37 Years Old, 2children by C-section for for TT - Shrewsbury, NJ

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Im a thick bone women have 2 children. 5 year old...

Im a thick bone women have 2 children. 5 year old and 4 month both girls. I've always wanted to ha e a tummy tuck, but never thought I would actually go head and get it. After my 2nd baby I really need to get rid of this extra baggage. I started my research and went to my 1st consultant. I was educated. I thought all this time I would only need a mini tuck, but I need a full tuck with muscles repair. Well my concerns is picking up my baby. Thank God for my mother. She agreed to come and help me. Im looking forward to having this surgery this summer. Waiting for the kids to be out of school. My mom does not drive me. Im still search for another dr to do a 2nd consultant in NJ, once I get back from spring vacation with my family. Im.soo excited and nervous. Will keep you all posted

Date set for TT, muscle repair and Lipo of Flanks

I went to two different surgeons for a consultation. The first surgeon my neighbor gave me his name from working with him in the hospital. The 2nd surgeon I found off RS and went because of the review. Both DR’s were pretty honest and up front with the procedure, they both gave me the same information. I decided to schedule my surgery with Dr. Tushar Patel he was the recommendation from my neighbor. The office is super close to my house; therefor it will be easier to get to. I’m super excited. I’m scheduled for August 5th. I do need to lose more weight, he told me to try and get to my pre pregnancy weight which was 205, and my goal is to be at 189 or close to it by then, I have about 20lb to lose. Not easy at all. I will keep posting as the date get closer.

set back

I went to Vegas this weekend and gain 4 pound. Now I need to lose 20lbs. Im so upset with myself. I thinking I will do a juice detox starting Monday for 1 week. Hoping to lose about 7lbs.

9 Weeks to go

Im so excited to report that im down 205lbs back to my pre pregnancy weight. Now my goal is to lose 15-20 more. On June 1st a friend and I will start 28 day challenge. Im praying and hoping to lose 10lbs next month. My next appointment is June 12th... Cant believe the time is almost here. I have a list of supplies to buy thanks to RS, but I will run everything by my surgeon first. I took a few pictures this morning. Cant wait to cross over to the flat side. Any recommendations of what type of food to eat after my surgery?

7 more weeks

Im so excited. Time is ticking. I went to see my doctor on Friday June 12th. He gave me my lab orders. My pre op is set for July 17th. He told me to stop my bc pills the month before. So now I need to get the IUD/merina. I need to lose 10more pounds. Im feeling great about this surgery, but still very nervous abou the recovery time with a baby at home. Im just going to pray and ask God to help me.

making progress

I just made my appointment to get the merina because the doctor told me I have to stop my bc pills. No taking pills in July. Whew.


Here is a garment I saw on ig a person who just had a tt. Has anyone ever try this. Im looking for a good garments.

5 more weeks

I'm so excited been working hard. I'm down to 200lbs. With 5 more weeks to go I should be about to drop 5-8 more. Yesterday I did my lab work. So I'm praying all my number come back Good. Pre op is set for July 17th. Ladies what do they do at the Pre op appointment? Still have not purchase anything yet. Next month. I pray everyone is doing great. God bless

less than 1 month to go

I'm so excited. Pre op on July 27th. My Dr submitted letter of medically necessary to my insurance, they now need more medical records from my primary Dr. I'm so pissed off because I went to her and asked for record she wouldn't give them to me. So now I need to do more leg work or o will be paying the full price for surgery. Tomorrow morning I will be on the phone making calls. O really need them to pay something. Anyway

That will not stope from having the surgery

22more days

Next week Friday is my preop. So ? happy. This weekend I will order some Arnica gel, bromelain pill and start looking into some compression garments. I need some pillows because I did not order a recliner. I think I have enough granny panties just had a baby 7 months ago by c section. Another else my vets think I would need. Please advise

preop in 2 day

I'm super excited preop on Friday. Then I give a little more money towards my big day. Okay. Now I need to order some stuff this week to make sure it will be here in time. 3 more weeks from today. August will be here. Omg. I got the merjna in and I have not stop bleeding. This suck. Don't know what is going on with my body. I hope it stops for my surgery. Its not heavy just annoying. Any who.. I'm excited. August 5th come on

preop done

Well. I went for my preop on Friday. Omg. The paper work made me very nervous. But no turning back now. I'm half way paid up.. I got all my meds, but the office don't supply the binder. So I will order that this week. I started picking up supplies. My mom will come down 2 days before my surgery. I hope 2 weeks off work is good enough. I'm excited

7 days left

Omg. I can't believe the time is almost here. I'm very excited ready to be on the road to recovery. I got a few supplies. Pill reminder, dial antibacterial soap to shower in the day of sx.. Bio oil for my scar, arnicare gel, all my meds ????my binder. I started packing a small bag. Signed all my paper work. Now I need to clear my balance and pick up pillows and a night gown. My mom will be here on Monday. Yay.

can't wait to see the flat me

Just a few pictures I took this morning. Yuck tummy.

1more day

I can't believe the time is here. Tomorrow is my day. I'm so excited but very nervous about recovery. My praying is that God will cover me and the entire surgery team. I'm still waiting for my report time. I'm so ready to get this done...

Made it to the flat side today

Thanking God.. Everything went well today. I can't believe I made it to the flat side. So grateful, happy, excited and give all praise to God for his angels that watched over me today. My husband we amazing. Now my healing begins.

day 1 post op

My body is feeling super tight. Been taking my meds, every 4 hours. Can't wait for things to get better. My binder itch. When can I switch out. Does anyone know

4day post op

I'm feeling OK. Very sore on my sides and back is killing me. I'm trying to stop taking the pain med and use Tylenol. I took a ride to Walmart today my baby ran out of formula. Tonight I plan in taking a shower with my husband help.

1week post op

I made it through 1 week. So happy. My back hurts a lot, but I'm doing fine. I still have drains in ,they both are putting out less than 25cc, praying that they come out on Friday morning. I've been walking around alot. Eating well. Drinking lots of water and power ad. I wear my binder24/7. I miss drinking coffee. I would love a ice coffee today. Should I??


Went to the Dr at pod9 and got 1of the drains removed. So happy. Now the second one will be con on day 12. Can't wait. They pinch my skin like crazy. I'm not in that much pain, but my stomach muscles do hurt in the center. When will all this end. My swelling is crazy. My tummy is not flat at all yet. Ugh, but I keep my binder on 24/7. My scar looks crazy I hate it. Ugh. Just so nasty. When will it every heal up. Here are a few photos

3 weeks PO

Well tomorrow I will be 3 weeks post op. Can't believe the time. My recovery is a process. The pain, emotions, sleepness night is all worth it. My sides still hurt and the incision has not closed up ????but I'm getting through day by day. Its just need time. I go to the Dr on Friday. My swelling is off the hook, but I'm happy. Can't wait to start working out again. I'm afraid to see how much weight I am. Guess I'll leave that alone. Here are a few pictures of my process

So far doctor Patel has answer all my questions, very easy to talk with. No question is off limits

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