31 And My Rhinoplasty is Booked *FINALLY* - Smithtown, NY

I know all the feelings and insecurities that come...

I know all the feelings and insecurities that come with dominating features. Opting out of photos - anxiety meeting new people - wanting everyone in the room to be on your 'good side' - feeling less feminine around other girls with nice small noses - not wanting to be seen without makeup - being reclusive when you're feeling extra insecure - and being down right cranky just because you're that vain lol.
Well, my darling realselfers, after becoming a mother - separating from my husband - and feeling old and neglected - I've decided to make my dream come true and place my ever loving shnoz into the hands of the kind and caring Dr Marotta.
This has been on the forefront of my thoughts since my early teens. I'd lie awake in my bed EVERY night fantasizing about a beautified beak. I obsess. And though I know I'm pretty, and have no issues ensnaring the opposite sex - I find it completely necessary to eradicate this thorn of an insecurity.
At my consultation I felt completely comfortable. The attentive staff made me feel at home and understood. This is the polar opposite of my experience going for a consult at Dr. Stephen Greenberg's office- He was insensitive, hasty, and didn't appear to care at all about me.
Anyway, I'm booked for a Rhinoplasty with Dr. James Marotta on November 1st - I'm ridiculously excited lol. I'll post some before pics just for kicks :)
Long Island Facial Plastic Surgeon

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