43 YRS - No Children - TT and Breast Reduction - 5'6" 190lbs - Skokie, IL

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This has been a long time coming. I have been...

This has been a long time coming. I have been overweight my entire adult life. I went through physical & sexually abuse in my pre-teen years. I ate my pain. Years of feeling unworthy and insecure. I am done! In the last three years and I have made major changes in my life. This RS site is amazing; I am inspired by all the stories and pictures. I've decided to share my story and before/after pictures to hopefully inspire someone else.

TT / Breast Reduction/ More Pictures

All paid up. Had my meeting yesterday with Physician & Surgical Nurse. Both made me feel quite comfortable. Surgery should take approx. 5 hrs. I will have 3 drains (2) in breast and (1) in abdomen. I receive at least (5) prescriptions to fill. I have to stop taking Omega-3 and Vitamin D; can continue to take multivitamins.

I'll be going shopping this weekend for my supplies, and complete a meal prep for the week.

Excited, nervous & anxious. :)

Favorite Blazer - Can't Close It

This is one of my favorite blazers. I typically wear it open, because I can't close it as you can see. I hope to be able to close it soon! :)

Final Photos Before Surgery - 6 days...and counting!

I am posting final photos of my before. I am not sleeping at night these days. My mind is racing; my emotions are all over the place. I remain excited & nervous. My dreams are strange and bizarre...not sure why. My days are busy preparing. If you are reading this; keep me in your prayers. Next photos...after!

One Day Post Op

I don't have photos yet. Too much pain. I'll take photos when I am unto it. My breast look amazing. I fainted several times, scared the crap out of me. Currently I feel much better. I am able to walk around my apartment. Taking my first shower tomorrow.

Post OP Photo

Feeling better. Taking just 2 Advil. Had shooting sharp pains in my abdomen while I slept last night. Have an appointment with PS tomorrow for checkup. Going for a small walk this afternoon.

Post Op - Day 4

I hate long paragraphs; so here is my bullet list:

1. I had my first poop today (at the PS office) how ironic.
2. Drains in my breast were removed today.
3. I am no longer on pain meds, just taking Advil, Multivitamin & Antibotic
4. Drain in my abdomen will probably be removed Saturday or Monday.
5. I really love my PS & Surgical Nurse!
6. I am moving around much better; still have the sharp pains in my abdomen (normal).
7. My scar is so low.
8. I put on panties today; SCORE!
9. I take another shower tomorrow...SCORE!!
10. Can't quite get comfortable while sleeping at night...keep waking up.

Assessment....I am so happy I did this. I can already start to see my shape appearing. The struggle is REAL folks. Be prepared for physical and emotional ups and downs. I'll take more photos next week, when all drains are removed.

Breast Lift (Before & After)

This week has been a challenge. Top Five:
1. I was able to actually chuckle a little without cursing!
2. My walks are longer.
3. My back is on fire.
4. Swollen, Swollen, Swollen.
5. Breasts...no bra needed. (lol)

Drains...Finally Out!

OMG! What a week! Top 10:

1. Healing is draining me.
2. Emotional highs & lows.
3. Lost more weight.
4. Swollen & itching from the inside (healing).
5. I can sleep on my side (a little)
6. Breasts are swollen under my arms...must use hot compress to aid in healing.
7. My scar is so, so, so, so, thin...its amazing!
8. Scars under breasts are burning and sensitive.
9. Want to go back to the gym...I know I have to wait...
10. Back at work ( I work for myself).

31 Days Post - Update, Update...Read All About It!

Yeah ladies & gents! I haven't posted in a while. Been busy and lazy (just being honest). Here's my list:

1. The wounds under my breasts are a thorn in my side.
2. I am swollen..even my (kitty kat...wink, wink)
3. My breasts are looking more and more fabulous everyday.
4. My TT scar is healing very nicely...started scar therapy.
5. Had fluid building in abdomen, had to have it removed via NEEDLE...shit was not pleasant!
6. Got a new garment band, original one became too big.
7. Took a spin class last Saturday...I did good.
8. Internal itching...ugh...annoying. Its the healing process.
9. This healing process is very, very long.
10. One day at a time....
10. Still happy I did it!!!

2 Month Post OP Update

Hello! Well, its been a solid two months since surgery. Everyday gets better & better. I am still numb and swollen. Scars are healing nicely. My drain holes under my breasts finally closed. Still some tenderness. Here are my updated pics!

Its been a long, long time...UPDATE!

Hello all! It's been a long, long time since I have updated. Here is my top 10:

1. Range of motion is nearly back to normal.
2. Still numb and swollen by the end of the day
3. Clothes fit so..so much better!!
4. Back in the gym full time.
5. Scars are taking there sweet time to heal; especially breast reduction scars
6. TT scar is great; did Embrace and Gel (from PS office)
7. Using whitening cream for darkens (seems I produce a lot of melanin)
8. Confidence has gone way, way up!
9. I can wear a bikini...SCORE...
10. Speaking of scoring...SEX is way, way better now!
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