34 Mother of 2 ready to get rid of this muffin top and have a more rounder butt!!! South beach, FL

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I'm having my procedure done by Dr Arnaldo haven't...

I'm having my procedure done by Dr Arnaldo haven't met with him yet but excited to met him haven't got it done yet but I have my plane ticket and hotel room and my lab work can out great yeaaaaaa a little nervous but ready to get over with I haven't took my hemo testing going to do it when I get there on the 13th of April I'm taking iron 325 pills so that it will not be low and be ready for my procedure on the 15th of April

Changing to dr mcadoo

Changing my doc because not feeling comfortable with old doc because he doesn't have any reviews and nothing online showing his work and dr mcadoo I'm falling in love with his work that I have seen

34 and ready to get real dolly and look good

I'm traveling to my favorite place to have my surgery done south beach Miami with dr Mcadoo I'm so excited but a little nerves I weight close to 200 my height is a few inches below 5"7 I did my testing and my hemo is low so I'm working on that!! Can't wait to be comfortable in my clothes lol

Getting ready for my big day!!!!

I'm so excited my months have turned into weeks and soon will be days...getting thing together I'm gettin my garment there so it can fit just rite I can't wait to be looking and feeling comfortable in my clothes with a round butt and flatter stomach... Is there anything else I need plz help!!!!

Next week is soon to b here Dr Macdoo

I'm excited and nerves at the same time can't wait to b a doll I started packing and grabbing little things for my trip my friends n ft lauderdale will b goin with me to met Dr Macdoo I'm so happy for the support I'm getting I love it

Two days till I met Mcadoo I can't wait

Two day till I met the man my surgeon so happy to be able to do that before my surgery so my nerve can be a little calmer but I know God will be by my side and to bless me though this!!! But I can't wait to see my result Im hoping and praying I'll be happy and health after!!

It's done and I like my results

It's been 3 weeks and few days since my surgery I would of been on here but been very busy but I got a up date on my journey I arrived at encore and the ladies r nice the try to assistant u as best as they can because the do get busy so make sure u have patience! I had to get more supplies like urinal so that I didn't sit down on toilet it made it so much easier I bought pads to put on the bed while I stay n the hotel room make sure u bring extra money for ur prescriptions cuz the pain meds ur will need. My wonderful boyfriend stay with me at the hotel and was wonderful help!! All the meds like arnica make sure u get cuz I was stiff wen I woke up after my surgery and n much pain but hey beauty is pain lol. This is the day after my butt lol and a week after I was bruised and swelling

Gets better looking at time go

I getting better b the day these pics are week and half later I'm seeing better results yessss I'm loving it lol

Coming along great!

I been feeling so much better my birthday tommorrow I went to go try on some dresses my butt is big lol I look at it with a smile because it looks good I was rubbing it a lot to mold it my stomach I been working on with a waist trainer it's not as flat as I want it but noooooo muffin top ayyyyyeeeeee lol It still pain and swelling n my stomach it I massage it every night with finger by goin in circler motion and massager machine I got for Christmas it works great!! These pic was from cinco de mayo!!!!

It's still soreness but I love it

It's been a full month and I Ben back working and walking wen the weather is nice my birthday was on the 13th and I looked and felt good n the dress I wore I turnd a lot of heads lol

Hey there it's been 4 months and 23 day since my surgery and every thing is great!!!!!

Don't feel hardly no pain only wen I wake up in the morning my tummy feel stiffness that was way worst from the beginning of the surgery so it normal cuz it doesn't do it as much my results to the ppl I know they love it and so do I I have a natural type of shape and glad I went and got it done because I'm comfortable in my clothes and with this shape it look good in them

Hey there it been close to a yr and looking and feeling good

I been doin great I get a lot of compliments it's not easy to keeping the weight off but it's been all most a yr in April

Aventura Plastic Surgeon

It's almost been a year and still love my results - It's been almost a year and I'm looking and feeling good bbl was the best thing I could of done for myself and my doctor made sure I looked great. Since my anniversary is next month I'm going to work out so that I can take this cruise!!!

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