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Hi, I'm new here and thanks for providing a safe...

Hi, I'm new here and thanks for providing a safe place. I've wanted fuller breast since I was 13 years old, I was a late bloomer that never developed any breast tissue till I was 18 and that put me at a 34 A/B with no cleavage or breast shape. I've tried everything... Breast herbal pills, creams, 2ble bras, and the VS boom shell bra. Till finally I graduated college with a masters and am going to treat myself for all the hard work and years of putting it off due to fear, financials, or having hope they would grow, but nothing. I want a natural curvy look that will allow me to feel feminine in my own skin.

Surgery delayed till December

Hi there, so I've had some struggles planning my surgery date since I was getting ready to start a new job and wanted to make sure I would be able to take the time off etc. also financially I still needed to wait to be able to pay for my surgery cash. So it looks like end of December might be the new date and I will be able to get new boobies before my 30th birthday New Years :)

With Sizers

Trying to select size what do u girls think? Is it true that you should go bigger than what you really want to get the results you want in the end? Also anyone with high profile how do you like your breast aug? I really want a natural curvy look but might not be able to fit 450cc mod plus since my chest diameter is not very big

Surgery scheduled! Dec 27th

Had my second per op and I have my deposit for December 27th. I can't believe it's really happening very excited and nervous. Ps told me he would try to go for 450 if my tissue allows it but he won't know until the day of surgery. Lets think stretchy skin!!!

21 days and counting

I've been pretty excited yet unconsciously anxious since I've been having dreams about my new breast. Has that happen to any of you girls? I've also been looking at some nice shirts and bras I want to buy once I get the new sweater puppies. Overall I feel blessed to have the opportunity to finally get what I've wanted since I was 13 years old. I was cleaning last night and found old pictures of me in jr high before bomb shell vs bras where invented and wow!!! I looked so small on top it motivated me to now that I'm doing this for all the right reasons. Me and the body I've always wanted. Best of wishes to those getting surgery this week. Think positive and be glad u are finally doing it

Paid in full 10 days away from surgery

Today I had my last pre-op before my surgery dec 27th. I was nervous driving there because once I payed for them there is no turning back. I realized I really want to go through with the surgery and if I have nerves it's a normal thing to experience. Appointment went well got my prescriptions but I realized I only got one pain killer and no antibiotic? Has anyone had this experience? I'm calling the office tomorrow to confirm its correct. Also ask about size and if I need to take off my acrylic nails got surgery. All in all I'm excited yet nervous due to the unknown. Any positive feedback or thoughts are appreciated. Thanks

2 day away from surgery day

Hi ladies, today is Christmas Day and it was wonderful. Had a great bonding time with family and my boyfriend took me ice skating since I won't be able to do it for my birthday because its after my surgery. It was nice to get my head off my surgery and be in the moment of fun. I feel determined and confident about my decision but still feel a little anxious about the after pain and outcome. I've been praying that things come out good and they sure will. If you are a believer please keep me in your prayers and thoughts. I want to thank all the ladies who have commented and given me great input and feedback I really appreciate it. Best of whisked to those getting surgery this week. Ill keep you posted. I have my medication and stuff ready I just need to buy an antibacterial soap to wash myself before surgery. Any suggestions?

Day of surgery morning

Morning ladies. So my surgery is today at 2pm have to be there by 12pm. Sleep was ok kind of dozed off and on. I'm excited and a little nervous but hoping for the best. Ill keep you all posted later on tonight. Here is a before picture. Stats are 5'5, 130, 34 small B, hoping to get 450 cc HP silicon under the muscle with Creast incision.

Night after surgery.

Hi all, so surgery went well. Everyone at surgical center was great. Ps was fast and said he would aim for the 450 cc I wanted. I was a bit but round but once they started the meds I was good. I'm at about a 4 in pain and just took my pain killer. My back hurts and my chest feels fore. Other than that I'm ok. I did throw up on the drive home since I live 1 hr away from the surgical center. I recommend to bring 2 trash bags just in case. I did and it came in handy. I ended up getting 450 cc high profile silicone under he muscle by crease incision. It is a little hard to move around because its uncomfortable. So far nipple sensation is good and I hope it stays that way. Ill keep you all posted of my progress. Have a good night and great healing!

1st day post op

Saturday was my first day with the new boobs and I must say sleep was uncomfortable since my back starts to hurt after sitting for too long. I also found myself waking up in the middle of the night as my meds wore off. I've been keeping track of times and dose on my phone just to make sure I don't take too much of it. The whole day I spent prompt up on the couch watching tv and movies. I had some visitors and was able to go down stairs and hang out standing but got tired after a while so I went back to the couch. I slept more Saturday night than the night of surgery. Breast are still swollen and it hurts when I move a certain way. I'm constipated even after drinking prune juice so ill need a stool softener soon. I'm glad I have my boyfriend who has helped me with the smallest things such as getting dressed to big things like cooking and cloth bathing me. I recommend having someone to help you out at least for the first 3-4 days because its hard to do dimple things and its painful when you try to do them.

Day 2 Sunday

Today was post op day 2 and I must say I felt the pain more today. I sat on this chair that began to collapse and had to quickly get up and ended up shaking my chest very hard to avoid falling. It hurt so bad I started crying. My boyfriend checked the surgical bra to see if any damage was done to the incisions and it turns out it was fine. Thank God I'm healing good so far. I'm just so scared of having any complications. The pain keeps getting worst every day but more manageable. I'm able to do more movement today and was able to cloth bathe myself and go to the bathroom alone. I had to take a stool softener since I became constipated after all the medication. The right breast is slowly dropping and the left is still high. I went looking for comfortable bras today but nothing fit well since I'm still very swollen. I need to ice more. I get to have my shower tomorrow . Ill keep you all posted once I see the new sweater puppies!!!! Until then good healing and best of wishes to you all.

3rd day post-op Monday

Today I was able to shower and I felt so clean after. I had a chance to look at my boobs for the first time since surgery. They look good for 3day post op and very high. They don't look good in clothes because they are far apart and square looking yet I'm sure they will look great once they settle. I'm glad I went with 450cc because had I gone any smaller I would have been unhappy with the size. Progress today was done as I was able to cut back on my pain medication and took Tylenol instead. I developed a fever last night and I almost freaked out. Good thing it went away with icing my head and taking Tylenol. Nurse called today and she said its normal to develop a mild fever after surgery because of the anesthesia to keep it monitored nothing past 101 and keep taking Tylenol. Fever was gone today. I felt pretty productive today but I might have done too much and my breast started to get sore. I was able to do more things on my own which motivated me to think things will get better with time. I went out to eat and on the drive my boyfriend didn't see a speed bump and ouch!!! My breast yerked so bad I thought it was going to fall out. I cried because the pain was horrible. I've realized that I should probably take it easy and only go out when necessary. This makes me sad because tomorrow is New Years eve and my 30th birthday is January 1st so I hope I can at least go to dinner for my birthday. I'm feeling emotional because I have to depend on my boyfriend to do so much for me and he is so great he tries so hard to help. Yet I get moody because of the pain and meds that's why I stopped taking the pain killer norco and just been taking Tylenol during the day. I also need to be patient and stay positive about my progress. Advice would be to rest 3-4days and be ok with depending on others help. Drink plenty of water and stay on top of the pain meds. Also I went to buy 2bras and none of them fit. Any suggestions on good, supportive, versatile bras I can wear until I meet my 4 weeks post op. because for now the only comfortable one I feel full support in is my surgical bra and that will not look good if I wear a dress for dinner.

3rd day pictures

Day 4 Tuesday bad constipation

So it's day 4 and the pain is ok not bad. I do feel very heavy and bloated and still constipated. No bowel movement since Friday morning before the surgery. I took prune juice, pineapple juice, water, plenty of stool softener, fruit and nothing! I'm very frustrated and emotional because nothing fits since I'm so bloated and my boobs still look like squares. I don't regret my choice at all. I just wish this constipation would go away. Who knew #2 was so important. I've been moody and crying out of my frustrations and i feel I'm taking it out on my boyfriend. I just want to be able to go to the bathroom and feel lighter. I'm also tired of depending on people to get things down for me since I can't extend my arms high. Overall today is an emotional day and not how I wanted to spend the New Years ever. Since I usually go all out for New Years its just frustrating that I can't even dress up because none of my clothes look good right now. Best of wishes to you ladies and hopefully this mood of mine will pass. Boyfriend agent to get laxative tea to see if that works. If I feel better he and I will go out for a little bit to a friends house. If not ill be staying home feeling guilty that he decided to stay home too.

Day 5 new year new boobies!

So tues was frustrating until I finally did bowel movements and it made me feel way lighter. I did end up going out for 1 hr New Year's Eve to my boyfriends friends party. It was nice dressing up since lately I haven't really been feeling good to put on make up etc. night was good I was comfortable but very careful so people wouldn't bump me. Funny thing is when the countdown ended everyone was giving hugs and I had one sweet lady who was a hugger squeeze me I felt a little ouch! But I was ok nothing big. Today was the first of the year and my 30th birthday! Yay! I know I could have done something more extravagant like go on a trip or some adventure ... but I'm glad I was able to achieve one of my life dreams and have the breast I've wanted since I was 13 years old. I'm happy with my choice and ready to handle the maintenance required from my new breast augmentation. Ladies I've come to realize that time passes and before you know it you realize it's not retractable.... If you are sure you want your breast surgery for all what seems the right reasons to you not anyone else, by all means do it. Yes it can be scary and draining I know but it's better to have tried and aimed for what you wanted than to continue saying what if because of xyz obstacles. If you have any questions message me, I did do much research my boyfriend says It seemed like I was writing a thesis. Ha ! But today day 5 was better I went to the movies, went to lunch, had ice cream and hung out at the casino. I was out the whole day and by 6pm I was starting to get sore. The boobs are drooping still the left is still higher than the right but getting there. I still have stiff boobs sometimes they feel weird and sometimes I forget they are there. I'm still icing 2 times a day and putting coco butter on cream on the breast but not near the incisions. I got 450cc silicone mentor HP under the muscle. I'm taking Tylenol only now as I found my pain pills norco where getting me moody and giving me dry mouth. I'm eating regularly and drinking lots of water. I'm moving around more now and showering daily. I'm still sleeping on my back. I'm currently wearing large sports bras and measure 36 around my breast I was 34 before. Not sure on breast cup size yet. Any questions or feedback feel free to ask.

1week post op

It's already been 8 day today since my last surgery and I must say it's gone by fast. I'm able to move around more and do regular activities like cook and light cleaning. I'm off my medication and only take Tylenol when necessary. I'm sleeping flatter on my back and walking more. I'm able to eat regular and shower. I can lift my arms up now. The only thing is my upper back is killing me bacause I'm not use to carrying the extra weight and walking straight. Other than that I thank God for giving me the chance to achieve a goal and blessing me with no complications. I pray thugs turn out good. Best of wishes out there and good healing! I thought it was going to be worst but it really isn't

Day 8

Picture with light padding for sensitive nipples coverage

21 day post op

Hi ladies, hope u are all well and healing beautifully. I've been doing great lots to update you about since its been a while. 1. I am driving now since day 9 it was uncomfortable at first but getting better. 2. I saw my doctor ps and he said things look good and will continue to drop and get better. He did not tell me to massage just to move my arms around to get the muscle to massage the implant itself. Did anyone else's ps ask them to not massage the implant? 3. I can sleep almost flat on my back but still feel pressure If I do on my side. 4. I can lift my hands over my head and wear shirts that go over instead of just button downs. 5. I had some wine the other day with dinner since I'm not taking any medication anymore and ps said it was ok. 6. Had a bubble bath that was wonderful. 7. I am able to see the boobs bounce a little and they are getting softer. 8. I've been back to work since day 12 and been at work for a straight week. I still get tired so I take my breaks laying in my car. 9. I still feel tightness but not as much and when I do I do my arm exercises. 10. I'm ready to display them in public. Since I felt they were too high I was not showing my breast off because I felt the shape was not what I wanted yet. But with time they are looking more natural and fuller. I like the size and I'm happy with the results. I just wish I'd gone bigger. I was afraid anything over 450 cc hp was going to be too big but now I see it is not. My advice to those getting surgery is to go a bit bigger because they do look smaller once the swelling goes away. Also if you are between sizes go w the bigger one. Overall I'm healing wonderfully thank The Lord Jesus. Blessings and keep on being great!

First night showing them in public

Last night was the first night in 3 weeks that I went out and was able to show off my new breast in a low strap shirt. I'm feeling good and dropping continues slowly. I went to vs store and still need to wait for more dropping to get sized properly since some bras still not sit well on my implants yet. Boo! And they are having a sale!!!!! Enjoy your Sunday. Blessings and good healing because it does slowly get better day by day

1 month post op

Hi ladies! I am one month post op and I feel great. Saw my doctor Monday and he said my scars are healing great and the breast look good. He said they will continue to drop a lil more and my left one still needs to drop so he suggested to put pressure on it. My left breast was originally smaller and had 450 ccmy right had 425 cc. Overall he said that's normal and they will drop evenly. though I am very happy with my results I sometimes wish I went a little bigger but I really like them. they are starting to get soft and fluff. I tried on different dresses and my breast look great in them. The doctor said I can now wear any bra I want as long as it's comfortable he also said I could go back to regular activities and exercise if I wish to. I will be making a review on my doctor soon. overall I feel him and his staff have done a wonderful job and he is very professional I really like his work. if anyone is looking for doctor in Anaheim I would recommend a consultation with him. I am able to drive and dress better now. I'm still sleeping on my back and trying my side but its not fully comfortable yet. Looking back I don't regret getting my surgery I wish I would've done it sooner. I do recommend you ladies do your research. It can be a it's a scary process but it's also very exciting once it's done. so best of wishes to all of you ladies. If you have any questions I can help with let me know. My stats are: 130 lbs 5'5 size small 34b before BA with padded bras. Post op still haven't been sized but last time I got sized was 2 weekd ago I was a 34dd-34d. I can now get sized since I am 1 month out. I got 450 cc on my left, 425 cc on my right, silicone HP, mentor.

4 months 2 weeks post op.

Hi ladies! Hope you are all well. I've been doing great healing nicely and enjoying my results. I can do pretty much anything now but I'm still careful just don't want to mess anything up. I feel comfortable in my skin and my breast feel real to me. I sometimes forget I had them done. ;) hope you are healing well any questions feel free to ask. Looking back the process can be scary but now that I see it it's been worth it

4months 2 weeks

13 months post op

Worth every pain and penny!!! 425 cc and 450 cc left, silicone under the muscle, crease incision. Current measurements 5'5 129 pounds, 34DD. Previous breast size was 34 A/B.
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

I had my breast augmentation in December 27, 2013 with dr. Hoang Bui from Anaheim ca. He is a great professional who knows what he is doing and does his best to get you the results you want. He is very realistic but also listens to you and your concerns. Dr. Bui did an excellent job on my surgery him and his staff are very knowledgeable and very professional. Everyone I called or saw the Dr. they answered all my questions in a friendly manner. Dr. Bui gave me beautiful and natural looking breast and I'm very happy with the results. The recovery was great and I Haven't had any complications so far. Dr. Bui has been very attentive of me and I see him every three weeks so he checks up on me and lets me ask questions if I have any. Dr. Bui books fast and he performs surgery many times a week therefore he gets a lot of practice on this type of procedure. He is very affordable and is truly worth every penny. I love my new breast and I like how the whole procedure was handled. Dr. Bui will be honest if he thinks a size is too big or damaging to you because he cares for his patients. If you are looking got a great plastic surgeon in Orange County get a consultation with dr. Bui in Anaheim. Trust me I visited 11 plastic surgeons and I did my research and I'm glad I picked dr. Bui.

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