36A, 5'9" & 153lbs - 34 years old - 400cc 425cc 2 Month Post-Op!

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A month ago it never crossed my mind that I would...

A month ago it never crossed my mind that I would get my breasts done. It just never really mattered to me, I have been a 36A all my life and I am very secure and happy with my body. I have an athletic build and am 5'9" and 158lbs. After kids my breasts became more "womanly" or droopy as some would call it lol! It wasn't until I took a picture of them that I realized how asymmetric they were! About 2 weeks ago I asked DH what he thought about me getting a breast aug. and he laughed and said he wondered why I have never asked for one before.. He said it was a personal decision and that he is happy either way lol.. (good guy)! So now I am obsessed and have been looking at boobs 24/7 and becoming very educated lol! Not to mention I have been feeling up a few friends of mine too haha!
So, I have done my research and I really want to be a full C (or smaller). I do not want to be a D even though I know my frame could handle it. My lifestyle is too active and I am really afraid of them making me look heavy or worse always trying to hide them because I feel like a porn star! I am looking for the natural look that isn’t really noticeable but fill out the clothes great. I am thinking 400cc max..
Saline vs. Silicone? Well everything on the internet made we want to do saline. No MRI’s or problems not detecting a leak, no horrible stories about silicone leaking in the body and sickness, I have had the pleasure of feeling both and I could not tell the difference even though I have read that the gummies are harder! I like the idea of smaller scars and able to fill the implant to the desired look in the OR. After having the 1st consult though the doctor told me how great the gummy bear implants are and how safe they are and that they have been studied for the last 20 years and there is no evidence whatsoever that silicone implants are less safe than saline. He also said a bunch more that made sense and make me lean back to going silicone! So I have not made a decision on which way to go yet.. I have 2 more consults set up this month and I will get their input I guess!
I had my 1st consult last week in Palm Beach, FL from a doctor that my friend just went to and loved him. He was great and so was his staff. I thought going in there that I would be just getting a breast aug. But he says I really need a lift through the nipples to balance me out and fix the droopy boob. He said the other one looks great but he would cut them the same so they look and heal the same. He thought the 400cc gummy bear silicone in the small boob and 350cc in the larger boob would give me a full C. This really was not what I expected and I am so undecided on what to do now! I wanted to have the incision under the breast and leave my nipple alone because I was afraid of sensitivity problems and scarring.. So many pros and cons no matter which way I go!
I would love any feedback or experiences you girls have been through to help me make the best informed decision! If you had my boobs would you take a chance and just do implants and possibly have a droopy boob but scarless nipples or go for it and get the lift and nipple scars but have great symmetry? Also I live in South Florida and if you have a doctor you love please let me know! I still have not picked one yet! Thanks!!

2nd Consult Yesterday.. Totally different recommendation!

Yesterday I had my 2nd consult with Dr. Wigoda in Ft. Lauderdale and was impressed and thrilled with the consult. He was very down to earth and easy to talk to which I liked a lot. He went over everything thoroughly and then made his measurements. I did not mention anything about what the 1st consult suggested or that I did or didn't want a lift. I wanted his unbiased professional opinion on what I needed to get the best result possible. So he finishes his measuring, show me saline vs silicone ect. He swayed me towards silicone and I am now set on that part for sure. He suggested the incision being in the crease because he doesn't see a reason we need to go through the nipple. Pretty much totally opposite of what the 1st consult said and everything I wanted to hear! The 2 things that I am hesitant on are that the procedure is done in office in his fully equipped and accredited operating room with and not at a hospital or surgery center and that he prefers general anesthesia over twilight because he said it’s safer and controls the airway. He also said his technique is almost painless and will not require a pain pump. He said I will barely need pain meds and showed me video reviews of patient after patient coming in for their 24 hour post op feeling great and raising their arms. The price was comparable to my last consult not including the lift of course. My husband finally asked him if he was sure I don’t need a lift because this is totally different than the 1st consult and Wigoda said absolutely not. He believes he can correct the asymmetry with implants alone and that there is not enough droopiness to require a lift. I am going to have 2 more consults before I make a decision since the consults were so different but I really liked Wigoda and am excited to hear what the next consult will recommend..

2 More Consults done and I have chosen a Doctor!

I visited Dr. DeLuca in Boca Raton and he was another great doctor. He recommended just a breast augmentation but later added that I would benefit from a crescent lift as well. After doing my research I decided that the scars were not worth the lift and that many doctors have mixed reviews on the effectiveness of a crescent lift. My last consult was with Dr. Hochstein in Miami and I was very impressed by him, his office and staff. He recommended a benelli left on the left droopier side and the right would be the peri-areolar scar on the lower half of the nipple. I personally didn't like the idea of having 2 different scars on my breasts so that option was out for me as well. I decided to go forward with Dr. Wigoda in Ft. Lauderdale. I even met with him a 2nd time to talk about all the other recommendations and to make sure he was still confident I would be happy with my results without a lift. I also liked the fact he would be inserting the implants in the crease. I am hoping to keep as much nipple sensation as possible! I am also posting some better photos that my husband took because the selfies I posted seem to really distort my breasts lol!

Date is set!! March 6th!! So excited!

I put down my deposit and the date is set! I also set up my physical and labs 2 weeks before and have a mammogram set up for this Monday! Wow I can't believe I'm really doing this! Still worried about size.. I am afraid to go too small for my large frame and not get the results I am looking for. I guess this is where you have to trust your doc! Any other girls out there with similar frames? What size did you get? I am thinking the 375cc - 400cc range..

3 Weeks Left!!

Time is flying! I ordered the vitamins suggested and printed out my wish pics for the doc.. That was fun to pick up at CVS lol, a bunch of 5x7 boob pictures! I decided to show the doc a few wish pics of girls with similar frames so we knows the look I want and he can decide on the cc's.. I still think it will be 400cc's tho. I am so excited, I told hubby that I will be on the couch recliner for a month and he was shocked poor guy! I don't think he realizes what he signed up for haha! Below is a list of items I ordered so far..

Biocornium - only scar cream approved by the FDA

Arnica Forte - best mix to help with bruising swelling and healing

Iron chewables with Vitamin C

Daily Womens Vitamin

Found a perfect Under Armor recovery bra at TJmaxx for $15!

Picked up some button down PJ's

Still need Magnesium Citrate for constipation..

I had my mammogram last week and all was well! This Friday is my physical to get all the blood drawn etc.

Next Monday is my 2 week Pre-OP!!

Pre-op done!! 9 more days!!

Had my pre-op today! It's getting so close now.. Appt was uneventful, he took before pictures, asked if I had any questions, I showed him my wish pics, tried on sizers and decided on 400cc and 425cc. Then we just paid in full, signed the paperwork and got prescriptions! I can't believe next Thursday I'm going to have new boobies!!

On a side note, I had my first boobie dream last night.. I don't remember much but I laughed about it when I woke up because I thought about all you lovely ladies talking about your dreams!

Here are the wish pics I showed my doc.. I tried to find women with similar frames and boobs!

OMG!! Less than 24 hours till new boobies!!!

I can't believe tomorrow is the day!! I am so excited.. Not to nervous yet but I am sure I will be tomorrow morning! I have to be there at 8am. I feel like I'm nesting before having a baby.. I'm cleaning, organizing, trying to get everything done before tomorrow lol! At least I'm keeping busy so the time is flying lol! I am going to take some before pictures tonight in bathing suits etc. I'll try to post too! I always liked seeing the before and afters on the site so thought I would the do the same. Off to do more errands!!

I'm on the other side! Looking good so far!

Easy! Everything went smooth..
Got the 400cc 425cc. Pain is a 2 but I'm tired and woozy.. Feeling great and just laying low.. I go back tomorrow at 2 to take of bandage and go into sports bra..that's about it for now!

I feel great!! Wow

I can't believe how great I feel.. Just tight. I'm waiting to eat so I'm not even on any pain meds at the moment either. I really thought today was going to be a blurr but I am totally normal other than I feel like my milk can in and I'm tight. I can open the fridge, play the computer, go the bathroom, really just about anything! So much better than I thought it would be! I've peeked at my boobs and I am really happy with the size so far.. I was so worried about them being too big.. I can't wait to see them tomorrow!

Feeling great with my big boxy boobs lol!

Day 2 is going great.. No pain meds, just advil. I slept in recliner last night and it wasn't too bad.. I took a pain med and muscle relaxer and was out cold by midnight. Boobs feel tight but other than that they feel good. I have my doc appt at 2 today and they will take off bandages and put me in a sports bra. I took a peak and am so happy! They are just as I imagined lol.. Boxy ugly and snoopy looking... I am so thankful for this site or I would be freaking out how deformed I look lol! So here are my day 2 pics..

Things are going great!

Sorry I didn't get a chance to update yesterday but things are going really well. I even went out last night to a friends 40th 80's Birthday Party (That was interesting trying to find an outfit!!) I am no longer taking the pain meds (just Advil) along with the antibiotic, steroid and muscle relaxer at night. I am sleeping in my bed either on my back or side and am comfortable as I can be with two rocks on my chest! I love my new girls, they are perfect for me.. I have to say...pictures make them look so much SMALLER than they really are!! Especially the front shots! I am pretty much back to my normal routine, it is hard to wipe counters or carry heavy things though. Also I get weird gurgling noises sometimes when I move. I don't feel any numbness but the water sure feels weird when showering.. It's odd lol! Oh and they are still a little uneven but I expected that since they were before the surgery and I opted not to do a lift.

5 Days Post-Op

Hey there! The girls are doing great overall.. I have noticed more swelling today and yesterday mostly in the side and top of the breast. I think I might be doing a little too much too soon. I am back to caring for the 3 kids, driving, HW, meals, visiting friends.. I even hit the grocery this morning! BTW pushing around a shopping cart SUCKED!! I learned my lesson and won't be doing that again anytime soon.. Last night I had to take a pain pill to fall asleep. I think I really pay for it at night if I overdue it during the day.. In the morning when I wake up they seem smaller and more like what they will look like in a month or two. But by the end of the day they swell up and the implant feels like it moves up and is much more uncomfortable. I don't seem to have any numbness or loss of sensitivity which is great.. But they sure do feel different when they are touched or the water in the shower hits them. I guess that's what they mean by hypersensitive? Doc says I can wear any sports bra that is comfy (not too tight) and that I can sleep however I want (which mostly has been on my side). I find I don't like laying flat on my back because the implants creep up or spasm.. It is such a weird feeling! I love my new figure and size.. I know they are going to get smaller as the swelling goes down and that is OK with me too! They are such an improvement from what I had!! Oh one thing that bothers me right now but I know will be better when the implants drop is that my real boob on my saggy side kind of hangs off the implant.. It looks and feels kinda funny because its only on one side :( All well! I knew they weren't going to be perfect!

5 day pic!

Here is the built in bra top I wore today ;)

1 Week Check-up Today!

I went for my 1 week post-op visit today and all is well. Doc took out the stitch on each side and taped them back up. He said most of the swelling has gone down but they still have a lot of dropping and softening to do. He cleared me to go braless or wear soft bras or whatever I want.. just no underwire. I am no longer on any medication which feels great. I go back in 2 more weeks for my next check-up. Everyday is better and better.. I barely feel them now unless I get cold or stressed. It is such a weird feeling when they do.. They get super hard and feel like they are climbing up my chest! Doc said that will go away with time.. Here are some new pics.. They look so much smaller and uneven than in real life! I love the size and how I look in clothes now!!

2 Weeks Already!!

Wow, the time is flying! Wish it went this fast leading up to the surgery date!! All is well with me, I am back to my everyday life with the exception of working out, lifting heavy things, pulling or pushing anything heavy as well.. Most of the day I forget I even have them! I never thought after 2 weeks they would already start to feel like mine. The incisions do bother me sometimes and if I push it too much I will get a sharp pulling pain which has happened twice and scared me both times.. It felt like my incision ripped even though it didn't.. The scars are very red and raised, I hope that goes away in time. My left boob is still more droopy than my right but they were beforehand and I knew that without a lift it was still going to be that way and I am okay with it I guess.. I hope when they D&F more that they will look more even. I really only notice it in the pictures though, in real life its hardly noticeable! I am so happy I did this and can't wait till they settle a little more and I can go shopping!! I am trying to hold off just a bit longer!!

1 Month Update!

Hey there!! Just wanted to post some new pics and update how I have been doing! I am so happy with my results. They are still high and will drop and fluff more but even if they stayed where they are I would be happy! They aren't as squishy as I was hoping but it's only been a month so they still have time to soften up I guess. Incisions are looking great but sometimes if I stretch to far I can feel some really weird pulling pains and I have even heard a pop once or twice.. possibly a stitch? Other than that I am feeling great.

I saw the Dr. Wigoda at about 3 1/2 weeks and he cleared me for everything but to use good judgement. He said if it hurts or is uncomfortable then don't do it. He said I could try to hit some tennis balls, swim, bath, boat exercise.. no restrictions and I see him again in 3 months!! I was so happy to get the all clear! I got home and tried a tennis serving move and oh my was I not ready for that! I didn't realize how tight my chest muscles were and wow did it hurt!! So I have been stretching really good for the past 3 days and it has made all the difference in the world.. I can now serve a ball and swing a racket and not feel like I am tearing a muscle lol!

Happy healing and good luck, the time flies I still can't believe it has already been a month!

Played Tennis for the 1st Time!

Yesterday I took a lesson and played a bit and it felt great! I thought for sure I would swell up or they would get rock hard and uncomfortable and I would have to stop but it never did! I am so happy and it feels good to be active again!

2 Months Already!!

Sorry I haven't updated lately, life is back to normal and crazy as ever.. I am so happy I got a BA and love my new look! I started playing tennis at the 6 week mark but last week I decided to I was pushing it too much and am taking another 2 weeks off. I was noticing they were getting really hard for hours after playing and sometimes would take up to a day to feel normal again. It felt like my muscles were pushing on them and raising them up and I am still hoping they settle a little more so I feel that playing tennis is counterproductive! There was never any pain but it just didn't feel right. After 4 days of not playing they are already softer and feel better. They only other thing that I am not thrilled with is that one is more saggy than the other (My boob kinda falls off the implant). They were that way before the BA though and I did not want the lift so I expected this. I am still happy with my decision not to have that side lifted as it is not very noticeable other than in pictures. But I do notice it and wish they were more even. I would still choose no scars over even boobs though lol.. Just a personal choice and I have to pick the best of two evils. If it bothers me in the future I can I always go get it lifted I guess.. Other than that they are perfect! I still not have been sized and mostly were the built in bra type tops or bralettes.. I feel amazing in everything I wear! If you have any questions please feel free to ask!! This board was so helpful to me and I would love to give back!! Good luck on all the upcoming BA's!!

34 DDD!!!!

Wow!! I officially got measured at Victoria Secret today and I am a 34 DDD or 34F if at another store!! Lol I don't believe it!! I don't look that big and I almost burst out laughing when she told me that.. Crazy!!! Just thought I would share!

6 Month Update

Sorry I haven't updated in a while! Life has been crazy but good! The girls are great, I love them and am so happy I did it. They are just part of me now. I lift weights, play tennis and have no problems with them what so ever. Sometimes they are tight but it never lasts, I just think I over work the chest muscles. If you recall I was told I needed a lift and chose not to. Sometimes it bothers me because one hangs more than the other and looks a little off. But in clothes you would never know and I am still happy with my choice. I have no scars or nipple sensitivity issues. Down the road as I age and they droop more I may get that lift, but for now I am all good.. I knew I wasn't going to have perfection after nursing 3 kids so I had to choose the lesser of 2 evils lol.. No regrets!!

Pic didn't upload..

Here is a 6.5 month pic.. Sorry it's a little x-rated..

Trying on more time..

My Iphone won't oad it so now I am on my PC trying again.. Sorry..
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Paul Wigoda did an amazing job on my breast augmentation, I truly could have not asked for a better result. His calm, laid back manner was always comforting and reassuring and Marie is beyond helpful and kind. I went to 4 different doctors in my area for a consult and he was the only one that said he could achieve a great result without a lift and he was right. He saved me a ton of money and unneeded scars and I will be forever grateful. I chose Dr. Wigoda because of his great before and after photos as well as his fantastic patient reviews, and I am so happy with my choice. He and his staff made it an easy, enjoyable and fun experience and I cannot imagine having a better experience!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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