SmartLipo - Inner Thighs and Inner Knees

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FYI- this will be pretty long, bear with me. I am...

FYI- this will be pretty long, bear with me. I am 23, 5'6'' and weight about 130. I am pretty active, but my thighs have always been big. In the past I have been self conscious about wearing shorts because I have sort of very thick legs and lots of cellulite. I have been planning on having lipo on my thighs literally since I was in middle school, and the past few years I have been looking into SmartLipo, when I went to an open house at a plastic surgeon's office, I decided I liked the place and booked my appointment. I was not that nervous since I was very prepared. I read almost every review on here, and even watched videos of SmartLipo procedures being done. (Including a live video during the open house at the surgeon's office). I didn't have caffiene, aspirin, or alcohol, for a week or two before the surgery to prevent blood thinning and beuising. I came in Monday April 26th for my procedure, and I took 1 valium and a percocet before the surgery. When I scrubbed in they put the skin sanitizer on me and I laid down on the table. The worst part of the experience is when they put in the anesthetic. It's not unbearable but it hurts more than the actual SmartLipo. It took about 25 minutes and then my surgeon started the lipo with the 18 cannula, she took her time and eventually had to switch to a smaller cannula because the 18 wasn't sucking properly, but she seemed to be very aggressive in removing the fat. It took a while, but I would rather have someone take their time then rush through it. I could feel some pulling and poking, and occasional tickling, some of it was a little painful, but I just zoned it all out. I came there to get lipo surgery, not for a spa day. I was talking to them the whole time, and watching TV. I am glad I was just under local, because it's much better for your body and they can move you around whereas under general they can't move you as much to get better results because of the air tube, plus it's way more expensive and dangerous to do general anesthesia. The procedure took about an hour and a half, maybe two. Once I was done, I stood up onto a blue mat and blood and anesthetic fluid poured out onto the floor. My legs were huge and swollen with fluid and. My surgeon wrapped me up with cotton pads to soak up the fluid and I pulled my compression garment and pants on over the pads. (I recommend wearing black, loose pants because you will be leaking blood and fluid) The rest of the day I had no pain since the anesthetic was still in me. I was pretty active and walking around for a few hours, then took a nap and elevated my legs, got up and drank some water and walked around and then went to bed. I put a towel down so I didn't leak, but I ended up not needing it. The next day I had to work, so I didn't take a pain pill in the morning. I was at work for a few hours (I run a day spa, so I'm constantly up and down and walking around) then after about 2 hours I took a percocet. The pain just feels like you've done a very hard workout (do the p90x videos and you will know exactly what I mean). Anyway, at my day after consult with my doc, she said I was looking good, I didn't have any bruising but I was still a bit swollen. It wasn't much different from before, but I know that's not what to expect. She told me I needed to start massaging to flatten everything out (THIS HURTS! BE PREPARED!) Day 2 after surgery I started to get a little bruising (probably from the massage). I did this thing called the Lumiere Photofacial at my salon which helps skin heal faster, and voila! Hardly any bruising day 3! I also just did an infrared heat wrap which helps with circulation and pulling the dead fat into the blood stream. Anyway, I am only 3 days post-op right now, and I feel overall pretty good, but I only see minimal results right now. If it continues like this I will be happy, but I hope I get to see my skinny legs soon! I'll post pics as soon as I can!
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She was very open and honest about what to expect, she has great credentials and is Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with a lot of experience, not some doc who took a weekend course in lipo. Easy to talk to and overall really cool.

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