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I am so nervous, I can't believe I just made my...

I am so nervous, I can't believe I just made my appt.. I have 3 friends that have already done a tt but they had breast implants too. 1 had a pain pump and 2 had prescription pain meds. I heard the ex petal is awesome. I hope so :) I am so worried about recovery. I have had a c-section but I've heard it don't compare!!! Please god help me make it through surgery day!! I can't back out now! My husband would be so mad since this is all I've talked about for months.

So my surgery is a secret

I haven't told anyone about my surgery except my husband ( of course) and my bf( my cheerleader ) I'm a pretty private person if you can't tell. Lol I want to post before pics but I have a few tattoos that would be a dead giveaway if I posted them. So does anyone know of away I can photoshop my tattoos from a iPhone?

I got my surgery packet..

I signed all my papers today and made my appt to have a physical and blood work done. I have 5 prescriptions to be filled also. I'm actually feeling more calm about having it done now. I guess you can only worry about something so long. I will probably still freak out when it gets closer to time!!

I went to get my prescriptions filled

And they could only fill my antibiotics! They said my insurance needs the dr to call and tell them why she prescribed the others. There is actually 6 I need filled not 5 like I said in my other post. The pain medicine has to be filled in Arkansas because of the paper it is written on. So frustrating! I guess I will call Monday and see what can be done.

I had my physical today

And blood work. I'm not really feeling good about surgery now. My anxiety is back and super high. I guess getting my prescriptions and my dr visit made it all super real. I keep praying for god to help me get through this!

It's getting real

I went and found a recliner to rent today! Found a super comfy one at Arron's rent a center. It has electric push button reclining so you can set it at whatever level feels the best. For a month it's 60.00 and they deliver and pick up!! Hopefully it will help me to not use my stomach muscles as much. I have all my prescriptions filled and have been taking my vitamins. My friend is suppose to be getting me a shower chair from her grandma. What else do I need to do? Also any advice on going up and down stairs! I don't know if I should put the recliner upstairs or down. I guess I need to get some comfort clothes to lounge in. I sure hope I get to spend thanksgiving with my family. I will hate to have to fake sick since no one knows I'm having surgery!!! ;)

Tomorrow will be 2 weeks!!

I know I'll need that extra push to have surgery so I ordered a few bikinis today! All I'll have to do is try them on and I'll know I'm ready. Trying on clothes stresses me out too, but I thought I could take my bottoms with me to see if my scar will be below the top. I'll post pics when I get them in. That way I'll have some before and after pics. I'm still super nervous, but I'm also excited! I can't believe tomorrow will be 2 weeks before I go in!!

Paid in full!!

I don't think money has flown so fast outta our account. My husband said he felt light headed. Lol I feel fine at the moment, trying to get everything situated and organized. My husband has to work the night before my surgery so I guess I'm gonna have to get up super early to make that 2 hr drive.

Here are some before pics

I feel so uncomfortable posting pics, but its all part of the experience i guess. This will be my old body so there is nothing to be embarrassed about I suppose. I also wanted to tell a little more about myself. Im 32 and I have one little girl who is 5. I had to have a emergency c-section with her at 27weeks, she was a 1 pounder. I also have PCOS and it has made me gain my weight in my midsection. i do have a "ledge" the PS said at my consult where my stomach is kinda flat at the bottom. I have been at a stable weight for 4-5 years now. I just cant stand looking preggers anymore. . Before i started fertility treatments in 2006 i was 95lbs and a size 0 and 32B (which is way to skinny in my opinion) Now I am 5'2 and weigh 155 and have 36DD breast, which came from breast feeding. i got extremly lucky in the breast department. ( that they didnt strink to pancakes) so here are my before pics....

Before pics

I'm all set!!

I'm leaving tomorrow to go stay in a hotel closer to the surgery center, I'm really nervous, I haven't had much time to think about it lately. I finally told my mother and my mother n law. My mother was not nice about it( as I suspected ) in law was nice though. I will try to post some pics after she marks me up, when I terrified I kinda shut down so I can't promise pics for sure..????

My new bed for the next few week!!

Out hotel room

I made it

Well I made it through surgery and I'm back in my sweet at the doctors office. She said that she Lipoed 4 pounds and she took off 4 pounds of fat and skin for the tummy tuck position itself. I feel fine is just really hard for me to try to get out of the recliner on my own but as soon as I get up I can walk fine I'm just bent over. It feels hard to take A deep but I have to do this little machine thing where you suck air out of it to raise the bar to help with my breathing so I don't get pneumonia
I can't believe I actually went through with it but when I got here this morning they were missing my CBC lab work and the clinic didn't even do it so I had to get it done here
Well I keep dozing off writing this and dropping my phone ill try to post more tomorrow if I feel better I just cannot keep my eyes open for some reason

On my way home!!

Here's a few pics, I can't believe this is me and how good I feel. I wish I wouldn't have spazzed do much now! It's not bad at all!

I'm home!!

I'm home now sitting in the recliner, just had to cough and that was no fun at all. The doctor called earlier to check on me and everything is going good I go back in on the 26th to have a check up and hopefully get one of my drains out. My back is starting to hurt now and it kind of feels like a burning sensation everywhere. Also feels like I need to clear my throat a lot which hurts to do. Hope. Everyone is doing well! :)

Ugh I feel gross

All this drainage from lipo is making me feel yucky! Besides the fact I usually take a shower once or twice a day. I'm pretty sure I can take a shower today, I just don't know if I'm ready. I didn't take any pain meds last night, I don't know if I really ever needed it, I was just scared not to take it. I feel fine right now, just hungry! I'll take more pics if I take a shower .

1st shower

I just got done with my first shower and I feel amazing. I really can't believe I good I feel right now. I took some pics. My right side of my incision isn't looking grand. I emailed a pic to the ps. I don't know why it isn't flat like my left side. Well here are some pics. My back is super flat with no love handles now. Yay!!

Leaking sucks!!

I wish the lipo leaking would stop!!!!! Every time I stand up it runs down the back of my leg to these hideous compression socks!!!! Driving me crazy!!
Anyways my drains are putting out less than 25 so I could get one out, but my appt isn't til Tuesday, hopefully they will let me come Monday so I can get the second one out before thanksgiving. I'm so ready to get this white binder off and put on a normal panty binder.
Been doing pretty good other than the above ranting lol. I'm also soooo over the compression socks and blowup boot things!!! Hope everyone is healing good! ????

More pics!!

I don't know what it is about taking a shower but it gives me so much energy, maybe it because I'm Aquarius! lol I'm feeling pretty good about my incision location, seems pretty low. I do have this red spot that worries me, hopefully it's normal. Not sure what my belly button is gonna look like yet. My husband has been super man here lately, he should know better than to wear those cut off tees that show off those guns to clean the kitchen. Lol but seriously he has been doing laundry, cooking and cleaning. He's amazing.???? here are a few more pics also my foam is making me itchy, anyone else itchy?

Seriously the leaking has to stop!!!

My lipo holes are still leaking!!! Now the other side opened up and is leaking again ! I'm beginning to think something is wrong with me! I went thru a 7 dollars box of gauze in 2 days!!!!! So tonight I had a brilliant idea. I put on some boy shorts and had my husband stick maxi pads on the sides where the holes are. Working like a champ. It's crazy, but at least it don't soak right through to my undies and then to my clothes . I wonder if they are gonna stitch it up Tuesday? Because ALOT is coming out! Anyone else having this problem with smart lipo!! I was using 4 gauze on each side and it wouldn't last 30 mins.

I started walking upright today!!

I woke up feeling pretty cruddy today, but the more I moved around the better I felt. I eventually started walking straight, my husband noticed first. I hope it's really good by thanksgiving( don't want to be explaining hunching over) getting a drain out tomorrow, I hope the roads aren't frosty!!??

Just got done!!

I got one of my drains out, I didn't feel it at ALL! It looked like a wet noodle, like if it wasn't for that stitch it would have already fallen out! Pray for low fluid on the other one so I can really be thankful on Thanksgiving lol fixing to go change (((( cause my lipo leaked through again :() )))and walk around the mall for a bit. Hope everyone else is doing good!!!

I knew things were going to good:(

I got my drain out today, and walked around the mall and got a new shirt. I was feeling really good about standing straight up, until I was walking down the stairs and my foot slipped ( wearing socks on wood stairs) and I hurt my back!!! You would have thought I ripped my stitches but it didn't even hurt my stomach at all. It's been a few hours now and my back is throbbing so bad and there is NO way I can stand up straight. Feel like I have to start over again!! I am praying I can stand up tomorrow!! Hope everyone else is doing good!! :) :)

I'm alive ..... Lol

I feel better today, I went to the grocery store, and only ran into one person I knew. Got asked a bazillion questions, and then asked why I got a TT anyway. Geez!! Gauze was on sale for 1.49 so that was definitely a WIN for me. I took my tape off my incision last night in the shower, it looks pretty good, still have some dark purple bruising but it getting better. I have a rash from all the tape on my butt lol but I am very sensitive to tape anyway. Well, I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving day and is safe traveling. Gobble gobble to you Wobble Wobble lol

Tad bit nervous....

I emailed my ps assistant lady but I guess they were off yesterday too. I'm kinda nervous my skin is dieing!!!! What do you guys think? It looks black and it's dented inward. I don't know if it's just badly bruised or what. I'm praying that what it is!!

I emailed pics

I emailed the dr on call just waiting to hear back. Here are 2 pics. One is day 3 and one is day 10. It defiantly looks worse but the lady I talked to said my incision will go through a lot of changes before it's healed. I just want to talk to a DR!!!!!

Talked to the Dr

She called me and told me it is dead skin but it's not a big deal, just keep it dry and don't put anything on it. It will heal from the inside out and should be fine.. Oh and not to worry so I'm not gonna worry about it. :)

Black spot update :)

I had a couple questions about my black spot so I just figured I would do an update. The black spot isn't getting any bigger but My compression garment was rubbing on it and peeled a little bit of the skin back so I placed a piece of gauze over it. I went to the movies tonight to watch Catching Fire (which was awesome) and I started to feel really cold like my teeth are were going to chatter so I figured I had fever I came home and I took my temperature and it's 99.8 which made me feel like total crap. I just felt awful, and had my little moment of panic and I cried for the first time. I just don't want to be sick and have to be away from my baby girl. My husband assured me I was fine and it's all part if the process. My ps made me feel confident when I talked to her that my skin issue is NOT at all a big deal, but you know how you mind can wonder when you don't feel good. I came upstairs and got into recliner all comfy and noticed my drain has pulled out about a inch (my stitch came undone about 2-3 days ago) so I have gauze over it and I emailed the surgery center. It's not putting out much anyway, but I was trying to make it to Monday to see the ps. I'm just having a cruddy night. I hope everyone else is doing better than me.

Here is a pic of my whole incision

Just wanted to post a pic of my whole incision without the tape.

My other drain is out!

I ended up calling my ps this morning, I feel bad for waking her up at 8 am, but my drain bulb lost suction so I wanted to know if I should take it out or not and she told me to just go ahead and pull it so it wouldn't get infected. It feels so good not to have any drains. I go in Tuesday now and she's going to make sure that my stomachs not building up fluid and she doesn't have to drain it with a syringe.
On another note I got up and took a shower this morning and finally was able to shave all that hair off, it was driving me nuts!!! My incision looks good other than the black part. I wonder how it's gonna look when that part heals. I'm gonna ask her how much longer that part will take to heal versus the normal part. I'm so over this surgery, I know it's worth it in the end, but this part sucks!!

My dr appt went great

She said I was healing perfectly, the black spot is fine and should be completely healed in a few weeks. I don't have to wear my white binder anymore, just spanxs or something like it. As much as I hate it, I'm still sitting here wearing it. It's just a part of me know and I feel super weird without it. She cut the loops out on the end of my incisions and my Bellybutton .I'll post some new pics soon. I'm just super tired from being in a car for 4 hrs .

New pics!

I'm still doing the same, my stomach feels super raw for some reason at the top. I'm guessing it's from the lipo. I started my period today too! Whipeee!!! I hate periods! I also flooded the upstairs bath which leaked into the downstairs bath and living room. It was a huge mess!! Anywho I just took a shower and the top of my vajayjay is really swollen and kinda hard. That was weird. I'm hoping it's just a little fluid from my drains being out. Well here are some pics!!

Over the hump!

We went to a funeral today, so I had to get dressed in real clothes and walk like a human instead of something out of the walking dead. I had to take a Percocet, but I walked straight. I could tell when it was wearing off because it was like I was de-evolutionizing. Lol that's what I call it when I walk straight for a while and then I start bending over again like a ape. I even came home and cleaned and gave my daughter a bath. The top of my stomach feels a tiny bit sore now, but not bad. It feels like I have fabric inside my body attached to the top of my thighs to my rib cage , and when I try to walking stading straight it pulls my thigh up. It's a weird feeling. It's gets better day by day for sure. I still can't believe I got it done.!!! It feels so good to put on clothes now and have no rolls.

Some new pics

So I'm about 3 1/2 weeks post op. I feel pretty good. I'm walking 98% straight. I walked all over the mall today and went out to eat with my family. I only have one spot that stays super sore on the left side of my stomach. It about middle ways about 3 inches to the left of my bb. It sucks but I think it's nerves reconnecting. I bought a bunch of shirts and didn't try anything on til I got home and loved it all. That's a first!!
I haven't heard from my ps. I sent pics last Thursday ( her request) with a message and didn't get a response. I also called to talk to a nurse and was told she was on her lunch break and she would call me back ASAP. Never heard back and that was last week too. So I'm not really impressed at the moment. My black spot is getting smaller and smaller, but it does have weird stuff that oozes out sometimes. My husband said it didn't look infected and it's normal for it to do what it's doing. So, I guess I'm fine. The scab pulled back a little bit when I was changing the gauze and it looks super thin, so hopefully it will fall off in a few weeks. My incision still has black spots on it in places so I'm guessing my skin died there too. She told me that all that should have been gone last Friday, but it wasn't. My left side has started to flatten out, but the right side is still bunched up.
I can now get up easier, and lay on my side on the couch. I still can't sleep in my bed, I think it's to soft.
I also did the "deed" a few days ago and the big O feels super weird. Well, here are a few more pics.

I went to the dr

My ps called today to check on me, I obviously sent the email to the wrong address... Oops but it did take 6 days for her to call. Anyway I made the 2 hr drive and she removed some of the scabs and trimmed up my bad spot. She was gonna drain some fluid, but I told her I would probably pass out. Lol so she didn't do it. I'm home now and getting ready to go eat with a friend. I just wanted to let everyone know it was a mistake on my part and not the PS ;)

A month already

I can't believe it has been a month already!!!!! I actually slept in the bed all night, I went to sleep on my side and woke up on my back. I'm usually a tummy sleeper, but we all know that isn't gonna happen for a while!! I'm just glad I didn't wake up in pain. I usually wake up around 3am feeling as big as a elephant. I feel better when I get to moving though. I've been putting betadine( spelling) on my spot twice a day to keep it dry. I'm so ready for that to be healed. We hung Christmas lights on the house today. That was fun ( sarcasm) try to post more pics soon!!!

New pics

Just wanted to post a couple pics, I wish that spot was better, but it's getting smaller at least!

Need some advice

The PS wanted to see me today after I emailed her pictures. she took a look at my black spot and try to scrape some of the icky stuff away but I could totally feel it. She trimmed up some of my scabs and put some really bright red stuff on it, don't know what it was though. My stomach is still hurting in the same spot I said in a earlier post...about 3 inches over for my belly button and it feels like there's acid under my skin. She wrote me a prescription for Lyrica. That's what I need advice on. I read some of the side effects and I don't know if it's worth taking. my stomach really does burn all the time though. Has anyone ever taken it before if so could you give me some advice on whether it worth it or not.

Here's a pic

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas

Just wanted to post a update... I decided against the lyrica. There were to many side effects for me. It's getting better though. I have been sleeping without my binder at night and have been able to toss around in the bed pretty good. It still feels really tight. I've tried to lay on my stomach but it feels way to tight to get comfortable.
I feel like I stretch my midsection a lot. Does anyone else do this? Also when I lay flat my stomach dents inwards down the center to my belly button. I guess that's from muscle repair.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.


Just wanted to post a before and after pic side by side. I really can't believe I used to look like that.

Sorry it's been so long...

I'm just over 2 months, I just had my 33rd birthday and it was fabulous.
I've been to the dr a few times since I last talked with you guys. She trimmed my scab the first visit and I had to start putting gauze with a little sodium chloride on it 3 times a day. After. Few days the rest of the scab fell off. It's getting smaller and smaller now. I'm over taking showers all the time and I'm ready for this to be healed up so I can take a long hot overdue soak in the tub. .
She did some measurements today. I lost 3 inches around my rib cage which is good since that was my most hated area, 6 inches in my waist, and 5 around my hips. I'm also staying around 148-152lbs which is down from 155-160. Here are some pics from the last few weeks

3 months

I went to the gym today and worked out, no ab work though still kinda scared it might hurt! I tanned too!( don't tell my dr lol) I kept my scar covered! I'm totally back to my old self now. I still get super swollen by the end of the day. I literally look pregnant, but by morning I'm flat again. It's weird and I hope it stops soon.
I LOVE how I look in clothes now, I can't wait for swim suit weather!!! It's gonna be the best summer in a long time.
On another note the hole is completely closed now, just a very small scab on top. I'm gonna go in a few months and have it revised so my scar will be straight across.
I hope everyone is doing great!!

Scar revision

So I had my scar revision done today. It was a very weird experience for me. I was awake for the whole thing. She just numbed me up real good. She used a electric thing to cauterize which I felt I few time, it felt like it made my stomach clench. The whole cutting the scar tissue our felt like she was scrapping it with a spoon. Lol. When she was stitching me up she had to put a few staples in to pull it together and I felt three of them suckers. It wasn't that bad though. We had fun talking about what we did over the summer and we listened to some Coldplay. She is so down to earth. Makes me wanna go get more done. Lol. Here are some pics of what it looked like before and now. I'll post another after it's all healed up!

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