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Well, I am headed to Ft. Lauderdale and Dr....

Well, I am headed to Ft. Lauderdale and Dr. Pinellas for lipo on abdomen, back and flanks. The only thing I haven't figured out is post transportation from the center to my hotel. Do you think I can just take a TAXI? I have had lipo before and know what to expect pain-wise. The center recommends Helping Angels but it was a woman that had a bunch of kids and dogs barking in the background and she wanted 250. Any suggestions?

Got a Nurse!

Dena at the center gave me the name of a private duty nurse! Her name is Sherry! I called her the other day and she's very nice and chock full of information. She will pick me up post surgery and bring me back to ny appt for next day follow up.

Still needing to be done:
- blood work and EKG by my local doc ( happening on the 15)
- picking a hotel to stay at that is close to the center
- buying my plane ticket! It looks like the approx. fare will be about 300.00 bucks.

Anybody out there that has had lipo from Dr. Pinella??

A Little Frustrated.....

Its so funny, not to be rude, but I have gotten at least FOUR RS community administrators asking for pics and sending PMS talking to me ABOUT pics. Please management, I feel welcome. I am trying to hear from ladies experiencing like situations. PLEASE enough from the the RS STAFF. I am all excited thinking I received a PM and it is the RS management AGAIN. I am happy to be patient and wait for like- minded responses.


April 8, 2016 Pre surgery pics: YUCK.

Chin or not to Chin? :)

Just paid all of my service fees for my surgery and deposit! This is really on and poppin! Now I need to get plane tickets! I hope to have therm in about 2 weeks! YAY! I have seen some really good lipo picks of girls about my size who look wonderful post surgery! Having faith! :) I was alod to ld today that for 500 dollars more I can get my chin done! I think I am going to do it. I dont want to look out of proportion and my chin has gotten reaaly bad. I had my chin done before and the fat came back. I thought it was not supposed to COME back but mine did. I think I am going to go with the chin lipo


OK - here are more before pucs to keep me honest. I need to lose 14 pounds before my surg date to lower my BMI to at least 35. Started at 223 and now down to a solid 220. Ugh.
Anyone else had pre- surgery BMI struggles?????

Huge CHANGE!????????????????*BELLA DOLL*

I am now going to the DR to see Dr. Mallol! I am going to be a BELLA DOLL! A fabulous member of my family made it possible for me to do this so I am on my way!!!! Thank you wonderful lady( who know who she is)! Here we come- May 18!!!

I sent my info to the doc and he will be doing full trunk lipo plus: armpits, chin, waist and.....get this...SHOULDERS!!!!! All for 3500.00 I am beyond thrilled and actually feel rather confident and secure that things will go well.

I have arranged with my doc stateside for all my followup care and Dr. EM. has requested an evaluation from my endocrinologist saying it is safe for me to go through these procedures.

Need to get my tourist card now and plane ticket now!
More later!????????????????????????


Ok- I was worried this was not going down for a minute. Dr. Mallol gave me a quote for 3500.00 originally but then when he saw my weight of 220 he apologized and said that he would have to charge more. I was so worried that he was going to charge me right out of the surgery! :( So actually I am glad it was not too much more- 4400.00 and the fact that accommodations and measures will be added on the the great care I assume I will be getting to ensure a successful surgery. How can I be mad at that? He will be doing full trunk lipo and chin and shoulders! Yes- shoulders! I need to see what that looks like!

Letters of Clearance

Just checking in! I have to get 2 clearance letters- one from my Endocrinologist and one from my Primary care doc. My surgeon is Dr. Mallol and even though he said he could do us "bigger" girls he is still wanting clearance letters to be on the safe side- which I actually appreciate. Once I get the clearance letters I will put down my deposit and buy my ticket!

Question: Had anyone that has had SX in the DR had their ARMPITS lipoed? Can you tell me what the result was? What does it look like does it make you boobs look different? How does it affect your over all look?

High Blood Pressure

My blood pressure was very high this morning! Not posting actual numbers or my sister will have a fit! Taking my bp monitor to work and checking again later...


Sh*t just got a wee bit realer! Bought my ticket last night 700.00 and some change. Some of these flights have ridiculous layovers. Some of the layovers are like 15, 18, 21 hours AND for the same ticket price I paid! I got a really sweet deal, I go through Atlanta and my layover is only one hour and 31 minutes! So happy because I know the Atlanta airport like the back of my hand and I will not be stuck there for 2 days.

I am going with my sister and she just arranged our driver! For 65 bucks round trip he will pick us up from airport and bring us to the apartment!


I think I mentioned that I have high blood pressure and enlarged thyroid? So Dr. Mallol said I needed clearance from my Endocrinologist and Primary care doc. The endocrinologist said the thyroud wasn't an issue- it was the high blood pressure.

Anyway I got the all clear from my doc yesterday. BP was a tad bit high but she gave me two different drugs to bring it right down. I also had a full physical, EKG and chest Xrays! I am healthy as a horse in all other areas! Bonus: My hemo is 13.8 but my sister says to keep taking the iron. So I am all set! ????

Reservations & Receipts

A little nervous but excited!

How do you change your doctor on this site??

Anybody know how to change your doc on this site??

Plastic Surgery Simulator

This thing is WILD! These ate the awesome skills of my sister!

One more simulated creation!

Sis did this one also but I am not getting anything done to the boobs ( this time around). I am a smoker and have had lipo begore but do NOT want to risk a Tummy Tuck and any kind of of wound problems!

To Tuck or Not to Tuck???

So, I REALLY want a tummy tuck. But I have smoked since I was 12 ( am now 47) and for the last 4 or 5 months I have been vaping with an ecig. I am afraid to get the TT because the docs say that smokers have a harder time healing and an increased risk of tissue death. I am not so much worried about THAT part although I know it is very serious- but in addition to that I don't have the time to really properly heal and monitor it. O have seen some girls stories on this and we are talking wound vacs and 6 to 7 mo ths of healing. Not to memtion ANOTHER surgery to get the infected tissues out.

Then of course- everything could be absolutely fine. I have ALWAYS been a fast healer with no problems. Just dobt know if i shoukd take the risk?

Stateside aftercare!?

I am gearing a lot of girls saying that because they went out of the country for their SX that no doctor stateside will touch them. I find this appalling. One of the first things I asked my primary doc was if he could provide aftercare for me for me when I returned ( I had to see him to get clearance for Doctor Mallol) and my doc here said: ABSOLUTELY.

Are these docs really turning patients away?! What is the alternate option theu are suggesting? To go to the EMERGENCY room? I am not even sure this is ethical! Has anyone had this issue?

Zero mg Nicotine

So I decided I AM getting the tt for 800 bucks more. I just cannot pass that up and I really want to END the battle I have with this damn stomach once and for all. So, I switched my e-cig vape juice to 0 MG nicotine and am on day 3. That will give me about 2 weeks clear in my system AND I read somewhere that nicotine has like a 3 day half life in your system. My body was tricked for the first day and a half. Now it is sure there is NOTHING in there. ????

Any smokers?

Is anyone out there a smoker who has decided NOT going to stop smoking for their procedures?


Has ANYONE ever gotten their shoulders lipoed? My Doc said he can do it and we added it to my package but for the life of me I can't find ANY good pics of it- let alone before and afters? I don't mean under arms or auxiliary breast tissue- I mean actual lipo of the SHOULDERS.


Leaving for DR TOMORROW morning!

RS just did it's famous deletion of the post I just wrote. In any event I'm off to the Dominican Republic tomorrow. I will now be getting everything except for the tummy tuck. Ladies be careful of all the tests that will be required. Also make sure that if he has asked you for any clearance that you print out the clearance letter and have it stamped by the doctor that gave you the clearance. I just went to the endocrinologist last week and sent doctor the clearance letter but now he is telling me that it needs to be printed out and stamped. So if the clearance that I actually have is not acceptable, that means I'll have to spend another $120 for his endocrinologist to clear me. Also remember that you've already given a deposit, in my case it was $250, remember that you have that money and that it is coming back to you. I have packed really lightly I took all the information and the supplies that other RS girls posted and then gotten information from the ones that have actually come and gone and was able to condense all of the necessary supplies into one little rolly suitcase which I am going to store and the overhead bed. I'm going to be in a foreign country and there's no way I'm going to deal with somebody else's baggage claim on top of everything else I have to do. I have a driver named Rolando and I've already made all the arrangements for him to pick me up at the airport. Ladies have your driver take a picture of himself and send it to you and then you send a picture back to the driver. This is just another safety tip that you might find useful. Also, for flights on Delta they have this option for seating called Comfort Seats if you can get a comfort seat that would be great on the way back home- I have one for the trip back home it is only an additional $29. It just gives you more space so that you're not as cramped up in the plane and anyone can get one. Thats it for now! I'll keep you posted and let you know when I am on the FLATSIDE!????????????

Just checked in for flight online....

YASSSS! One less thing to worry about...????

Memphis Airport>>>>>>>>DR Here I Come!

Next time I will make sure I don't select a flight that leaves at 6:15am- a flight that requires you to be at the airport at 3:00am?!?

WTF was I thinking and sitting by some weirdo that keeps humming and moaning and rubbing his hands together like he's trying to start a freaking FIRE.

Missed the Memphis sign!

Oh RS stop doing that!

Made it to ATL! Waiting for this Last Leg to SDQ!

Made to to my gate and wating to board plane to SDQ. Ok- there are NO chicks here travelling alone that seem like there headed for ENHANCEMENT. I would take a pick to show you bellas but everyone is already looking at me like I am crazy for taking a stupid shot of the Gate and Destination sign. LOL! OMG Idid realize that i left my BIG gun Lortabs at F*#!#!KING home. Still have some tramadols but I am pissed. Again NO MORE 3AM FLIGHTS. ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS!!! Oh yeah- they checked my passport in MEMPHIS. I figured they would check it for THIS leg. PS: There is another young woman here-alone, and with MAD carry on luggage. I'm going to walk behind her and see if she is on RS....If she is we are COMPATRIOTS!! Brb...... Ok she COULD have been looking at a supply list! Or a bunch of pics of friends? I had to stop because i think a young shy transgendered person was staring at me ( looked like male identifying as female- NO shade! Live yo life gurl!)????????

Entering Santo Domingo!

Finally here!

Dr. Mallol's clinic!

I just saw Octavio- he is SHORT! I think I am taller at 5ft 3.5 than he is! Very clean. Went in and had blood work and now waiting my turn for interview and completion of payment. I am scheduled to go in tomorrow morning if labs go well!

Day 4: Update!

Hi Bellas! Still in the DR! Doctor Mallol is fabulous. There are plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons THEN there are aestheticians. The only part that is scary- seriously-is how fast things happen when they DO. happen. From blue pill to epidural ( they put you to sleep BEFORE that) things happen fast and they don't warn to ...it just goes. On way to first Dr. Appt. For follow up! ???? He also mentioned that the reason he doesnt have a lot of pics online is because patients get done and don't send pics back to him.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Mallol

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