Sore, sore, sore, but nothing like getting it done for the first time.
I don't regret my decision. I love my boobs and they way they make me feel. It was the best decision I ever made and just a small hiccup.
Good thoughts are appreciated!

It's been a while since I've posted. First things...

It's been a while since I've posted. First things first - after my second surgery, things have been much better. The breast seemed to go right back into the healing process - like it never happened. They have softened some, and dropped some, but they are looking better everyday.

I have been wearing silicone strips with my incisions everyday and those things have really seemed to help! The scar is blending in well and will be covered in the fold once the breast completes the drop.

Most importantly, even though I went with 500HP silicone, I can conceal them if I want and no one can tell I've had a boob job. Of course I can show them as will to, but its great.

I posted 1 new pic - will take more and post more tomorrow! Thanks for listening.
Fort Worth Plastic Surgeon

Awesome so far. He took the time to answer all my questions and was really nice. I will post more about his work after the surgery.

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