Real > Perfect! 45yo Vegetarian with Huge Toxic TaTas - An Enigma Wrapped in Silicone - South Pasadena, CA

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So. I wrote a whole bit about the background of...

So. I wrote a whole bit about the background of these things and I just erased it. Doesn't matter. My story is not unique. Insecurity led to implants. I was 20 so I've had implants longer than I haven't. I first got saline - around 375, unders. I was a a 34A before and then a 34C.
In the years since they've been ok. Looked natural. No big issues.
Almost 2 years ago, with a new PS I got a tummy tuck and decided to exchange the implants as the left one had a CC - not visibly bad but felt like a rock. Lefty Lefterson was not happy.
It didn't even occur to me to take them out - I just decided to go with silicone this time because I thought they felt a bit better in the squeeze test.
So, I was smaller when I was 20 so now I was ok with being a bit bigger as I'm bigger all over. Woke up to DDD's. OMG.
Almost immediately I had pretty severe joint pain in my shoulder - on the side that had a CC. I thought it was related to something during the surgery. It was hard to raise my arm. Fast forward months - still hurt. Mentioned it to doctors and was told possible RA - take Tylenol Arthritis. The timing kept gnawing at me though. Now - both shoulder joints are pretty sore most of the time and putting on my bra equals daily pain.
Maybe it's a coincidence. Maybe.
Which brings me back to Lefty Lefterson.
Right after the switcheroo to silicone I developed a bad hematoma and went back in to the OR to drain the blood. Very soon after that the implant just didn't sit right - and enter Double Bubble for Lefty Lefterson.
I thought briefly about downsizing but really I think issues with Lefty will just keep happening and I think my joint paints, etc. are related to implants. So - out they go.
I have given this a LOT of thought and I'm still not convinced my husband will be into the little ones as much as he's enjoyed the mammoth ones but it's my body, my choice and I choose me. Maybe it's an age thing too - just ready to accept myself finally.
So, I wish it were today, but on 11/7 I'll go to my PS office and under local will get these things out. I am very excited and very ready.
I'll assess in the spring and decide on a lift or not. I'm hoping and assuming not.
My PS is not charging me for the removal - I've had so many issues with the breast part of the work that I think he just really wants a good result for me finally.

Real > Perfect! 45yo Vegetarian with Huge Toxic TaTas - An Enigma Wrapped in Silicone - South Pasadena, CA

Tomorrow is the day...

Really looking forward to it being done tomorrow and moving on to the healing phase. They moved my appointment to the late afternoon so it'll give me a chance to get some shopping done and clean out drawers of massive bras!
For those of who who had local - were you ok to drive home on your own?

Here we go....

1st pics

1st pics


So, I feel good! I am tightly wrapped and doctor said to make sure I keep my breasts in a good position and compressed because the nipples want to fold over. He said I could shower on Day 2 - yesterday. I figured I'd wait til Day 3 to be safe. Time is ticking on this Day 3 and I am so nervous about taking his bandage off, showering and not putting myself back together right! He said to wear a compression bra or a tight sports bra. I bought a Marena compression bra. I'm prepared for tiny boobies, asymmetrical boobs, lack of sensation, the new scar - but I don't think I'm ready for nipple concaving. I've spent most of the day reading all sorts of things - people taped up their breasts, others used breast pumps - nothing seemed like it "worked". Seems like either it happens or not. Oh my goodness. Still sitting here in my mummy gear from explant Friday afternoon but I can't go to work this way so I have to make the plunge...
I thought showers were suppose to be relaxing!

The Unwrapping

Ok. So I took the shower. Gotta say they are better than I expected but I have a new concern. The breast that had the dent - well it still has the dent. And that breast is sore! I had a cc on that side and the implant rode really high - it was tough for him to pull out at my explant appt. I feel hardness on that side, too. I'm hoping and expecting it'll resolve with time.

Collagen anyone?

So, I started taking collagen today. Mixed it right into my pumpkin soup! No flavor or smell - at least not when in my soup! It's called Meiji - it's from Japan thru Amazon. Anyone have any experience using a collagen supplement to help the healing along?

3rd day post op pics

3rd day post op pics

Day 4 pics

4th post op day pics

PO day 4

Un-BEAR-able crease

Post op day 5

Post op day 6

Day 8 post op

He was fantastic!

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