JUVEDERM Volift (2 Syringes, One Top One Bottom Lips) - Toronto, ON

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Had the procedure done today one syringe injected...

Had the procedure done today one syringe injected in top lip and in bottom, product used is Juvederm Volift ( supposed to last up to 15 months) pain level on a scale from 1-10 during the procedure is about 4 due to the needle but the filler has anesthetic in it so after the first few pokes you will hardly feel anything
I am Waiting for the swelling to reduce and I will update with final results
I am very pleased so far, the volume will reduce by about 20%-30% in a few days, noticble result and she kept the shape of my lips just like I asked
I do suggest bringing pictures of the effect you would like to achieve so it's easier for the technitian to work and clearly understand what you want

Good luck!!!

24 hours post procedure extreme swelling

The swelling started yesterday (the day of the procedure) but this morning I woke up horrified my lips are 3 times larger and more swollen than they were yesterday, there is more bruising and I look very deformed and not human, thank God its a weekend and I do not have to return to university until Wednesday!!! Is this normal...?

Swelling went down, I look like a human again!

The swelling is a lot less notible today, I can actually go out in public. And smoke! Yes I am a smoker and yes it did frustrate me quite a bit this one and a half days that I could barely drink forget smoking (plus I was freaking out about te swelling so could use a cigarette you know.?!) I believe they will still go down a little and settle down shape wise but I am not worried at all. There are no bumps are lumps at all, the discolouration is still present but less viable today. If any of you are considering getting juvederm fillers in your lips, in fact any HA fillers please read along and be prepared for this! Do it on a Friday if possible, IT IS NOT AN "OFFICE LUNCH TIME" PROCEDURE like I read in quite a few reviews here before making the decision to get mine done (maybe if you've been doing it for years and just getting touched up) but NO NO NO! TRUST ME ON THIS! be prepared for brushing and swelling! lots of it your first time!!!
Make sure you know exactly what you want, if it's just volume and you want to keep the natural shape of your lip make sure your technitian knows it! If you do wanna change the shape talk to the consultant and the person performing the injections! Bring pictures! (Most likely first time they will add volume all throughoug the surface to create somewhat like a base and then the next time you touch up start changing the shape gradually, that's how it was explained to me at Skin Vitality Toronto by the nurse who was performing the injections) Ask questions! Make sure you are 100% comfortable with everything! Make sure you are 100% sure that your technitian is 100% sure they can achieve what you want! Okay, now you have to remember that One Juvederm syringe is not gonna make much difference if placed in both lips... It is 1ML and some of it is anesthetic so let's say you're getting 0.8ml of the actual product which some of it your body might metabolize quicker than the rest, that being said please look at the pictures I posted of my lips before and right after to see how much is 2 syringes (one in top lip one in bottom) I chose Juvederm Volift because it lasts longer and a little fuller in volume. When you get home ice it! I iced with a clean paper towel soaked in ice water for around 10-15 minutes four times a day but... I started 1 day post procedure! I believe if you start icing right away it will prevent some of the horrible swelling I have experienced! Remember that it is NOT supposed to hurt! Okay well.... maybe if you're extremely sensitive so like a 2 on a scale of 1-10 but I wuold not even call it hurt its more of a discomforting unusual feeling but not so much of a pain feeling. I am on day 2 post procedure recovery and I will try my best to post updates often untill my 2 week mark with the follow up and final result and all my final comments and anything I will be planning to do from then! Thanks for all the advice and support from this community! I hope this will help someone make
their decision, prevent confusion and get you guys a little more prepared for what to expect!

Weird wrinkle When i smile

So this is day four post procedure, I got two syringes of juvederm Volift injected one in my top lip and one in my bottom. At this point all the swelling and brushing is completely gone but now I am facing another problem! When I smile or stretch my lips out there's is a weird wrinkle that was not there before, now I'm not sure if it's because of a lump or a bump since when I run my tounge or my finger over my lips I do not feel any lumps or when I press my lips together. I will have to post this in the question section as well. I called in and scheduled a follow up appointment at exactly two weeks from the date the procedure was done. Hopefully if it is a lump that's causing it, it will dissolve and sort itself out over the next week and a half before my appointment. If anybody has experienced something similar and has any advice on how to smooth it out please let me know! Thanks for the support!!!!
Shan Han Nurse Injector

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