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I started my BA/BL process a long time ago. About...

I started my BA/BL process a long time ago. About 3 years ago to be exact. I saw a PS that I liked, but didn’t love, but the consultation gave me a reality check when it came to how much the procedure was going to cost. So I saved my pennies and just recently, June 13th 2013, I met with Dr. Viscardi at The Centre PC. Dr. Viscardi and his team were very welcoming and walked me through every aspect of the surgery. I had a list of questions I wanted to ask written out, but at the end of the consultation, I didn’t have to ask a single one because they were all answered.

I went home and talked to my fiancé a little more about it and decided that Dr. Viscardi was a fantastic PS and I really felt like I was in good hands, so the next day I called and set up my pre-op appointment.

On June 27th 2013, I went to my pre-op appointment and was given LOTS of information! Renee, the cosmetic coordinator went over everything with me. She told me about the pre-op vitamins, VitaMedica, that I needed to start talking right away and she gave me a prescription for a pre-op antibiotic to take 7 days before my surgery. I also have to take Bromelain starting 3 days before surgery and Arnica Montana starting the day of my surgery. It looks like a lot to remember, but Renee has it all written down for me and it makes it so easy to remember. I was also given Silicon scar sheets to use after surgery along with ice packs, lotion and a prescription for pain meds.

Towards the middle of my appointment Dr. Viscardi came into the room and measured me once more, to see how broad my shoulders/chest space was, and then we went over implant size, shape, location and the incision shape. He explained everything so I could understand it easily and even explained why he thought an under the muscle implant vs. over the muscle implant was best for me. It was nice to feel like he really wanted the outcome of my surgery to be as absolutely close to my expectations as he could get.

Finally before I left, I paid for my surgery and then Renee showed me what doors I’d be coming in on surgery day.

I hope the next 10 days fly by! I can’t seem to focus on anything other than my surgery!!
I'll post pre-op/before photos soon!

Before Pics

This is what I hope to NEVER look like again!

PS ordering a range of implant sizes VS you picking your own CC?

I called my PS office yesterday because after reading PLENTY of RealSelf stories, I realized my PS never told me what CC he was going to use for my implants. He told me to bring in pictures of what I wanted to look like, which I did, and that he would match me closely to that size. I'm 5'5 and 180lbs (bigger than most of you, I might add) :-/ and I wear a 36C. My loose/saggy boobs spill out of a lot of my bras so I'm constantly adjusting them, but if I wear a 36D then I have a lot of empty space in the top of my bra (like in my pictures). I have a decent amount of breast tissue already, according to my PS, so his nurse said that he ordered a range of saline implants from 385cc-405cc and he'd pick the best fit during surgery. Have any of your PS done this? Pick a range of saline implants instead of having you pick a specific CC? A lot of ladies on here are talking about boob greed, but I feel like that at all.. All I can do is trust that my PS will give me the look I desired from the photos.

7 DAYS!!!

At this exact time, in 7 days, I'll be in surgery! I can't wait. At this point I feel like all I do is think about the surgery, the size, the scars, the shape, the pain, the feeling of not having to wear a push up bra afterwards.. and on and on.. So its pretty much boobs 24/7. lol Really hoping this last week flys by, all I have to do is keep my house in order and make a few more meals to freeze and I'll be ready to go!

Someone pinch me!!

I can't believe I'm only counting down the DAYS till my surgery!! My 3 year journey is almost done!! I'll be posting more pictures tonight with my rice sizers, my bikini top and with more shirts that I can't wait to look great in! :)

More pictures, with rice sizers.

Maybe I don't have a good imagination, but I didn't like the rice sizers very well. It was really hard for me to picture what I'm going to look like because I already have breast tissue so I wasn't sure how to postion the sizer. They just ended up making me look lumpy. Here are a couple of the 'better' pictures.
The thing I did learn tho, is that I'm going to tell my doctor to go with the larger implant. He's ordering a range between 385cc-405cc and I don't really see a difference AT ALL between the 375cc and 400cc rice sizers that I made. I know that the sizes/cc's are close, but I thought I would be able to tell the difference A LITLE and I really couldn't. So 405 cc it is!

42 hours to go!! Pre surgery jitters have officially kicked in!

My surgery is in 42 hours and I'm EXHAUSTED!! I couldn't sleep very well last night, anxiety I think. I wish my PS would of given me sleeping pills to take BEFORE the surgery! lol I'm just glad I get off work in 15 minutes because I'm about to fall asleep at my desk............

Last night to sleep on my tummy for a while!

My surgery is in the moring! I had anxiety last night and all day today, but now I'm starting to feel like this is all a dream, like its not really going to happen tomorrow. lol Wish me luck! I'm sure I'll be a wreck in the morning. And good luck to the other ladies that are having surgery tomorrow too!!


My surgery got bumped up an hour! Almost time!

Surgery is over!

I got home from the surgery center about 4 hours ago. I'm in toooooons of pain!!! :-/ but I'm feeling better since I took my second dose of pain meds about 25 minutes ago. My doc went with 400cc and said everything went great. I'm sitting in my recliner while my amazing fiancé does everything for me. He's the best. I'll try to post pics tonight... Thanks for the well wishes everyone!

Post op pic

You can't see much, but here's what I look like now. (I peeked and I have Frankenstein looking boobs.) Lol But they're definitely A LOT perkier and they're hard and swollen. I've been using my ice packs like crazy and they've really helped. More pics coming tomorrow when I'm feeling a little better.

Ps.. Surgery bloat sucks!!!! :-/

Post op pictures

Well I'm doing much better than yesterday. Still on 2 pain pills every 4 hours, but I could probably bump it down to 1 pain pill every 4 hours, I just don't wanna chance it. I changed my post op bra and the dressing and I officially have Franken-boobs, but its what I expected them to look like. I live the size tho, just gotta be patient to see what they'll look like when they completely heal.

So extremely itchy... Help!!

I'm extremely itchy everywhere, not in my chest area but everywhere else.... My face, stomach, back, arms and legs. It's driving me crazy! I can't shower till tomorrow afternoon, but I've used baby wipes to try to help and I've put lotion on and I'm not getting any relief. Could it be a side effect of one of my medications? Or maybe because I had to wash with an antibacterial body wash before surgery yesterday? Any ideas it suggestions?

2 day Post-op pics

Still not much change in the overall appearance, but I didn't really expect much since its only been a little over 2 days since my surgery. I'm feeling a lot better though! Tomorrow I go back to work (I work from home and I have a desk job) so I'm hoping I can wean myself off the pain meds and only use Tylenol from here on out. Tomorrow morning is also my post op appointment. Can't wait to see what my PS says. :)

2 Days Post Op

Not a whole lot of change, but they're healing nicely.

Post-op appointment

Today was my post-op appointment. I saw Dr. Viscardi for a few minutes, but I'm doing great so I didn't really have any concerns that I needed to discuss with him. He just looked me over and then went over all the do's and don'ts again. lol I have another appointment and a lymphatic massage in 4 days (Friday). I'll post more pics then cuz I think I look the same except for my body is swollen/bloated. Ugh.... Gotta love surgery bloat.


Definitely overdid it yesterday. :-/ I'm hurting pretty bad this morning. Thankfully theres a few hours till I have to get ready for work so I'm taking some meds, grabbing my ice packs and taking a nap on the recliner till its time for me to get up. Hopefully it helps, cuz this burning/swelling/pulling sensation on top of morning boob is definitely not fun... :(

4.5 days post op

Well I'm 4 1/2 days post-op and I'm doing pretty good. Morning time is the worst! Morning boob is seriously NO joke! :-/ But usually by mid afternoon I'm doing pretty good and by the evening I'm feeling almost back to normal, except still tender and tight, but not in pain.
I'm loving the size of my breasts! I'm still wearing my surgery bras 24/7, but I'm going to try on a few of my pre-op bras to see if any of them fit.

So far it looks like the shape is going to be great once I'm healed, super happy about that! I was really nervous that my nipples would be lopsided or two completely different sizes, but they seem to match pretty well. They are more oval than round, but I think that'll change once the skin heals and relaxes. I already have silicone scar sheets (that my PS gave me) to use on my scars once I'm healed, but that'll be a while yet.

Very excited for my lymphatic massage in a few days, everyone says it feels wonderful and that's when they'll teach me how to massage the implants myself.
So very happy with my decision to get a BA/BL. :) I'm feeling more and more confident everyday. Love love love them!

Pics, pics and more pics!!

Lots of pic updates!!!

Question about loss of feeling

I'm 5 1/2 days post-op and I knew that I might lose feeling either (temporarily or permanently) in my nipples, but I didn't hear anything about losing feeling in other parts of my breasts. I currently have feeling in only my left nipple, but I don't have feeling in the 9:00 - 10:00 position of my left breast... Is this common? In my right breast I don't have feeling in my nipple, but I have feeling everywhere else. I know I'm still very early on my healing process, but I just wondered if anyone else has/had issues with parts of their breasts, other than their nipples, being numb.

Lymphatic massage and 1 wk post-op appointment

Today was my massage and 1wk post op appointment and I'm feeling super sore. Everything is healing well and my PS said a lot of my numbness has to do with swelling and being tight. My next appointment is in 3 wks and he said things should be 90% better by then. I was supposed to have stitches snipped today, 4 total on the bottom of my breast on each side of my incisions and they all 'broke through' he said. I'm not 100% sure how or when they broke, but he said it wasn't a big deal, because he was going to clip the ends off today anyways. I guess its pretty common, too. So basically there's a long purse string type stitch inside each of my breasts on the bottom. It's either dissolve or pop back out after more swelling goes down. My at home instructions were to start the massages I learned today.
Overall, I'm very happy with where I'm at 1 week post op. I'm just ready to be back to normal! I want to use my arms and my muscles in my chest without being super sore.


I found one of the stitches that my PS thought had broke. Some of my scabs came off yesterday and I saw it sticking out and I had my fiancé look at it closer and sure enough, it was a stitch. So I'm going to call my PS tomorrow morning to see if he wants me to come in to have it clipped and removed.
On a side note, I'm finally starting to feel more 'normal'. Every day I find something else that I can finally do, that I couldn't do the day before. My right breast/implant is still higher than my left and they're both still tight and swollen, but I'm very happy with how I'm progressing. I'm 9 days post-op and I definitely didn't think I'd be feeling this good after only 9 days. Here are a few pics of me as of today.

Stitches removed & rant ;)

I had my appointment this morning and three stitches were clipped/removed. I'm so glad because one of the was snagging on my surgery bra and pulling every once in a while..
I also asked about massaging again, because I wanted to confirm that I WAS supposed to be doing them daily, and he said yes.. he recommends starting them 1 week post-op and then getting more vigorous with the massages around week 3/4 post-op. I'm also allowed to start using my silicone scar sheets this Friday!! That's only 2 days away! :) Super happy about that! I thought I had to wait longer, but that must have been something that I read on here. I think that is the ONLY down side to RealSelf.. getting stories/information that you read, mixed up with what your PS tells you. lol
But I'm still VERY happy to have found this site and have all of you amazing ladies to talk to! I am one of 'those ladies' who have decided not to tell other people; in fact only my fiance, mother, step-dad and best friend know about my surgery. I have a pretty large group of girlfriends, but I've lost 2 of them recently to petty, drama, lies, jealousy... so it kind of gave me a wake up call as to who I can realllllly trust, so for now I think I'll keep my lips sealed. I know my reasons for having this surgery and I just don't feel the need to have to explain myself to others or hear others say 'you are perfect the way you are'... that's nice and all, but none of them have seen me naked and if I was 'perfect' then I wouldn't have wanted a BA/BL! lol :)
OK end rant! :)
I'll add a few 12-day post-op pictures a little later today!

12 days post op pics

My bra left some funny marks on my chest (I just woke up when I took these pics) so disregard those, they're from swelling are aren't usually there.
Feeling pretty great!!

Gym withdrawals....

I'm 17 days post-op and I CANNOT wait to go back to the gym!! I wanted this surgery for so long so I could feel good about myself. Now that I finally have boobs that I love, I feel like I'm gaining weight and back pedaling. :-/ I used to do Zumba 5X a week and now I do nothing. At all. I'm going to try to do some cardio a few times this week & maybe just actually going to the gym will get me out of this funk.

Time of the month breast pain.

All day yesterday I was in pain and it continued into the night last night (I woke up 5-6x) and I'm still hurting this morning. I had no idea why, but then it just hit me, my period is about to start! My boobs always get tender and sore around that time of the month, but they are about 10x more tender and sore this month. I was on the verge of taking one of my prescribed pain pills last night just to get some comfort because Advil and Tylenol weren't working at all…
Has anyone else experienced this? I’m really hoping I’m only this sore because I’m just 18 days post-op. Hopefully the months to come are less painful.

Week 3 post-op

3 weeks post op!! Using the silicone scar sheets daily now and loving my results. Couldn't be happier with the look and feel!!

No underwire bathing suit top!!!!

I went to the beach today and felt amazing!!! I didn't have to adjust my too every 10 seconds which was so nice. I had so much more confidence, it was great!! Smiles ALLL day long! I couldn't be happier with my surgery!!!!

More 3week post op pics

Loving my results! Only 3 weeks post op and 1 week of using silicone scar sheets.

Oops.. Forgot to add these

You can see how well my scars have healed so far.

Scar treatments - for those who have asked

Here's what I'm using. NewGel+ Silicone Gel Sheets. I use them daily for at least 6 hours. Usually at night or while I'm working, since I work from home.

1-month post op appointment

I had my 1 month post-op today and my PS said he's very impressed with how well I have healed. My scars are flat, thin and are getting lighter already. I love the size and shape of my breasts now (righty is still a little higher then lefty tho), but only noticeable when I'm naked and looking in the mirror back and forth comparing them... so no worries there. I'm finally allowed to wear whatever bra I want and I can get SIZED and go bra SHOPPING now!! :) The ONLY complaint I have is that I still have no feeling in my right nipple and my left nipple is hypersensitive. I have been 'babying' my left nipple and making sure not to bump it or rub it on my clothing, but today I learned from my PS that the main way to get my left nipple to 'calm down' is to actually do the opposite. He said that it needs to be agitated, rubbed on clothes, etc.. and I need to wash it semi-aggressively in the shower so the nerve endings will heal/reconnect and then it won't be sensitive anymore. So I'm going to start doing just that! I'm pretty pumped that my life is getting back to normal again! I would do this surgery again in a heartbeat, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, but I'm still glad to finally be able to be me again. lol Next big mile stone is week 6 which is when I'll be released to work out again!!!! :) I can't wait to get back to zumba!!!!

Right implant finally dropped

Today I noticed that my right implant finally dropped!!! Its strange that one day its high, and the next it's not. I don't know if everyone is like that or not (I actually figured it would drop little by little, but I guess not.) I'm super happy tho! I was feeling super tight and uncomfortable yesterday, but I thought it was because I over did it, but after my shower this morning I noticed that they're both even now. I like the tear drop shape that I have now in BOTH breasts. Lol

Five week update

Things have been going fabulous!! I'm healing great, my scars are flat, smooth and are lightening up already.
New things:: * I can sleep comfortably on my stomach now!
*I'm using my silicone scar strips for 9-10 hours a day and I had to get my first set if anchor strips replaced because they started to fall apart after only 7 days, but the new ones came in the mail quickly so I was only w/o them for a few days.
*I have full range of motion back, w/o any pain and I can pick my 4-year old up pretty easily now.
*This weekend I'm going to VS to get sized (pretty excited about that)!! I can't wait to see what size I am. :)
I can't think of anything else that's new. I'm just thrilled beyond words! My only complaint is that I didn't do this sooner. :) I hope everyone is healing well and I hope time is flying by for the ladies that are waiting for their date!!

Side by side progress pictures

Best thing I've ever done for myself!! :) I love the shape and size more everyday so I can't wait to see what they look like at 6 months post-op!

Happy 6 weeks to me! (& my boobie budddy)

I am absolutely in LOVE with my boobs!! I hated my boobs before surgery and here I am today, sitting at my desk with just a tank top and no bra. :) So happy that I finally decided to take the plunge and get a BL & BA. I can wear anything (or nothing at all) and feel so confident!! I've been back to the gym, just using the treadmill or eliptical, and I'm down almost 20 pounds so I'm feeling like a million bucks!! I'll post 6-week-post-op pics soon!

6 week post op pics

7 weeks and feeling amazing!!

Not much has changed since I updated last time except that I went to Victoria Secret and got sized!! I'm a 36DD, but I could easily wear a 36DDD if there's any padding what so ever in the bra. (I used to wear a DD with lots of padding and I had to adjust all the time cuz my saggy boobs would fall out of the bra and give me the 4-boob appearance. lol)
I then proceeded to purchase 9 new bras! Lol thank goodness for good sales! Still working on losing weight and I haven't lost any since last week, but I 'feel' like I have tho by the fit of my clothes.
Hope everyone is doing great!!!!!

Victoria's Secret bras!!!

So I finally gave in, after realizing that none of my bras fit anymore, and I purchased 9 bras at an incredible price!!! Here are pics of a few of them! I can honestly say that today was the happiest I've EVER felt about my boobs. I'm so blessed and so very thankful that my PS gave me the 'wish boobs' that I've always wanted.

8 weeks post-op

Here's a quick update with pics! I'm completely back to 'normal.' Working out, jogging, swimming.... I can literally do everything I could do before surgery, except push ups. Thise stilll kind of hurt. Im still using my silicone scar sheets, which I HIGHLY recommend!! What a life changing event this has been, but I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat!! So happy with my results!!

One more pic

Top 1-day. Bottom 8-weeks


Yay for being two months post op! I can't believe it! Time had flown by! Absolutely no complaints here! I still have numbness in party's of my breasts, but I knew that was a possibility and honestly it isn't that big of a deal to me. Looking at the big picture, I'm 1000% better than before surgery! Here are some comparison pics.

Sports bra suggestions??

I NEED a good quality HIGH IMPACT sports bra. Any suggestions? I've bought 4 already from different stores and none of them are giving me the support I need.. :-/

12-weeks post op

I loove my new boobs ! No complaints here!! Definitely glad I had the surgery and I'd do it all over again! Here are some updated pics.

3 month appointment

Yesterday was my 3 month post-op appointment and I'm still doing great!! I had a couple of "issues" this month, but they cleared up before I could even ask my PS about it at my appointment. I was hearing/feeling that slushing sound that a lot of women on here talk about in my left breast when I bent over or leaned to the side, (I only noticed it during working out or stretching) but I thought it was weird that I JUST now started hearing it. I figured I would of heard it right after surgery, not almost 3months post op. But the good news, it just went away all the sudden. I haven't heard or felt it in about 10 days. The other issue is I was having pain under my right breast where my horizontal incision/scar is. It would randomly hurt for less than a minute at a time but it happened 10-15 times a day. I just assumed it was nerve endings reattaching aka 'zingers', but once again... How weird for it to just now start to happen. They only happened for 2-3 days and I haven't had even one this week, so who knows. I did mention both things to my PS and he said that it might be because I'm fully back into exercising now. I workout 5x a week so maybe all the breast movement is triggering more healing, he obviously explained it a lot better than what I just did. But overall I'm doing FANTASTIC and couldn't be happier with my results! My PS also asked me to sign a release so he can put my before and after pics on his website. :) He said I'm a great example of what can happen when patients follow their pre-op and post op instructions to a T. Which I did... Probably in a way over the top OCD sort of way, but I've wanted my boobs fixed for so long and $8,000 is nothing to laugh at so I definitely did everything possible (and still do) to make sure my boobs are well taken care of!
So happy to see so many people doing so well! I absolutely LOVE this website! I've been on here for 5 months and I've NEVER seen even one put down, shitty comment or jealous remark! It's awesome to be able to have a website that's full of non judgemental people. You all are great !!

Last post for a while

Things are going great and not much has changed, so I'm posting 1 more set of pics then I'll be back in January to post 6-month post-op pictures. :) take care all!!!


I'm doing amazing! I had 405cc under muscle silicon implants on July 12th and it was the best decision of my life! I can do absolutely everything I could before surgery, but with more confidence. I love being able to feel comfortable wearing tops that I wouldn't even imagine considering before. Not to mention, I would wear bras to bed before surgery because I was so self-conscious and now I can go braless when ever I feel like it, day or night and no one knows. My scarring is minimal. I only have pink flat lines, which I’m very pleased with. The only “issue” I have had with surgery is that I no longer have feeling in my right nipple, but it wasn’t very sensitive before, so it definitely isn’t a big deal to me. I would absolutely do this surgery again in a heart beat. My only regret is not doing it sooner because I have hated my boobs since I was 15. I’m just glad that I did it while I was young-ish (28, lol), instead of waiting till my kids were all grown. Spending that much money on myself was a very hard decision and it made me feel guilty knowing that I could use it for my kids, but I know that they have more than what they need or want. And honestly this procedure made me a happier more confident person, so I think it kind of made me a better mom in a way.
If you're debating doing this for yourself, get educated about board certified PS's, make sure its not going to put you in major debt, and read about "what to expect" and DO IT!!!
Hope everyone is doing great!!

1year post-op

I can't say it enough... I'm so happy I decided to have surgery. I LOVE my results! Things are going great. I can do absolutely everything I could pre-surgery and I can wear anything I want. I wanted to look as natural as possible in a bikini/bra and I definitely got that look. My husband says he loves the way they look and feel, which of course is great, but I'm mostly happy that I have my confidence back. Looking in the mirror and seeing what I feel like I should look like at 28 is amazing. :) Here are a few pics. Hope everyone is doing GREAT!!!!
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