25 Year Old 32B Petite Asian BA 325/350cc Mentor Silicone - Shreveport, LA

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I am a 25 year old petite and thin Asian female. ...

I am a 25 year old petite and thin Asian female. I am 5'4" and weighed 95 pounds at my consult on Tuesday. I have always been happy with everything on my body except my breasts; I can work out to make my butt look better but there is nothing I can do about my breast size so I have always felt a bit inadequate in that area.
I told the PS that I am not looking to get huge breasts, just a "bigger" natural. I did not want to spend 5k and get breasts that were not much bigger but I also did not want breasts that screamed that they were fake.
Based on my measurements and thin profile, my PS suggested 325 and 350cc Mentor silicone under the muscle through a crease incision. We did the 3d computer program and she generated a photo of what my breasts should look like with that size. If my breasts end up looking like that, I would be incredibly happy! ...but I am not sure how accurate this program is.
I told my PS that I did not want the push up bra effect or to be able to see the outlines of the implant at all. Based on her responses, it seemed like she thought I would have an "implanty" effect since I am so thin. That really scares me because I do not want to go too big!! At first I thought the 325/350cc was too big but I have been researching a LOT online and read that many women wish that they had gone bigger after their implants had d&f so now I am not sure...
Since I am Asian, I am also very afraid of bad scarring.
I held a 325cc implant at the PS office and the implant looked so big and felt so heavy in my hand; I could not imagine TWO of those being inside me! My skin feels so tight and does not seem like they would take stretching to that size very well so I am also afraid of stretch marks.

I am planning to have my BA done next Friday but I really want to have one more consultation with the PS before going under the knife. I know she will speak with me before the procedure but I just want to sit down with her for about 20 more minutes and make sure she knows what I want and what my major concerns are. It would make me feel much more comfortable.

Had my last consult today.

So my surgery is this Friday and I wanted to meet with my PS one more time to feel more comfortable.

I went over the 325 and 350cc sizes again because over the past few days I've been thinking they were going to be too big, then sometimes I go the opposite and think they might be too small!
I tried on some sizers and I was pretty happy with how they looked. My breasts looked pretty natural in baggy clothing and I could very easily play them up or down which is exactly what I wanted. I don't know why I didn't try on sizers on my first consult. I guess because we did the computer imaging instead.
This meeting today totally gave me faith and confidence in my PS because it was like she knew the perfect size for me when I first met her. I was skeptical at first but after seeing the computer generated photos and trying on the sizers, I feel reassured that I am going with a good size.
The PS said that I shouldn't be going so big that I'll be at risk for stretch marks or losing all of my nipple sensation. I also expressed my concern of having a wide breast gap and she said that shouldn't be a problem with the moderate plus implant and my BWD.

Afterwards I got my blood work done and got my meds. The only med I wasn't able to pick up was Celebrex because my insurance doesn't pay for it. The office said that it's like a really strong anti inflammatory and I shouldn't have to take it if I have extra strength Tylenol. Thoughts on this? Does anyone think that I really need to get it?
I've also bought some Vitamin C and have been rubbing cocoa butter on my breasts because I'm scared of getting stretch marks.
I asked the PS about Asians and scarring and she said she hasn't had an Asian patient with really bad scarring before. Does anyone have any suggestions for a really good scar treatment for afterwards?

I joined the justbreastimplants forum a while back but have not been upgraded to Member status yet so I couldn't view photos. I made a BA account on Instagram and it has been amazing so far. The community is super sweet and helpful and now I don't feel alone going into my BA. I have been posting a lot of pre op photos as well as some videos from my PS office.
If you have an Instagram, please leave your screen name for me and I will find you and follow you. I have mine on private and specifically said NO MEN on the description but yet I still get requests for male accounts. Seriously, guys....

Surgery is Friday!! I go from happy and excited to nervous and scared several times a day. I'm hoping recovery isn't too bad! Eeeek.

My BA was today!

So I got to the PS office at 0830 , waited for about 30 minutes and then finished my pre op and answered some questions about my medical history. Then I was taken into a pre op room where I changed into a gown, got SCD sleeves and the nurse started my IV. Soon after, the PS came in and marked me up. After that, I was out in less than 5 minutes and I woke up in recovery!!

I remember waking up in recovery and not feeling pain. The nurses had told me that my chest would feel really heavy and it didn't feel bad at all. She also gave me an IM injection of Demerol and Phenergan. Aside from that, I don't remember much more. I don't remember getting out of bed and dressed or being wheeled out or being in the car ride home.
When I got home I apparently took some post op photos, posted them on Instagram and texted them to a friend. Then I fell asleep for about three hours and when I woke up, I looked at my phone and DID NOT remember taking those pictures or making those posts! I felt like another person did those but luckily I did not do or say anything stupid.

I was told to do some basic stretching exercises today. I have a bandage around my breasts now and cannot take it off or shower until Sunday. I tried peeking at the top of my breasts and there looks to be a big gap between them which is what I really, really didn't want but I know it's too early and the breasts need much more time to d&f.

Recovery has been pretty smooth so far. Everyone was right in telling me that my chest will just feel like I just worked out very intensely - like very sore muscles. I have been keeping up with pain meds and if I had to rate my pain from a scale of 1 to 10, I would say it's at a 2 right now. It's more of a discomfort. I really hope it stays that way!
I have been up walking around and just ate a nice dinner. No signs of nausea right now either.

Post op day one.

I definitely can't get up from laying down by myself! I've also noticed that my breasts are suuuper sore when I wake up from sleeping (aka morning boob). The pain was a lot worse today but again it just felt like a lot of tightness and soreness. I have been doing my stretching exercises as much as I can and it even feels good to do them although it's sort of painful; it's kind of a good hurt if that makes sense.

The PS called me last night and the nurse called me this morning to check up on me so that was nice. They all told me that doing the stretching exercises would help the pain more than any medication would.

I would also like to say how happy I am with anesthesia yesterday. I just remember talking to the CRNA and my fiance in the pre op area and then BAM! I woke up in recovery with no pain whatsoever. That was amazing!!

I get to take the bandages off and shower tomorrow but as of right now I'm kind of scared to because it seems like it would be painful to wash my hair.
I know I am going to have Frankenboob for a while too so I'm preparing myself mentally to maybe not like how my breasts are looking at this point. I took a sneak peak and they looked far apart.

I am so glad I joined the BA community on Instagram. Those women are so nice and supportive and it feels really nice to share this with others even if I have not really met them. I would suggest women who are going through a BA to join too because it is a lot of fun.

Sorry if this is TMI but I've heard a lot of women complain about going through constipation and that is not a problem for me! Woohoo haha.

Post op day two.

I woke up today with major morning boob aka insane tightness and soreness. I have been sleeping flat on my back though so I got up, took a pain pill and went back to bed but this time I propped myself up on two pillows and that felt better.

When I got up, I ate lunch and then it was time to take off the bandages!! I was super nervous but I expected to see Frankenboob which is what I saw; the implants are super high right now and hard. They did look like they would turn into my wish boobs once the d&f comes in though. I did not see any bruising.
Another thing that I am happy about is that I can still feel my nipples! I have read so many women say that their nipples were numb but I still have sensation in mine on day two post op so that makes me happy. They are not overly sensitive either.

After I took the bandages off, I took a warm shower and that was the best thing ever. I wish I could have stayed in there! The warm water seemed to have loosened my breast tissue and muscles so I could do the post op stretches even better. It felt amazing. I would advise you to shower as soon as your PS says you can because it will make you feel a lot better.

Afterwards I slipped into a nursing bra (I have attached pre and post op photos of it). I then went out shopping for about an hour just to get out of the house. I took an extra strength Tylenol before I left so I didn't feel much discomfort.
When I'm wearing the bra under a shirt, it does not look like I had a BA at all. I look just like I used to when I wore padded bras except now I am not wearing a padded bra! I do not want boobie greed so I am trying to patiently wait to see what I will measure to in the end.

I haven't been in much pain since I got up and my appetite has been good. I have not had any problems with nausea or constipation. I have been staying hydrated with water and eating fresh foods and fruit. I try to walk around every once in a while so I'm not just sitting in one spot for too long.

Day five post op.

I haven't noticed too much change in my breasts but my bf has told me that they look better and not as squarish or high. It must be because I see my breasts every day that I do not notice much difference.

I had the worst night of sleep after post op day three. I thought I could not take the sleeping pill and be okay that night but I was WRONG. My back was aching SO bad and I could not get comfortable whatsoever. I finally took a sleeping pill around 6:30am. It got so bad to the point that I starting thinking, "Why did I do this to myself?"

Today is day five and I have not taken a pain pill at all and I have not felt bad. My chest just feels very tight during the day but not painful. I have been doing a lot of stretching exercises and that is supposed to help alleviate the pain so I guess it's working! I have been doing the displacement exercises to my breasts as much as I can because I hate how high up they are right now.

I have been told that it takes petite girls longer to drop because of our tight skin and muscles. Just my luck! I will just have to be patient.

My nipples have gone from being slightly sensitive to very sensitive these past couple of days. It's almost too much when the water hits them when I shower. There is also one numb spot on the cleavage side of my left breast. It feels like when the dentist numbs your gums; you can feel something touching it but not much else. It's a very odd feeling!
I am also still feeling something that feels like a bubble on the outside of my right breast when I do a massage. The feeling goes away after a bit though but comes back. I wonder what that is and I really wish I was seeing my PS sooner for my post op appt so I can ask her.

I see all these other women doing different massages to help d&f and I wonder if I can do those too? I kind of wish my PS gave me a band too because the girls that have one seem to be dropping so much faster than me!

Last night I was able to sort of sleep on my side without too much discomfort so hopefully I can sleep well again. It is awful when you can't sleep because your back and your neck is sore!

Overall I am getting more used to my new body day by day and feeling better. I just wish the d&f would hurry up.

Day ten post op.

I am in no more pain and have completely stopped taking pain pills and using ice packs! The only discomfort now is the chest tightness and slight bruising around my incisions and my sternum still feels a bit sore. I have been able to drive and do things regularly except working out. I do tend to get tired easily towards the end of the day and I start to feel slightly out of breath. My nipples have also stopped being so hypersensitive.
My breasts also don't really hurt anymore when I'm doing my displacement exercises which makes me feel a lot better about touching them.

The implants seem to have gotten a bit rounder and softer but are still sitting high. I have been doing massages and stretching as much as I can to try and speed the d&f process. I love how they look in bras but when I'm naked I still think they look a little funny since they're so high. I really hope that they drop more because it feels like they're still in my arm pits.
My PS said that she will determine whether or not I get a strap when I go see her for my first post op appointment this Thursday.
The tape on my incisions have yet to fall off so I can't really assess that situation yet.

So I would say that by week one I was pretty much recovered.

Day thirteen post op.

Today was my first post opp appointment and I got my knots removed from my stitches. The PS said everything was great and even told me I was a perfect patient :) She gave me a couple more massages to do and said that I could start my scar treatment which is Bio Corneum.
I also got the okay to sleep at night without a bra which is awesome. I was afraid of bottoming out and asked the doctor this and she said that bottoming out is not in my genetics. Anyone else ever hear this about Asians?

I have been able to sleep on my side now, on my left and right. WOOHOO because I am a side sleeper and this has made me much happier.

So I know I said that my nipples stopped being hypersensitive but now my right nipple is losing a bit of sensation which I was told because of the implants dropping. I get the occasional nerve pain which feels like I'm being zapped with a tiny taser or something.

I have not been sized or bought proper bras yet because I know the size changes during d&f. But yesterday I found a pretty, lacey 32D bra on clearance and it fits perfectly so I wonder if my size will increase later.

I do not see my PS for another 6 months so here's hoping no complications come up between now and then.
Shreveport Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Wall was very easy going and let me do most of the talking. Although I wish sometimes she would have been more vocal and added her advice but I know she is there to give me what I want. She let me ask as many questions as I wanted but since I was a bit nervous, there were a few things I did not remember to ask her. I am hoping to have one more consult with her before I have my surgery just to go over a few more concerns and show her the result I want one more time.

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