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I am 44 years old and have always had small...

I am 44 years old and have always had small breasts, would like to go from a small B cup to a D cup. I had my consultation and loved my doctor he suggested 425 cc and 450 cc mentor silicone mod high profile because my breasts are different sizes with subfascial placement. I am 5'3 and 135 lbs I want to have fuller breasts but I have concerns about the placement and size I don't want to look any heavier I have work out and run several days a week to maintain my weight. I wanted to subfascial placement until I learned mammograms are better with the under the muscle placement. Does anyone have comments on their mammograms with subfascial placement.
I am so obsessed with breast augmentation reviews every chance I have I look at reviews even at work. I want to lose another 15 lbs by my surgery date and I am so excited I can't wait.
I have started wearing two bras so people at work hopefully won't notice. I don't care if they know except I work in a hospital and they won't let me return to work with any restrictions. My PS said it would be fine to return to work after 5 days just not to move patients but I plan to be out a week and a half, so I can recover before I return.
I sent my mammogram report and now need an EKG then I will be ready. I go back to the PS 3 weeks prior to my surgery to try sizes of implants again to make sure I am still happy with the sizes. The PS said his number 1 complaint is most women wish they went bigger so I am trying to make sure I am really happy with my size choice. I think next time I will talk to him about my hobbies as well. I ride horses, love to run and I worry about the bouncing around at that size. Can't wait until March.

Maybe new surgery date

Still trying to decide if 425 and 450 cc might be a little big for me. I have decided to go with the subfascial placement. I decsion made now the size and I think I will be better off a bit smaller because I want to lose 15 lbs. I also think the heavier the implant the more chances for sagging especially with my activities.

My other problem, another co worker already requested time off same time I scheduled my surgery and I am not sure my superiorviser will allow both of us off at the same time. It depends sometimes they will so I called the scheduler at the PS office but no reply yet with other available dates.
As far as my size I won't mind still wearing some padded bras. Maybe I can move my surgery date up!!!

Same surgery date!

My vacation was approved today so no worries! The PS' s office had dates available later in march so i am glad it all worked out.
I have been researching like crazy about subfascial placement and the technique is widely disputed by many doctors however the PS I chose does them all the time and the main reason I was interested in his work was all the previous before and afters and they look really good. I have looked a lot of websites and read a lot of reviews and I am sticking with him. When I look at the websites I look at all their pictures not only breast augmentations but also revisions and tummy tucks and his scars look the best. The subfascial placement is done mostly in South American and some in Europe and it is just catching on here.

Obsessed with reading reviews!!

I love reading reviews most everyday so much my husband says by the time I have my BA he will be sick of looking at boobies!!! Don't believe it! However I have lost my mind and started wearing multiple bras to see if anyone would notice so far I have had several people comment if I have lost weight. So that's always a great thing. Actually have gained couple pounds, but start back to healthy eating tomorrow and working out. Need to lose 15 pounds before BA.

2 Months to go, seems like FOREVER!!

Well I have to wait to more months and still haven't lost any weight which really sucks, I have gained weight ever since I officially started my diet. Stupid I know...I have joined a gym and I am working out hard and burning a good amount of calories but I am eating way to much. I haven't ate Girl Scout cookies in at least three years and Friday night I bought 2 boxes and they are already gone, but I do have a family that helped me eat them. I am determined to do better.

Less then 2 weeks to go! Til B- day

Had my preop appointment and decided to go down a size on my implants. I originally chose 425cc on my left and 450cc on my right but decided I would rather go down 25 cc on each side because I felt more comfortable with the smaller size. I have been wearing 3 push up bras for 2 months to get used to the size and the 450 and 425 seemed gigantic compared to the three push up bras.

So excited and it seemed like it was so far away and now it's right around the corner. I have a few bras for post op and a new outfit for surgery day. I saw someone bought fuzzy socks and I think I will go and buy some too.
Update my weight loss hasn't been successful, but I did join a gym and been eating really healthy so if I keep on track hopefully by summer vacation I will lose my 15 lbs! I am a little disappointed in myself usually I can stick to a diet and work really hard and lose weight. I have lost a little and hopefully I will be down to 135 on surgery day!!!

4 days Pre Op!!

I thought I had so long to go but it went by pretty fast and I am less then a week to go!! I picked up my prescriptions yesterday and while I was at the gym my husband called and said our pit bull was very sick and I needed to get home quick. She was 16 yrs old and we knew it could be anytime she might leave us and our very special dog whom I could tell many funny stories with a great personality passed away last night. It has been very difficult for my family but I am happy we were able to stay with her.
So today it has been a rainy day and it was really bringing me down but then my daughter and I played dress up and she braided my hair and we put on makeup. We did a dress rehearsal for the military ball my husband and I will be attending on march 29 and I will be 9 days post op so she will be helping me with my make up and hair. Usually the ball is in late April but this year they planned earlier and I didn't know til after I scheduled my surgery but it will be ok. Even if it is one of the only times I get to dance! Just have to take it easy.

Finally boobies woohoo!!!

I went this to surgery center and was a little nervous but all the nurses were nice and helped me feel better. I had grin on face the entire time and I was waking up before it seemed like I was even out.
Pain level is really good and I went for a short walk at the mall and out eat at Olive Garden but could only eat small amount of soup. But over all feel great and I am soooo happy. I will post more pics tomorrow.

Loving my new additions!!

I have been doing very good and my husband has done a great job making sure I take my pills, however I don't really like pain pills so I haven't always taken them on time. But have used ice a lot and I feel sure that has made my level better.

Last night we went to mall and I walked around for about 20 minutes and then we ate at Olive Garden, so far I haven't had much of an appetite so I have been eating soup. I have been drinking a lot of water and tea to help with a BM. Also my throat is sore from the tube, but Honey mixed in tea has soothed it.

I weighed myself on the morning of surgery and then again this morning and I have gained 5 lbs but I asked how much the implants weigh and it is 2 lbs and the other weight must be the swelling because I have barely ate since surgery. I had no nausea so far and hope I do not develop any but if I do Dr Hunstad prescribed phenagren so I should be ok.

I gained more weight this morning and I had a BM yesterday!

I can't believe it but I have gained more weight, another lb and it seriously making me crazy! I am swollen in my chest which I excepted but not in my back and under my arms. I have used ice religiously and kind has me bummed. My boobies are looking better and happy about that but just have to wait for all the other swelling to go down.

440 cc and 410 cc subfascial placement and so happy!

I haven't taken any of the pain medicine since yesterday night around 7:00 pm and I know it's early to stop taking them but the better I feel the harder it is to take it easy. Already I want to go to the gym and sitting on the sofa is pretty boring. I switched to my under armor bra this morning but started to burn between my breasts, so I changed to surgical bra. I did notice the under armor bra did help with swelling.
I happen to look at my warranty card and saw my PS put in 440cc and 410 cc just a little bigger then I wanted but my husband was in the room when I said I wanted to go smaller and he started making jokes about the size he wanted even larger. I really like the size and I don't think I will mind when the swelling goes down either. I love the size! Because before the 20 th of March I had nothing!

Post op day 3

I didn't take another pain pill till this afternoon and it knocked out all the pain I was having but I think I have been doing to much. I have been out every day since surgery including my surgery day just walking around, but its hard to remember not to pick up stuff or do your normal activities so I stopped the pain pills but I still think I have been doing too much. I have made an effort today to just sit and let everybody else do everything which is extremely difficult.
Now decided to play dress up

Post op going great!

It's been almost 2 weeks and I feel great. I think most of the swelling has gone down and I have lost all the weight I gained plus a few more lbs. I am eager to get measured because I can't find a bra that is really comfortable yet. I am going to wait for the ok from surgeon for underwire and when all my swelling has gone down. I have had 2 post op appts already and he said it all looks good and I have another in a week when I am 3 weeks post op and I hope he says I do most of what I used to do before surgery.

Post op 11 days

Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

Great experience! On surgery day he was so nice and made me feel really comfortable. His staff were great and before I knew it I was done. I would recommend Dr Hunstad to all my family and friends!

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