Rhinoplasty and mandible reduction at VIP Plastic Surgery Center -- Excellent experience!

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South Korea Plastic Surgeon

Procedures: Rib-cartilage rhinoplasty; mid-face augmentation; mandible reduction; fat graft on forehead, chin, and eyes; double eyelid incision; botox and filler between eyes; IPL; auxiliary breast tissue removal. I'm a 37 year-old Korean-American woman. I became interested in plastic surgery to try to achieve a younger, friendlier, more feminine appearance. Overall, I felt extremely well taken care of by Dr. Lee, Dr. Song, and Dr. Park throughout my whole VIP experience. Although only six weeks have passed, I couldn't be happier with my results! I decided to travel to South Korea for the surgery, because surgeons in Seoul have superior knowledge and experience in this field. I found VIP after spending weeks reviewing many different surgical centers online. VIP stood out initially, because my consultant Lynn's replies to my queries were thorough, timely, responsive, and written in excellent English. Additionally, other reviewers indicated – and my experience later confirmed – that VIP is scaled to provide exceptional care to a moderate number of patients. VIP is not over-sized, and patients do not feel like one of one hundred for that week; every patient receives a personalized surgical and post-care plan that is overseen directly by doctors, with help from nurses and support staff. After additional research, I learned that Dr. Lee has been a pioneer in the development of rib-cartilage rhinoplasty using autologous tissue, and his excellent qualifications and extensive experience gave me confidence in VIP. My husband also appreciated that Dr. Lee studied in the U.S. and is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. My husband and I planned a three-week stay in Seoul. During the few months prior to our trip, Lynn and I exchanged several emails and spoke on the phone once or twice. In addition to answering our health-related questions, she helped with travel logistics, arranged for our transport from the airport, and answered general questions we had about visiting Seoul. Upon arrival at the clinic, my husband and I were greeted by Lynn and office manager Mrs. Kim; they welcomed us to Seoul with warm smiles and big hugs. During my in-person consultation, Dr. Lee, Dr. Song, and Mrs. Kim listened carefully to my concerns, answered all of my questions, and explained the procedures clearly. I didn't feel rushed for time or pressured to get additional procedures. Although the doctors speak and understand some English, Lynn was available to translate and make sure I felt comfortable that we understood each other. After the consultation, the nurses took blood and urine samples to ensure I was healthy enough to undergo surgery. Then Lynn walked with me to a nearby clinic for chest x-rays (to make sure I was healthy) and head x-rays (for the mandible reduction surgery). Finally, Lynn took "before" photos, and then walked with my husband and me to a nearby restaurant and helped us order a traditional Korean dinner. The next morning, Lynn greeted me at the clinic, answered any last-minute questions I had, and helped me prepare for surgery. She even stopped by the operating room as a friendly face and a hand to hold if I needed it. The surgeries went smoothly, and the anesthesiologist Dr. Eun was in the operating room the entire time. Dr. Song performed the eye surgery without general anesthesia, since he asked me to open and close my eyes several times during the surgery. Then Dr. Lee performed the remaining surgeries while I was under general anesthesia. After the surgery, I spent two overnights at the clinic. Although I felt quite uncomfortable for the first two days, I didn't feel any pain. The nurses were wonderful, and Mrs. Kim, Lynn, and another consultant Sue checked in and visited me regularly. Before leaving the clinic, the other office manager JoAnn, who is fluent in English, sat down and reviewed my medical file and the doctors' notes with me. She explained in detail how the procedures went and answered any post-op questions I had. Lynn walked with me to the pharmacy and helped explain all of the medication I needed to take for the next two weeks. Then JoAnn gave me a ride back to where I was staying and even showed me around the neighborhood a bit and suggested where my husband and I could walk around, shop, and eat. For the first seven days after the surgery, I met with Dr. Lee, Dr. Song, or Dr. Park everyday to check on my recovery progress. This was hugely comforting and reassured me that everything I was experiencing was normal. I also received 30-minutes of daily hyperbaric oxygen treatment to speed the recovery process. The aesthetician provided daily facial light and cold mask treatments to help reduce swelling, and she shampooed my hair during the first week before I was able to shower normally. After the first week, I continued to see a doctor every other day, and Mrs. Kim and JoAnn invited me for facial treatments everyday. They encouraged me to walk around and enjoy Seoul as much as possible, since walking around would help improve the swelling. By the fourth day, although I still had significant swelling, I felt pretty comfortable. When it was time to leave Seoul, a nurse took some "after" photos, Lynn gave me some emergency medication to take home, and I was encouraged to email or call and send pictures with any questions and concerns going forward. My husband and I were especially sad to say goodbye to Lynn, Sue, Mrs. Kim and JoAnn; they made us feel so welcome in Korea, and they were so patient and caring! Six weeks after the surgery, I still have a little swelling in my jaw area and quite a bit of swelling of my nose. However, I am extremely happy with my results already. The shape of my face is prettier due to the forehead and chin fat graft, midface augmentation, and mandible reduction. My eyes are almond-shaped, symmetrical, and youthful after the eyelid surgery and fat graft to the eye area. Already my nose is straight and symmetrical, and it's beginning to have a very feminine appearance as the swelling reduces. Also, I no longer feel self-conscious about the area under my arms where I had auxiliary breast tissue removed. I'm very grateful to Dr. Lee, Dr. Song, Dr. Park, and Dr. Eun for their excellent care, warm and patient bedside manner, and exceptional skill. My experience has been 100% positive, and I highly recommend VIP!

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