Smart Lipo Was Worth It and I'm Only on Day 4.

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I'm particularly concerned with my upper arms...

I'm particularly concerned with my upper arms.  Has anyone done their upper arms?  Were you satisfied with the results?  My doctor said I should only be down 2 or 3 days - does this sound realistic?  I'll do before and after pictures for all to see and will update the satisfaction responses.

The worst part of the procedure was the IV and the...

The worst part of the procedure was the IV and the trembling when I came out of the anesthesia.  My doctor chose to put me under because I had so many areas done.  Day 1 and 2 I was leaking from most of my incisions.  Day 3 just my arms were still leaking and they still are a very small amount.  My arms look fantastic!  I can't believe what a difference

Today I feel pretty good.  I still hurt all...

Today I feel pretty good.  I still hurt all over.  I think you have to expect to have some pain after the trauma that your body is put through.  I can walk and sit and lay down but getting up and sitting down hurt.  I don't pain medication and am not even taking any tylenol.  Even with this pain and the lumpiness etc that seem to go along with it I still would do it again.  I might choose a different time of year as my summer is blowing by and I don't see that I'll be able to do any hiking or biking for the next month anyway. 

Someone mentioned that your skin has a likeness to silly puddy at one of the healing stages.  That is a very good analogy.  As long as I have the compression on it looks great but if I wear a pair of pants with a waistband I get a nice ring around my waist. 

What I wasn't prepared for but should have been was the amount of drainage there was the first couple of days.  I would definitely prepare your bed for a mess prior to surgery.  Old sheets and I even put a towel over my mattress pad and a plastic garbage sack over that to make sure my mattress wasn't ruined.  The good part is that the drainage is a mix of blood and tumescent fluid so it didn't stain as long as it didn't sit too long. 

AT 14 days I still have a lot of swelling mosty in...

AT 14 days I still have a lot of swelling mosty in my hips and thighs.  My arm measurement started at 13 and is now 11.75.  Upper back chest measurement started at 36 and is now 34.5.  Under bra measurement was 32 and is now 31.5.  Waist measured 32 and is now 30.  Hips were 40 and now 39.  Thighs were 23 and now are 21.5. 

I am not thrilled with my hips and thigh area yet, but as I said I am still pretty swollen.  I'm also concerned with how much skin tightening will happen in the next 4 to 6 months. 

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