TwentyONE & Driven Insane by Acne!!! - South Africa, ZA

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Hi everyone I've decided to start my own review,...

Hi everyone
I've decided to start my own review, hoping to help others out there as others' reviews have inspired me.
I'm a 21 year old African girl, I'm a student and have been struggling with acne since high school. It's recurring acne and I'm just at the point where I wanna enjoy beautiful skin all the time. I have tried everything on the shelves, I've been using birth control since 10th grade, my doctor prescribed them to me and I can't say they did much for me do I ended up stopping in high school.
Had a lot of acne scarring, managed to get rid of it. Then of course acne decided to come back and now I'm just tired of it all so accutane is the last thing left for me to try.
*accutane journey*
I'm sooo nervous bout this, cause of some of the reviews I've seen. I've got mild acne so my derm prescribed 10mg of Oratane for four months, I took the first pill yesterday (28/06/2016). Two weeks ago my skin was clear, after all the exams I got so stressed and acne came back in full force, touching my skin felt so rocky lol. Anyway its been two weeks and I can count the pimples *yay* but my derm thinks I should still go on accutane so let's see how this goes.

Question:do we have to take the pill at the same time everyday or it doesn't really matter? I hear we supposed to take it with our fattiest meal

Guys I'll be trying to update you all on my journey, I'm gonna be positive and do what I have to do.
Let's kill this acne!



Hi errbody!
No breakout yet, lol I actually need that flare now cause I'll be going back to school in a week's time, it's the end of Winter break :'(
I woke up this morning with suuuper dry lips :'( I have NEVER seen my lips this dry guys! It's so sad, vaseline obviously isn't working for me.
Opening my eyes was a lot harder, lol not that I didn't wanna get out of bed but cause they were dry :/ I was not expecting this so soon and with such a low dosage :v
Nothing on my nose yet, thank heavens! It's still the way it was before accutane.

Which balms do you guys use? Hopefully I'll be able to get it here in South Africa.
What do you guys use for your eyes?

Thanks in advance guys.
Let's kill this acne!!!

day 3- yaaasss!

Hey again
Still on day 3, so I made sure my lips get really wet for a long time when I was taking my bath. Even put my wet face cloth on my lips for some time. Those little lose pieces of dry skin on my lips got really soft, and easily got off when I washed my lips with the cloth.
My lips are now soft and very smooth. I applied my vitamin E oil and it feels really good. I'm so happy, lol it was really irritating me!

Day 7-Breakout!

Hi all, I'm on day 7, dry lips and eyes are not an issue no more. I'm drinking gallons and gallons of water hahaha.
I'm starting to break out a bit :( it shall pass, just hope it won't get much worse than it is right now.
Either than that there isn't much I can say about this. We'll see how it is in a few weeks' time..

Let's kill this acne!

Day 30-there is still hope =D

Hey everyone!
I am finally finishing my first packet of Oratane! So since the last break out, my skin didn't get any worse, it was pretty much the same. Except now I'm getting these bigger pimples =( I hate them! It's hard to keep positive when you wake up with new pimples sometimes, but I know it's all a part of the journey and I can not wait to be free from acne.
My eyes are not getting dry anymore, they feel pretty normal to me. My lips, they still get dry, but they aren't as bad as in the first few days, don't know if it's the water, the vitamin E oil or what. I purchased Eucerine's Aquaphor, I'm yet to try it out.
My skin is generally dry, all over, I am using Nivea for dry skin, it's quite thick but works wonders.
What else.......?????
Ooh I spot treat my pimples with Calamine lotion at night, lol that's if I remember =)
Oh yeah guys my bacne is gone!!!! :D like gone! I don't have a single pimple on there and on my chest. When I started with accutane I had some on my back and I hated em cause I couldn't wear tanks, sorry I forgot to snap a picture for yall.
Okay so one month down, three to go.
Remember to stay positive guys and don't give up, ever! We deserve beautiful skin.

Let's kill this acne!!!

2 months down, 2 more to go!

Hey Errbody!
I am halfway through my accutane journey, and I am so happy :)
Been so overwhelmed with school, I did not have time to post. Okay, so I don't have the whole 'dry lip' issue anymore, I drink tons of water and then whatever lip balm/gloss I use works fine. Like I said in my last post, I don't experience dry eyes, thank heavens. I still have a few pimples here and there, the scarring is depressing me :(
I wear a liquid foundation when I go out, clean up as soon as I get home. The acne is clearing out, I'm not getting those annoying tiny pimples anymore, I get two or three every other day but they're bigger :(
I've got two more months to go.

DR Verster

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