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Sooo, I decided about a year ago that no matter...

Sooo, I decided about a year ago that no matter how much working out I do, I will never be able to get rid of the fat in certain areas on my body. I started researching different ideas on how to eliminate these areas so I wouldn't have to worry about them again! This April, as a birthday gift to myself, I decided to book my appointment for laser lipo. I know, I know...most of you are shaking your heads in disappointment, but ya know what..."Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today" :-) For years, I have "always wanted" to do this or that, this year...I AM DOING IT ALL! I want to look back on life at the end and say I have no bucket list :-)

So I go in tomorrow morning for my laser lipo procedure. I am really kind of nervous, excited, anxious, all in one! Gosh, I hope it doesn't hurt too much! I am planning on taking my before pictures and after pictures as I recover. I think more than wanting my body back, I want my self confidence back. I'm hoping this will bring back the side of Alison that I have been missing the last few years. So friends and family, keep me in your thoughts for tomorrow :-) And I can't wait to show all of you my new self soon!

**Thank you to my beautiful friend Adrian Ruiz, who showed me that you can really live life to the fullest (I should have done this a long time ago!)!

Update 5/12/11

So it's 7:30am and I am wide awake! What better time than to update you all on my procedure. I walked in yesterday morning with no really, I think I was too tired to get nervous. The nurse took me back and gave me some funky undies and bra to put on so that she could take the "before" pictures. She was very nice and kept me relaxed. At that time my doctor comes in and discusses the areas we are working on and gets to draw my "war paint" all over my body :-) This is the point where they give me the medication. I got to take a vicodine, ativan, keflex, and some for nausea.

They bring me back to the surgery room and lay me out on the table. This was nothing like the youtube videos I had watched in my research. Lights were on, music was one, and we were all chatting it up! First, he numbed my tummy and my legs (he wanted to do my chin last), then he puts in the numbing solution. This is the part that I think is the most uncomfortable...not painful, just weird feeling. My tummy felt like someone was pressing a board on my stomach making it very heavy. From that point on, he preceded with the lipo and laser. The lipo part was kinda of relaxing (I know that sounds strange). The tool vibrates and since I am numb that's all I really feel. There were little areas that stung when he would go over them, but the second I showed that I was uncomfortable, my doctor put more numbing solution in and I was good to go! It was really kind of neat to see how much fat he was taking out! And then he ending with my chin which was just as weird feeling since the tool would vibrate on my chin bone. And then in was over!! Yeah, that quick (1 1/2 hr)!

My nurse got me up and put maxi pads where the incisions where and put my compression garments on (like one full body spandex suit) and my head garment on. I walked out and mom was there waiting to take me home. Still didn’t feel sore at all. Got home and had both mom and dad there with potato soup and starbucks :-) I continue to take the pain and antibiotics meds they prescribed for me. Last night, I woke up maybe twice with that wide awake feeling (which could be all the meds wearing off). Now that I am fully awake, I still feel quite good. I am a little sore, but nothing like I thought I would be! I have been able to take my head garment off and replace gauze and it looks so good so far (of course I am swollen a little)! We will see what kind of pics I can get when I attempt to replace all my other for the first update, NOT BAD!! :-)

Update 5/14/11

 My first day back to work (Though I could have got to work the first day into this)! Yay! If you know me, you know I cant stand staying home all day! Still doing good! Feeling much more sore today than any other (especially around my belly button). Just like Susanne said, "like I had the workout of my life". And I itch like crazy around my incisions! Last night was the last day wearing my head strapy thing and my ab binder, which is awesome! I can breath! :-) So now I have about one more week with my spandex suit on while I sleep. I have to say, even with the swelling, I love the results already! I know its going to be months before I see the finally results, but I am so happy I did this! I can not wait to post some before and after pictures (maybe next week). So, anyone who is reading this and has questions or is thinking about having this procedure done, message me and I will put you in touch with my good friend Susanne! She will take care of ya!

Update 5/19/11

So, I went in for my first week appointment. Pretty easy! The nurse asked a few questions about pain levels and then took pictures for my file. The look on my doctors face made my world though! He stopped in and ask how I was feeling. I said "Great!" and got to show my areas. He was so happy with my results and said I wasn't even bruising a lot. I'm the perfect patient! :-) So, now I get to start going back to some of my activities. The nurse told me to just keep the spandex suit on while I work out (not anything crazy yet though). I feel great still. I am still a little sore (I feel like I'm saying that a lot, but it's nothing I would say is painful) and numb in some areas. I have noticed that my tummy looks amazing already (and he says I have until late August before I see all my results). My chin and thighs are still swollen so I don't see too much of a change yet. I'm drinking water like crazy to help with that. Overall, I al SO happy I decided to do this procedure! I'm ready to get in the gym and start making it all look pretty!! ** I am attaching the picture of my tummy since that is my biggest change so far :-)

San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

He and the staff were amazing! I felt like everything was explained really well and I felt comfortable the whole time! I would totally recommend them to anyone who is wanting to get this procedure done in Sacramento!

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