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I had my second consultation with Dr. Holly and...

I had my second consultation with Dr. Holly and scheduled the surgery!! During the first consultation, Dr. Holly informed me that I would need a lift. I was pretty surprised and unhappy about it-afraid of scarring. I went home and looked at after pictures -6 months+ after. I realized the scars weren't bad at all, and I wouldn't be happy without the lift. So, I went to my second consult prepared with questions. I had to wait to see the her for over an hour both times. The first time I was half an hour late, so I figured it was my fault. The second consult, I was on time. I don't know if this is normal for this office? I know I wait for that long occasionally at the pediatrician or my OB. Still-very annoying to wait that long after an appointment time. After waiting, I was in a hurry because I had to go pick up my kids. Worried I maybe I missed a question or didn't relay my result goals clearly enough. I will probably plan a pre-op appointment to make sure!

During the appointment, Dr. Holly answered all my questions. I have seen some of her work in person, as well as, online. A friend of mine recently go an augmentation in Dallas and was raving about her doctor (I am sure he is very good). I felt like the pictures I have seen of Dr. Holly's lifts with implants were the results I want for myself. I really feel like she can give me the results I am looking for-natural looking full C.

I am a little worried I will come out bigger than I want. I wouldn't say I am super athletic, but I do work out. I don't want to have massive boobs! I am also feeling a little guilty about spending the money. In my family of 6, this is a lot of money. This could be paying for so many other things. Trying to tell myself we won't miss it...

Now that I have made the decision, I am dying to go! I am waiting until the end of February because we are supposed to be moving mid February. Of course, that may be pushed. I would love to get in this month! I will just be patient. :)

Will post before and afters AFTER surgery!!

Pre op

I got my pre op paperwork in the mail this weekend! Stayed up late reading it. I just love the feelings chart she provides (in pictures). It really seems to describe the feelings my friends have had post surgery. I asked one friend if she got anything like that from her doctor and she said now, but it was very accurate.

I am so excited. And nervous! There are 3 pages of meds not to take. I am just not going to take anything to be safe. ???? I am so nervous my breasts will be larger than I want. I feel like larger breasts make me look heavier, and I certainly don't want that.

Headed to the lab tomorrow for blood work!


I did my blood work. Waiting on my pre op appointment. I was totally fine and excited to get the surgery. Then I started reading explant stories. Now I am freaked out about it. I have always been a little nervous about the implant part of it. Will it feel like me or some foreign substance in my body? Is breast implant illness a real thing, and what if I get it? These 4 kids and hubby can't handle a sick momma. What if I get capsular contracture and need a revision? What if I can't afford a revision and am stuck with some hard, painful, distorted boobs? What if they look too big? Or too fake? Do women still love their implants 10 years later? What if I hate them? I don't know anyone that has had capsular contracture, and every one of my friends is so happy with their implants. I am nervous I will be the ONE that hates them or has a problem. I am extremely excited to get the lift, but I really just want enough volume to fill the void between my chest muscle and the breast tissue. I don't want the look or feel of large breasts. I have been looking into natural augmentation and wondering if this is the answer for me. I would feel so much better about getting the fat grafting. Of course, that raises a new set of what ifs-What if my husband wishes they were bigger? What if the fat doesn't stick and I wasted money? Anyway, I am not even sure Dr. Holly does the fat grafting for natural augmentation. I plan to ask at my pre op appointment. Hopefully, I will feel less nervous and know which way to go after my appointment!


I went to see Dr. Holly Wall again today. I waited again over an hour before seeing her. That really is very annoying. I know she isn't the only doctor I have waited to see, but when I am spending over $9000 for a procedure, I don't feel like I should have to wait that long. I just wish doctors were more considerate of the patient's time. I drove an hour, waited an hour, and spent 15 minutes with the doctor. Venting over.
So, I did spend some time making sure Dr.Holly knew exactly what I wanted size wise-not large. I just want them to look young again. I need to be able to go to church functions or be around kids without feeling like the attention is on my boobs. I was able to ask her all of my questions (although Iforgot some!). She made me feel very comfortable. I asked about fat grafting. She didn't feel like I would be very happy with that at this point. But it is nice to know that is an option for later...She definitely made me feel like I would be happy with implants for many years. Before I went, I researched warranties. Apparently, Natrelle and Mentor both cover capsular contracture. Anyway, I feel a lot better after the appointment. She told me to stay off the internet. LOL I can't tell you how many times I have heard that. So I will do my best to just update and not read too many horror stories! Now I just need to get back on track with my diet so I don't gain 50 pounds. :)

Less than 24 hours!

My surgery is tomorrow. I am a little nervous, but have been so busy, I really haven't had a lot of time to think about it. I am mostly nervous about the recovery and being able to take care of my kiddos. Praying my surgery and recovery will be without complications and that I will be happy with the size/shape! I have my meds filled and have been taking my vitamins and Arnica. Will post an update tomorrow or the next day!

1 day post op

Surgery day was fine. I have been so busy, I really didn't have time to think about my surgery. I was the first surgery of the morning. Filled out my consents, got in my gown and into the bed. CRNA took my temp and it was a little high. I was really nervous they would cancel, but just told me they would put extra antibiotic in the IV. Dr. Holly came in and marked me up. I reminded her "not big." :) The CRNA put a couple of meds in my IV, and I was giggly-told them I needed this every day! HA!! Next thing I know, I am waking up. I know I kept saying I wanted to go to sleep. My husband drove me home, and we were home by lunch time. I ate on the way home, and it is a miracle I didn't die. I could barely chew my food. I am sure it was very attractive. LOL

Once home, I took a long nap. Woke up around 3:30 pm and felt totally fine. Sore, but fine. I was able to eat with my family and pick up the mess. I took a pain pill at bed time and slept great. I woke up around 6:30 this morning. Getting out of the bed was sooo hard. I needed my husband to help. I guess I should have worked out my abs more! Again, once I got up, stretched and moved around, I felt fine. Had my mom here to help with the kids. I was able to get lunch ready and do anything I felt up to. Overall, recovery has been much better than expected so far!!

I know I have seen the lift scars in pics and thought "oh that isn't so bad," but have been worried I would freak when I saw them on myself. I was so nervous to look. I took a quick peek last night and my immediate reaction was "oh-those look pretty good." I feel the same way today. They are very high and rock hard, but I know they will get better with time. And it looks like Dr. Holly did a great job picking the size. I am very eager to see how they will look once they "drop and fluff."

Day 2

I cut out pain meds other than Tylenol yesterday. Slept terribly!! I have this burning in my armpit that is driving me crazy. I felt like I was up every hour. Broke down at 4 am and took bandages off and put on the bra provided. Then took an anti inflammatory. Didn't help much. I just could not get comfortable. So this morning I was tired and grouchy. Got my first real shower and it was amazing! The girls are looking enormous today. Hope that is some swelling!!! Ready to get through the next couple of weeks. I will probably take a Benadryl tonight to see if it helps me sleep.

10 days post op

So much to update. First, if you are considering implants, join Brilliant Distinctions. https://www.brilliantdistinctionsprogram.com You get points for any procedures you have and us them towards other procedures or (I THINK) in the BD market. Second, if you get Natrelle implants, you can get a free Botox or Latrisse Treatment!

I stopped taking Tylenol on day 4 post op. First 5-6 days I took tons of vitamin C, Arnica, and rubbed essential oils around my tape. I had pretty minimal bruising. By day 4-5, I was not in pain anymore, but still felt very tight. I was scared to move too much for fear of hematoma.

I had my post op appointment at 8 days post op. The drive wasn't too bad. It was my first time driving since the surgery! Dr. Holly said everything looked great. She removed half of my steri-strips. She said the other half can fall of on their own in the shower. I am so ready to take them off!! She trimmed a few knots and said to start Biocorneum once scabs are gone. Hopefully, the combination of Biocorneum and essential oils will really help with the scarring. Dr. Holly also showed me implant displacement massages. I started doing those. Hopefully they help my implants come down. I am anxious to see how they will fill out as the move down! She also basically said I could get back to normal activities, just no lifting over 15 lb. I can wear any bra I want without underwires. I can wear underwires at 6 weeks.

At my appointment, I asked about Brilliant Distinctions-wanted points for my implants. They told me I could run to Jade MediSpa (same building) and get my free botox. I figure it is free, so why not?

Today is 10 days post op. I feel less tight today...but still trying not to do too much. I need to clean my house so bad and am ready to pick up my babies!! My 21 month old just holds my hand. :( I also bought my first bra today- http://www.walmart.com/ip/Danskin-Now-Front-Close-Plunge-Sport-Bra/24430163 Didn't want anything expensive. Saving that for later! :) Just ready to go back to the gym-4 more days until I can do light cardio!!

Day 13

2 more days and I can do cardio!! I am so excited. I have gained 5 pounds and feel like I am losing muscle. I am feeling so ready to get back to normal. I tried on some old bras and swim tops today. I am actually really happy that I can still get in the old ones. Dr. Holly did just what I wanted-younger, not big! LOL I have been around so many people this week and no one notices! That makes me happy. I didn't want it to be super obvious. It definitely is without a shirt on. :) My boobs have been feeling pretty tender the past 2 days. Almost like beginning of pregnancy. I got my Danskin bra. I LOVE it. Great fit and support. Best part-$12! I really didn't want to spend a fortune on bras until they settle. So, I am very happy I found this one.

Lopsided at 3 weeks

Well, the girls started out matching, but last night I realized they were lopsided! Pre surgery my right was a little smaller than the left. Now my right is the one looking great! Hopefully the left side will come down to match. ???? I think I am going to be very happy with the results when my leftie comes down.

The scars bother me a little-just because I can't really treat them yet. There are still a couple of scabs and I can feel some of the stitches. I thought these things were supposed to dissolve?? The feel like fishing line! I am just ready for the scars to heal so I can really start treating them!

3 week pictures


So I am noticing more that one of my nipples is a bit smaller than the other. I really thought they would be closer to the same size. Add to that my scars feel like rope and I have this weird fold under my left breast (which is still a little higher than the right.). I am keeping scar cream and silicone tape on them 24/7. When I noticed the weird fold, I started making sure I have a bra on all the time for support. It helps, but when I take it off, the fold comes back. Anyway, I am a little down, but trying to tell myself it is still so early. ???? Will my nipple look a little larger to match the other as the breast drops??

Still looking lopsided

Trying not to dwell on my boobs 24/7, but every time I look in the mirror, I am so frustrated! I mean, is it normal for them to look so different? I will say, the scars are not as rope like and much flatter than before. At this point, the scars are the least of my worries. More concerned about why my breasts are not closer to the same shape and size. The right is much wider and rounder at the bottom than the left. I haven't seen much difference in 3 weeks. One more week until my follow up appointment.


Today-6 1/2 weeks post op-i feel like I might actually be happy with my breasts! :) it seems like almost overnight my left nipple flattened out and looks much more like the right. The nipple size makes such a difference. Now that my nipples look more alike, the difference in roundness isn't as noticeable. I also think the left breast has started to fill out some. It still has a ways to go. Hoping to squeeze in the time to go get fitted for a new bra this week. So thankful for this progress!! Thanks to everyone for the positive comments and encouragement. :)

Not loving these

I haven't been on in awhile. Frankly, looking at the breasts I spent over $9k on ticks me off. I went in for a visit a couple of weeks ago and Dr. Holly said the left side is definitely lower. She is hoping the right side will drop to match. She gave me a band to help push it down. So far I feel like I paid to love my boobs in a t shirt. I don't love them in a swim suit and I sure don't love them naked. I have pretty much zero feeling in either breast.

I do see some potential, but I know my husband may kill me if I utter the word "revision." What will that cost?! The left side basically looks like a bigger saggy boob. Not only that, but the areola stretched and peeks out of every bra or swim suit. So annoying. And it feels so far over toward my arm pit.

I have the doctor 2 wish pics. I don't feel like my breasts look like either one. I go back in July and will see what she has to say about the saggy leftie then.


I guess you can't edit parts of the review? Anyway, it is the right side that is lower and in my arm pit with the larger areola. Posting some side by sides of the left breast profiles and the "wish pics." I am just so frustrated. I replay everything that was said in my mind. I told her I wanted this one picture and no bigger....I told her I wanted them up enough to last because I didn't want to come back in 5 years. She told me I was an easy case and that I would be happy with these for decades. And I am already wanting a redo. Honestly, I see the potential there. I like the way they feel. They are very soft. The scars don't bother me as much as I thought they would. I like my left areola size. I think to get them to a point I would love is really just some minor tweaking. I really wonder if doing the lift and implant in 2 surgeries would have made a difference.

Dr. Holly was willing to answer all of my questions and is honest about what the patient needs. She will not just tell you what you want to hear, which I appreciate. Her office is very nice and everyone I came into contact with was very friendly. I am looking forward to my surgery. I will add more after the pre-op!

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