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My original goal was to just get rid of the...

My original goal was to just get rid of the "after-babies" tummy. Along with that I have decided to also lift my breast just to get my pre-baby shape back and from there I can get back to working out and losing the weight.
It's been very hard and demotivating to stick to the gym and healthy diet being so out of shape. Sometimes it just felt like I'll never get the results I'm aiming for hence my decision to go for a young Mommy Makeover.
I have met with Dr Braun twice in the last 6 months and both consults went extremely well. He put my mind at ease and gave me the confidence that I have made the right decision.
So in 5 hours..... I'll be officially going in.
Here's to a yummy-mummy to be????

Almost 2 days post op

So the surgery took just under 3 hours. Something neither the PS or myself had expected. All seems to have gone pretty well except for a few hours after I cam out of theatre. My right boob was just in excruciating pain and the nurses seemed to think it was a drain that wasn't positioned correctly. Until I could literally feel the blood/liquid oozing all over me, then I would not stop screaming until Ai got a pain injection and the right side was redressed.
Besides that little episode, the pain seems to be bearable.
I go back home later today so we'll see what post care instructions we get and how that goes. Personally I did not rent or buy any recliner beds/seats and having used this hospital one for the pst 2 nights I'm wondering if I should have.
We'll cross that bridge once we get to it I suppose.

Going home today. Yayyyyyyyy

So it's been 2 nights at the Rosebank Clinic and so far really great. I can't wait to get back home though and get into some kind of healing routine there too.
Will see Dr Braun later this morning so we'll update on what post op care he instructs once I leave hospital. Besides that, it's been two whole days and I desperately miss being in a bath or a shower. But one day at a time right, once I get to have that shower I'll probably relish it much more than I ever have enjoyed a shower before.
Oh and I coughed last night. Painful is an understatement. It felt like I had popped something out of place and took a while and a painkiller injection to settle down. After that though I slept right through.

Great experience so far...

My drains have been removed. It was much less painful that what I'd expected. Scheduled to come see the doctor again next Tuesday.
I must say I feel so much better without the drains. Feels like I may just walk out of here normally but the doc did say I must walk in a slightly bent position at at for the first 10 days after surgery.

Good Friday indeed.????

I'm at 4 days post op. Got back home in the late afternoon yesterday. Pain is moderate really. Only pangs if I miss a dose which I did this morning because hubby's not used to making and serving up breakfast. So I eventually had to go down to breakfast just before noon. Got it down and then took the antibiotics and painkillers. Then slept right through. I feel okay now again. Am gonna take another 5 to 10 mins walk and then get back in bed.
Will post more pics over the weekend.

Uphill journey but am hanging in there

Right breast continues to just seep/bleed
I ate shellfish yesterday which for some reason seems to have put me right back at square one.
Pain, bleeding and all sorts I'm going through right now.
Nothing I eat even raw tomatoes seems to be staying in. I don't know if I'll need another antibiotic or what. But I can only speak to my surgeon on Monday. I pray I'll be much better than what I'm feeling by then.
My stomach is upset for days! All I seem to hold down is water, even that not so much.
If I ever had one of those "why did I do this to myself days!". Today is/was one of them.

Still weak but feeling a lot better today.

I'm struggling with my appetite, almost like those first 2 days after the surgery.
I do feel a lot better than yesterday and hope that my tummy will settle today.
As far as I had budgeted, in terms of recovery time, I'm supposed to be able to drive by tomorrow because it'll be two weeks post op on Tuesday.
I feel nowhere near ready to get into my normal routine of getting breakfast and lunches ready and then dropping kids off at school.
Is there anyone else who took longer to recover than the general 2 weeks after TT and BA?

4 weeks post op. Had to have a Drainage Heamatoma procedure 5 days ago too

So many reviews on RS have advised that this journey is not for the faint hearted. I reiterate the same message.
Just over a week ago when I went in for my checkup the nurse who had prescribed antibiotics the week before, realised that it wasn't just an infection on my right breast (which has continously bled and seeped), but made a call that it was a hematoma and that I needed to go back into theatre under anaesthetic just to drain it out.
I was not happy with the idea of having to go under again, but had no option. It was the only safe call.
It's been 5 days since that last procedure now and I sincerely hope that I am now well on my way to recovery.
This coming Tuesday will be 5 weeks post my original op and at this rate I just feel like I'm having the slowest healing process ever recorded.
I am hoping for quick and miraculous recovery in the coming week because at some point I have to get back to work.
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