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Today is the day! Less than 2 hours away I will be...

Today is the day! Less than 2 hours away I will be under the laser. I am 5'8, about 155 -- relatively proportional body but since i hit about 32 been seeing a lot more fatty areas in hips. My doctor is also doing what he calls the "sensuous triangle" which i think is the area where butt and thighs meet. I've been preparing by taking arnica and bromeline which is supposed to help with bruising and swelling. I am really excited but also anxious b/c i know (from reading on here) that there will be lots of swelling, bruising and draining. I also know that I'll need patience. But I really believe it will be worth it! I will update daily/weeky etc. So optimistic and can't wait!

Procedure went pretty well. It did have moments of...

Procedure went pretty well. It did have moments of pain when the numbing solution was put inside me. Otherwise was pretty much smooth sailing. He took 2600 cc out of my inner/outer thighs, hips, banana roll and back. I wasn't too sore until about two hours ago. Now I'm soooooo sore along the sides of my thighs. The most pain is experienced when sitting down or getting up from sitting down. If I am laying here it's not bad. But if anyone touches my legs--holy crap.

I will say that I can already see a difference which is so exciting!! But as the day goes on the swelling has really increased. I was able to do a lot of massaging earlier today. Not so much anymore because of the pain.

I'm also taking Arnica and bromeline. My bruising isn't bad at all and I have had zero drainage. The no drainage freaks me out bc I feel a bunch of fluid in my body. How does it get out?

Finally I want to give a major shout out to my doctor. While it was a little pricey, it's my body so of course you pay for what you get. I especially appreciated Nicole who is the nurse.

Day 4: I feel really good. I am still pretty...

Day 4: I feel really good. I am still pretty bruised and swollen but the pain is so manageable. I can really see a difference in my saddlebag/hips areas. My inner thighs are still very swollen -- no real difference there. But the pain is 2-3 out of 10. I am back at work. Getting up and sitting down hurts the most but once I am sitting, I am just fine.

I didn't have any drainage which worried me b/c feel like the swelling will take longer to go down. I am just so excited with the results already! I know it will only get better from here. Also, I walked on treadmill for 25 mins today to help with circulation and swelling.

Day 5: Holy swollen! Today I am super swollen....

Day 5: Holy swollen! Today I am super swollen. Definitely back to pre-surgery size. And my legs are so black and blue -- looks like i was beaten with a bat. But I am sticking to my faith in this procedure b/c so many others went through this same phase and ended up loving it. At this point, my pain is centered on one things: the compression garment digging into my sides at the top. I ordered a new garment today that is like a body suit from mid thigh-tank top. The digging into the skin is so painful that I can't sleep! Anyway, a little bummed today but staying optimistic. Also, I have been walking almost 2 miles for the past 2 days and it has been great. I plan to continue this for 2 weeks until I am hoping I can get back on the elliptical!

Day 6: REALLY swollen today and also very bruised....

Day 6: REALLY swollen today and also very bruised. I took arnica for a week before surgery and been taking it after. No difference. Had my one week follow-up today and it was clear that I bruise more than most people. Also, my compression garment was not tight enough. I think that was bad with swelling. I measured myself today and I am the same measurements and same weight.
Tomorrow I start professional massages. I plan to get 3/week to help with swelling. That is the key! So I hear...and pray.

Otherwise, I feel just fine. Been walking 2 miles a day and that has been great. And I have been eating well. Using the procedure as motivating. I know I won't see results for at least a couple of months so i'm just biding my time for now.

Day 9: Least swollen I have been so far. I could...

Day 9: Least swollen I have been so far. I could definitely see a difference...and I was down 3 lbs since surgery. But then I ate chinese food for today I am back to feeling a little swollen. I am going to post pics once I hit the 3 week mark. One major recommendation: Get a compression garmentr that has straps and is mid thigh-chest b/c the garments kill when they dig into waist.

Also, joined Massage Envy and had massage on Fri, Sat and today. It really REALLY helped with swelling.

Day 11: I am down a pants size! Hardly any pain at...

Day 11: I am down a pants size! Hardly any pain at all. Bruising is nearly gone -- the only bruised area that remains is my calves (thank you gravity). I got another massage last night. The next one is scheduled for Saturday. I am also continuing to walk 2.4m a day and do arm exercises. I'm waiting until Day 21 to take/post pics. Stay tuned!
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Answered all of my questions which were many. I emailed follow up questions quite a lot between visits. Dr Heck is extremely polite and made me feel so comfortable. I am so thrilled with my choice. The final verdict is out on results because it is so early but I'm so so confident and will do more with this physician in the future.

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