21 Years Old, 5'3", 116lb, Inverted Nipple Correction and Breast Enlargement - Southampton, GB

I began my journey last year by visiting a few...

I began my journey last year by visiting a few different companies but have decided to go with Spire Southampton due to their expertise, I also know someone who has had this procedure done at this location with good results. I am currently looking into going with Dr Nigel Horlock but am yet to have the surgeon consultation with him. My estimated surgery date is mid-December so will be booking my consultation with him next month. I am currently most concerned about my inverted nipples but have also always wanted larger breasts which is why I am getting both done in conjunction. I am currently very self conscious about my breast area, I am a bra size 32B/C but would like to go up a cup size and have a natural looking set of breasts.

Inverted Nipples

I found out recently that my mum also had inverted nipples when she was my age but they were corrected when she gave birth to me at the age of 24. I am not thinking about having kids for at least another 10 years so really wouldn't want to wait until then just to see, if by chance, they do correct themselves. I feel incredibly self conscious with them and find it difficult even for my boyfriend to see my breasts so wouldn't want to put surgery off for 10 years in the hopes they correct themselves. Both nipples are always inverted, the right is worse than the left as I can pull half of the left one out but the right is completely hidden.

Post-Surgeon Consultation

Finally met Mr Horlock for the first time this week, felt very confident in his hands. I've been told to buy the Shock Absorber Active Classic Support bra to test sizers and for surgery. I have re-measured my bra size properly and have found out I'm actually a 28F and that I've always worn the completely wrong bra size! I have just ordered a cheap bra in this size to see how it fits. I'm not 100% sure on the exact size I'd like to be, especially seeing as it's incredibly difficult to find a nice looking bra in the size 28F... Will upload pictures later of different sizers in my new Shock Absorber bra, watch this space!

Testing Sizers

So my right breast is very slightly larger than my left so I tested out putting 300ml of rice in my right and 325ml in the left. This is how it turned out. I measured a 28F before (home measurement) and with these sizers I'd be a 28FF. I have ordered a 28F to see if that's really my size and I'm going to get measured properly on Thursday to get an idea of my pre-surgery size. I've tried lots of different tops on over these sizers and really like the look of them! The next step will be to book a second appointment with Mr Horlock to discuss sizes more in depth. He told me he was trialling out a virtual reality machine where they scan your body and then you put goggles on and see yourself in different sizes. He said it's not as precise as rice sizers, in his opinion, but it's still good fun so may book in to give that a try also!

Bra Fitting

So I had a proper bra fitting today at Marks and Spencers and am actually a 32DD. The white bra is the 32DD from M&S and the Pink/Orange bra is the 28F from Boux Avenue which fits too tightly and is not very comfortable. This was the first time I've ever been fitted properly for a bra and I can see how so many women are wearing the wrong bra sizes. I've been thinking about what size I'd like to go up to but I'm not entirely sure at the moment, I'd prefer not to go by sizes but I'd definitely like to go slightly bigger than I am right now while still looking natural. I will be booking another appointment with Mr Horlock soon once I'm more confident on the size I'm after.

Change of Plans

So after some careful thought, I have decided against having a breast enlargement. Being properly measured and having a well-fitted bra has given me a confidence boost. I feel like once my nipples are corrected, it'll give me the extra confidence boost I need. I've been thinking long term also and I'm planning on moving out in the next couple of years and possibly having children in about 10 years. I'd like to use the money I would have spent on breast implants towards my first house. I also spoke to someone I know has had surgery and she said she waited until after she had children because your body changes a lot and it may be that I'd need a lift as well. I also have quite a small frame and the rice bags did look a little unnatural with my body. All in all, I've decided to postpone the breast enlargement for now and just get my nipples corrected because that's the thing that makes me feel self conscious the most.
Nigel Horlock

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