28 Years Old, 5'4", 133 Lbs, Breasts Shrank After College/losing Weight - South Bend, IN

I've had my initial consultation with Vectra 3D...

I've had my initial consultation with Vectra 3D Imaging which allowed me to see what my breasts could theoretically look like after surgery. I booked with the Doctor and have my next consultation on 12/13 where I'll be able to "wear" the implants and choose the best sizing. The Dr. mentioned that I'll need two different types of implants due to my breasts being completely different shapes and sizes. They're nearly a full cup size different at the moment.

I lost weight after college and my nearly C breasts shrank considerably to barely B and A cups. It's been awful bra shopping since...I feel almost completely flat-chested on my right side. I'm extremely excited to have more symmetrical breasts, though I'm really not expecting perfection. I just want my confidence back and to feel womanly, like I did in college.

Current breasts

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