31, Open-Septo/Rhinoplasty with Turbinate Reduction - Smithtown, NY

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I know all the feelings and insecurities that come...

I know all the feelings and insecurities that come with dominating features. Opting out of photos - anxiety meeting new people - wanting everyone in the room to be on your 'good side' - feeling less feminine around other girls with nice small noses - not wanting to be seen without makeup - being reclusive when you're feeling extra insecure - and being down right cranky just because you're that vain lol.
Well, my darling realselfers, after becoming a mother - separating from my husband - and feeling old and neglected - I've decided to make my dream come true and place my ever loving shnoz into the hands of the kind and caring Dr Marotta.
This has been on the forefront of my thoughts since my early teens. I'd lie awake in my bed EVERY night fantasizing about a beautified beak. I obsess. And though I know I'm pretty, and have no issues ensnaring the opposite sex - I find it completely necessary to eradicate this thorn of an insecurity.
At my consultation I felt completely comfortable. The attentive staff made me feel at home and understood. This is the polar opposite of my experience going for a consult at Dr. Stephen Greenberg's office- He was insensitive, hasty, and didn't appear to care at all about me.
Anyway, I'm booked for a Rhinoplasty with Dr. James Marotta on November 1st - I'm ridiculously excited lol. I'll post some before pics just for kicks :)


By this time tomorrow I'll be in recovery. This is still hard to believe - it's actually happening! I've been having butterflies since I woke up. I just hope the day goes by quickly and that I don't have a difficult time falling asleep! Next update will be first day post- op- tomorrow! Yay:)

Morph by Dr Marotta

I forgot to upload the morph from my consult on the 17th. Looks good to me:) Possible chin implant in the future...

1 Day Post-Op

So yesterday was my surgery! Everything went smoothly - Dr Marotta and his staff are truly so kind and caring. I was quite nervous- but they helped me feel at ease. In the OR the only pain I felt was the IV in my hand- and the drugs administered had a burning sensation- the next thing I knew I was waking up. I wasn't expecting to feel actual pain- only pressure as so many have described. But I felt pain lol Nothing crazy of course. Lots of pressure - very achy - throbbing- my head was pounding - my upper gums and teeth were throbbing. I immediately asked for pain meds- so they gave me some organic flax seed oatmeal (which is right up my alley) and when I finished I was able to take two Vicodin. I honestly felt like the meds only helped with about a third of what I was feeling- but they kept me relaxed. By the time I got home- the swelling really started to show - I was pretty miserable to say the least. Right before dinner time I had a bout with nausea and the shakes - as my body is metabolizing the anesthesia. I quickly took an anti- nausea pill - ate some rice cakes- and drank about a liter of water. After some burping I felt better lol. I've been eating the rice cakes between pills - and that truly helps. I was able to sleep in two hour increments. I have a humidifier and dry mouth spray so I had no discomfort there. Did I mention the sore throat from the tube during the surgery? Well, that feels much better today. The swelling is still pretty bad, and the pain in my gums and teeth has subsided quite a bit. The headache comes and goes- and I have to change the pad under my nose when it fills with blood (which is every two hours or so). The sensations in my nose are the strongest (obviously). I feel a lot of pressure - slight burning - aching and now the tip is starting to hurt a bit more - like a slight pinching. In about two hours I head back to Dr Marotta to have the gauze taken out- I have to admit - the very thought frightens me. But I keep telling myself - NO PAIN NO GAIN! I just remind myself of my every day life and how my insecurity had effected so many things - dominated my thoughts - made me antisocial even. Well, I know this is temporary - so I'm just going to bite the bullet. I'll post some photos from yesterday and today.

Day 1 - second update

So I went to have the gauze taken out today. That was an experience. I have been feeling more pain in my nose so I thought the gauze removal would HURT- but it was more of a strange pressure. It seemed like my brain was attached to the top of the gauze lol! It was removed very quick- the sensation lasted only a moment- I had some dizziness (which is normal) and that was it. I still have splints in my nose but they will remain in their place for two weeks. I have to clean my incision - which is quite tender- and they will be removed on Friday (post-op day 3). I've been taking my pain meds every four hours - I think the swelling has stayed the same- and my gums and teeth still ache. I also can't move my mouth very well lol my lips appear narrow and pursed. My upper lip is naturally much fuller- so I think all the soreness and numbness has effected the rest of my face. Anyway, they say the first three days are the hardest - and it's true. But it will be worth it:)

Post-op Day 2

So today I feel about the same as yesterday. The bruising/swelling around my eyes has gone down a tiny bit. I can't move my mouth and my upper lip is very stiff- my cheeks are swollen- and I'm unable to make any facial expressions lol Which is weird because I'm extremely expressive when I talk (apparently). My gums and teeth still hurt - and the tip is starting to ache a bit more as I gain sensation. I stopped taking the Vicodin... so today I just dealt with the pain. It rough- not going to lie lol. I stopped taking it because I was getting headaches - some nausea when it started to withdraw- my skin would turn red and start to itch- and I would shake. I figured the sooner I withdrew the better. I slept pretty well last night - 4 hours straight at one point- and to me that's good! The humidifier really helps with the dry mouth - and Carmex has kept my lips from getting chapped. I have dry mouth spay I use before I go to bed and when I wake up- works great too. Tomorrow morning my stitches come out... I'll update tomorrow :)

Before and after (almost two weeks post-op)

I haven't been updating since day 2 post-op... only because I've been too tired/busy! The first week was definitely hell week. Stitch removal was the most 'painful' of everything. The numbness/pressure in my gums and teeth is finally subsiding now (almost two weeks post-op). My greatest concern along the way has been my lip. My upper lip dropped down past my teeth - completely covering them when I spoke or smiled. Only in the past two days have I seen an improvement. I've been advised it can take a few weeks - so I'm no longer concerned. Cast removal was extremely emotional lol My reflection wasn't what I had expected- there was a lot of swelling- -and I had a few bad pimples (which I never get on my nose). I cried on and off the first few days :(. My grandmother, mother, and aunt have all had rhinoplasty- their support and advice helped me with my fluctuating emotions. Things started to turn around quickly as the swelling started to subside a bit more - and I was able to see more of the work Dr Marotta has done. It's truly healing beautifully (but slowly). By day eleven, I felt ready to put on some makeup and go in public (despite the stubborn black and blues under my eyes). I was thrilled to see how great I looked- even with the swelling and tiny scabs on my columnella. I also still have splints in my nose until tomorrow- I'm sure that's effecting the appearance as well. At this point, I'm very happy with the result - and I know it's only going to get better! As far my breathing - well, I'll update after splint removal. I'm still quite congested because of them. I uploaded a profile before/after just for an idea. My lip appears thinner and lower from swelling and it looks smaller in person.

New photos

Okay, so it's been over a month and my nose is starting to feel a bit more 'normal'. My smile is almost at 100%:) I still have dryness, stiffness, tip swelling, and some numbness- but all in all I'm healing well!
For the first time in my life- I'm not focused on my nose in a public scene. I'm just a person - without a care. It truly feels amazing! I'll upload some current before and after photos...

6 Weeks Post-Op

It's been 6 weeks and I'm liking my results even more as time moves on. I have stiffness and a slight pulling feeling in the tip- but it isn't painful at all- and it's diminishing more each day. I'm most swollen in the morning, some days are worse than others, but it looks great either way! I'll post my latest profile shot, you can see the tip has gone down a bit more since my last array of photos.

5 Months Post!

Still early in the process- but I'm over the moon with my results! I have never felt so 'free'. I chose an amazing surgeon- who gave me exactly what I wanted- and my life will never be the same, truly. I'm forever grateful to him! What an amazing experience. If anyone is considering this procedure - see Dr Marotta- he's gifted.
Long Island Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr Marotta gave me exactly what I wanted! He and his staff are just wonderful :)

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