Going smaller soon!!!

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Hi all you ladies.Since I decide to have a BA I...

Hi all you ladies.Since I decide to have a BA I got obsess with that forum.I am reading all your story and I am getting so excited.I went to my first consultation in Wednesday and I already have a date-1 of July.Is this so soon or what???I checked few sizes,not sure what should I go with.I am about 5'4 and my weight is about 110.Dont know what to pick yet?Any suggestions lady???Your reviews are very helpful.I don't know what to buy yet,what kind of bra,what kind of medicine?Do I need to take any multivitamins ?please,let me know if you have more info?I am very nervous,since my husband is out of country,I don't think I will have much help.Friend will try,but everyone is working,I don't want to bother anyone.Do you think I can handle all by my self?i will keep you posted how the things are going!Good luck to all!!!

Getting close to my day

Hi everyone.I am getting ready and very exited.My day is getting closer.i am scheduled for July 1st.Going on my next consultation in June 17.Still nervous!!!Just what to be over.

The days are going slow

Hi everyone.Thanks to all to share your story.I am getting ready ,even I have so much to go before my date.I really like to read your reviews ,I kind of got addicted to.Some times I read till 1:00,2:00 am.Its very interested to hear different opinion.Thanks to all.Thanks for the support also,we are all in the same boat.My Coordinator is a very nice woman and I really like her.She recommend a pain pump.Did you girls use one?Is it helpful?Please let me know if anyone use it?Thank you

Pre op in Monday-17 of June

Ok.here I am,getting ready,buying whatever I can think of it.only two weeks left,I can't believe it,almost there.The last two weeks were crazy,with my blood work and this and that.So my doctor make do another test,waiting was long.Today I went to my doctor and she told me that my test turn to be great,just check it again in three mounts.I was so positive the last few days,I knew that everything will be ok.So I am now completely ready.I am going to my pre op in Monday,will try more sizes and make mine final decision.I have friend coming with me and stay with me for few days.So keep up and good luck to everyone!!!This website was very helpful for me and I will definitely be here for everyone!!!Thank you

My pre op appointment today

Hello dear lady's.Here I am sitting in the waiting room,wait to be called ,so I can talk to PS and try more sizes.I will pay the fee today and it will be ready to go.Very nervous and very excited !!!

11 days a way

Hello my dear friends.I hope everyone is healing well and the rest of us,Waithing for the big day-wishing you a good luck.I am very stressed and can't sleep at night.I am little worry,because I think I am going true premenopausal period.I am sweating a lot at night(never happened before) and I don't know how this is going to work after the surgery.Please,any suggestions ,please help.I need to change few times at night the shirt I am wearing.What to do?Thanks girls

10 days away.Wow

Hi girls.i have a question for all of you that used "Make me heal "vitamins.I start this Monday-17 of June and I start gain weigh .I am trying to eat healthy and exercise even more,then usual,but I already gain 6 pounds.Does anyone experience the same?Please let me know.Thank you

The countdown begin

Ok girls.The time is ticking,only few days left.I can't believe it,almost time.I am still not sure for my size,but its ok.I guess I will talk to my PS before the surgery.I hope this week go fast,I am busy at work,which is going to be a big help.Got everything done and ready,now just waiting.8 days!!!

Three days to the big day

Wow.I am almost there.I am ready and very excited.Cant wait to be over!!!I hope everything goes right!!!Thank to all for your support and great story's!!!

A day away

Ok lady's.Almost there,one day away.My surgery is in Monday.So not much time left.I wish everything goes ok and the recovery is not too hard.I am very excited.And a nervous.Just want to be over.Good luck to all of us.Cant wait to be on the other side!!!

Soooo ready

Ok.just a few picture of me,with my old bobbies.Only today!!!

No more days left

Hello all my dear lady's.The Day is here and I am just about to leave to the doc office.Ready and excited,can wait to see my new me!!!Good luck to all of us!!!


Already home lady.In pain,but its ok!!Going back to take of the pain pump!!!

Allready home!!!

Hi girls.It over,finally,I am home now,resting,The surgery went very quick.Got in the room at 8:00.Ready to leave home at 9:30.So I got home around 10:00.Was very painful for like three hours,so I was tacking my peels every two hours,like the Dov prescribe.Now I feel a little better.Stil paint and tight iny Bobbie,but better.drinking more,than eating,but I am trying.Thanks to everyone being there for me!!!

My back

Hi lady's.Any advice fir back pain.Is really killing me.Let me know if you have any advice!Thanks

Left one is killing me

U have no pain at all in my right one,zero.But the left one is a different story.Its her grin the time I got back home ,then was ok for few hours.and now start again.So many stories I have read here,you get pain in one of the new bubbie.Any idea why???

Two days after the surgery

Hi ladies.I feel much better today,getting back to normal.Cant believe it is done.I slept all night,no pain meds since Tuesday morning.I feel very good.Thank you for all the support from you and the site,its amazing how helpful this can be.Now my boobs are swollen and high,but I like the result.I will post some pictures later.

New me:)))

Three days post op

I feel great today.No pain at all.Still sleeping uplift,no idea how long I have to do that.I think I could of go smaller with size.I hope they drop of and look smaller.Went shopping and Victoria secret today,so much fun.Not use to it do buy no padded bra.Happy healing to all of us.Enjoy your new you ladies!!!Happy 4th of July!!!

I hope they are not too big for my frame

Hi lady's!Getting so much better every day,no pain,just still very hard breast and still swollen .I am worry about the size,I really think they are little too big for my frame,but lets wait and see.I hope they will look better after the swollen goes away.

One week post op

Hi lady's.Today is a week post op.My first day at work.I feel a lot better,getting back to normal life.I have no pain at all since day 3.Went to my fallow up app today.My PS said everything looks good.He took stitches of today(that was a little uncomfortable ).I am very happy,only think I am worry,I could of go smaller.But,this is it.So make sure you lady's,to bring pictures,to show what you want.Good luck to all

13 days post op

Hi lady's!I hope everyone is feeling well.I am doing great.Nothing much to update.monday will be two weeks after I got my surgery.I think my girls are still high and swollen (hope they will get smaller).I really think I should of got less cc,but now its too late,so I will try to be happy with what I got.I mention I want natural look,but I don't see it that way.Well,it is,what it is.Better to have something than nothing,I guess.I will post some pictures.

Two weeks post op

Hi lady's.I hope everyone is healing well.I feel great.No pain at all.Still very high are seating my girls.I can wait to see them normal.I try to massage as much I have.My right is bigger and swollen.I went to my two weeks check up.The PS said everything looks good.Today a bough Scaraway my PS recommend.No more strips !!!

Almost three weeks post op

Does any one know how long we need to take arnica and massage with arnica gel?Please let me know.I am running out of both!Should I get more???

Almost a month post op

Hi my dear friends!Sorry didnt write for long,nothing much to update.I am healing very well,still trying to get use to my new bobbies.They are not chafing much now,even I am still hopping they will get a smaller one day eventually :))(maybe not).Everything is fine,I am almost 100% back to normal(no running yet),But I walk a lot.My right one is still swollen,even looks bigger to me.It hurts sometimes and I am wondering if it catch the left one ever???Does any of you experience the same issue?How long it will take?The PS said its ok,but I don't know????I am nervous about.Please let me know if any of you got that issue and when the expect to get better.Thank you girls.Good luck to everyone getting a BA and happy healing to rest of us!!!

Six weeks post op

Hi lady's.Sorry I didn't update for long,I was stressed out about my size.I still think I went too big and I may end up with new surgery.Today I talked to my PS,went for my six weeks post op app.Everything is healing great,the "girls"are dropping,the only think is,I am not happy with the size I choose.Please girls,for those who are thinking to have BA,make sure you pick the right size,show your PS picture with your desire result and talk to him and her,if this size fit your body.Every woman is different and have a different rib cage.I am going to wait one,two more months to see the last result and then decided.Good luck to all of us!!!

Doing redo

U have opinion to get Sientra!!!!Anyone know something about that new implant?Anyone got it?Please help!!!

Almost three months

Hi lady's !Still thinking about redo.Cant wait.Here are some new random pix,to help the new girls with sizes!!!

350 cc

Happy thanksgiving to all of you,dear Real Self friends!!!All done today.Home,resting.No pain at all!Local was much better for me!!!

350 cc Moderate

Very happy with my new boobs!!!

Three weeks after my redo

Happy with my redo!!!Got my first real bra!

Just some pictures!

Chicago Plastic Surgeon

He was awesome he was so informative an made me feel comfortable an at ease with the whole situation. I really like my PS and will recommend him to everyone ,needs BA.Very professional!!!The best!

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