Smart Lipo to Lower Abs (5'7", 135-140 Lbs)

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Let me start by saying I am 5'7 about 135-140 lbs...

Let me start by saying I am 5'7 about 135-140 lbs and in my mid-20s. I've always had a small buldge/tire around my lower abs that would fluctuate as far as it's size or noticeability. My main insecurity was how my stomach appeared in bathing suits. So after long debate I opted for liposuction.

I met with a doctor who was recommended by a member...I read her blog and viewed her pictures and her results appeared successful. Ok, enough background... Let's get to the actual surgery and the aftermath...!

I have grown a tolerance for pain over time but I must admit this surgery was a bit more than "uncomfortable". The doc began by marking me up (I had already taken a cocktail of oxycodon, valiem etc), I was then instructed to de-robe and lay on the surgical bed....I was allowed to bring in my ipod to distract my mind from the pain. Smart lipo is done under local anesthesia so you're wide awake. The injection of numbing fluid hurt a bit but was def tolerable. Once the doctor began with the laser and suctioning I could still feel a sensation that had moments of extreme pain but didn't last long....imagine someone poking you with a warm needle. The surgery lasted about 45 mins and then we were done. I was groggy and dizzy but not in pain.

Day 1 Post Op- I woke up in discomfort. My back hurt (probably from the compressing garment) and my stomach felt sore. I had some difficulty getting up out of bed and felt stiffness in my lower abdomen. Day 1 Post Op hurt more than the actual day of surgery (presumably because the numbing fluid had worn off).

I am now in Day 2 PO- I just removed the bandages and took a shower...I couldn't bare another minute of laying in my funk! I'm not thrilled about the results but I am staying positive and patient...afterall, it is only day 2. But so far my stomach looks how it typically did if I had dieted all week (ie didn't eat for a few days lol) But I'm hoping the small buldge/dentation will disappear still...perhaps I'm swollen.

I'll continue to keep you all updated. Still feeling a slight discomfort when I first stand and walk. But all in all recovering well!

 I am now 3 weeks post op and totally...

 I am now 3 weeks post op and totally unsatisfied! I had my follow up appointment yesterday and my Dr. did absolutely nothing to ease my dissatisfaction. True the lipo helped flatten me out-ever so slightly-but it did not achieve a flat stomach as I was lead to believe it would during my initial consultations. In addition to still having a pooch in my lower abs I have a hard spot beneath my skin in the lower right ab!! The doctor told me he wasn't sure what that is.... which is frightening to hear from the doctor who caused that hardening! At this point I completely regret opting for smart lipo. I am now left with 2 scars, a pooch and a hard (sore) spot in my stomach... not to mention a dent in my bank account! 

The results I am left with were not worth the pain and the money. I could have achieved these results just as easily doing a master cleanse! I have another follow up appointment in 2 months.... I will try to keep you all updated.  Has anyone ever been granted a refund from a plastic surgeon?? Uggg

Paramus Plastic Surgeon

Absolutely NOT!! He never remembered who I was or what my name was, used ambiguous terms to avoid and evade my questions, and tried to convince me my stomach hung over "like a saggy boob" to compensate for an inadequate job. He switched his diagnosis last minute to try and convince me to add lipo to my waist in addition to my lower ab. His staff was OK but please be advised... seek another practitioner!!

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