40 Yr Old 2 C-secs with 2 Hernias - Sheffield, GB

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Hi, I'm from the UK. I've 2 fantastic kids 6.5 yr...

Hi, I'm from the UK. I've 2 fantastic kids 6.5 yr old boy and 3 yr old girl. Both were well over 10lbs and came out via the sunroof. I've been wanting a TT for a couple of years, my tummy always looks like I'm 5 months pregnant and I'm fairly slim elsewhere so clothes never looked right on me. I've been wearing baggy jumpers and loose fitting tops for as long as I can remember. I've of course got the pouch from the sections which is an added bonus ???? After the final "how far gone are you?" remark from a stranger I decided last month to get things moving. I went to see a plastic surgeon at The Hospital Group, he was happy to perform the TT however suspected I may have an umbilical hernia. I went to see a radiologist for an ultrasound on Wednesday to discover I have 2 hernias umbilical and another straight up where the muscles have separated and to top it off I've a tumour in my liver. Obviously I'm more concerned about the tumour I've been assured it's benign and waiting an MRI scan. So let's stay positive, lets say all is well with that, has anyone had a hernia repaired pre TT or will they do it at the same time do you think?

In the clear!!

So after seeing a liver specialist and having an MRI this afternoon project TT is back on as they didn't find any malignant tumour hurrah hurrah hurrah !!!!

Go no further than Mr Lam

9th May 2017 Written by a patient at Claremont Private Hospital Abdominoplasty Feb 2017 After having 2 huge babies my tummy still looked like I was 6 months pregnant 3 years after having my final child. As Mr Lam said just by looking me you could fit a fist into my stomach. I thought about it at least every waking hour and was getting increasingly upset about strangers asking me how far gone I was. I visited Transform and The Hospital Group and came away feeling as though I was just another number. After reading the reviews for Mr Lam I knew he was the right surgeon for me and booked into an open evening at Claremont. After having a quick chat with him I knew I'd made the right choice in booking in with him. He puts you immediately at ease ( it's not easy getting your huge belly out in front of a stranger when you don't even show your husband or look at it yourself) He said my divarification was very large and I may have a few hernias here and there which he would also tidy up. The consultation was very informative, it didn't feel rushed. He said I didn't need Lipo which was great as the other surgeons built it into the price without telling me, so I knew he wasn't trying to charge me more than what was necessary. I was in Claremont for 2 nights. The surgery went to plan, the nursing and medical staff were also fantastic. They were also singing Mr Lam's praises as the wound was so neat. I had a lovely private room and the food looked amazing- the pain killers put me off my food so I didn't eat much. My drains were removed before going home. The results are nothing short of mind blowing. I can see my feet! I have a waist again and a super flat tummy. I was back running and normal duties by 5/6 weeks. The scar has healed very nicely. I would strongly recommend Mr Lam to anyone considering surgery. It's not an exaggeration to say it's been life changing for me to get my confidence back and it's all thanks to Mr Lam

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