Breast augmentation,55 yo ,62 kilo ,1.78 cm tall.Maybe going 200cc or 250 ,like dual plane

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I will wait until october, to do the operation ,...

i will wait until october, to do the operation , still very worry for my breast shape , with divergent nipples. Few PS says i do not need a lift , but i am not of this idea,i have seen my photos of before (1 son and breastfeeding) and after , The aureolas drop on the side more than was all ready before. i will do also the facelift with this, ia m 55 and october is my birthday..............

new photo,much better.

I took it straight ,not bend forward!

Can't wait.........

I feel like stupid.Or maybe i am. I am not talking about this to antone,this is the only place where i can put my wish and feeling .I book my consultation the 27 June. I am going to meet one of the most experience PS in my area ,i think, is working from 35 years on Plastic Surgery,actually i am afraid he will retired before i do it in october ,( no he told me not) . I aslo have another consultation the 8 july, but i will see,if i feel confortable with the first one i mat cancel the other. Only big sad note is that i am living to go back working and i will miss my son. Now 24 y. old. Thanks for all the reviews that makes me understand lots of things and my knowledge now is good. I forgot to say that i will do facelift + BA together. Actually i want to make sure with him that is ok to perform the 2 at the same time. Will see. Keep ypu posted and keep me posted too............xxxxx

still the same 55 years


21 y.

before BF my child

Breast Since Ever

I am 55 years old. I am 1.78 cm tall and 62 kilo . Very fit, travelling a lot for my work. I can't wait to do it, a bit scared cause nobody know and with BA i will do a full face lift,anyone has done the 2 procedure together? Still have to discuss if i also need a lift or not,i am very much afraid of the big gap i have btw my breast. I want to go small ,maybe 250 cc . I want to run, sail, walk ect without having the feeling of a big tits. I am use to do everything "Not having boobs"

Breast Augmentation WITHOUT lift

Breast Augmentation WITHOUT lift

size table of round tex. implant

300 cc 11 cm Diam. 4.2 cm projection High profile
290 cc 12 cm Diam, 3.8 cm proj. Mod. plus
300 cc 12.6 cm Diam 3.1 cm proj. Moderate

Consultation done!!! 220 cc Hp over NO LIFT

Today i had my consultation with the first PS i had on my agenda,and was the last that comes out after my long research: he have 35 years experience . I feel very confortable with him. The 28 june i will do the Face lift and the 28 sept. I will do the breast aug. I wanted to do all together now but financially i can't . I will go with 220 high profile over of eurosilicone I have heard that has more projection then others brand in every size and profile.Did anyone from europe have it? I know is use from europe a lot and is very good, just in the usa is not approved but i think is for money reason .


My breast from the sternal noch the nipple is : left 19 cm - right 20 cm, and left is bit smaller then the right one.So he is going to go bit bigger on one.


I postpone my F.L. the 5 th July cause i want to make sure nobody is in town.Is holiday season. The BA is thill same date.Feeling confuse about it, sometimes feeling to cancel it. To many doubt. But i guess is like that for every woman?
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