28 Years Old, 5'4", 133 Lbs, Breasts Shrank After Minor Weight Loss - South Bend, IN

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I've had my initial consultation with Vectra 3D...

I've had my initial consultation with Vectra 3D Imaging which allowed me to see what my breasts could theoretically look like after surgery. I booked with the Doctor and have my next consultation on 12/13 where I'll be able to "wear" the implants and choose the best sizing. The Dr. mentioned that I'll need two different types of implants due to my breasts being completely different shapes and sizes. They're nearly a full cup size different at the moment.

I lost weight after college and my nearly C breasts shrank considerably to barely B and A cups. It's been awful bra shopping since...I feel almost completely flat-chested on my right side. I'm extremely excited to have more symmetrical breasts, though I'm really not expecting perfection. I just want my confidence back and to feel womanly, like I did in college.

Current breasts

Surgery is tomorrow!

Thank goodness for madness of the holidays these past few weeks. I think it's really helped keep my anxiety and nervousness about the procedure to a minimum. Surprisingly, I'm not nervous at all yet and I think much of that is due to reading reviews on here. It's like I know what to expect and it's all been mapped out for me, in a sense. Granted, when they're hooking me up to an IV tomorrow, I imagine that calm will go right out the window! We shall see.

I'll post an update tomorrow :)

3D imaging

What they should look like...300cc in left breast, 425cc in right breast

Home from surgery!

I've been home for a few hours now and to my surprise I feel hardly any pain or pressure. It's a slight discomfort, but nothing major. They gave me pain medicine in my IV before leaving and I took two painkillers when I got home. The medicine they prescribed me is supposed to help with nausea and it hasn't made me loopy or tingly which is such a relief.

I haven't looked in the mirror yet, but I noticed when getting dressed that they aren't too large at all! I was nervous getting the 425cc because it just sounded so huge. So I have a 300cc moderate profile implant in the left and 425cc high profile in the right. I was so disproportionate!

I never felt nervous which was wonderful. My only challenges so far are that I can't sleep at all and I'm really exhausted. I've never slept sitting up in this horribly awkward position and I imagine that's why. Just can't get comfortable whatsoever. Also, I had a hard time waking up from the anesthesia. Shaking and shivering violently for a solid 15-20 mins. The anesthesiologist had to give me Demerol to stop the shivering. It was scary--my teeth were chattering so hard I thought I was going to break them and my quads were shaking and moving a ton. That's truly been the worst pain so far and I'm relieved that it subsided. Now if only I could get some sleep...

Photos are of the bra they sent me home in and some faint markings from where he drew prior to surgery.

Day 2

I had my first post-op this morning and didn't ask to look, but my fiancé says they look really nice, so I'm happy about that! I couldn't sleep at all last night, tossed and turned like crazy and the doc prescribed me Ambien to help sleep. I finally got a few hours in and it was wonderful! I don't know people are able to sleep on their backs and completely elevated...not for me.

I started my herbal supplements which apparently will help with healing scar tissue and bruising. I actually have no bruising at all and the doc said if it hasn't come yet, it probably won't--score!

I also found that if I only take one painkiller I'm in a lot of pain. The doc cleared me for two, but I'm not a big fan of taking lab created drugs so I tried to just go with one, but oh man...so much pain. In addition to my breasts being tender and sore, my stomach and lower back are aching, too. Really hoping it gets easier form here on out.

Day 3

Well, I never imagined I'd be in as much pain as I have been the past two days. The pain meds they gave me are a lower dose and supposed to help with the nausea, but I've thrown up both days and it really sucks. Keeping food down is hit or miss and I've had an excruciating headache all day. I did sleep for about 12 hours yesterday so that probably contributed to the headache.

I'm really trying to stay positive, but it's starting to wear on me. The pain is making me so irritable :(

Day 4

So I decided to stop using the pain medication altogether. I think it was the cause of my nausea and vomiting, and I was starting to get severe headaches so I just switched to Tylenol. So far, so good. Sleeping a lot still, but able to hold my food down so far. Granted, the last time I threw up was this morning, but I'm hopeful it won't happen again.

Breasts are scary looking at the moment. I took a shower and while they do look pretty and symmetrical, I'm concerned that I'll have a pretty bad scar on my right breast. No sense in worrying about it now, but it's definitely on my mind. Fiancé complimented them earlier and that definitely gave my confidence a little boost, especially after all of the pain and swelling. I hate being immobile for such long periods! My lower back is swollen from using my tailbone so much. Can't wait til I'm cleared for the gym!

2.5 weeks post-op

I'm feeling so much better! My breasts are definitely still settling, but I have more range of motion now. I'm still sleeping on my back, but no longer elevated (yay!) and it's taken some getting used to. I occasionally wake in pain and realize I've rolled on my side, oops. Also, I've been having insane night sweats, like waking up covered in sweat and sheets are drenched. I don't know if this is from hormones or what, but it's pretty gross.

My left breast is the golden child for sure. It's soft, dropping nicely, doesn't ache an ounce. My right is another story. It's still boxy and hard as a rock. I'm a little nervous that capsular contracture is taking place, but I can't be certain. I have another follow up with my surgeon next week, so I'll see what he says then. He's having me massage them everyday for about 15 minutes each and it definitely seems to help stretch the muscle out. If I don't do it, I come home horribly sore at the end of the day.

Also, I get winded pretty easily. I was in great cardiovascular shape prior to surgery so I suppose it's my body still healing. I also get pangs of needle-like and quivering feelings in my right breast which I imagine is my nerves attempting to heal themselves. Right now I have no sensation in or under my right nipple. Really hoping that comes back!

The glue has almost all come off and the scars really don't look that bad. They're under the breast so you can't really see them anyway! Overall, I'm happy so far and can't wait to see how they look and feel when finally healed!

Please disregard my flabby stomach in the photos...I've been eating a lottt of chocolate and not working out lol

One month post surgery

I'm so, so happy. I'm incredibly proud of myself for working up the courage to have the surgery and making it through. Things are almost back to normal. I still have trouble slicing bread or doing anything where I need to apply a good deal of pressure, but that's alright, it'll come back in time.

I've been cleared to work out again and to go get measured for a bra! I went to a couple different places and right now I'm a 34c. It's the exact size I wanted! I think they suit my body beautifully.

My doctor and his team were just fantastic and I'd recommend anyone go see them. This has been a great experience overall.

7 weeks post

I'm working out again, hooray! Definitely taking it slow, but I can lift light weights and cardio is no problem at all. Push ups aren't happening yet, but I never really liked those anyway so I'm not shedding any tears over them ;)

Sorry for the dark quality of photos...there's not a whole lot of natural light in Indiana during the winter months.

I found these amazing little sports bras at target for $6 each and I've been living in them. They're so comfy! I haven't bought regular bras yet because my right breast is still pretty sore and doesn't like anything too tight. I may just wear these little babies forever!

My left breast is beautiful and everything I had hoped for. It's soft and settled and happy. The right is still sore and angry, so hopefully as time goes on that muscle will continue to loosen and it'll settle like the left side. I really love the size!

15 weeks post

It's been awhile since I've added an update and I'm almost at 4 months post now. Left breast is perfect--it's settled and happy, looks natural. The right has been more challenging. It's still swollen, sore and numb. I'm hoping it'll continue to heal and eventually settle like the left. It's still a strange and uncomfortable sensation to not have any feeling under the breast. Directly below the nipple and about two inches to each side there's just nothing. Overall, I'm still happy with the surgery and much more confident. Working out has come back slowly, but my breasts don't bother me when I'm running or lifting which I'm so thankful for! Time to finish getting in shape for my wedding in June :)

15 week post photos

Patrick Viscardi

I had a truly wonderful experience at Doctor Viscardi's office. The staff were extremely professional and seemed to genuinely care about my experience. From the initial consultation, to the day of surgery, to my final follow up appointment, all interactions were pleasant. Dr. Viscardi is a bit on the quieter side, but he's quite knowledgeable and was patient when answering my plethora of questions. The offices are inviting and relaxing, and the surgery room was clean and comfortable. I highly recommend Dr. Viscardi and his team.

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