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Hello all. I have my surgery next week with Dr...

Hello all. I have my surgery next week with Dr Holly Wall in Shreveport, La. and I'm getting 450 cc. I'm nervous and excited. I've wanted implants since I was young but never as much as I did after Breast Feeding 4 kids for about 16 months each. That turned my tiny tits into flat sagging skin bags with a nipple. I hate my boobs now. My two main hopes for this surgery is to have volume and CLEAVAGE. I've always wanted cleavage so here's hoping.

Almost there.

So I was wrong about the size I'm getting. I just spoke to the coordinator and I'm actually getting 575 cc. ????! Oh well ... I'm excited. Just made the final payment today. Let's go big boobs!

Freaking Out

After spending more time in here than I should ... I am now freaking out about my 575cc implant size. They are gummy bears and the PS said that was the size I needed to get the cleavage I want. However... I DO NOT want them to be bigger than a D cup. I really only want a mid to large C. I keep hearing people say they made rice sizers but no one is saying how they did it. Off to figure it out now.

Freak out over

So figured out how to make a sizer. It may be just a bit bigger than 575cc but I and SUPER good with the size. I needed to see it for myself. The PS only did a picture 3D model of it.

I'm Ready! I'm Ready!

Just 3 more days. I'm still nervous but ready for the surgery. I've made my peace with 575cc thanks to rice sizers (see pics). I'm still nervous and but ready. I'm just really concerned about the pain. I keep reading that all these surgeon pain catheters and numbing wash is inside the breast pocket. They seem to be the best thing to use but I don't know if my surgeon uses those methods. It has me concerned but I know I will be fine either way. I'm telling myself that it's going to HURT LIKE HELL and make it worse than it may really be so I can be pleasantly surprised when it is not.

Surgery in 2 days.

Almost time for surgery. I cleaned out my closet today as I prep my house for the surgery and took some pre op pics in some of my dresses that I wore before gaining weight. Fully intend to get back to working out once cleared from surgery.

24 HRS until surgery ???? SCARED OF PAIN

I must be freaking out because I've woken up today at precisely 24 hrs before my call time tomorrow. I've wanted boobs my whole life but I don't think I ever thought I would actually get them but here we are.

I've very concerned about the pain of recovery. I keep reading that under the muscle implants and large implants are the most painful. I'm getting both ????.

Can anyone tell me what the pain was like for you ... Honestly. My Drs nurse just says it like bad milk engorment and super sore workout muscles combined. I'm not to inclined to believe that it's THAT simple.

So tell me about your experiences ... Please.

It's Boob Day

I'm here and ready to get my boobs!

Boobs ??

I finally have boobs and I'm in the car going home. I'm hella excited.


Finally home after a 3 hour drive were I slept off an on. Mouth and throat is dry and there is just a lot of weight and pressure right now. Some pain but I would say a 4or 5 out of 10 with the pain meds I took 2 hours ago it very tolerable.

9 hours after surgery

Since being home I've not eaten much, I've do me my hourly stretches, I've taken two pain pills, and I took a slow walk outside with the husband. The pain is still at a 4/5 out of 10. The "pain" is more pressure on my chest and in my back. I'm trying to focus on sitting up with good posture. I'm trying to not go to sleep until about 9:30pm to keep a decent sleep pattern but it's hard with the pain pills making me so tired.

I am happy so far but I can't see my boobs because they are bandaged up. Won't see them until Friday.

End of Day 1

It's 9:16pm here. I've taken my sleeping pill, pain pill, antibiotic, and anti-inflammatory pill and I'm in the bed on my back with an ice pack ready for sleep. My back is hurting and my pain went to a 6/7 today (right before taking pain meds)

All in all in doing better than I thought I would. The pain isn't horrible it just hurts. I do believe it is something most people can manage. I know many were like and scared about that but it's not as bad I thought it would be today. Maybe tomorrow will be harder ... Who knows.

I make it a point o try to move a much as I normally would even if it is super slow so I don't get stuck in ridged positions. I do my stretches every hour. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery.

How I slept on Night 1 Beginning of Day 2

After taking my pain meds, my sleeping pills, and antibiotic at about 9pm I would say I was sleep by 10pm at the latest. I slept on my back with two pillows. It was an event getting down there, lol. I tried having an ice pack on my boobs but it broke and got my bandages kinda wet, so I gave up on that.

I slept very well actually. I work up at 3sm for some reason. I wasn't in pain, I just woke up. So I took some pain meds because it was time. I am making it a point to stick to the time with those.

I went back to sleep and woke up at 6:30am. I stayed in bed but I'm up and icing my boobs. It's 8:10 here now. I am not having pain, the pressure level is a 3 or 4 out of 10 so far today. I'm icing my boobs now and still doing my stretches every hour.

Midway through Day 2

According to my doctor today day two was supposed to be the hardest. However that has not been my experience thus far. I still have between a four and a five on the pain scale of 10. So it's been pretty easy for me as far as pain goes. I'm still taking my pain meds regularly and they make me very sleepy. But I just feel a lot of pressure. This is turning out to be much easier to handle than I thought it would be. For those who are concerned about pain I definitely think it's something that you may be overestimating but it's different for everyone. I went into surgery thinking that the kind of pain I would experience would be sharp, uncomfortable, and long-lasting. However I find that that is not the case. Thank God. I've gone for a walk with the husband today for about 20 minutes and it was 10 minutes longer than yesterday.

I still find myself very sleepy though and I think that that has to do with the pain meds in the fact that they definitely make me drowsy. But it also I believe just the trauma that my body has experienced. All in all I'd say it was worth it pain is very tolerable. I take my bandages off tomorrow and put on a bra for the first time so I'm excited for that.

If I had to pick one thing I would have to say the most difficult would be getting up and down from a reclining or lying down position because you can't use your arms to push yourself which is what you would typically do. So you have to really engage your core and try to pull yourself up that way and it can be a challenge for those who don't have a strong core. I also find that a pull some inside of the pec muscles so that causes some pain. I'm still icing pretty regularly so that is helping out to and I think it's also keeping some of the swelling down but today would be the last day for that because they say once you take off your bandages you should not I see your boobs anymore.

End of Day 2

At the present moment my boobs feel so tight they feel as if they are about to explode. They are hard, ridge, and hurting right now. 6/7 out of 10 pain that fluctuates a bit. I feel a slight pain in my incision on the right boob. I realized that I don't really have much of an appetite and I've also not have a BM since before surgery. Im still doing my stretches every hour but the last several times have been a little more difficult due the tightness.

I'm planning on heading to bed at about 10pm tonight even though I've been falling asleep in my chair for the last 3 hours.

Day 3 - Bandages OFF!

I took my bandages off and showered today. It feels great! I find that I can move a bit more and I'm more comfortable. The bandage tape took some skin off but it's off. Lol. I feel like I can now so much easier now.

The boobs are still high and square but they will be wonderful when they fall.

Day 4

I'm feeling very well right now. I'm doing my compressions and my stretches. I've not taken pain meds since yesterday. Well last night before bed to be precise. Nothing today and I'm feeling fine. I can't stop looking at and touching my boobs. They age just so awesome!

Week 2 and a day

I wanted to post yesterday but it was a long crazy day.

Ok, I had my two week check up yesterday. She took the tape of the stitches, cut the knots, should be some new massages, told me the square shape would go away with the new massages, and I was done. I don't go back for 3 months.

I'm please as punch. I can wear normal bras with no underwire, I can get back on my bike, and I can FINALLY have sex.

Week 3

Things are still going well. The stitches seemed to have dissolved, the square boob seems to be softening up, the boobs are softer all around, and I can't tell if they have dropped anymore or not. I need to get some of those scar strips to help with the healing process but have not found any I like. Oh and boobs and seat belts DO NOT MIX! ????

I've had sex several times since the 2 week mark and have not had any issue. I know some have commented on having some problems but I've not experienced any.

I'm still very pleased with my choice and regret nothing.

Late post 1 month and 4 days

Not much has changed since the last post. I'm still waiting for them to fall, the left boob is still square in my cleavage, and I still like them.

Forgot to show incisions

One month 4 days

Month two

Well yesterday my girls turned 2 months old and I love them so much! I went to Victoria Secret yesterday and got measured ... According to them I'm 34 DD ????????????! Christ on a crotch I'm in shock. Now I'm under the impression it's a vanity size but I am totally ok with whatever the size is. I just cannot believe how happy they make me.

Side by side view

Just a comparison pic
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