49, lost 74 lbs now it's time for Botox, Juvederm, Juvederm Voluma and Sculptra at Skin Raleigh, Raleigh, N

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So I started off meeting with Dr. Pyle for a...

So I started off meeting with Dr. Pyle for a consultation in October 2015 to discuss TT, BL and arm and thigh lift when I was 25 lbs from my goal weight. At that point I had lost 52 lbs and expressed interest in fillers for my face as I had lost quite a bit of volume in my face. I was introduced to Mary, LME, RN, BSN with Skin Raleigh which branched off from Davis and Pyle. I was concerned the weight loss was really aging my face. Mary explained the anatomy of the face to me and it made so much more sense what I was seeing. We went over my "wish list" and we set an initial plan for She spent a lot of time with me as I like to understand everything (!) and had lots of questions which she answered all. I made a second appointment to ask more questions and discuss a few more options and we tweaked my plan. She wrote everything out for me on a diagram which I appreciated since I am a visual person. We planned on Juvederm, Juvederm Voluma, Botox, and Sculptra. I scheduled my first visit when I was 10 lbs from my goal weight in January 2016 to boost my confidence as my face was "deflating" with the weight loss and I wanted to look as good as I felt.
After my excitable/nervous chatter we got started. She took "before" pictures and went over what she would be doing during the visit. The Sculptra would be done at a separate visit.

I will start with the before pictures and I will try and go under each service to give my experience with each product.

Skin Raleigh- Mary Juvederm

Here are the before pictures of my face. My main concern was the volume loss in my face from losing weight. I had lost 73 lbs in 7 months and it aged me. I wanted my face to reflect how energized and good I felt and instead I looked angry and tired (boo) On my first visit Mary started with Juvederm and Botox to re-sculpt my face, add volume, remove the angry eyes and gummy smile.

1 hour after Juvederm and Botox

I could tell a huge difference in my chin and cheek area immediately after treatment. The Botox is not immediate so it hadn't kicked in yet. The injections did not hurt, at most it felt like a pinch in a few areas. Mary is very good at what she does and I attribute that to why it went so smoothly. I had minimal swelling and discomfort. I started with Arnika gel and tablets. When the Botox did start to do it's thing several days later I was a bit concerned. To begin with I am animated when I speak and I have a high arch in my brow but deep set softish eyes so the Botox made my eyes appear "unfamiliar" to me. My eyes were wide open, my arch was higher and I looked even more animated when I spoke. The lip went straight across when I smiled, but you couldn't n the bright side you could no longer

2nd visit with Mary at Skin Raleigh Sculptra

As this was my first experience with fillers or injections and I must say that it's so important to have a good rapport with your injector/provider and thankfully I have that with Mary at Skin Raleigh. I told her my concerns with my eyes, brows and smile but I loved how my nose didn't spread across my face when I smiled, no gummy smile, and I no longer look angry and tired. I was hoping we could find a happy medium with the Botox. She listened and came up with an immediate solution and I am thrilled with the results. I feel that I'm just as responsible for a good outcome by following the aftercare directions they gave me and giving my honest feedback so that my concerns and questions are addressed. We did Sculptra this visit. For the best results it is very important that I follow the aftercare instructions massage 5 minutes, 5 times a day for 5 days. It was uncomfortable that night and the full next day as my face was really tender but I just took Arnika 3-4 times a day and put Arnika gel in the morning before make up and night before bed and it really seem to help. I won't know the results of Sculptra for several months once I start producing collagen in my hollowed area of my checks. So far I this experience far exceeded my expectations

Pictures after 2nd visit

For some reason i wasn't able to post pictures with my post

Almost two months since my first time with Botox, Juvederm and over a month with Sculptra

I had Botox in January and Sculptra in February and with my re-check this week I realized I have not posted an update for the Sculptra as it takes a month to start producing collagen. I am very happy with the results. As I was losing weight, the volume loss was so apparent and co-workers were concerned at my appearance as I always looked tired. I am happy to say that is not the case anymore. I receive compliments on my weight loss now (it's strange how people tie the two together) and how happy and healthy I look. My brows no longer make me look tired and angry and my cheeks, no longer hollow, look full healthy. My face now reflects how great I feel.

update with picture

I must not have my pictures formatted correctly as they end up sideways. Here's another try.

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