25 Yo Mommy of Twins Deflated Boobs and Want a New Me - Shreveport, LA

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Plastic surgery has been on the table since before...

Plastic surgery has been on the table since before my twins were born. My husband and I were both of the mindset that if I was very dissatisfied with my post baby body, once i had reached a healthy goal weight, then we would consider some type of mommy makeover. Well I only gained 40 lbs with my pregnancy and lost all of it and more after delivery. Ive been working out for about 9 months now and have gained some definition, as well as a relatively flat stomach. Ive ditched the idea of a tummy tuck because to be honest, by stomach isn't that bad. I have minimal stretch marks and lose skin. It's nothing i'm self conscious about. So that leaves a breast augmentation. After the weight loss and working out, I've lost 2 cup sizes from my big pregnant/breastfeeding boobies. What's left is a bunch of deflated skin that I stuff into a 36 B cup (at least that's what i'm wearing. I'm probably more of large A because i don't even fill out the b cup. )
After looking at reviews and taking into consideration of how far i would be willing and able to travel, I decided to go with Dr. Holly Wall of the Wall Center in Shreveport. I just recently had my consultation, the review for which i will post in a following post. All said and done, I am excited! I hope to be a large c or D cup (my husband prefers the d cup, but i'm just thinking practically). I have yet to schedule the surgery since logistics are still an issue. More to come!

Day 2 Post Op

So I'll start with before the surgery... The nurse called me the day before to tell me my time for surgery. I was to arrive by 0600 and my surgery time was at 0800. My daughters we allowed to be in the office, which made things a lot easier. We checked into the hotel that afternoon.

Day 0: The next morning (day of surgery) we arrived on time. I peed in a cup to check for pregnancy, weighed myself, and was allowed to relax with my family until the rest of the staff showed up at 0630. At 0645 they took me back and started my IV. A few nurses came in, asked questions and explained the procedure. When they finally rolled me back they must have started my anesthesia in route because I barely remember getting rolled into the OR. It was such a crazy feeling to wake up, seemingly seconds later, and it was all done. I've always had a hard time waking up after anesthesia, and staying awake. I vaguely remember being propped up and someone putting a bra on. I kept falling back asleep so i only remember bits and pieces of our journey back home. That afternoon/evening was the hardest. My head was still foggy and I was rather sore and my upper body felt stiff. I was instructed to stretch my arms above my head for 30-60 seconds every hour. I did that several times per hour, very slowly. My chest was tight and I felt out of breath a lot. I could tell I was bloated, which I expected. I didn't have a big appetite but I made sure to eat because I knew i would only feel sick taking all those meds on an empty stomach. I slept on my back somewhat propped up in an incline with some pillows. I had to have my husband help me get into position, and get out of bed to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Day 1 post op: I took some pain meds at 3 am when I woke to pee. Overall, I already felt much better than the day before. They key is to keep doing your stretches and keep gentle movement in your upper body, and not to sit for too long because I noticed my upper body hunches over and my muscles cramp up. I did light housework like putting laundry away. I was instructed to pull my bandages down and send the office a picture so that they could remotely monitor my healing. I went on a walk with my husband and daughters that evening.

Day 2 post op: today. I got to take a shower today and remove the bandages and drain placed under my right breast. I was able to wash my own hair. I didn't scrub at my nipples, which still had stitches, I just let the water fall on then to clean them. It was difficult to get all the adhesive off my skin. I'm starting to notice they are starting to drop (they don't feel like they are in my armpits anymore). I have more flexibility in my upper body and I don't feel like I "need" the pain meds. I'm still bloated and haven't had a bowel movement since the day prior to surgery. My chest is less tight, which I feel will only get better as the implants drop. I know they don't look that natural right now but I can tell the relative size they will be and I am pleased so far.

Day 3 post op

Finally pooped! Seriously that's a big thing for me. I've been so bloated from being constipated so getting that relief is amazing. Boobs are looking better as the implants are slowly making their way down. Nipples don't look so scary anymore as they are healing, which is making them itch! Pain is getting better too. It seems every day brings a bound in the recovery process. I'll post pictures later.

Day 3 pictures

Day 4

Been nauseous much of today and yesterday

Pain nearly gone

Pain is nearly gone and they are starting to fluff out a bit. Left one is higher than right. I'm interested to know what size I am now.
425cc in my left. 450cc in my right boob.

Nausea is gone so I've been able to eat normally. I weighed 124lb day of surgery and in 126lb this morning. I know some of that is the implants, and some of that is from not working out for over a week now.

I got on the elliptical for 30 min today. Kept my arms close to my body, nothing crazy, and went at a slow moderate pace.

Had my 1 week post op appointment a few days ago. Dr have me a strap to wear around my upper chest across my boobs. She said I could do light exercise like walking, recumbent bike, elliptical, but nothing weight bearing for a few more weeks.

My nipples have been so sensitive lately. Headlights all the time. Today they are sore, but not painful.

Post op appointment #2

I recently went in for my second post op appointment. Everything is going well and I can get back to running and working out as usual, just nothing intense on my pectoral muscles. I was given some scar gel to help heal and fade my scars. And My stitches were trimmed and medical tape removed. I can wear any bra I want as long as it doesn't have under wire.

I went bra shopping and my new size is a 36D. Before I was a 36 B or sometimes a 34 a, with my volume loss. But it seems a D cup fits me perfectly.

I have been instructed to do, what I call, my "squishing exercises". 5x a day i squash my boobs together from the sides. Then press down on top of each implant for a few seconds. This is to help them drop further. It's not painful, but can be uncomfortable. My left implant is still riding a tad higher than my right, but nothing noticeable with clothes on.
Shreveport Plastic Surgeon

So far my interactions with Dr Holly Wall have been limited, having only been to a consultation. She was very energetic, answered any questions I had, very knowledgeable, and I felt comfortable around her. She did seem to go very fast through the consultation, and that could be because she was very energetic, or because she was just going through the motions. One thing I didn't like is that she used a bit of jargon when she spoke to me. She would say things like "breast recon" or "breast aug", which I could understand and make out what she was saying through context and doing my research, it was just something that slightly got under my skin that i found to be unprofessional if you are talking to a lay person.

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